Ethan and Carrie Ch. 03

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Ethan stopped his car at the curb in front of Carrie’s house and jumped out, excited to have another weekend to spend with her, this time without her parents getting in the way. He was halfway up the walk to the front door when he heard a familiar voice and looked up. It was Carrie’s mother in her bedroom window.

“Ethan,” she waved again.

“Hi, Mrs. Sheffield,” Ethan said, shielding his eyes from the late afternoon sun.

“Carrie’s not home yet so just come right in.”


She smiled and stepped away from the window and for a second Ethan thought she was naked, but he dismissed it as probably a trick through the screen or part of her dress or his imagination. He went up to the door and went in.

Now what, Ethan thought, standing in the middle of the living room, suddenly realizing that he was not as familiar with Carrie’s house or her family as he felt coming up the front walk. Knowing that her mother was right upstairs, Ethan was conscious of his behavior. He didn’t want to upset her by being too familiar.

“Ethan?” she called from upstairs.

Ethan went to the foot of the stairway. “Yes?” he said in his most respectful tone.

“Come up here, please,” was all she said.

Their encounter in the darkness at the cabin felt like a fading dream, but not that he found himself in an increasingly intimate situation with her it all began to feel oddly real again. He thought maybe he should take this chance to apologize to her for what he did that night. He slowly climbed the stairs and stood outside her room.

“You can come in,” she said.

He peeked in first to try to find from where her voice came. As he stepped into the sacred ground of Carrie’s parent’s bedroom, he saw her laying under the sheets on her bed, her head propped up with her arm. He went in, feeling confident but tentative nonetheless, and leaned against the door frame.

“I thought I should apologize,” Ethan began, but she cut him off.

“Apologize for what?”

“For last weekend.”

“What happened?”

Her behavior made him doubt for a moment the events that passed between them. However, he saw by the curled up corners of her mouth the smirk she could barely contain and he briefly admired her struggle to keep a straight face.

“When you came to me in the middle of the night I thought you were Carrie.” He felt a stirring in his pants as the memories of what happened between them returned. The room was filled with the heady odor of an exotic perfume that smelled very familiar. It was the one she was wearing that night a week ago.

“I know that. Why are you apologizing?” Her eyes drifted down his body and settled on his groin, where the front of his pants was beginning to expand. The tip of her tongue poked from her mouth and licked her dark, red lips. “Have you got something on your mind?”

She was very cool, Ethan remarked silently to himself, with a grin and a blush he could not repress himself. He was struck with a devilish, daring idea and decided to take a chance on it. He could not help feeling nervously excited, anticipating what might happen next. He loved Carrie, but he hoped she took her time getting home that day.

“Carrie would have expected me to make love to her two or three more times before we finished. You left before I had a chance.”

Carrie’s mother smirked, then laughed out loud. She slowly pulled back the sheets with one hand, revealing herself. Ethan was not surprised to see she was naked. What did surprise him was how beautiful she was without her clothes. She might have been thirty five, but she was still a great looking woman.

“You must be tired,” she said in her husky, sultry voice that turned him on. “Get in here.”

Ethan stared into her deep eyes, which were just as irresistible as Carrie’s. It was an expression of desire he had seen in Carrie’s eyes only a few times before. Ethan pulled his shirt off over his head, knowing that he would put it back on when they were through, only to take it off again later that evening for this woman’s daughter. His skin was tight over his muscles, which rippled and swelled when he moved.

How would he explain this to Carrie if she found out, he thought, as he unzipped his pants and pushed them down. She would probably hate him for the rest of her life if she knew he was screwing her own mother. Carrie’s mother gasped when his penis came free and stood straight out. He realized with amusement that she had never actually seen it before. It was obvious she was quite familiar with it from her experience with it a week earlier, but he was pleased he could still surprise her with it. He got a great deal of pleasure from seeing the look on women’s faces when they saw it for the first time.

“You’re going to get me in big trouble,” Ethan said as he climbed onto the bed next to her. They laid side by side, facing each other.

“Please,” she whimpered, “Just one quick fuck.” She closed her hand around his cock, massaging it.

“I don’t want Carrie to find out about this.”

She laughed. Dikmen Escort “Carrie’s mistake was confiding with me the details of your endowments.” She looked down at his erection in her hand. She gave it a squeeze and stroked its entire length.

Ethan’s eyes grew wide in surprise. “Carrie told you that? What else has she told you?”

“Not much.” She grinned like she knew more but wasn’t telling.

“About last week,” Ethan began, but she lifted her leg and laid it languidly across his hip.

“What about it?” she said. She deftly guided the head of his cock directly into the opening of her cunt and pulled him in. She was wet and velvety smooth.

“Never mind,” Ethan said. He inched his hips forward to savor the sensation of his penis penetrating her warm vagina. Carrie’s mother rolled on her back and enveloped him with her legs as he rolled on top of her, smothering her with his muscular body. His thick, long cock quickly sunk all the way into her body.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped in his ear. She squeezed him tightly around his neck and arched her back. Her action helped his pole slide another inch deeper. “Oh shit,” she groaned.

Ethan lifted himself off her, like he was doing pushups, and looked down on her. Her face was twisted in an uncomfortable grimace as if she was in pain.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“No, no, just fuck me with it,” she said.

“Are you sure?”

She opened her eyes and glowered at him. “Do you think I’m kidding about this?”

“Not at all,” Ethan answered. “I just don’t want to hurt you if it’s going to be too big.”

She suddenly looked angry. Her legs closed around his waist and her ankles hooked behind him. “You just do the pumping, young man. I can take everything you’ve got.”

Ethan grinned broadly as his cock sunk back into her. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth together, groaning again.

“Is it bigger than it was before?” she said, her voice wavering and uneven.

“It might be,” Ethan said in a smooth, soft voice. He stroked his hips in and out in a steady rhythm. They could hear the sucking noises from her cunt as his shaft moved in and out between her wet lips. He felt sorry that he was hurting her. He didn’t want her to feel pain. He wanted to fuck her and he wanted her to cum. He knew how much it hurt Carrie the first time, but he knew how much she grew to enjoy it once she got used to the size.

Carrie’s mother stroked Ethan’s back. She was already panting hard and squealing when he thrust it in. Her face relaxed each time his stroke moved out, then grimaced again in anticipation of his thrust in. When he had sunk it to the bottom and their pubic mounds were pressed together firmly she groaned and finished with a high-pitched squeal, just as she had that night at the cabin when she was on top of him. She had cum that night, Ethan thought. Why should it be any different this time?

He maintained the slow, steady, gentle thrusting, hoping to coax her toward an orgasm without damaging her. He was breathing hard now. She squeezed him tighter spasmodically with her arms and legs, alternately gasping and moaning in his ear.

“Oh yes Ethan oh yes,” she whispered. “You’re gonna make me cum.” Her hands slid down his back and cupped the cheeks of his ass. “Do it faster,” she urged. Ethan increased his pace by a small amount. “More,” she urged again, squeezing him with her thighs. He sped up again. She groaned but he kept it up. It was only moments before she was tensed up and clinging to him desperately, squealing and practically screaming.

Ethan was looking into her face, but her eyes were squeezed shut. He was thrilled that she was coming. She was a fantastic woman, almost as exciting as Carrie. He had no idea that a woman as old as her could be as tight as she was or even be as sexy and desirable. Her vagina was alternately clamping and releasing his shaft as she climaxed. The sensations were as good as any he felt when he fucked young girls, maybe even better. She had already shown him she could do things with her body that few girls he knew could do.

Finally he could hold back no longer. His orgasm reached a peak and he exploded inside her. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t help groaning out loud. He couldn’t believe he was actually coming in Carrie’s mom, actually having sex with her, lying on top of her, flooding her insides with his sperm. This sudden realization blew his mind as much as his climax. He was no longer just having sex with another woman, he was engaging in carnal knowledge like a pair of animals with his girlfriend’s mother. It was unreal.

She had stopped squirming and was very still. His penis was still throbbing and squirting cum into her womb. He was sure she could feel every bit of it. He could hear her breathing hard. Her grip on him loosened. She was looking up at him, grinning, the tip of her tongue between her front teeth. Her ass was squirming anxiously and she was stroking the backs of his thighs with Eryaman Escort her feet. Her fingers came up and tangled through the hair on the back of his head.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan said. He continued to pump his hips back and forth gently and felt an occasional spasm.

“Nothing,” she sighed, sounding at once like a young girl. “Nothing that a strong man with an enormous tool can’t fix.”

“You were wonderful yourself, Mrs. Sheffield.”

“You don’t have to call me that, you know,” she said, reverting to her mature voice. “My name’s Claudia. You can call me by that name now.” She was brushing through the curly hairs on his chest.

“I think Carrie would find that pretty strange. So would your husband, I think.”

“My husband is a workaholic,” she said, sounding annoyed. “He spends weeks on the road selling his products and when he comes home he either spends all his time on the couch watching baseball or is out at the bar.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs. Sheffield.”

“Claudia,” she corrected.”

“Claudia,” Ethan said, although it felt very strange. He felt like he should get off her and get dressed, but he didn’t know what to do. His dick was still hard in her cunt and she didn’t seem to want to let him take it out.

“He only bangs me about three times a year and when he does it’s nothing to write home to my mother about.”

Ethan blushed with embarrassment that she would write a letter to her mother to tell her about what they’d done, as well as with the thought that he was in another man’s bed at that moment with his wife while he expected to be in another bed performing similar intimate acts later that evening with his daughter.

“I’ve often wondered how many girlfriends he has in these towns he goes to and whether or not they know or even care that he has a wife and a daughter at home.”

Ethan was really beginning to feel awkward. His erection had disappeared and, as he rolled off her, he feared that it might not ever return. His limp, wet penis laid across his thigh like a worn out sausage.

Claudia rolled onto her side, facing him, and gently placed her hand over his long piece of flesh. Immediately his interest stirred again and he lost the feeling that he had to get away.

“But that leaves me more time to spend in bed with studs like you,” she said. She laid across his chest and rested her chin on her left arm. His cock was by then standing straight up and looked monstrous in her tiny hand. His excitement grew as her hand stroked him.

“How many others have you done this with?” Ethan asked, partly out of curiosity but partly from lack of anything else to say. She chuckled, blushing with embarrassment herself.

“You’re the first,” she said and laughed out loud. Ethan chuckled and laughed with her, feeling greatly relieved. “In fact, you’re the only other man to make love with me besides my husband.”

“Were you a virgin when you married him?”

“Not quite.” She was quiet for a moment and appeared pensive. “I was a virgin when I met him. I was pregnant when I married him.”

“With Carrie?” Ethan asked. She nodded. “How old were you?”

“Eighteen,” she said. “The same age Carrie is now. He was my date for the homecoming ball and I was the homecoming queen. He had been trying to get into my pants since our junior year of high school and I wouldn’t even go out with him. There were so many other guys I could have invited to the ball, but when he asked I said yes. I still don’t know why.”

She sighed a deep breath. “I remember he was so anxious to get under my dress we didn’t even wait until after the ball. I admit, though, I was just as anxious for him to get under my dress. We did it in a dark hallway right outside the ballroom, standing up. It happened so fast I never knew what happened. It wasn’t until two days later that I even bled or felt any pain. For the rest of the night, while we danced, I could feel his cum dripping down my leg.”

She paused for a moment, staring off into the distance. Her small, delicate hand still worked slowly up and down his shaft. Ethan stared into her deep, blue eyes, longing to see Carrie again.

“Three months later we were married,” she said finally. “When Carrie was born it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

“What about your husband?” Ethan said, immediately regretting he had brought him up.

“My life with that man went downhill from the day after he screwed me in that hallway while I held my dress up.” She took a second to lick the sticky juices from her fingers. “I’ll tell you another secret.” She sat up with her legs folded under her. Her breasts shook when she moved. Her round, pink nipples stood out, announcing how excited she was. Ethan noticed for the first time how closely they resembled Carrie’s. “I never let my husband cum in my mouth.” She giggled like a little girl, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Never?” Ethan said. She shook her head, still covering her mouth. “Let me ask you, Esat Escort how’d you get so good at giving head?”

“Whenever I could, I’d give my husband a blow job when he got horny. That way I never really had to be intimate with him.”

“So I was the first?”

She laughed. “I wasn’t expecting that to happen. It just sort of did.” She reached out to fondle his penis again. Ethan reached up to fondle her breast. Listening to her fascinated him. “You see, my daughter’s mistake was in confiding with me the details of your endowments. Once she had described to me what you possessed, I had to find out for myself.” She leaned forward over him, examining his penis closely, and purred as she rubbed the head of his cock across her bottom lip. “I snuck in that night expecting to suck you off and let you think I was Carrie, but when I actually had you in my mouth I found it to be so exciting I just let myself get carried away and before I knew it, you were coming in my mouth.” Her tongue appeared from between her lips and circled the head a few times. “I didn’t know what to do with a mouthful of sperm, so I just swallowed it.” She lowered her head to the base of his cock, just above his balls, and licked all the way up the side like she was licking an envelope.

“She told you about me? About my dick?” She nodded, her eyes on his, without breaking the pattern of kisses she was laying on the head and shaft. “What else did she tell you?”

“Not much.”

“But like what?”

“Little things,” Claudia said, looking at him from behind his cock like she was peeking around a tree. “Like how you hold her and kiss her so gently. Like how you whisper to her when you’re all alone. Like how you put your tongue way up inside her pussy.”

“Wow.” Ethan was amazed. “I never knew you two were so close.”

“Tell me something,” Claudia asked. “When you took her virginity, did she feel any pain?”

The question caught Ethan off guard, but he thought about it for a moment and decided to answer truthfully.

“Yes,” he said. He figured that if Carrie had told her mom about how he put his tongue in her pussy when he ate her, she probably told her all about the night she gave up her virginity.

“Were you gentle with her?”

“Yes,” Ethan said, again answering as truthfully as he could.

“That’s all I wanted to know,” she said. She opened her mouth, lowered it over the end of his huge cock, closed her lips around it in a tight seal and sucked hard, moving her head up and down.

“Oh man,” Ethan moaned. His eyes rolled shut. Her mouth felt fantastic, like a velvet glove around his member. She had spent so much time working him up that he was by that time ready to shoot another wad in her mouth. Claudia was moaning, bobbing her head eagerly, ready herself to receive a mouthful of warm sperm, when the telephone beside the bed rang and startled them both.

Her eyes opened and looked up to his. They were both still, as if they had been caught robbing a bank, but she still had the end of his cock in her mouth. It rang again.

“Shit,” Claudia said. She let go of his penis, got up on her hands and knees, crawled over him to the side of the bed and reached for the receiver, wiping the saliva from her lips. “Hello?” she said, and paused.

Ethan waited anxiously to find out who it was. He didn’t want to make any noise in case it was Carrie. Claudia looked back at him and rolled her eyes. He knew it was her husband. He grinned, feeling very mischievous.

“Where are you?” Claudia said. She waited for a reply. “Pittsburgh? That’s a long way to call.”

Ethan was sure she had repeated his location for his benefit. Now that he knew her husband wasn’t calling from his car phone at the end of the block, Ethan could relax. He looked at her gorgeous ass sticking up in front of him.

“I just got home,” Claudia said. He could see his white cum oozing out of her hole. “Look, don’t be a pain in the ass,” she continued.

Ethan shook his head in disgust. The man was hundreds of miles away in a phone booth, probably wondering what the hell was going on. He would never know that his daughter’s boyfriend was with his wife in his bed with his hand on her ass.

Claudia looked back at him with a curious expression. She was agreeing vaguely with him about something, but she obviously wasn’t paying attention. Ethan ran his hand up the inside of her thigh to part her legs. They parted for him and her ass raised a bit and he knew then that she enjoyed cheating on her husband, especially while she was on the phone with him. He remembered again how she and Carrie both enjoyed the danger of being caught having sex. Sex just wasn’t good enough unless it was somehow too illicit for average people.

Ethan got up on his knees and moved in right behind her. She was watching him over her shoulder, panting into the phone like an obscene caller, just grunting in response to her husband.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” she said.

Ethan stroked her lower back, wiping away the perspiration. He lifted his cock to her hole and inserted the head. His cum made her hole slippery, but she was still tight. She grunted audibly when it slid in.

“Nothing,” she said quickly into the phone, in an attempt to cover her slip. Her body arched and writhed wildly as he forced his cock into her. She couldn’t scream out loud, but she did her best to muffle her moans.

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