Encountering the Stranger

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She is unaware of what she has gotten herself into. She has never done this before but somehow this has peaked her interest. 30 more minutes before he arrives and she is trying to get the last of the things done she needs to. She wants things to be right when he arrives, even though she has never met him before.

Something about him has her curious enough to go through with this, even though people who know her would be very shocked to hear of this. Her mind is racing thinking about the possibilities of what is going to take place.

She can feel her heat within her aching to come out, and wonders to herself if she has time for a small release before he gets there. She decides she has time and glancing at the clock she can see there is 20 minutes before he is supposed to arrive. She settles down and gets comfortable.

Her sheer black robe opens in the front revealing her wonderful set of sexy lingerie under it. She has put these on special for tonight, as they do not leave anything to the imagination, just enhances it. She reaches over to bring out her vibrator, she only uses on special occasions and settles back down into her warm bed.

Has she remembered to lock the door, she thinks as her body begins to feel the sensations she loves. No matter as it is to late to worry about now. Her eyes close as she feels the slow sensual vibrations beginning to run through her body. Her free hand begins to caress her breast as the nipple begins to harden with excitement and pleasure.

From time to time her hands moves to her wetness to slicken up her finger bringing the wetness to her nipple. What pleasure she is feeling at this moment. Her mind drifts off to that place she loves, that allows herself to enjoy things. She can feel that feeling building inside her as her dampness becomes aware to her. She can feel the wonderful vibrations the vibrator is giving her inside as she nears her climax. With one final movement her climax hits her full force.

Her verbal approval and pleasure can be heard throughout the room as she settles down to enjoy the lingering effects she has just produced for herself. She thinks to herself, at least I got that one tonight incase the rest of the night is a bust. If she only knew what he had in store for her. She rests for a moment glancing at the time. 15 more minutes until he is supposed to arrive.

What if he doesn’t show up?

Will her preparation go to waste?

Thoughts going through her mind. The loud hum of her purple friend laying next to her jumbling her thoughts. She has a quick thought that takes her back to her special place as her hands begin to move over her body. She is touching and feeling herself as she wants, something that she has found to be ok, as very erotic in some people eyes. She feels her maltepe escort wetness leaking from within her and that familiar wonderful smell begins to makes it way to her nose. She finds herself once again going to that place.

Her body is moving, she now knows what to do to make herself feel good. She progress to the next level as her fingers work into her wetness, her hips moving against her hand. Moans of pleasure are escaping from between her lips as her eyes are closed, thinking of wonderful thoughts. She feels herself moving closer to her next climax, when she feels something brush against her foot.

Her eyes open and she sees him standing at the end of the bed watching her. Guess the door wasn’t locked after all.

She quickly moves her hands from herself and tries to sit up in the bed, swinging her legs over the sides. She finds that movement not possible. He has her legs in his hands keeping them apart and in the position they were in.

“Please continue” he says. She has a moment of panic then embarrassment. She is in front of a total stranger, herself and most personal parts in full view of him. She is swollen and damp which is visible to him as he moves his eyes upon her body. “Continue please” he says once again, his hands slowly moving up her legs. She is frozen with uncertainity, what to do?

She looks at him as she tries to cover herself some with the sheer robe, only to find it tucked under her body. “Please continue, you’re a very sexy woman” he says. His light touches on her legs gives her some comfort. She thinks to herself, he has seen me fully engulfed in pleasure, so she has nothing else to hide.

He has seen her at her most vunerable and desires to have her. She relaxes enough to not worry about the exposure she feels as she can feel his eyes upon her. She looks at his face and can see his eyes filled with desire. This calms her nerves more and without thought her hands move back to her body. She begins to touch herself in ways that only one person has seen before.

Her eyes close as his hands slide up her legs to her thighs. He has a comforting touch that assures her and actually feels good. She feels her wetness again, so much wanting to feel more. Her nerves are gone as she is taken away in the moment. She reaches out for his hands and moves them to her most secret place. He can feel her wetness as his fingers lightly touch around her shaven softness.

He can see her lips glisten with her wetness, as his finger traces along them gathering moisture on their tips. He moves his finger to his mouth to taste her wonderful taste, as her hands move back to take the place of his. He eyes this sexy woman as he moves around the bed going to the place he saw her get her friend from. Wondering what mecidiyeköy escort else she has in there of interest.

He opens the drawer and looks inside, the silk scarves catching his attention. He watches her touching herself so sensually as he reaches in and takes the scarves out. He notices her blindfold under the scarves and takes this in his hand. He leans over the bed and slides the blindfold over her eyes. She stops her feeling and the hands move to the blindfold trying to remove it. He takes her hands in his saying “Enjoy the moment and feelings”.

He takes a scarf and wraps it around one of her wrist securely then ties the other end to one of the post on the 4 post bed. He walks around the other side of the bed securely fastening her other hand to the bed. Suddenly she finds herself in a position she hasn’t even let her boyfriend put her in. She can hear him moving around the bed and knows that he has gotten on it with her.

She can feel the mattress moving as he gets closer to her. She feels his touch once again upon her body causing shivers to move from her toes t the top of her head. She can feel his hot breath against her breast as his mouth moves down to taste each nipple.

He gives gentle nibbles to each one as his hand ventures down to her wetness, letting his fingers slide between her swollen lips, until he feel her heat and wetness. He gently pushes on finger into her heat, causing her to moan and her hips to involuntarily push against his hand. She tries to move her hands to join his but suddenly remembers she can’t.

She feels another finger begin to slide into her, joining the one that is already moving in and out of her. She can feel his breath moving down her body as his fingers explore inside her. She is waiting for what is to come next. She knows that his mouth is moving closer to her heat and she knows that he can smell her excitement already. He pulls his fingers from within her and she can feel him moving off the bed.

She hears the sound of clothes being removed and she anticipates what is to come. They have never chatted about his size, and she wonders now what she has gotten herself into. Her head moves as she tries to see him but can’t. She feels the bed move once again as he get upon it. Her legs part move allowing him to see all of her.

She wants the attention, she needs the attention.

She feels his skin touching her and know that he is now naked. She can feel him moving around the bed and knows he is positioning himself between her legs. She wonders if she will get his mouth or his hardness. Her question is answered as he lowers himself down onto her. His chest against hers, his lips against her lips.

Suddenly she can feel his hardness as he lowers himself nişantaşı escort down more. It seems to be a lot bigger than what she has felt before, and what she is used to. She feels him sitting up on his knees as she moves her legs over his allowing him total access to her wetness. He reaches up and takes off the blindfold so she can see him.

She looks down and her eyes get big. He is so swollen and big, and she wonders if he will be able to fit inside her. She will find out very soon as she watches him take himself in his hand and move the tip to her wet opening. He rubs it along her wetness before positioning the tip to slide into her.

With a firm push, she feels herself opening to him as he forces the tip inside her. She moans as she experiences the feeling of fullness, realizing that she has only taken the tip of his hardness. She looks down between her legs to see him entering her. Gently he continues to move into her heat and wetness. He feels her tightness and she is wrapped around him.

She can feel herself being stretched like never before, and can feel the slight pain he is causing her. But there is more pleasure than pain. She can see her lips tight against his hardness as he continues to move inside her. She feels herself being stretched as her inner walls are being touched like never before. She feels her climax coming over her body as he slowly moves his hardness in and out of her.

She floods his hardness with her cum as it overtakes her. He feels this and takes the opportunity given. He pushes against her sliding himself completely inside her, burying himself to the hilt. She gasps as she feels him filling her empty spaces. He starts to move in and out of her taking himself completely out of her before sliding back into her.

Her hand moves to her wetness to feel what is giving her a total feeling of fullness. Never has she felt like this, being touched inside, places she never has before. She feels another climax building as his hardness moves deeper into her again. She feels his body against her hand and knows he is completely into her as the climax begins.

Her wetness once again floods from with, coating him completely adding her heat to his. He starts to move faster and harder into her with her urging. Her climax continues as she feels him pick up the speed. Oh how much she wants to feel him fill her with his warmth, and this thought in her head continues her climax. His hands move to her breasts caressing them and squeezing her nipples as his hardness continues to take her to new heights.

She can feel him begin to swell inside her, filling her even more as he approaches his climax. Sending her over the edge once again, he thrusts deep into her. He pulls her to him as he unleashes his warmth inside her. She can feel his heat splashing off her inner walls hitting areas never hit before, sending her to her next climax. He fills her for what seems like minutes and slowly moves from between her legs. She feels him move off the bed as she enjoys the feeling he has left her with. She hears the door close as she opens her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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