Exchange Student

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The Coopers prepared for the arrival of the 18 year old exchange student from Europe. He was going to attend a local high school along with the family’s two daughters.

Before going on to college he would get to know them as well as Mrs. Cooper very well. The daughters Sara and Melinda were excited the young man was staying with them. They had seen pictures of him and of course he was a very handsome young man.

He was tall with good looks and Mrs. Cooper agreed. Based on photos they saw of him there were a variety of features deeming him cute and adorable and Mrs. Cooper agreed.

He was interested in many activities, but they did not involve sports. “Thank god” one of them offered. “He’ll be able to talk about something other then football or basketball unlike everyone here.”

Mrs. Cooper laughed but she knew all too well how true her daughters comment was. Agreeing with them she was happy to be the host mom for the exchange student.

He showed lots of interests in theatre, literature, and crafts. Strange as it was they were enamored by him. He loved writing. He loved writing stories. He even loved visiting culturally different and historical areas.

A young woman at heart and appearance too, Mrs. Cooper hid her own excitement of his impending arrival. Being a woman who took great pride in her young looking appearance she hoped the young man would take a liking to her.

Seeing as she appreciated the arts as well she hoped he would spend time with her to go to a variety of historical sights. She hoped he would be willing to go to the theatre with her. She hoped he might be willing to go to concerts with her and afterwards sit down openly discuss them with her. She wished for many things.

She finally felt she would have someone who was as passionate as her that appreciated similar interests. That was why she basically agreed to host the young man in the first place. Plus he was adorable; he was a good looking young man. His good looks did not hurt his cause. She knew how her daughters felt about him; they were crazy about the idea and down deep she had those same feelings.

He was someone she figured who was not into sports like everyone else such as her husband. From some of his letters he wrote he showed a passion for writing and theatre.

She was thrilled to death but she couldn’t let on she was around her family. It would be nice having an intelligent young man to talk to openly on a daily basis.

Hans Van Gluten would share the same passions as his host mother and her daughters too. There were boys in the family but they were younger. They didn’t have anything in common with him.

The big day finally came. Mrs. Cooper and her two daughters went to greet him at the train station.

When he got off he looked for two beautiful girls and one beautiful woman. They were easy to spot. They all looked alike.

Holding up signs for him he saw their smiling faces. He noticed their fine looking figures as well.

Jenny Cooper a 41 year old naturally blessed beauty of a host mom stood along side her lovely daughters.

“This could not get any better” he told himself smiling while walking towards them. As he descended upon them the girls giggled. They were being immature. Mrs. Cooper told them to settle down but they were too excited.

They told each other he was cuter then in the photos they saw of him. They giggled more. Mrs. Cooper overheard what they said but she had to agree with them; all three laughed under their breaths.

Jenny Cooper looked at Hans and instantly told herself how “damn cute” the young man was in person. The closer he got the more attractive he was.

Sporting a slender body but with wider shoulders Hans had a natural and pleasant smile. His thick brown hair was wavy. It added to his handsome physique. One of the girls suggested as though he was designed by the gods.

Suddenly Mrs. Cooper’s heart began palpitating rapidly while she watched him walking towards them.

Even his heart skipped a beat or two as he studied how unbelievably attractive his host mom was! For an older woman she was much prettier and much sexier then her age revealed. She was definitely sexier then her daughters.

He knew she was off limits, but in his country it was different. It was natural for him to feel and think what he thought about Mrs. Cooper.

When he saw her he saw sexuality in its purest form. The daughters were pretty but they were much too young. Jenny on the other hand had to be experienced. She had to have hidden desires, but how was he to know for sure?

Unlike her daughters, he knew the ways of the world like Jenny might. In his country many women learn early on about sexuality. He figured Jenny might have also. Hans was smart. He was wise. He knew how most situations worked.

His heart palpitated when his eyes set foot on her. She was a very nice looking woman. She had physical attributes which in his mind were incredible! She had an awesome balçova escort figure. The outfit she had on distracted him as he slowly ignored her daughters.

She liked what she saw. She began giving off unknown signals to him. They felt something for one another almost right away. Before the week ended both would know exactly what it was they felt.

4 days into his stay he was busy getting acquainted and acclimated with his host family. Sara and Melinda did everything they could to help him out. They were infatuated with him. They were obsessed by his presence. They worked hard at being overbearing protectors.

He told them with his charismatic smile “Thank you for all your help. I love you two so much.” That threw their hearts into a tailspin.

Mr. Cooper wasn’t crazy about him telling them that. He told Hans that he should stop saying that he loves them.

“It’s going to give them the wrong impression.”

Hans laughed, but said he understood. Hans felt the girls were sweet; they needed to hear it. Mr. Cooper insisted he stop saying it and Hans promised he would.

Day five of his stay came and it was Friday. It meant that it was time to head to the football game. Almost everyone went to the games.

Not knowing anyone he wasn’t interested, but Sara and Melinda insisted he go with them.

“How can I refuse” he asked himself. “They are so sweet and so pretty.”

The stadium was only several blocks from home. He went for a while but the two girls were busy with their friends. By the end of the first quarter he was board and ready to leave.

Mr. Cooper was enjoying the company of his friends and so Hans decided to walk home alone. When he arrived Jenny Cooper had gone out. He went straight up to his room and closed the door.

When Jenny came home she heard footsteps upstairs, but nothing more. Curious she went upstairs to knock on his door.

In shorts and a t-shirt he was lying on his bed, up against the head board, and reading. He said to come on in. Upon opening his door she put on one of her typical smiles asking him if everything was okay.

He said yes and explained why he came home.

She walked into his room staying by the doorway. “Hans we are so happy you decided to stay with us. You are such a nice young man” she told him. “If there is anything at all we can do for you or I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask. Don’t ever hesitate to ask me okay?”

Understanding what she said he smiled. “Well there is one thing. I would love to have sex with you” he told himself as he smiled.

Then he told her “Thank you Mrs. Cooper. I appreciate the hospitality, but I am fine. I do really appreciate everything very much.”

Just as he said that she told herself “With a body like yours Hans and with those looks would you be willing to have sex with me tonight?” Half serious she yearned to ask him, but all she did was muster a smile while acknowledging what he said to her.

Continuing on and having similar thoughts about the other each smiled remaining silent for a few moments.

“Jenny is it possible I could persuade you to come over here? Would you suck off my cock? I would love that so much if you would” he went on thinking. “Ooooooh Hans if you only knew what I felt! Mmmmm yes I sure would love to see you without that shirt on” she imagined saying to him. “Take it off and let me lick your body all over.”

Their imaginations were getting away from them.

“Let me handle that big European cock of yours Hans! Ooooohh I bet it’s big; I bet it’s fat. Isn’t it Hans? Is it nice and fat” she wondered. Jenny was getting too excited for her own good.

Now Hans being the bright and worldly young man he was wondered by chance if she was thinking similar thoughts.

He took a chance that she could be, which was dangerous and asked “Jenny what did you just ask me?” Knowing it was a bold question he proudly waited for her to answer. His question caught her off guard. Blinking her eyes rapidly while shaking her head in disbelief she asked herself “Did I just say that out loud? Noooo I did not” she though reaffirming that she didn’t. “I didn’t say anything like that out loud, did I?”

She answered hiom aloud by saying “No, no I didn’t say anything.”

Hans put his book down and asked another question. “These football games everyone goes to; do they go for over many hours?”

All of a sudden they heard the phone ring. Before answering him she went to answer it. It was Mr. Cooper wondering if she had seen Hans and she told him he was at home. Hanging up, she went back to his room and answer his question.

She told him yes they did and then she asked about the book he was reading. He picked it up, looked at it, and handed it to her to look at.

“Hmmm isn’t this a little risqué Hans? Isn’t it a little naughty? Isn’t this something a young man like you should not be reading?”

“No I have always been interested in karşıyaka escort stories like these” he told her. “Jenny, feel free to sit down if you would like. I will not mind. Do you want to talk more? No one is home and it will give us some time to know each other better” the 19 year old exchange student told his 41 year old host mom as he brushed his thick brown hair off his brow.

She adored how he brushed it off his forehead. It fascinated her. Seeing him push it back like he did only made her yearn to brush hers back too.

Long and luxurious, her hair always was an attractive feature. Including her daughters many people adored it. At that moment she wished she had the courage to do the same thing and hope he would realize its purpose.

She desperately felt like flirting at that point. Instantly she felt something quite special being so close to him.

Hans felt something too. On his bed and nestled against the head board, she sat on the corner of the bed.

“Mrs. Cooper” he started to say. “You have very pretty daughters and I’ve wanted to tell you that.” Initially his remark made her defensive until he added “I noticed Sara and Melinda get all their looks from you. They look almost exactly like you.” Jenny immediately appreciated those additional remarks and thanked him. It eased her concerns she may have had about him.

“They are pretty but you are so much prettier. I have wanted to tell you that for many days now” he said in his foreign accent.

“Keep going Hans you’re winning points with me now” she told herself amusingly. She loved where the conversation was heading. Watching him while he spoke warmed more then her heart. Their conversation had created a chaotic stimulation within, but she enabled herself to get through it all.

Trying to sound rational and modest, Jenny articulated her thoughts. “I do appreciate your compliment Hans, but am I to understand you are attracted to my daughters?” She hoped he would say no he was not.

“Ohhh no” he replied. “I am not attracted to either of them. I do not feel any attraction to either one of them” he added lying through his teeth.

Then he went on to say “I actually feel as if there is…” but Hans paused for a moment. He wanted to make sure he should tell her what he was feeling at the moment was the right thing to do. “Jenny I feel I am attracted to you to be honest with you.” He watched her closely as he waited and wondered how she would respond. He wondered if he should have told her that.

Initially his comment made her uncomfortable. She knew what she felt, however hearing it from his lips was definitely different then what it felt like when she told herself she could lick his body all over.

Jenny was emotionally going haywire and felt strong pangs of arousal besiege her.

“Oh my god” she thought. “Ohhh my god he’s attracted to me! Does this mean what I think it means? He thinks I’m a sexy woman? No ohhh noooo, but he does mean that” she told herself practically crying out. “He does think so” she said to herself and she was right.

“But do I want him to know that I think that? Of course I want him to! Oh yes god yes I do, but I am not going to have sex with him am I? Am I dreaming?” Jenny was beside herself.

“Does he think I actually am that sort of woman? I’m not a slut am I? No I am a mother, a housewife, and not someone’s MILF! No I am not that kind of woman am I” questioning herself again. “I am not that type of woman!’

“Oh god he is sexy though! He really is a sexy young man. He is bright! He loves the arts! He is so good looking too! Is he really going to take off my clothes and do things I have thought about? Oh lord what am I saying?”

All of a sudden in the background she heard him tell her “I do think you are a very sexy woman.”

“Ohhhh god he is trying to hit on me I think! I know he is and it’s turning me on! I can’t do this! No Jenny you know you can’t! Noooo Jenny you can’t be this way with him. Ohhhhhh Jenny stop this now!”

He had no idea she was going crazy over her situation and he added “It was okay for me to say that to you wasn’t it? I did not mean anything bad by it” he told her. “In my country it is a very nice way of telling an attractive woman how one feels about her if it is something nice. I know I am only 19 but I am a man. Do you think I am a man Mrs. Cooper?” He waited for her to answer.

“You are a woman of course and that is clearly evident to me. You are a very pretty woman too, but I hope I did not offend you by saying anything wrong.”

Finally admitting to him something she felt towards him she said “Hans it is true. You certainly are a man and a fine looking young man too.”

It was at that point she laid her hand on his shin. She noticed how firm it was to the touch. Giving into her desires she caressed it. Hans looked down at her hand and what she was doing. He liked the sensations it was giving him. Soothing to the touch it aroused çeşme escort him some. He wondered if what she was doing meant anything. He wondered where she was heading by doing it.

“Yes Hans you definitely are a man. I noticed that about you immediately” she said. “And from what I have seen Hans you are a very appealing man too” she added while smiling lovingly.

“Appealing” he asked. “What does that word mean?”

“It means likable, pleasing, and ummm tempting” Jenny replied. She was interested what his response would be.

“Well I did say I thought you were attractive” he came back.

He recalled what he thought about her at first. He recalled how he wished she would suck him off. He cautiously told her “I did say I thought you are a sexy woman; it was okay for me to tell you that. Am I right?” Knowing the true meaning behind his question he asked her anyways “Does that mean something else it was not supposed to mean?” He added “Maybe I made a mistake saying that to you. Maybe I said something I should not have said to you.”

Smiling affectionately she recalled what she initially thought about him. She remembered thinking how she wanted to lick him all over his body. She started recalling how she would love to have his fat European cock all to her own. Her pussy tingled some more.

Looking at him she calmly asked him “Does it mean something special when a man says that to a woman in your country Hans?”

She thought to herself that nobody has ever told her she was a sexy woman before not even her husband.

At least not in the way Hans told her. “It was a very special compliment Hans. It makes a woman wonder what that man is really thinking. It makes a woman wonder what that man really wants from a woman.”

Asking her what she meant, she simply gazed upon him only seductively. Hans for the moment was clueless. He didn’t understand why she looked at him. She explained while she rubbed his lower leg again that it makes the woman wonder if the man finds her desirable.

It makes the woman wonder if she feels attracted to him. She told him it might even make that woman wonder if there was more between them then either lets on. While continuing to explain herself she continued to rub his leg.

He was mesmerized by her. He felt an incredible attraction to her. She felt equally attracted towards Hans. She loved how he didn’t seem to mind her caressing his leg while they talked.

“All it means is there are mutual feelings between the man and the woman. Is there a shared feeling of sexual attraction between this man and this woman” she put to him.

Was the last comment she made a redundant question or did she ask it so she could get a straight answer from him? Jenny watched his eyes. Carefully she continued rubbing his lower leg and continuing to smile warmly.

He looked at her hand. Hans was stimulated by her actions while watching the hand slither up and down the lower part of his leg. He tried paying close attention but his emotional instability was winning the battle.

Then it came to him. He understood her words. He immediately understood what she was trying to convey to him. He sat upright. He felt anxious even though he knew he told himself earlier he wouldn’t mind getting a blow job from her and why not top it off by eating out what he assumed was her sweet hot pussy. Having sex hadn’t even crossed his mind at that point.

Jenny scooted closer. Sliding her hand up his leg, she moved her hand towards his knee; she aroused herself as much as him. His body riveted with unknown pleasures he never experienced before.

He didn’t stop watching her hand move up past his knee. She watched him while coming closer to his thigh. Everything in the room was getting intense. Delighted in the various expressions he displayed Jenny was definitely interested in pursuing more with him.

Jenny began feeling a warm exhilaration mushrooming within her as she yearned to go much further. Her hand finally crossed over his knee into the forbidden land.

Feeling the erotic trappings that his thigh offered she was ecstatic that he never stopped her. She craved more then simply rubbing his thigh. She looked towards the bottom edge of his shorts and she let her imagination slowly taking control.

Once Jenny’s hand crossed into the so-called prohibitive area, a lump formed in his throat. Excited as ever what he wished for might become a reality to him sooner then he expected.

Sliding upwards Jenny and Hans felt stimulating pangs flooding them rapidly. He never expected anything to proceed in the manner it did. It happened suddenly; both of them didn’t want to resist the temptations offered that Friday night.

Finally he looked up and saw her smiling. He didn’t know any better but she was turned on too. She loved how rubbing his thigh felt against the palm of her hand and she wanted to continue all evening if possible. Hans’ solid masculine legs thrilled her. For a guy who was not an athlete he was a handsome manly fellow. He was a gracious and intelligent individual who in Jenny’s opinion had traits to be discovered. All was silent while he felt her hand on his leg. He felt great and she did too. They enjoyed one another’s company even though neither spoke to the other.

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