Driving the Sitter Home

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My wife, Sheila was one of the best fucks that I had ever had, but male curiosity can keep us looking for new pleasures. She was still tight after the baby and she loved everything I did to her. Her favorite position was riding me, sometimes facing me and sometimes facing my feet. (Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl) She always loved 69, especially if I paid enough attention to her clit. She was a good cock sucker too. Sometimes she let me in her but-hole but she usually complained that I was too big and it hurt.

One night Sheila hired a new babysitter that a friend had recommended.

The new babysitter was a college girl named Cindy. To say she was beautiful and sexy was an understatement. She was incredible!!! Her dark brown, curly hair framed a beautiful face and ready smile. I wanted this trophy right away. But how? Even if Cindy was willing, how could I cover the time? It took 25 minutes to pick her up and 25 minutes to drive her home at night.

Cindy became our regular babysitter and my regular fantasy. I usually had to go in the bathroom and masturbate after picking her up and then fantasize while fucking Sheila after taking her home. One night I fucked Sheila twice and was getting hard again for a third. We did sixty-nine for several minutes and then when my swollen member was rock hard, I entered her tunnel of love. It went in easy because her pussy was well lubricated from the first two rounds. That is when Sheila said, sınırsız escort “You haven’t gone three rounds since we were dating. What got you so hot?”

To defend myself would have made me look guilty so I just laughed and kissed her long and passionately. Later, as we spooned, she slept soundly. As I pressed my still swollen member up against her but crack I thought about Cindy’s gorgeous little ass and drifted off to sleep.

A few nights later I got the break that I was waiting for. Sheila asked me to pick up some fast food on the way home from dropping Cindy. How fast is fast food? I would still be under a time crunch but not as tight, I would go for it anyway.

As I started driving Cindy home, I put my hand on Cindy’s thigh and told her it was hard to reach with her way across the seat. She slid over tight against me as my hand moved to cover her pussy. She was quick to grab my growing cock through my pants. Cindy pulled her skirt up to give me better access to her joy hole. Then she unfastened my pants and pulled my throbbing love-stick out. She spun around in the seat and began sucking my cock. She managed to get half of it in her mouth without gagging. I dreamed of this.

I quickly pulled off the road and behind an old factory building. By that time, I had pulled her panties aside and had two fingers in her slot. She was already wet and so was I. She had a supply of girl juices taksim escort and I had a mixture of pre-cum and saliva.

A car pulled in behind us but we were so into what we were doing as not to notice until the blue lights went on. We scrambled to get presentable for the visit we were about to get. As the policeman came up the side of the car, he was shining a big flashlight into the car. I opened my window as he arrived at it and then he said, “I am Officer Spencer. The reason I am stopping you is that you are not suppose to be back here at night.”

“I said I am sorry officer. We just need a quiet place to talk.” He gave a long, knowing look before he checked both our identification and told us to leave.

Cindy said, “There will be other opportunities. Right now, I just want to go home. Remember where we left off.” Wow, promises of things to come. It did not happen that night but at least I did not strike out. My fantasy girl was promised.

Over the next few weeks Sheila went with me to take Cindy home. Finally Sheila go roaring drunk at a house party. When we got home, Cindy helped me put her to bed. She was asleep before we left.

Our hands were all over each other as we traveled to a much safer parking spot. By the time I turned the engine off, my cock was already in Cindy’s mouth. Just the head at first and then finally she was sucking half the shaft. She continued to bob tesettürlü escort up and down taking as much as she could with each stroke. She had taken her panties off and I had sniffed the heavenly aroma of her female musk in the panties. I had one of her petite, firm 32B tits in each hand. Soon we adjourned to the back seat and put our mouths to work on each other’s sex. She tasted even better than I had imagined. The more I beat up on her clit with my mouth and teeth, the more she screamed. As I serviced her clit, I had two fingers in her love machine and a thumb on her clit. She was moaning and squeezing my fingers with her tight little pussy.

After several minutes of oral wonders, she climbed on my cock. At first she had to rub it on her pussy lips for a while and then the head finally slipped in. The walls of her tunnel were amazing. I never felt such pleasure. I tried to match her strokes but I was losing control. “Cindy, I am going to cum. I can’t hold back.”

She said, “Perfect timing!” She made a loud noise and started shaking all over. I think my orgasm started in my balls but it felt like it came all the way up from the tips of my toes. My whole body was coming! My mind went numb and I entered the twilight zone. I shot stream after stream deep inside her tight vagina. I had never experienced such a powerful orgasm. She collapsed forward onto my chest while staying connected.

I was content to lay coupled forever, but after a few minutes I softened and slipped out. Cindy said “You better get home before she wakes up. If you get in trouble, you won’t want to fuck me again.”

“Don’t count on that. I want to fuck you 10,000 more times. I want to fuck you at least 10,000 more times and probably more!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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