Drunken Parents

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My name is David, I’m 14 years old, and I’ve always had a decent relationship with my parents. They both liked to drink alot, but it never really got in anyones way, except for a few nights when my Dad would come home and yell a bit, it was really no problem, until one night.

My Mom stayed at home these days, and she had been laid off a few months back, so she had taken to lying about the house, watching T.V. My Dad had a job at the local school, and it was enough to keep us going, but things didn’t look good lately, with cuts for teacher’s pay, and some even talked of a strike, but everyone knew it would only end in manys chools having to close down. That night my Dad came home, with a grim announcement “Guys, I got laid off.” Never one for a lengthy discussion of such things, he immedietly went into the kitchen and poured himself a beer. Mom must have been expecting this news for some time, so she said nothing, and grabbed on for herself, as well as some wine and whiskey.

I stared at them for a moment, a bit concerned, but knew my place and kept my lips dumb. I went and took a shower, trying to shake off the bad vibes coming from douwnstairs where some thumping and stompings could be heard, then a yell and a scream. I got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around myself, and walked warily down the stairs. As I was halfway down, my sister burst past me, tears streaming down her face, and her spaghetti-strap shirt half pulled down. I continued down, even more concerned than before, though my sister often cried at the slighest provocation from my parents. As I arrived in the kitchen, my father walked to the stairs and yelled “Get back down here you little slut!”

My mom sat at the table, empty glasses shot glasses in front of her, and two empty wine bottles across the table. They had hit the drinks alot more than usual, and I knew they both were raging drunk, so I slowly edged to the stairs, hopign to escape to my room. With no such luck, my mom perked up, noticing me, and began to yell at me, lettign out her frustrations.

“Why don’t you get a job, David! You lazy fucker! We work so hard for you and you just go to school, hanging out with friends! You selfish little bastard!”

I was used to the occasional insult, though not to this degree, so I ignored her, and made slowly for the stairs. antalya escort bayan My father grabbed me and pushed me to the table, his face contorted in drunken anger. “We’ll teach you to be such an ungrateful little fuck!” I was expecting him to hit me, or maybe throw me onto the ground, but I wasn’t expecting the new form of punishment. My mother smiled a sloppy grin as my father sat down, grabbed my arm, and threw me over his legs. My stomach collided with his knee, and I let out an “Oof” as the air pushed out of me.

Still a bit frazzled from the hit, I didn’t notice the way my ass hung in the air, and how my towel was beginning to slip down my legs. Feeling the cloth run down my leg woke me up a bit, and I reached to readjust it, not yet comprehending what punishment was in store for me. As I reached for the white towel, my father said in a deep, angry, voice “Don’t touch it you little shit.” And in one move he tore off my towel, leaving my bare ass exposed. What was worse was the way I was kneeling over, as it spread my cheeks a bit, giving a perfect view of my puckered ass hole to my mother, who grinned, pleased.

Beginning to understand what was goign on, I began to squirm, and as soon as I statred, I stopped, as my father delivered a slap to my face, leaving a dark red print on my cheek. “Don’t move asshole, you’re getting what you deserve!” I stopped struggling, and my mother walked in front f me, her hand tracing a line on my back. With a sudden move, her pants dropped, exposing her hairy, unshaven pussy to me. I gasped, not expecting this new sight, and my mother pushed her pussy into my face, urging me on. Not one for incest, I shook my head, keeping my mouth firmly closed.

I reeled with shock as my father;s hand came down on my bare ass, leaving a wide red mark on my right cheek. “Do it you little bitch!” Still sick with dread and fear, I didn’t yield. Expecting another spank, I gasped loudly as a finger was forced in half a second into my tight anus, a road never traveled before. Hoping to end the humiliation if I completed my task, I relectantly began to lap at her pussy, keeping my eyes closed, like it was all a bad dream. With out any provocation, and hand fell onto my ass, rubbing and gripping it as I continued to eat out my mother. The hand lifted up, and began escort antalya to spank me, hard and fast, and causing me, before I could stop my self, to moan a bit. I quickly pushed my face into my mother’s clit, hoping to muffle the involountary soudn that emerged from my throat. Unfortunently, my dad picked up the noise, and laughed a bit “The whore likes it. What a fag.” I didn’t really enjoy it, but I couldn’t stop myself soon enough, and so my father was under the impression that in some sick way, I enjoyed this routine.

My mother began to moan, and in one final shove, pushed her clit into my mouth, bringing her to a rockign orgasm. She collapsed ont he kitchen counter, exhausted, but there was a look in her eyes that told me things weren’t quite finished. She stepped out of my view, across the table. Meanwhile my father continued to pound my ass with his open hand, my ass trembling with each hit. On occasion a stray finger would land on my asshole, but it was withdrawn before goign any further. My eyes were clenched through this ordeal, but I opened them as I heard my mother approaching. In her hands she bore one of the large empty wine bottles, and she had a devilish, drunken grin on her face.

I had no idea what was to come, and was puzzled, until I saw in her other hand was a tube of lubrication. Terrified, I began to squirm again, but this brought my father’s hand on my ass come down harder, and I could feel his cock growing large under my stomach, begging to be freed from its confines. I forced my legs shut, dreading what my mother intended. Concluded with his spanking, my father forced my legs apart, giving my mother a clear view of my man-pussy. I again tried to force my legs closed, my cheeks flushing red with humiliation, but my father’s hands held strong. I heard a few chuckles from behind me, and the cock below me grew and grew, until it reached its full height, which I estimated at 8 inches. At that point I felt the head of the empty bottle, ouching the ntrance of my rosebud-like anus.

I sqealed in protest, begging them not to go any further. “Please! No! I can’t!” They didn’t reply, only began to push the lube’d glass head into my pucked hole. I clenched my teeth and held my eyes closed, tears begining to run down my cheeks as the bottle popped its way into my ass, antalya escort only half-an-inch of the way in. I could feel my mother pushing the bottle deeper as my father held me to his legs, and she was smiling in appreciation as the bottle’s neck widened. She quickened and strengthened her push, and I gasped in reply. A good three inches of it now lay inside my ass, but she pushed deeper, each centimeter of the bottle growing wide as they it went deeper and deeper into my anus.

I groaned and sobbed as a full 4 inches lay in my anus, held tight by the skin around it. My parents looked at it admiringly, and my father began to pull the bottle out one or two inches, before forcing it back in. He then quickened his pace and was soon pumping the glass in and out of my ass. “Come on, beg for it slut!” I shook my head violently, sobbing and crying more. A hard smack landed on my raised ass, and he repeated himself. Choking back my tears and cries, I began to comply.


This still wasn’t enough for my dad, and he spanked me hard again.

“What’s my name, slut? Beg for it!”

I again had to swallow down my sobs of pain, and said “P-Please, Daddy, fuck me in my ass.”
“What do you want to be fucked with, bitch?”
“The wine bottle, daddy, please.”
Each moment was hell for me as he continued to push the bottle in and out of my anus, until, pleased, he pulled it out with an audible “pop!”
I collapsed on the floor. Naked, humiliated, and exhausted. I began to drag myself back to my room, but it wasn’t over yet.
“On your knees, whore.”
I looked up meekly, and I saw my father sittign there on the stool, his cock standing proudly erect in front of him. I brought myself to my knees, knowing what was to come. “Open your mouth.” He said, the liquor betrayign his voice. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, as he shoved his penis into my awaiting mouth. Not waiting for me to make a move, he began to force his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face fast and hard.
My mouth was wet and warm, and he came quickly. But before doign so, he told me “Swallow it all slut, or I’ll make you sqeal.” I had no choice, and as the hot, wet cum poured into my mouth, I swallowed fast as I could, and the hot liquid slid down my throat, resting in my stomach.
They said nothing, and my father zipped up my pants. My mother rammed a finger up my sore asshole, and walked into the living room to watch T.V.
I slowly dragged myself to my room, tears still drying on my face.

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