Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 4 her first anal

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Erica was pretty adventurous during our playtime. She had made suggestions about anal sex and offered none of the upturned-nose type behavior some people have with it. She had taken a rather vigorous anal fingering and had no problem with analingus when I performed it on her. In fact, she had motioned my head towards her butt,when I ate her out on several occasions. She was concerned about cleanliness and seemed pretty aware of rather she was clean or not. The subject of enemas naturally came up and I was hopeful she would want a demonstration.

“So you’re just gonna jam a waterhose up my ass and hope for the best ? she asked.

“Well..” I started.

“I could spew water out of my ass and fly across the yard, that’d be cool” she said.

I knew she was joking. I needed to educate her. But I had no enema bag. I made a point to buy one from CVS the very next trip into town.

I purchased a water bottle/ fountain syringe/ enema-douche bag kit from CVS. It had several attachments for all the possible needs you might have. I looked at it briefly while in the truck, just to get an idea. The long douche nozzle was flared at the end. It was longer, wider and looked more substantial than the enema pipe that was slender, short and simple. I decided then and there to throw the enema pipe in the trash and use the flared douche nozzle on Erica when the time came. Just imagining this thing being pushed into her tight little bottom was giving me wood.

I stopped at yet another CVS on the other side of town to buy a selection of “joy jellies” I thought I might like to try on her. I bought astroglide, KY in various flavors, vaseline, aloe hand lotion, tea flavored massage oil and noxema. I almost fainted when the tab reached $ 112.00 I didn’t put anything back. I was trying to be non-descript and wanted the hell out of there. The only thing worse would have been the checker announcing a price check on some of these things. I figured I’d use every ounce of this stuff this summer before she went back, or at least I’d try.

I had heard that various oils and additives can be used in an enema for stimulation or just cleansing. I had liquid dial soap at home and figured I’d stick to that. No need to get exotic right off the bat, I’d have plenty of time to experiment.

When I arrived at home, Erica helped me carry all the rest of the items in the house and put them away. I kept the best for last, as I wanted to expose her slowly to this stuff and not overwhelm her. I also didn’t want her seeing me that obsessed with her. Most of the stuff went under the sink or in the medicine cabinet where it blended unobtrusively. I put the tea oil in the hall closet like it had been there for years.

That evening, laying on the sofa absorbing the TV, Erica was draped over me like a blanket, in her usual position. I started rubbing her neck and shoulders and she was into it in no time. She dropped her shirt and bra off and sat up for me allowing better access to all those sore points on her tender young back. I massaged and rubbed her every which way. She would occasionally groan when I hit the right spots and almost yelp when I hit a tender spot too hard.

I sat her on the edge of the sofa as I stood and removed my shirt and walked to the hall closet to fetch the tea oil. When I returned and she saw the oil, she went to get a spare bed sheet. She knew what I was up to. When she returned, she laid the sheet out on the sofa to protect it from the oil, then she laid down on it, prone. Erica reached up and pulled her hair up to keep it off her back and keep it out of the oil. I pulled the ottoman over to sit on and positioned myself for good access to her sweet body. She had pulled her socks off, but had left her cotton bikini undies on. Just teasing me, I figured. I wondered at the gravity defying aspect of her asscheeks. They were so soft, yet so firm and seemed to stand up at an impossible angle when she was prone. I figured I must need 4 inches of cock just to get to her asshole, not to mention put my cock into it. She had a marvelously shaped rear-end. When she stood it hung down from her back where it was attached and therefore jutted out like a nice ass should. When she was prone, you would think that the same attachment point would cause the weight of her fat laden bottom to shift and allow it to sag down towards the bed. But no, that wasn’t the case at all, thank God. I could see her crack through the panties and the top of her crack just barley peeked out from under them. The rest of her butt was covered in soft, white cotton and was nicely framed by the cut of her bikini panties.

I poured some of the fragrant oil onto my hands and placed them on her back and started to rub the wet, slick salve over her skin. This afforded me much better access to her muscles, deep under her skin. It also increased the sensitivity and intimacy of our back rub, ten-fold. I knew it would. It might be Erica’s first time for some of this, but it’s seldom ever mine.

I rubbed her neck, shoulders and skipped down to her legs. She had strong, muscular legs, silky smooth and a pretty olive color.

“OK, all done” I announced.

“Noo, not yet, you’re not done..” she pleaded.

“Just kidding, roll over” I answered.

She did and uncovered her breasts. Like her ass, they defied gravity. The firm tits were pointing straight up and her antalya escort bayan large, puffy nipples were as taught and erect as I’d ever seen them. She was obviously enjoying this.

I applied more oil to her and started with her tits. They were smooth and silky soft as I massaged the oil into her cleavage and nipples. I pinched each nipple lightly, looking for some redness to appear and a stiffer response from them. They didn’t get any stiffer, I think hey were maxed out, but her breasts turned a nice red color with all the blood flowing into them from the manipulation and squeezing. After a minute she was visibly into it and responded easily at my touch. I was cautious to not over handle her boobs, lest they get sore and irritated.

I oiled her belly and legs and after a brief treatment of her thighs and calves, I settled on her belly. I re-oiled my hands and glopped it onto her belly. I was rubbing in ever widening circles and running my fingers under the elastic of her panties. I could feel her bush and I slowed to massage the hair growing out of her womanly parts. My hand still under her panties, I slid further down her pussy to the opening in her lips. I inserted an oily finger with out much warning. She let out a little gasp as I finger fucked her under her panties. I liked the feeling of violating the protective screen of her underwear by inserting a finger into her most private of areas while laying out on the sofa, in the middle of the house, during broad daylight. What would the neighbors think ?

I switched fingers to my middle digit, to get deeper. She was rolling now and groaning about every third stroke. I was trying to make her come. She reflexively sat up, or tried to, to allow me deeper access to the inner structures of her vagina. She couldn’t stay sat up long and would lay back down. The next time she sat up, I got behind her and held her up. I grabbed a free boob with my free hand as I continued to reach around her front as I deeply finger banged her pussy. This new position afforded me better access to her privates. I pulled my finger out before she came and slid it lower, over her taint and found her butthole. The oil on my finger and her pussy wetness had accumulated in her crack and provided ample lubrication for me to probe her bottom. I stuck the very end of my middle finger into her bottom. She gasped at the intrusion as I enjoyed the tight sensation of her virgin anal ring clasped around my longest, thickest finger.

Her panties had been pulled towards her knees by the change in position and my arm as it moved to access her butt from the top. Erica struggled to get her panties off to allow better access to her body, but the position of the clothing would pull her legs together. She fought for a few minutes to accommodate this struggle and eventually she reached with both hands to tear the fabric away and free her legs and my arm. I was amused at her desperation, and decided I would prolong the come she was anticipating. I got comfortable and settled in behind her.

Hearing her struggle and deepened breathing and smelling her pussy scent and her sweat from arousal was a gigantic turn on for me. But I was patient, much more than she. I would prolong this and reap the enjoyment. She was desperate to come and come hard. Erica had only come a dozen or two times in her life, and always with me or alone. She was into the right-here, right-now, school of coming as soon as she knew she was close. I knew I could teach her far better enjoyment of sex by prolonging the arousal and dragging the come out.

I was fully enveloped by her butt cheeks. I was as deep inside her as I could be in this position. I was comfortable and had managed to stick my thumb into her vagina as my middle finger continued it’s assault on her anus and rectum. I was aware that the lube might dry up and cause a “rug burn”, so I kept close tabs on how dry she was. I discovered I could move my fingers around and more sweat and tea oil would accumulate at her ass crack and further lube her bung hole. I was covered in sweat, partly from her, but I had been rock hard since I began fingering her pussy, some of it was mine.

I told her to move and slowed my anal fingering to a comfortable pace as I withdrew from her altogether. She got up and panted and wiped some of the sweat form her face as I changed position. My legs hurt sitting too long like that. I sat on the ottoman again and pulled her to me, tongue kissing her deeply.

“Keep going, please, keep going, i’m not done…” She pleaded.

“Lay down” I told her and pushed her down on her belly, her head away from me. she now laid face down on the sofa, with her legs and ass towards me. I oiled my fingers with more tea oil and stuck my index and middle fingers into her crevice. I quickly found her anus and began to work two fingers into it.

“Unnh, unnhhhgg…” she moaned at this new stretching.

“Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh…….” she moaned, as I pushed two fingers into her and her bottom closed around them.

This new position allowed me more freedom and a more comfortable place to sit as well as a nicer view. I could see my niece’s buttcheeks completely cover my fingers as I anally raped her with my hand. Very soon I was knuckle deep in sweet teenager. This deeper penetration had led to the discovery of a large turd in her rectum. I made sure to avoid it by escort bayan stroking wider and fuller, but not deeper.

I would make her come and then clean her out. Once she was clean, I could play a little. I played with her clitty some as I could with my free hand. Erica was lost in the anal masturbation I was providing her. She wasn’t stroking her pussy or anything except gripping the pillow or the edge of the sofa as I would intensify or calm the ass fingering. She was consumed. I helped her over the edge by flicking her clit and banging into it every chance I could with my pounding fingers. Just as I was aware she was drying out, she came hard. She bucked her hips into my hands, fucking my hands with her ass. She grunted like she was pulling a stump out of the ground. She was soaked with sweat and flush red. She was out of breath and panting. She couldn’t even talk for a few minutes. I tapered off my ass fingering and withdrew my tired hand from her asscrack. I pulled her cheeks apart with both hands to admire my handy work. I was treated to a pretty angry, red anal ring that gaped open about an inch. I could see spasms causing her butthole to alternately clench shut and relax. Her whole ass crack was covered with oil and sweat. Her pussy had dripped come and was running down her and onto the sheet underneath her. I admired my handy work and then realized I had to clean her out so I could have some fun.

I left her there in a puddle of her own come and went to get the enema bag ready. After a few minutes I called for Erica to come to the bathroom. She new I was planning something new, but wasn’t sure what it was. I had assured her that it was all her idea.

Erica walked into the bathroom, looking less flushed and much more composed than she had 5 minutes before. She was still a little red in the face and some of the sweat was still wet on her skin.

“How was that ? I asked with a smirk.

“Fuck. Wow”. She said. I understood completely. She came so hard she had lost the power of speech.

I had laid a towel on the bathroom floor. She noticed and looked at me.

“You’ll see” I said.

“Okay” she replied.

I turned her away from me to face the mirror.

“Close your eyes” I ordered.

I stood behind her and placed the nozzle at her teeth and guided my hand by the reflection in the mirror. She responded by opening her mouth and allowing me to probe my third favorite orifice with the long, flared, douche nozzle. I went deeper and deeper, slowly, until she gagged. She opened her eyes to see what I was doing, but she couldn’t see the nozzle because my hand was in the way of the reflection.

“Close your mouth around it” I said. She did and started her oral technique on the nozzle. Tonguing it and stroking it with her mouth. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

I was anxious to get the water flowing. I pulled the nozzle out of her mouth. She ran her teeth across it as she reluctantly gave up on keeping it in her mouth.

“Keep your eyes closed” I said.

I reached down and connected the hard, white plastic nozzle to the red rubber tubing that led to the 2 quart enema bag. I hung the enema bag on a nail and dipped the nozzle into an open jar of vaseline. I pulled the nozzle out with a big dollop of grease on it. I placed my hand on Erica’s back and steadied her against the bathroom counter as she stayed faced away from me.

I ran the big greasy nozzle down her crack and stroked it in and out of her cheeks. I approximated the angle and location of her asshole and probed gently.

Erica let out a gasp and I readjusted the nozzle to a more comfortable angle. Having found the opening to her rectum, I slowly inserted the 8 inch nozzle deeper into her body until the white plastic nozzle had completely disappeared into her butt.

Erica let out and audible gasp about the time I hit bottom with the nozzle.

I left the nozzle to hang by the tightness of her snug butthole. I opened the clamp on the red tubing and allowed the water to flow slowly into her.

After a few seconds, Erica felt the water invade her rectum. She was immediately sensitive to it and moaned her approval.

I moved my steadying hand from the small of her back to her belly to massage it and feel the water fill her up.

I didn’t want her to cramp up, so I ran the water very slowly. I pushed into her belly and allowed the water to seek it’s own level inside her gut. After about 1/3 of the bag had ran in, I stopped the water and gave her a minute to adjust to the extra weight and fullness of the enema.

“Is this what you had planned ? she asked.

“Yep”. “How do you like it so far ? I asked.

“Good so far, great”. “Feels really, really full”. “Like I gotta go take a giant crap” She said.

“You will soon, just relax for now”. I said.

I opened the tubing again and ran the water in briskly. I pulled the nozzle part way out and reinserted it, continuously fucking her butt with the nozzle.

“Whoaaa” she said, at the new sensation.

After the next third of the enema bag had ran in, it wasn’t easy for Erica. She was small and just didn’t have the capacity for the whole half-gallon of soapy water in her gut. I held the nozzle inside her, afraid the pressure would force the nozzle out of her butt.

“UUnnnhhhhgggggghhhhhh….” she moaned as the antalya escort first cramps started.

“I’m fullll…” she said.

“Just hold it, these will pass” I lied.

“MMMmmnnnn..full tank, man, c’mon” she moaned.

“You can’t stop now, You’ve still got half-a-bag left to go” I said, smiling on the inside. I can be such a shit.

“nnnnuuuuuhhhh… slow it down…” she begged.

I slowed the rate down and rubbed her now very swollen belly. She looked pregnant with the water gravid inside her lower gut. She must have water backed up all the way into the middle colon.

“I’mm gettin’ weak..” she said as she spread her legs apart to better balance herself.

Enough is enough. I stopped the flow and noted she had taken almost the whole bag. I carefully removed the nozzle and plugged her small leaking anus with the end of my finger. I moved her carefully over to the toilet and sat her down on the stool, removing my finger. Instead of the gush of a shit-geyser I had expected, she barley dripped. She looked tired and tense. I wrapped her in a towel, as she seemed to have the shivers.

“Just relax and let it go” I ordered. I held her in my arms as she balanced herself on the toilet.

After a few seconds, the first of many squirts let loose from her bottom. She practiced controlling the streams of dirty water as the longer streams would burn. She would allow a little out and then pinch it off for comfort. At first the water was thunderous as feces was washed out and collided into the toilet bowel. After most of the water was gone, Erica was obviously very relieved and much more comfortable. The water came out clear, and the streams were less intense.

I ran a hot shower. Erica had gotten chilled with the room temperature water I had put in the enema.
We both hopped in after stripping down and soaped each other up. I washed all the grease, lube and oil off of her and she massaged my head with shampoo. We toweled off and made for the bed.

Erica sat along side me as I laid on the bed. She stroked my cock and wet it with her mouth. She stroked me, lubed me with her sweet spit and when I was rock hard, she straddled me.

She was facing away from me.

“Is this right ? she asked. She didn’t know; there was no wrong.

I got the tube of astroglide and rubbed the super slick lotion thoroughly onto my erect cock. I guided Erica’s ass to where I could spear her rectum with my cock when she sat on it. She would control how much she would take. Erica reached under her pussy behind her to take my cock. She guided it to her butt crack and sat slowly down. I watched as her cheeks parted slowly due to my advancing cock. My cockhead disappeared into her crack and I felt resistance as Erica noticeably tensed up when my head was against her anus. She grunted and leaned forward making my cock appear out of her crack. She leaned back to try again and guided my erect penis into her ass crack. Again, I felt resistance when she put her butthole against my cock.

Those of you without sin, can throw the first stone.

I bumped by hips upward and speared her onto my dick. Erica let out a yelp, a quiver and then froze.

Oops, might have overdone it.

Erica didn’t move. She let her butt open up and take my cockhead in. Slowly, she rocked her hips and some more of my now raging cock entered her tightest orifice.

“UUnnnhhhhhhhhhh….” she said as more cock penetrated her rectum. This was all new to her. Fingers and toys hadn’t prepared her for this. Erica’s first pussy fuck was not this bad. Erica let go of my cock and leaned forward. This freed her up to move easier and in doing so, readjusted the attitude of my cock. It now slid into her deeper and she didn’t make a sound. She sat straight up and balanced on her feet. Erica began dipping her ass down toward my cock and taking more and more, deeper and deeper into her tiny hole. It seemed that once she found the right angle, she was comfortable with my big ol’ cock deep inside her.

Pretty soon, Erica was almost bouncing her hips on my cock as she made a game of making it disappear into her butt. I enjoyed watching her pink, round, butt bounce up and down on my dick. Her sweet round bubble bottom jiggled just a bit with the movement. I gave her a baby-swat, not to hurt her, but to watch her soft ass cheek move and jiggle.

After a few more minutes I was close to spurting. Erica suddenly stood up, allowing my cock to fall from her butt. She stood on the bed and turned around to face me.

“I’m tired, my legs…” she said.

“I’m about ready, honey, face me and sit down again” I instructed.

She did and leaned forward to accommodate the new angle of cock to rectum. As she sat down, she made my happy pecker disappear into her cute bottom again. This time I could see her bulging and swollen pussy lips. She was on her knees now and rocked back and forth, moving my cock almost all the way out of her, then all the way back in again. I put my hands on her shoulders and helped her. I came so hard I could have set off car-alarms. Erica yelped when my cock surged and shot my load into her colon.

“UUmmmhhhhh, felt it, I felt it way deep….” she said. Good girl.

I held her up in place to allow my cock to cool down. after a few minutes, I was starting to soften and I allowed her to lay next to me. I rolled towards her and we kissed and snuggled. Both exhausted and spent. I rubbed her wet, lubed butt cheeks and gently finger massaged her non-virgin butt hole. We both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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