Ella’s Sweet Education

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18-year-old Ella finished packing her bag and checked her watch; she had fifteen minutes before she had to be at her best friends’ Anna’s house. She smiled as she thought about it, her stomach giving a little lurch as she thought about her closest friends’ little brother Calvin. She had, had a crush on him since she had first seen him. With his short dark hair, greeny blue eyes and lean frame. The very thought of him made her drool. She checked her appearance in the mirror and smirked, her low cut top accentuated her large C breasts and flat stomach. Her mid – length denim skirt made her slim legs look curved and shapely, but most of all she loved the way her new haircut of light blonde highlights in her dark blond, long hair illuminated her huge and beautiful dark brown eyes.

Soon she was stood outside Anna’s house pressing the doorbell. She heard the shrill bark of the family dog before the door was opened by Anna herself.

‘Aight Biatch?’ Anna laughed

‘Yo Mutha’ Ella replied, stepping through the door.

‘Come on upstairs, Calvin’s in the living room so he won’t disturb us’

Disappointment flooded through Ella, she suddenly felt sulky and her lips twisted into a pout.

‘You okay?’ Anna asked as she flopped onto her bed, ‘You look kinda upset’

‘No, no I’m fine!’ Ella said, overly bright.

As the night wore on the two girls watched a film and chatted about boys and their friends, school and work. Just as they were getting changed the door was flung open. Calvin was standing there.

‘Oh my god! Calvin get OUT!’ Screeched Anna, trying to cover her semi naked, curvaceous and tanned body. Calvin was just muttering an apology when Ella caught sight of him shooting her an admiring glance. She felt herself blush as he left.

Later as Ella listened to Anna sleep her thoughts drifted to Calvin. She wondered if he was thinking about her. She knew he had stared at her body and she was glad perabet she was wearing only a tiny vest top and cotton hot pants. Her heart began to race as she thought about his lean body pressed tightly against hers. So much so that she could feel the warmth of him. She licked her lips as she imagined running her hands through his hair as he covered her hot body with gentle kisses, until he reached her wet and glistening pussy. She gasped out loud as she ran her hands over her body, pausing to give her large and rubbery nipples a tweak. She sneaked her right hand under her shorts, passed her candy pink thong and onto her soaking pussy. With her index finger she rubbed her throbbing clit whilst using her middle finger to delve into her clenching hole. She slid her left hand under her top and teased and stroked her nipples. Trying not to make a sound she brought herself to a powerful and shuddering orgasm, thinking about Calvin. Breathing deeply, she lay there in the warmth of her climax. She realised that her throat was almost painfully dry. She wiped her hands on her shorts and flung the heavy duvet from her still shaking body. Being careful not to wake Anna she slinked out of the bedroom and down stairs into the kitchen.

While in the kitchen she poured herself a glass of cool water and leaned against the large oak table, bathed in pale and silvery moonlight. She only realised she wasn’t alone when she heard the sharp intake of breath behind her. Startled, she swung around almost dropping the glass.

It was Calvin. He was shrouded in the shadows sitting on a chair in only his boxers. The sight made Ella instantly wet again.

‘Wha – What are you doing down here?’ Ella asked, she had started to tremble.

‘I couldn’t sleep’ He whispered back, getting up.

‘Oh’ Ella murmured as he came to stand within inched of her. She could smell his masculine smell of salt and soap. It intoxicated her to new peaks of perabet giriş excitements. He leaned in towards her; she flinched as she felt his warm breath tickle her ear. ‘I heard you’ She could almost hear the smile in his voice.

Ella was unbelievably embarrassed she couldn’t even speak. Before she could even attempt to try Calvin had turned her head with a warm hand and kissed her. It was a gentle kiss but still firm and assertive. They kissed with more passion and Ella soon felt his strong arms around her waist. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on tiptoes to reach his moist lips. She moaned against his lips as their tongues met and twirled around each other. Soon Ella was lost in fire works and she could barely contain herself. Her nipples were fizzing as her clit buzzed. She knew she wanted him right there.

‘I want you so much’ She breathed against Calvin’s hot neck. He simply groaned in response, his hands rubbing her firm bottom through the flimsy material of her shorts. They walked backwards towards the living room, being careful to be quiet through their passion and keeping the lights switched off. When they reached their destination they fell onto the couch in a flurry of kisses and caresses. Ella was nestled amongst the cushions as Calvin positioned himself on top of her.

‘I’m a virgin’ Calvin said suddenly, breaking off from a passionate kiss.

‘Ssh don’t worry’ Ella whispered, ‘I’ll take care of everything’

She rolled over and started to gently kiss her way down Calvin’s body, taking time to run her eager tongue over his tiny nipples and dip into his belly button as she made her way down. Reaching his boxers she could feel the heat of his erection. She eased down the shorts and revealed the magnificent eight incher.

‘Wow, you’re so big!’ She gasped in delight

Calvin only moaned a reply as Ella began licking his throbbing prick in long, wet perabet güvenilir mi strokes. She gently sucked the head, probing her tongue along the deep veins and making him squirm with pleasure. She squeezed his balls as she sucked harder on the tip of his cock, feeling him tense up. He reached out and grabbed her hair as she bobbed her head along the length of him, finally letting the head of his dick rest against the back of her mouth. She managed one final brisk suck before his thick and creamy cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all down happily as Calvin shuddered to a stop. The only sounds were the gasps of delight, which came from deep inside of him.

‘Now’ Ella sighed, ‘Do something for me’

‘I’d love to’ He grinned. Slowly he peeled her out of her clothes and flung them to the floor. Starting with her firm breasts her rained little kisses all over her, pleasuring her as he sucked and licked her nipples, which stood rock hard and erect. She groaned as his kisses became longer and more specific. They journeyed across her smooth body and down to her wet and hot pussy. She gasped as he finally licked her hole, gently sucking on her hyper sensitive clit and nibbling at her moist lips. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Soon his loving lash became firmer and she stifled a cry as he ran the bumps of his teeth across her pink clit.

Before she knew it she was cumming in waves of satisfaction and in one swift movement Calvin was in her. She wedged her eyes shut to savour the sensation. It took a while for him to get into a steady rhythm but within a few thrusts they were moving together like one creature. Flesh on flesh, breath on breath. Burying her face in his neck Ella felt tears of joy creep out of her eyes as she arched her back in ecstasy. After a few minutes she felt the now familiar tension within her that’s started from her toes, moved upwards, lingered in her pussy and nipples and finally crashed over her. She heard Calvin grunt and felt his juicy spunk whoosh into her craving pussy. Together they slowed, breathing deeply. They opened their eyes and realised that this was a moment that neither of them were ever likely to forget.

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