Eunice Surrenders Her Back Door

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Eunice had already had a glimpse of her future and it did not bode well. She had just returned from the funeral of her maiden Aunt Sara who had died just as she lived, alone. Eunice already in her mid-thirties had yet to have a serious boyfriend, oh sure she had gone with more than a few guys but none she’d ever considered marrying. It was just like her current boyfriend Tony, he was nice enough, but she could tell he had no desire for commitment with her.

As she sat in her bedroom she made the decision, she was not going to live her life alone. No matter what it took, she was going to make Tony want to be with her and no one else. Although they had already had sex together, she had held back only allowing him what she believed to be normal sex. Eunice could see that Tony was kind of kinky, and if that was what he wanted, she would give it to him. As she thought about it, she worried some about just what he might ask her to do but then she put it out of her mind, telling herself it was time to get in the game.

She called Tony and invited him to a ‘manly night’ of Monday Night Football, a contest she hated, and a dinner of his favorite pizza and beer. Tony was impressed and said he’d be there early. Eunice knew just what she was going to wear and that was the cheerleader costume she’d worn to last year’s Halloween’s party. She knew she looked frumpy but remembered all the leers she’d received from all the bare skin it showed. In a daring move, she wore her lacy panties instead of the panty set that went with the costume. With Eunice’s large breasts, she always wore bras with extra support but for tonight, she wore only a sleeping bra that was barely more than güvenilir bahis nothing at all. She knew she had picked the right costume when she saw the face of the pizza boy who couldn’t take his eyes off her chest.

When Tony arrived, she did a cheer for him making sure her boobs bounced plenty and finishing off bent over exposing her panty covered ass. She then sat him down in front of the TV, and served him a cold beer and a piece of pizza. She cuddled up next to him and told him to enjoy the game while she enjoyed his body. First, she played with him through his jeans but as he got hard, she released him from all that confinement. She held him in her hands as she kissed the tip, even going so far as to lick the drop of precum that was oozing out.

“Eunie, what has gotten in to you tonight?”

“I just want this to be a special night for you. You do so much for me I want to return the favor, whatever you want, I want also.”

To show him she was serious she sat on top of him and by just moving her panties out of the way, she impaled herself on his cock.

“You just watch the game while I try to fuck your brains out.”

Eunice never talked this way and maybe that was what excited her boyfriend. She rested his head on her shoulder so he could watch his footballers and as she slowly rode him, she whispered in his ear.

“Oh baby, tell me what you want me to do, anything at all I just want to make you happy.”

This was all too much for Tony and he shot off inside her. She grabbed a napkin off the table to hold his cum inside her when she got off him. When she saw his dick all shriveled and covered in their combined juices she türkçe bahis knelt down and took him in her mouth to clean him off.

After cleaning out Tony’s deposit, she returned from the bathroom to find him watching the game again. He patted the couch next to him to show where he wanted her to sit. They both ate pizza and drank beer through the rest of the first half. They chatted as they waited for the second half to start and then unexpectedly Tony asked,

“Eunice were you serious, when you said I could ask for anything?”

This made her wonder if maybe she had offered too much but then she told herself to go all the way,

“That’s right my body is for your pleasure, whatever you desire.”

The truth was offering herself like this was beginning to turn Eunice on and she began to wonder what he would make her do. He pulled her close to him and as he kissed her throat, he gently pulled on her nipples just the way she liked. She found herself getting really hot but when he whispered in her ear,

“I want to take your back door,” she nearly jumped out of her skin.

“B-but Tony I’ve never done anything like that before I don’t know…”

“Ssh, it’s all right honey; we can take it slow, besides you might like it.”

Tony instructed Eunice to take a shower and clean herself ‘back there.’ When she returned naked save for the towel wrapped around her, she noticed he had retrieved the bottle of lube from her nightstand. He had her get into the doggie position, something she hated because it made her large breasts hang down like udders. She felt his hands caressing her bottom and she could feel the lube being spread over her. He had her güvenilir bahis siteleri so oiled up that his finger slipped inside her easily, and then followed by another. Soon she had her fingers on her clit, squeezing it hard just as she liked it, and when he said he was ready to enter her, she was so hot she begged him to hurry. He told her to relax and that he would go slowly but once he got the bulbous head of his cock inside her he just shoved the rest all the way. Her screams were not of erotic ecstasy but pain and he stopped moving. Sobbing she told him he was hurting her but when he started to withdraw she told him no and that she wanted him to remain inside her. They stayed locked in place for what seemed like a long time to Tony but finally Eunice began to relax and she said wanted him to move.

To Eunice, once the pain subsided, she could not believe how full she felt and when he began to fuck her in earnest, her pleasure only mounted. She looked down between her legs past her flopping udders and thought what a slut she must look like but that only heightened her arousal. By the time she climaxed she was pushing back as hard as he was pushing in. She felt completely out of control as she began to shake she begged Tony to, ‘Cum in my ass.’ As for Tony, he was only too glad to oblige and he filled her tender rectum with his jism.

To Eunice that fateful night released the bonds from years of sexual repression. She would never have guessed that she would enjoy anal and now she wondered what else she had missed in her up tight life. What she didn’t understand was why after giving of herself to him, he soon after left her. Eunice refused to let this get her down by telling herself that Tony had never ‘been the one,’ and that maybe Mr. Right would be the next man she met. She may have been sorry for the reason she gave up her back door to Tony but she would never be sorry for the experience.

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