Ellie , Randy Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Ellie and Randy Carry On

After spending the night, Randy wakes first to the smell of coffee brewing that Ellie had set up the night before. He looks over at Ellie, who is sleeping peacefully on her back, and is impelled by a building passion to refresh his memory of the lush body of the woman who fucked him so well and so aggressively the night before. He lifts the hem of the sheet and draws it down across the spreading and slightly flattened tits, over the central thicket of pubic hair on the wide beam of her hips, finally to reveal the heft of her shapely legs. The loveliness of Ellie’s pale white body, completely nude, affects Randy as he watches her breasts rise and fall rhythmically with each quiet breath. He smiles at the thought of last night’s wild abandon and the sweet taste of her cunt as he ate her, and his cock was now rising in affirmation.

Randy can no longer resist temptation. He gently puts his mouth to a nipple, suckling, and lightly rests his hand on her mound.

Ellie wakes, stretches and smiles at this most pleasant arousal. “Mmmm, I’m glad you stayed. Your wake-up call is especially sweet.”

“You were so lovely and serene in your morning sleep that it made me tingle and want to touch and taste you to make sure you were real . . .”

Ellie, having rolled over to discover Randy’s big morning hard-on, grabs it mid-rod and gives it a little tug. “Real,” she laughs, “I’m glad to find that this nice one is real! And I think it would be very nice to feel it inside me this morning. But I have to tell you that it’ll have to be a quickie because it’s Saturday and I work at the post office today. We can’t play for long, but we’ve got an hour or so, and I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Last night was so great!”

Rolling over on top of her, he parts her legs with his knee and thigh. He feels with his fingers that she is ready. So wet. He positions himself between her legs, poised for etiler otele gelen escort entry, as Ellie draws her knees up to open herself for his complete access.

Randy strongly and steadily enters her all the way. Closing her eyes so that she can concentrate, she feels the flare of the head of his penis enter her vagina, followed by the pleasant sensation of her cunt stretching to accommodate every inch of the lovely big cock invading her canal. He comes to rest deep inside at the door of her cervix and she sighs. She feels his cock growing and pulsing. The strength and sensitivity with which he delivers his long strokes into her vagina make her juices flow even more heavily.

Randy takes his time. Their fucking is heartfelt. The frantic neediness of the night before has been replaced with deliberate care and responsiveness to one another. They seem to be composing a sexual adagio. His deep strokes nudge her G-spot; and, when at the bottom, he grinds himself into her pubis so that her swollen clit gets the massage it needs to bring her over the top. Soon arching and moaning, Ellie comes hard. Randy, already deeply in her cunt, thrusts in even deeper, giving his full length to the gripping waves and shudders of her successive orgasms. As they subside, he picks up the tempo; and within a dozen more strokes he explodes inside her, grunting out his flooding love and moaning her name.

Falling off to his side of the bed, he rests.

“That was soooooooo good!” she coos, giving him a peck on the cheek. “And thank you so much for getting me off first. That was really something.”

“You’re welcome, Ellie. I haven’t had such a satisfying wake-up in what seems like a hundred years, myself.”

“Well, what about some coffee? You stay there and I’ll get us some. How do you take yours?”

“With cream is good, if you have it.”

“I do, and I’ll be right back.”

While etiler rus escort Ellie goes to the kitchen, Randy heads to the bathroom to relieve himself. He can’t believe his great luck in finding Ellie at Connie’s Pub, and their sweet morning has confirmed his ardent desire to see her again if she’ll have him.

Randy and Ellie meet back at the bed at the same time and crawl in to talk and wake up further over their morning brew.

Randy cannot believe how comfortable Ellie is with nudity. She didn’t put a bathrobe on to get their coffee and is now sitting cross- legged next to him without so much as a corner of the sheet to cover any part of her. He finds it hard not to stare at her long, full breasts with their large areolas and protruding pink nipples, or not to contemplate the triangle of curly hair just below her plump tummy. Tall and slender, himself, he is not usually attracted to petite round women; but, strangely, the softness of Ellie’s zaftig figure turns him on, as does, what so far seems to be, her easy going nature.

” Gee, you know, you really make a good cup of coffee, Ellie?” He takes another sip. “And I’d like to see you again, if that’s all right.”

“Why, I think that would be great. You’ve made me feel very good, and I’d like to get to know you further.”

” What’s a good night for us to go out?”

“I have Sundays and Mondays off from the post office. How about next Saturday night? Should we meet again at Connie’s?”

“No, I’d like to take you out to dinner somewhere nice. How about next Saturday at the Mona Lisa? How about we get started from here at seven?”

” Wow, I think that would be great! I’ll have to rev up my little black dress and my tea party manners for that! The Mona Lisa is an incredible restaurant with beautifully intimate dining and French service. You don’t mess around!”

“Sure I do. That’s how we met!”

They both laugh and etiler türbanlı escort finish their coffee before Ellie exclaims, “Hey, I’ve got to get with it or I’ll be late,” and bounces out of bed.

Randy goes to collect his clothes from the living room, where he and Ellie started out the night before, and puts them back on. He also gathers Ellie’s clothes and hands them to her, coming out of the bathroom barefoot in bra and panties.

“Oh, thanks, Randy. I forgot all about them.” Dropping last night’s clothes in the hamper, she proceeds to dress for work. “If you wait a minute, we can walk out together,” she says taking a fresh uniform out of her closet.

“Okay. Umm…… uhh…… Ellie?” he stammers out lightly, “Do you mind if I watch you dress?”

” No, I don’t mind. I think it would be nice,” she responds, assuming a stance facing her mirror directly across from Randy standing in the doorway. It gives him, now leaning against the jamb, a full front and back view of her reverse strip tease. She starts with her uniform shirt that has been tailored to the contour of her bust line. She buttons it over the lace and satin bra that binds the big tits that swung so beautifully free but five minutes earlier. Bending at the waist to pull on her slacks, she gives him a nice view of her round ass. She pulls her pants up slowly, tucks in her shirt, zips the fly and buckles her belt.

Randy can’t believe that he is getting hard again watching a woman get dressed!

Ellie, finally ready for work, heads toward the door to lead their way out. Randy moves aside; and, as she passes, she pats his bulge, apprehends the real McCoy and gives his sack a jostle.

“Definitely real.” she jibes, “and that’s different: I can’t ever remember making a man hard putting my clothes on!”

“Well, I guess I’m different,” he replies smiling.

Ellie smiles back, but thinks to herself, “I hope so, but we’ll see. My last man started out fine and turned out to be a real self-centered son-of-a-bitch.”

They leave the apartment and Randy walks Ellie to her car, where they kiss tenderly and passionately one final time. “I had a wonderful time, Ellie,” he assures her, ” I’ll pick you up at 7 PM next Saturday.”

“Thank you, Randy, I’m really looking forward to it.”

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