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Denis and I run a small but profitable photographic studio where we specialize in family portraits and we also take glamour photographs. We have our studio attached to our home. It was originally a large hairdressing salon which was purpose built by the previous owners of our home. We do enough of the photographic work to keep us both employed – Denis does the actual photo taking and I attend to make-up and the costumes or whatever Denis needs me to do.

My name is Sarah and Denis and I have been married for 8 years now. We married quite young because Denis is only 28 and I am 26 but we have been in love for a lot longer than we have been married – in fact we were childhood sweethearts! Strange as it may seem we started our photographic studio before we were married. Denis had a small business taking wedding photographs but that hadn’t been enough to keep us both employed so in preparation for our own wedding we began the portrait business.

Mostly I took the bookings and this was sometimes quite complicated because we had to slot people in at times which were convenient to them and not necessarily right for us but the business came first.

On this particular day I received a ‘phone call from a very pleasant sounding woman and she asked a number of intelligent but probing questions about a portrait session and asked if we would be able to guarantee confidentiality and do we develop and process our own films? When I had answered these questions and quite a number more she made a provisional booking for an evening glamour portrait session and told me she would confirm the booking within a few days. She stressed it would need to be a confidential session but would tell me more when she rang to confirm the booking.

I was quite intrigued by this booking and discussed it with Denis. He just shrugged it off and told me it wouldn’t matter what they wanted, we were there for the business and if their money was good we could do anything for them. We both laughed about it and wondered what sort of session they would want.

We got ourselves involved in our business and forgot the strange booking. When the lady rang back I must have sounded surprised because she asked if I thought she wouldn’t ring back. I assured her I was thinking of something else when she rang and so she confirmed the booking which was quite late – 9.30pm on a Friday night. She again asked questions about confidentiality and I answered her questions to her satisfaction and so the booking was arranged for the next Friday night – just 4 days away. She insisted on knowing just who the photographer was and how many people would be assisting him but she relaxed a little when I told her we were a married couple and only we two would be at the session. She also asked about body make-up and I was again able to assure her everything would be available to them on the night.

The only thing we knew about the booking was that it was to be a series of glamour shots! This is not unusual because we are often asked for shots when a loving wife wants to surprise her husband or lover. Sometimes these shots are semi-nude and occasionally completely nude. The women don’t seem to mind that Denis sees them naked but I am sure they are reassured when they learn I am his wife and I will be there too. Sometimes these women want extremely pornographic photos i.e. with open legs showing their cunts in great detail. Denis specializes in these shots and has some wonderful close-up photos in our own private collection. It is easy to make additional copies and keep for ourselves. I love to see him in action and we usually have wonderful sex after the subject has left.

Right on the appointed time our couple arrived on Friday night. She was an extremely attractive woman, probably about 30, with close cropped very black hair and lovely olive skin. Her husband was a black man, very tall and excitingly attractive even to me! I have nothing against black men but I prefer white men! They were called Teresa and Sam! They insisted on getting down to a first name basis and seemed to be a loving couple.

Teresa explained they wanted a series of glamour photographs which would show their love for each other. They wanted to have some of the photographs taken without clothes and hoped we didn’t mind. We assured them we would do anything they wanted and so the photo shoot began.

Teresa was dressed in a very sheer shirt which was tied in a knot under her breasts. It exposed quite a deal of her belly including a very attractive belly button. The lower half of her body was covered with a very short mini-skirt which was not really covering much of her lovely legs. In short, she was a very attractive lady!

The first couple of shots were of Teresa alone looking very seductive. She was an attractive woman anyway but when she was posed under the correct lighting and I had also applied a little additional make-up to her face she really radiated beauty! When those shots were finished she asked it we could take a portrait photo of Sam. Naturally we were in for anything she asked considering the huge fee we had quoted at the start not really knowing what they wanted. Of course I couldn’t şişli üniversiteli escort apply make-up to Sam but he was outstandingly attractive as he posed. When these photos were shot, Teresa told us they wanted some really glamour type photos taken and with that, she quickly undid the knot of her shirt and whipped it off. She was standing there naked to the waist showing us her magnificent breasts. They were wonderful. Standing upward without a hint of sag, lovely pointed nipples at the ends with large dark areolas making them more attractive.

I could see Denis was excited by her body judging by the bulge in the front of his trousers but I chose to ignore that – he has always been easy to get excited particularly when he sees an attractive woman. I was pretty sure he had strayed a few times with some of the women he photographed but I chose not to say anything about my thoughts. We were usually together most of the time and it was only occasionally that I left him alone with naked subjects. Perhaps I am judging him harshly – maybe he hasn’t strayed. I have never had sex with anyone other than Denis! That isn’t to say I haven’t thought about it but I have never really had the opportunity!

Teresa’s breasts were very beautiful but the coloring was slightly paler where she had been sunbathing and they had been covered up. When I asked if she would like some color correcting make-up she readily agreed. I must say I had quite a thrill holding her breasts and applying the make-up – her breasts were remarkably firm and obviously natural without any enhancements.

Denis took a series of shots showing Teresa’s breasts to their best advantage. When he asked her to take a deep breath she certainly did that and the difference to her breast shape was remarkable. When the shots were finished, Teresa asked Denis to take some photos of Sam without his shirt. I wished, when I saw his chest, I could have applied some make-up to his body but had to content myself with just looking. Sam was a good subject and moved just as he was instructed.

When they were finished Teresa simply told Denis to get ready for some nude shots of her. She didn’t hesitate to unhook and unzip her short skirt and it dropped to the floor. She kicked the skirt out of the way and then slipped her fingers into the top of her very tiny knickers and they followed the skirt!

Naked, Teresa looked absolutely wonderful! She was extremely attractive before but now she positively radiated beautiful womanhood! Again she had lighter sections of her body where her very small bikini pants had covered her and so I moved in to apply more body make-up to her lovely body. I was terribly excited squatting in front of her applying the make-up to her thighs and just above her very hairy bush. Her bush was completely black and the hair was sort of wiry and stiff. Although I was squatting right in front of her, I couldn’t actually see her cunt as it was covered by the mass of hair. Also she had a line of black hairs leading up to her navel from the bush and this looked all the more exciting. I was beginning to get wet and I was a bit embarrassed they would find out I was aroused. A quick look at Denis showed me he was aroused too and his cock was positively standing out behind the front of his trousers.

Denis began taking photographs. Teresa wasn’t the least bit embarrassed and had no difficulty in spreading her legs for the camera. I am sure Denis took extra shots simply because he was worried he might have been shaking while he was taking the photos! I was increasingly concerned about the wetness in my panties – I was certainly aroused more that I could remember.

Next, while she still remained naked, Teresa told Sam to get his gear off too. He lost no time in dropping his pants and the sight of his huge black, erect cock was almost too much for me! It was quite long – probably about 10 or 11 inches and quite big around. Teresa arranged Sam so that most of the shots Denis took were in profile so that his huge length would show to greatest effect! Denis kept looking at Teresa’s naked body and had a hard time concentrating on Sam.

At last the photos of Sam were finished and then Teresa dropped her bombshell! She simply told Denis she wanted a lot of photos of Sam fucking her and so she moved over to a couch which we used normally for couples to sit on. She laid back on the couch, spread her legs and beckoned Sam over to her. Sam was still very erect and, as he moved between her legs, she grasped his huge cock and pulled it into her cunt. Once it was inside her, she told him to take it out again and then instructed Denis to take lots of photos with her gaping pussy and Sam’s glistening cock entering her! After some delay while Denis took the requested photos, Sam eventually entered her completely and began fucking her. Teresa was telling Denis not to miss the action and to keep shooting while they were fucking.

I am sure if I had touched myself with my hand right then I would have cum on the spot. I could actually see a wet spot forming on the front of Denis’s pants so he was leaking pre-cum in huge volumes! taksim anal yapan escort We were both terribly aroused by the fucking going on, on our couch.

Teresa told Denis to get ready because she wanted him to photograph Sam cumming in her cunt and also he would pull out and shoot the rest of his cum into her mouth. She kept urging Denis to be ready when suddenly Sam said, “Now!” and he came! After a couple of pumps in her cunt, he withdrew leaving a trail of semen from her cunt and dripping up along her body. He was holding his cock really tightly until he reached her mouth when he released his cock and shot several loads directly into her mouth! Denis had the camera working overtime making sure he got pictures of the whole action! Watching the cum shooting into Teresa’s mouth got me so aroused I just had to touch myself and as I did, I came too – flooding my panties with my juices.

Teresa had cum over her black bush and also up along her body and she looked as sexy as I have ever seen any woman! Teresa’s next request startled me. She asked me if I had a pair of scissors handy. When I showed them to her, she asked me to trim back the hair around her cunt so that it made her lips visible. I was so turned on I could hardly walk but I somehow moved over to her and inspected the hair around her cunt. It was certainly thick but I could see that if I trimmed the bottom of her bush back about an inch or so it would make the lips bare. Although I was shocked to be handling her bush with Sam’s cum in it, I found it extremely exciting and carefully trimmed the bottom of her bush. While I was cutting I could see some of Sam’s cum leaking out of her cunt and making a wet path down past her anus. Gee, it was exciting.

When I had finished trimming, Teresa asked Denis to take more photos of her cunt and it was all the more exciting now because we could all see her lips completely exposed. She pulled the lips apart with her fingers and then told Sam to get his cock ready to push into her again. These photos were even more exciting and I really wondered just how Denis was managing with his cock so hard in his pants. Once the photographs were finished and Denis had put down his camera, Teresa called him over to her. She was sitting on the couch with her legs wide spread showing her cunt but I was worried the cum leaking out of her might stain the couch.

As soon as Denis was standing in front of her and she was thanking him for his wonderful photographic service, she suddenly reached up, grabbed the belt on his trousers and yanked them right down to his ankles! His cock was standing up right in front of her mouth! I have never seen anyone remove a pair of trousers so quickly! Instantly she had his cock in her mouth and she was sucking as hard as she could! I didn’t know what to say or do! Denis looked over to me and I guess I should have said something but I just couldn’t find any words to say. He turned back to Teresa and she kept up the sucking! Because he was so aroused it was only a minute or two before he shot his load deep into her mouth and she swallowed the lot without losing a drop! I was stunned!

Sam, whilst this was going on, had moved over to me. I was sitting on another couch adjacent to the other couch. He sat down beside me and quickly thrust his hand up the inside of my leg until he reached the wet patch on my panties! I hadn’t time to react and he was touching me before I realized what he was doing. He pulled my panties aside and thrust a couple of his fingers into my extremely wet cunt and I came immediately. I was shocked at how easily he had fingered me and made me cum.

A glance over to Denis further stunned me. He was lying on top of Teresa and she was pulling his cock into her already wet cunt! Apparently he hadn’t lost his erection after cumming in her mouth and was ready to go again! He began fucking Teresa without even glancing in my direction.

Meanwhile I had the naked Sam, with his huge erection, stroking me and making me excited again. He quickly undid the buttons on my blouse, pulled it right off my shoulders and then attacked my bra. It had the catch in the front and he quickly unsnapped that and my bare breasts sprung free. I was naked to the waist! Just as quickly he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. It felt so good in my hand that I began to stroke it automatically. Once I had begun to play with his cock, he reached up between my legs, gripped my panties and simply tore them to pieces. He threw the scraps of cloth aside and then stood up in front of me, with me still holding and stroking his cock. He then moved it against my mouth and, although I was somewhat reluctant to open my mouth, I did so and he pushed his cock into my mouth. It felt wonderful although I could taste the residue of Teresa’s cunt juices and his cum on it. I only sucked it for a few moments before he pushed me back on the couch, undid my skirt and pulled it from my body. Now I was naked too except for my shoes. He spread my legs before I could protest (although I am not sure I wanted to protest) and in no time at all he had his cock in my cunt!

At first taksim bdsm escort his huge size, much larger than Denis, hurt me a little but it soon entered me fully and I was surprised that I could take his whole length so easily. Looking over at Denis I could see he was fucking Teresa as hard as he could and at that moment he started to shake and I knew from experience that he was about to cum in her! I couldn’t take my eyes off my husband fucking another woman but I had to quickly realize I was being fucked by this wonderful black man and I was cumming all the time. At last, Sam increased his thrusting and then, just as I reached my biggest orgasm, he shot his huge load into my body! By this time Denis had pulled out of Teresa and they were watching Sam pump his cum into my cunt!

I was completely embarrassed by having Sam fuck me and, when he pulled out, he left quite a lot of cum leaking out of me. It was me who made a mess on the couch!

Still naked, the four of us sat around the studio talking about the events which had occurred this evening. As I had suspected, Sam was not Teresa’s husband at all – he was a man she had hired to be photographed with so she could shock her stupid husband! She wanted to get a divorce from him and this was to be the evidence.

Incredibly, although the fee for the photographs had been very high, Teresa was so thrilled by what we had done for her that she doubled the fee and paid us in cash there and then.

I kept looking over at Denis to see what he might be thinking about me having been fucked by Sam but he kept smiling and didn’t seem to be too upset. After we had been sitting around, still naked, Teresa looked over at Denis and asked him if her would fuck her again. Naturally Denis looked over at me and, although I didn’t want to see him fuck her again I just gave in and nodded my approval to him. He quickly moved over to her as she laid back on the couch and spread her legs for him. Because she was so wet I guess he was able to just slip his hard cock into her body and they started to fuck in earnest.

Sam wasn’t to be left out and came over to me, fondled my breasts and sucked my nipples and at the same time ran his hand up my leg until he reached my sopping wet cunt. His fingers quickly entered me and, as I didn’t show any objection, he pushed me over onto my back and I simply spread my legs for him to fuck me! He was really huge but I was also very wet and so he slid into me without any trouble. God, his cock was big. It completely filled me up and as he bottomed out with his thrusts he certainly gave my cervix a pounding. I began to cum almost straight away and kept on cumming until he shot his load into me. If ever I had a big orgasm it was at that time. I just shook and shook with uncontrollable passion. When Sam pulled out of me he was still very hard. He stood up in front of me and pushed his wet, shining cock into my mouth. I could taste his cum and my juices on his cock but it didn’t matter now – I was ready for anything. He continued to thrust his hard cock into my mouth and I sucked as hard as I could. He began to shake and I knew I was about to have his cum shot into my mouth. I was ready for him and when he shot the first load it almost completely filled my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as possible ready for the next blast. I wasn’t disappointed as his cum kept shooting into my mouth as fast as I could swallow. My mouth ached because of his size and also because I rarely did that for Denis – he preferred to cum in my cunt rather than in my mouth.

After a few drinks together Sam and Teresa left and Denis and I were alone. I had some severe doubts about what would happen between us now that we had both had sex with someone else. Denis was the first to speak and he told me he was thrilled to watch me getting fucked by Sam and it had been a real turn on for him. I had to admit I had become very excited watching Teresa and Denis so we both agreed that it had been a wonderful experience and perhaps, although we had both had sex with others at least we had done it with the full knowledge of each other.

My cunt was very sore after Sam’s pounding but Denis seemed to have a renewed lease on life and he couldn’t wait to get me into bed so that he could fuck me! I wanted to have a shower because I wanted to be clean for Denis but he wouldn’t hear of it and wanted to fuck me while I still had some of Sam’s cum in me. He wanted to have sloppy seconds and so I agreed to postpone my shower until morning. We fucked each other that night like we had never done before. We expressed our love for each other and vowed we wouldn’t do anything sexual with another person without the full knowledge of each other. When I woke next morning, still feeling aroused by all the sexual activity from last night, I could feel the cum running out of my cunt and making a mess on the sheets. Denis woke just as I was getting out of bed and he grabbed me and began kissing me passionately. He pushed his hand between my legs and felt just how wet I was. He amazed me by kissing my body, my breasts and nipples, my navel and eventually down to my pussy. He actually sucked some of the cum out of my cunt as he licked and sucked my pussy. I guess he was demonstrating he still loved me and was prepared to go so far as to suck out perhaps another man’s cum from me. He was as hard as a rock and soon had his cock in me and pounding away making passionate love to me. When I eventually got off the bed I was literally dripping as I rushed to be bathroom.

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