Emma’s Desire

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Emma had told her father that she probably wouldn’t be home before twelve, but not later. Here it was only ten p.m. and she was home already. A fight had been started by some of the rougher boys at the under twenty-one club. Emma and her girlfriends decided to call it a night. She unlocked the front door and entered the house as quietly as possible in case her father was asleep in his recliner with the TV still on, as happened sometimes.

The living room was dark. A night light was on over the stove in the kitchen and the family room was deserted. As Emma headed down the hall she saw the blue-light flickers of a TV coming from her father’s bedroom and heard noises that could only be his TV. She decided to let her father know she was home and walked down to his doorway. The door was half-open. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. Her father had a porn video playing on his flat-screen TV. This didn’t really surprise Emma. What surprised her was that the woman in the video, who was sucking on a rather large cock, had very black hair and very blue eyes, much like the bitch, her mother, Rachel.

From where Emma was standing, she couldn’t see her father on his bed, nor could he see her, which was just as well when she heard him begin to grunt and gasp and cry out softly, “Rachel. Rachel.”

Embarrassed, Emma quietly turned and just as quietly went to her bedroom and closed her door without make a noise. Then the tears welled up in her eyes. After six years her father still carried a torch for his ex-wife who’d left him for a rich man. No matter how much Emma urged her father to start dating again, he wouldn’t. She sighed as a tear rolled down each cheek. It was her desire to somehow get her father out of his self-pitying mind state and become sexually active with other women again. But how?

Chapter 1.

Emma Nilsson was thirteen when her parents divorced. She saw it coming so she wasn’t totally devastated by it. Actually, she thought her mother, Rachel, was more than a bit of a bitch. Always nagging her father, Adam, about money. Always wanting more. Her father had a good job, a job that he loved. He worked for the State as a bridge design and repair engineer. To him it was his dream job, as far as a paying job went, but he wasn’t going to get rich. Still, his income was above average and they lived comfortably in River City.

Then her mother who, at age thirty-one was an above average attractive woman which even Emma could see, met Ethan Campbell, a forty year old real estate mogul from Southern California, and it was lust at first sight on the both sides. With Rachel it was about Ethan’s wealth. With Ethan it was about Rachel’s physical beauty, including her well-done fake tits, her beautiful face and her tanned and trim body, not to mention that she was nine years younger than him and was often thought to be in her twenties.

Rachel and Ethan had met at a political fundraiser in River City when Emma was twelve. By the time she was thirteen her parents were divorced. Her father was heart-broken and her mother was living in a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach. When Emma told her mother that she was staying with her father, Rachel had put up a token argument why she should be with her mother. But, really, she didn’t care, and Emma was sure that Ethan was happy with her staying in River City.

That was six years ago. Emma and her father got along fine without Rachel. Emma never referred to her as her mother again, although her father had mildly protested that she should. But, in those six years, Adam Nilsson had never dated another woman. Rachel had been the love of his life, his dream wife, like he had his dream job. She had been fifteen when they started dating in high school. She was a black-haired, blue-eyed beauty who looked very much like Marie Osmond. But that wasn’t why he had dated her. He wasn’t a groupie type of guy. No, she had been a beautiful but sweet girl who showed no signs of her avarice at that time. She had been on the cheerleading squad and eventually became the head cheerleader.

Adam had been seventeen and a senior, getting ready to go to college. He had been on the varsity wrestling team but that was the only sporting event he participated in. Basically, he was a science geek and really didn’t know how or why Rachel found him attractive, not that he was an ugly boy, but he wasn’t one of the jocks that the cheerleaders tended to date.

Adam and Rachel had been living in Austin, Texas and when Adam graduated from high school he went to the University of Texas at Austin, and majored in construction engineering. He got Rachel pregnant when she was seventeen. She’d told him that he needn’t use a condom, that she was now on the pill. But she wasn’t. She wanted to get pregnant and get out of her stifling, religious home. Adam had been nineteen when Rachel gave him the news. He bit the bullet and married her. His mother and father took their new daughter-in-law into their home while Adam finished college and Rachel finished high school and başakşehir escort had her baby, Emma, eight months later.

After getting his degree Adam began an intensive job search and found that the State of California had an opening for beginning position in their bridge design department. He applied, flew out for an interview and got the position. He moved his new family to River City, with his parents financial help. He thought that life couldn’t get any better. He had the love of his life and what could become his dream job.

Rachel didn’t start up with the mantra of him getting a job with a private firm where he could make more money until three years into his job with the state. Adam smiled and told her lovingly that he liked where he worked and what he was doing and that he would be making more money as he gained seniority and moved up the pay scale.

So when, after twelve years of marriage, Rachel told her husband that the marriage just wasn’t working—in fact they only had sex rarely, if at all, mostly because Rachel complained of headaches or one thing or another—and that she was going to file for divorce, it took Adam completely by surprise. Later he realized that he should have seen it coming but he had been denying reality. Still, he became depressed for a while and didn’t think he could ever trust any women with his heart again. So he didn’t even try to date or meet anyone.

When Emma declared her allegiance to him, over her mother, Adam had been secretly pleased and wanted to do a victory dance in front of the bitch. Later, he told Emma that he was so very pleased that she had chosen to stay with him. Actually, he didn’t know what he would have done if she hadn’t. Emma hugged him and said there had been no way she was going to go live with that whore and her pimp. Adam tried to look shocked and told Emma that she shouldn’t talk like that, but inside he was cheering.

His little Emma, at thirteen, was shaping up to look much like her mother, but not exactly. She did have the black hair and the blue eyes, and her young budding body was, well, budding and was on the cusp of becoming a woman’s body, but he put that thought out of his mind.

Father and daughter got along great without Rachel. Emma studied a cook book and was soon cooking most of their meals. Not all of them were successful, but as time went by there were fewer and fewer mistakes. Adam found that, where before, money had been scarce, without his spendthrift wife he had sufficient money to take Emma and himself on weekend trips, camping, hiking, to the City, sailing on the bay, and out to dinner every weekend, as well as increasing Emma’s college fund and his savings.

He didn’t know exactly when it happened, when his little girl turned into a woman. It was sometime in the middle of Emma’s senior year in high school when he realized that she had. He saw her coming out of the hall bath, the one she always used. She had a towel tied over her breasts and barely draping over her ass, and another towel wrapped around her hair.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said with a bright smile as she went into her bedroom and closed the door.

That was the first time Adam had impure thought about his daughter. It was like he hadn’t recognized her and took her for someone else, a beautiful, sexy someone else. She was going to be eighteen that year, he was going to be thirty-eight. You sick bastard, Adam told himself, you can’t be thinking thoughts like that about your daughter. Still, he had to admit, his little Emma was no longer a young girl. She was a beautiful, sexy young woman.

Chapter 2.

Emma turned nineteen on the twenty-sixth of July. She had one year down at River City University where she was going to major in computer sciences. She was already a computer whiz and had taken all the classes in high school that had been offered. She’d gone online and learned to code by herself when she was fourteen. She graduated from high school at the top of her class with honors. Adam agreed that computer sciences would be a good field for Emma. Unless there was a total collapse of civilization, computers were going to remain an important and integral part of business and personal life.

Emma’s first year of college had gone smoothly. Of course, she had taken mostly required classes as all Freshmen do, and would be again in her upcoming Sophomore year.

A week after her birthday, Emma and her friend Michelle Cummings were in the little park that was nearly equidistance from their houses. They went there a lot. Emma and Michelle had known each other since kindergarten and Michelle was going to be in the Sophomore class at RCU that year also. It was early August and it was a hot day in River City, as August days in River City tend to be, but there were a lot of shade trees in the park and they were both laying back on a picnic table under one of them. They were both wearing shorts, tank-tops, and sandals and were looking up at the sky through the leaves and braches that were swaying bayrampaşa escort to a nice breeze.

“I swear, Michelle,” Emma said, “my heart’s desire is to somehow get my dad to start dating. I mean, for God’s sake, it’s been six years since the bitch left him, but he just doesn’t seem to be able to get over it.” She paused. “I love my father.”

“Yeah,” Michelle said quietly, “I love my father too.”

“Yeah but your father had your mother… .”

Michelle laughed.

“What?” Emma asked.

“What?” Michelle responded.

“You laughed when I said your dad had your mom. What were you laughing about?”


Emma sat up quickly and just as quickly straddled her friends hips and began tickling her.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Michelle was squealing and laughing. She was very ticklish and Emma knew it.

“I’m not going to stop until you tell me why you laughed.” Emma said as she continued tickling the squirming Michelle.

“I can’t! I can’t! Emma. It’s a secret.”

Emma stopped tickling her friend and got off of her to sit crossed-leg on the table top. “Humph. Secret. I’ll bet you’re lying.”

Michelle sat up and turned to sit crossed-leg facing Emma. “No I’m not. And I shouldn’t have even told you that.” Then she scooted closer until their knees were touching.

Emma was looking down, thinking about her father and what to do.

Michelle put two fingers under Emma’s chin and tilted her face up to look her directly in the eyes. “You know, Emma, you are beautiful.”

Emma blushed and giggled. “Thank you, dear. Do you want to kiss me, too.”

“Actually, Emma, I would love to kiss you,” Michelle said.

Emma’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened, then closed. “Uh, Michelle, are you serious?”

“Yep. I’m bi’ and you’re hot.”

“Oh my God! Is that your secret?” But that didn’t make sense to Emma, they’d been talking about their fathers and loving them, not about bi-sexual women.

“How long have you know?” Emma asked.

“What? That I wanted to kiss you?”

“No, damn it, Michelle. How long have you known that you’re bi’ because I sure never realized it all through middle school and high school.”

“Since last summer,” Michelle said.

“And have you…?”

“Made love to a woman?”

Emma nodded, totally fascinated with this conversation.

“That’s part of the secret, dear.”

“Oh, damn it, Michelle. I’ve known you since kindergarten. I’m your best friend. Surely you can tell me.”

Michelle stayed quiet, just looking at Emma. Finally, she took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay, Emma, I can tell you. I do trust you. But you still have to swear to me that you will not breath a word of this to anyone else. Promise!”

“I promise, Michelle. This must be serious and I don’t want to get you in trouble or hurt you.”

The only reason that Michelle was telling Emma this was that last year another friend of hers, Traci Pilgrim, had told Michelle her own secret and it had helped Michelle with a problem she was having with her family. Now she wanted to help Emma, hoped that what she was about to tell her would help her to help her father.

“Don’t freak out on me, Emma, and listen to what I have to say all the way through before you say anything. Okay?”

Emma nodded.

“My secret is that… I’m having sex with my whole family, my father, mother, and brother, and its one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. I’m not ashamed or sorry and I hope that we all continue to have sex together for a very long time.” Michelle’s heart was beating hard in her chest. It was scary to admit what she had just admitted, even to her very best friend.

Emma just stared at Michelle with an open mouth. Finally she closed her mouth. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.”

“Um. Well, yeah. Okay.” Emma was truly shocked by Michelle’s confession. “So, uh, so how did this happen? I mean you said your whole family is involved… even your mother. How did that happen?”

“Well, first of all, my mother and father are swingers. They have sex with a lot of other couples. And there are these twins, women, who are bi-sexual and who make love to each other. My mom and dad thought that we, my brother and me, were attractive and the more they thought about it the more they thought, well, why not have sex with us. Assuming, of course, that we wanted to have sex with them. Well, Mom came on to my brother, Kevin, and he didn’t have a problem with it. Evidently, he’d been leching about her, too, as well as me.

“I happened to see it, well part of what Mom and Kevin were doing, and I went downstairs to tell my dad. He just smiled and nodded and said I shouldn’t worry about it. He took me to school and I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me, too. He said yes. I was really confused. But Traci, you know Traci Pilgrim,” Emma nodded, “saw that I was upset and sat me down to talk to me. I told her what was happening in my house. She laughed. Then she beşiktaş escort told me that she and her mother and her brother were lovers. You know I was as shocked as you are right now. But she told me to give it a try, see if I liked it. She told me that we were all adults and could decide who and who not to have sex with and not to let my emotions run away with me.

“Well, I went home and took my brother up on his offer. I had confronted him about having sex with Mom, which he didn’t deny, and then he suggested that he and I become lovers. Anyway, I took Kevin up on his offer and, well, really, it was pretty darned good. Then I had sex with Dad and Mom, the whole family, and we’re really enjoying it, all of us.

“Oh my God!” Emma said. “But, Michelle, you’re talking about incest!” She whispered this although there was no one else in the park but them.

Michelle gave Emma a wicked little smile. “And your point is?”

“What?” Emma leaned towards Michelle and whispered again, but more harshly. “It’s wrong and its illegal!”

“Why is it wrong for consenting adults to give each other sexual pleasure if that’s what they want to do. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s not bothering anyone. It’s nobodies business but the consenting adults, incest or not. And, as to the laws against incest, those laws are based on the religious beliefs of some of the people and neither I nor my family believe in that religion or go to that church.”

Emma’s mind was still spinning. “Church? What church do you go to?” knowing that Michelle, like herself, didn’t go to any church.”

“The Church of LSFAC,” Michelle said with a mischievous smile.

“LSFAC, what church is that?”

“Why it’s the Lick, Suck, Fuck, and Come church. My family and I worship there nearly every day.” Michelle gave Emma a big grin.

Emma didn’t know what else to say, except, “Wait, we were talking about my father and him not dating. What has your incest with your family have to do with that?”

“Well, girl friend, I thought you might seduce your daddy and… .”

“What?” Emma nearly yelled.

“Shhh! Listen to me Emma and then just think over what I’m saying. First, I’m not saying that your father would go for it. But, all things considered, he’s a healthy male in his… how old is he, not at old as my dad I don’t think.

“He’s thirty-nine,” Emma responded.

“Okay. And, Emma I can truthfully say that I wouldn’t mind going to bed with him. According to you he hasn’t had a women in six years. He’s still moping over Rachel.” Michelle knew better than to call Emma’s mother anything but Rachel. “But I’ll bet you he’s masturbating. So give him something to masturbate about. You’re a hot young teenaged girl, Emma, in case you hadn’t looked in the mirror lately

“Of course, you would have to get yourself in a mood to want to try having sex with your dad. Believe me, from my experience, all it takes is a desire to do it. But you could spend the next few days thinking about it, fantasizing about it, masturbating and thinking about making love to your father.”

“I don’t thinks so,” Emma said with a frown. “But even if I did all that, how would I get my father to… you know… .”

“Try being a bit more overtly sexual around him. Don’t wear a bra, let him get a peek at your tits. Accidently, of course. Maybe brush you tits up against him, again, accidently. Wear your shortest skirt with no panties and then, at an appropriate moment, bend over and let him get a good look at your pussy. I’ll bet he would come around. Literally, come around.” Michelle giggled.

Emma was staring at her friend, wide-eyed and open-mouth, as though she’d just seen a man from Mars. “Uh. Uh.” Was all she could say. The images that Michelle had put in her mind were flashing before her like a slide show: showing her father her tits, brushing them up against him, bending over in front of him wearing a short skirt with no panties on.

Michelle uncrossed her legs and got off the picnic table. She stretched her lovely young body. “Well, just think it over, Emma. Now, how about that kiss?”

Emma gave her friend another shocked look. “Are you serious?”

Michelle smiled sweetly. “But of course. Like I said earlier, you’re beautiful and I’m bi’ and I’d love to hug you and plant a big wet one on your mouth and suck on your tongue and… .”

Emma looked around. “Right here, in the park, in broad daylight?” she hissed.

Well, Michelle told herself, I’m making progress. She’s not being hysterical and saying no, never.

Michelle did a slow 360 degree scan. There was a car passing by on the street on the far side of the park. No people were in sight. “Yeah, right here, right now, sweetie. Besides, it’s not considered a crime for two girls to kiss in California.”

Michelle held her hands out to Emma who was still sitting cross-leg on the table top. Emma uncrossed her legs and climbed down off the table. She stood nervously in front of Michelle.

“Seriously?” Emma asked.

Michelle gave her friend another sweet smile, stepped closer and put her arms around her. “Just close your eyes and relax, Emma. Who knows you might even enjoy it. It’s only a kiss, sweetie.” Then Michelle pulled Emma tight against her body, being approximately the same height, their tits smashed together. Emma gasped a little then closed her eyes as Michelle brought her lips to her own.

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