Encounter with a Stranger

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Vimala had to come to a marriage alone as her husband was away in Italy on one of his research projects and her children were busy preparing for the exams. So leaving the children in the care of her old aunt she came to the marriage as it cannot be skipped. Due to the marriage season she could not get a return ticket in any of the luxury services and was forced to travel in one of the district services. Even that was filled but mostly with luggage.

Her seat was in the last rows and there was luggage around her but she felt relief for being able to get into a bus even though it was not comfortable, as she wanted to be back home for the sake of her children who were preparing for exams. After boarding the bus she found that the seats are not very spacious but finding two empty seats beside hers she thought she can stretch a bit after the hectic activity at the marriage function.

After the bus travelled a little distance some new passengers boarded it and one of them came to occupy the empty seats in the last row so vimala had to readjust her seating. In the darkness of the bus she could not distinguish the features of the man who came to sit beside her but felt that he is a guy of around 22-25 years of average build. As the bus recommenced its journey, vimala fell into a deep sleep immediately due to the tiredness of the past two days but woke with a shudder as she found her co-passenger’s hands on her thighs and mid-riff. As she woke up with a start the movement has stopped but the hands remained on her body. As she found no movement of hands on the part of her co-passenger she had a suspicion that either he is acting innocent or really put those hands accidentally in sleep. She waited a few moments for some movement but after finding none was in a dilemma whether to remove them or not. She reasoned that if he was really innocent in keeping the hands her removal of them might awaken him and put wrong ideas in his mind. She was in a real dilemma and before she could decide anything the slow movements of the bus lulled her into sleep once again. After some time she again woke up to find a gentle squeezing of her thighs and poking by the stranger in her midriff with one of his fingers. Once again the movement of the hands stopped but he did not remove his hands. After a little while, he started squeezing her thigh and vimala is not asleep any more. She was certain that the fellow is doing this on purpose and was at a loss as to what should be done. She thought about house of the dragon izle the consequences and in the meanwhile he continued poking her midriff and increased his efforts on her thigh.

Now, Vimala is 39 years old who got married before she was out of her teens and possess a killer structure of 38-32-41. She is the dream lady of many of the boys of her locality but she had never behaved in an odd manner with anybody and had lot of respect as the wife of the professor and she also carries herself with lot of dignity. Of late, her husband was more interested in his career than his beautiful wife and on the other hand she was having lot of free time at her disposal as her children grew and work load at home became less. For the first ten years she had a blissful sex life and her husband was always demanding more from her. But in the last 10 years things changed as he became more and more busy and sex became a very infrequent activity. Particularly in the last 3 years it has almost come to a stop and it is more than a year that she had sex with her husband. Even though she is a good wife and mother she too has desires. She suspected that he must have found new channels to satisfy his desires as his position and frequent trips did give him many such opportunities. But she remained a dutiful wife all these years.

Coming to the present she found the stranger’s hands on her belly button which is her most sensitive point after her clit and nipples. To her surprise she found herself not reacting in anger and started enjoying his caresses on her midriff and thighs. She could feel the wetness of her panty as her unused cunt started releasing juices. Emboldened by her quietness the stranger took his hand from her thigh to her boobs and gave the one nearest to him, her left one a mild squeeze and searched for the nipple. He was able to locate it easily as she was not wearing a bra and was surprised at the stiffness. He immediately realised that she is responding to his caresses and gave it a rough squeeze which elicited a low moan from her lips. Elated with the response the stranger removed his hand from her thighs and tried to put it inside her saree but found the saree too tight around her waist. Finding that it is difficult his other hand also travelled north squeezed the other boob roughly. Finding no resistance he proceeded to unhook her jacket with his other hand and took the ripe melon that is her left breast how i caught my killer izle into his mouth and sucked on her nipple while at the same time squeezing her right breast roughly. Vimala became so aroused by her co-passenger’s actions that she completely forgot the settings and gave in to the long suppressed urges of her body and just laid back into her seat enjoying the ministrations of the man beside her. Her panties became soaking wet and she started rubbing her cunt from the top of saree itself.

Nor the man satisfied with the mauling he is giving to her boobs. He removed his hands from her boobs which caused her to look at him in the darkness with disappointment. But it was only to unzip his pants and he caught hold of her right hand and directed it towards his crotch. He was a little wary of the reaction but confident that her passion would carry her into accepting his actions. Vimala found the strangers cock much smaller than her husbands but it is thicker and at the moment she is more bothered about her pent up emotions which she had suppressed for a long time now. She was barely able to close her hand around it. The stranger immediately returned to her luscious jugs and continued mauling them as Vimala started caressing his cock. He became more daring with his success and tried to lift her saree upwards now that he was sure of the unbridled passion of his co-passenger. Vimala lifted herself up a little bit and with a little effort he was able to push it beyond her lower abdomen. The next moment she gave out a loud moan… “aaahh!” and had to bite on her mouth to stop further sounds as the stranger proceeded to ravage her cunt with his fingers and took hold of her clit in two of his fingers. It is her most sensitive part and she felt tremors running through her body and it was much beyond her to control her moans as she started giving repeated oohs and aahs despite trying to control her self. The stranger realised the danger of the situation and immediately transferred his mouth from her boob to her lips. But he never released her clit from his fingers and proceeded to finger fuck her. Within no time she was in the throes of her first orgasm in a long period and despite the best efforts of the stranger’s mouth on her lips several low moans escaped her lips. As her orgasm subsided she felt very relaxed and happy after a very long time.

But the stranger is not done yet. After her orgasm how we roll izle he changed his position and sat in front of her and proceeded to replace the fingers with his tongue which pushed her over the edge again as she experienced another orgasm. He continued to ravage her cunt with his tongue and fingers and after pushing her over the edge for two more times he looked up at her and found her almost asleep again due to the unbearable feeling of ecstasy and tiredness. He sat back in his seat and after a few minutes he woke her up and tried to maker her sit in his lap. He wanted her to ride his cock. Though Vimala didn’t like the idea she felt a soft spot for him as he brought her to so many orgasms and tried to fulfil his wish and sat on his lap. But it was very uncomfortable due to the hand rests and the seat was also not spacious and although they tried several times it was not possible and he was also unable to bear her weight more than a few minutes. They had abandoned it after a while and Vimala proceeded to use her hands to bring him off, while he devoured her jugs once again. Meanwhile the bus started slowing down and they proceeded to sit properly in their seats. The driver stopped to have some tea and since it was middle of the night did not put the lights and the stranger alighted the bus to have tea.

After the bus recommenced the journey vimala felt sorry for him who did so much for her she decided to do something which she had done only once in her life at the persistence of her loving husband. She voluntarily proceeded to suck on the stranger’s cock. She pulled it out with his help and took him in her mouth. She found it difficult to completely close her mouth around it and took it in with lot of difficulty. She started choking on it but got adjusted after a while. Now the stranger got excited and started to fuck her mouth and Vimala found it very tough to keep her mouth plugged to his cock due to its width. Within a short while she gained freedom from the ordeal as he gained release. Due to the suddenness of it, she could not remove her mouth immediately and was forced to swallow it as she got choked. She didn’t find it repulsive so drank what all came which was of salty taste. The stranger muttered a quiet thanks, pulled her up and closed her mouth with his lips and gave a long kiss tasting his own from her lips. As she sat and adjusted her clothes she again fell asleep and woke up with a start early in the morning. She found the bus entering the city and found the seat beside her empty. Vimala remembered what happened in the night and felt shy about the whole thing. For a moment she thought it was all a dream but the mere thought of what happened the previous night brought wetness between her thighs and the absent panties reminded her of last night’s affair as the stranger claimed her panties as a trophy and fond remembrance.

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