Family Fuckery 01

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Totally And Completely Fake In Every Way Possible… Incest Fantasy Fuck Fiction

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! Damn! My pussy is on fire! FUCK!!! Hurry up and cum, you little freak! Your brother is on his way home. UHH! GOD, WHAT A FUCKING COCK! WOO! DAMN!”

“You mean this cock?” Spence grabs mom’s long blonde hair, yanks hard on it, and… fucks the living shit outta her violently trembling twat. Fast. Hard. And intense. Really intense. His chubby hips and thighs slamming just as fast, hard, and intense into mom’s beautiful toned and jiggly booty as his huge, fat, uncut cock slams into her shaved bare milf-pussy. Hyper speed, hardcore doggy-style pussy plowing upstairs in the attic. Mom bent over a chair. Spence behind her, goofy-grinning and sweating his pasty-white-freak ass off as he deep-dicks her down.

“SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! HARDER, BITCH! HARDER! GOD DAMN! FUCK ME HARDER!!! WOO! YEAH!” Mom takes the powerful pussy pounding like a true champ. Rubbing and smacking her quaking clit as it continually throbs. Her eyes rolling around in her head from such intense, sexually charged sensations. Her insanely perfect body pleasurably aching and quivering from blonde head to toe. Her long blonde hair flying around behind her. Her massive, 34FF all natural jugs flopping around under her. Spence sweating like a pig in heat. Slamming even faster and even harder into his step-mom’s super sweet, and leaking big time, coochie pie. My oh incest fucking my.

Mom’s cum is flying from her erupting pussy once more, joining the rest of her milky-white pussy jizz from earlier on the cum stained beige carpet below her.

“Can I cum in your pussy, Kelly? Pretty please.” Spence smirks, and slaps mom’s ass. Squeezing it with his right hand, then smacking her ass again. Even harder. All cocky and pimp-sure of himself.

“FUCK! GO AHEAD, BUT HURRY UP! I DON’T WANT JAMES COMING IN HERE AND SEEING YOU FUCKING ME! FUCK! HURRY UP AND CUM IN ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING DICK! GOD YES! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! MY GODDD!” Mom bites her lips. Screaming blissfully into her mouth. Rubbing her clit fast in a circle as Spence smirks even wider. He starts shooting his hefty white wad deep up mom’s freak-battered coochie. One thick rope of gooey ball cream after the other, soothing that blazing-hot pussy. Spence grunts and grins. Goofy as shit and cocky as cocky gets.

He slaps mom’s sweet ass once more, then shoves hard into mom’s aching cunt, dumping his last thick wad of jizz in there, then taking a deep breath, and wiping his sweaty brow. Still shit-eating grinning from ear to fucking ear.

Spence surveys the situation. Very proud of himself. He reaches under mom and starts roughly molesting her huge hanging titties. Leaning down and nibbling and sucking on her sweaty neck. It’s hot up in the attic.

Mom smiles. Slapping her still aching clit a little softer now as Spence roughly gropes her tits. She loves rough titty groping. And rough sex. God, she’s perfect. 55 years old and still absolutely perfect from head to toe.

“Damn, you’re the hottest step-mom. Whew!” Spence proclaims. Still grinning his chubby, pasty-white ass off.

“Even hotter than Drita?”

“Hmmm… Yeah. Even hotter than Drita. Don’t tell her I said that though. I don’t want her to get mad at me. I still wanna get her pregnant.” Spence snickers.

Mom shakes her head and laughs. She pushes Spence off of her, and pulls her pink g string and white with pink stripes booty shorts up. She puts her titties back in her pink satin bra and pulls her pink tank top back down over them.

“Now… remember what I said. Stay away from Kaia. Brad’s been getting very jealous, and he’s been asking around about you two. His dad is very important in this town, and he could cause some big problems for James, so Kaia is a no-go for you, big guy. Do you hear me, buddy?” Mom gives Spence a very stern look, pointing right at him, then she shakes her head again at his response. He holds up a peace sign, and grins the biggest, shit-eating grin ever at the same time.

Kaia is my 19 year-old sister. And, she’s just like mom. A real sweetheart. Blonde. Beautiful. Big natural tits. The sweetest smile ever. Brad is her boyfriend. And, as mom said, he’s the jealous type.

“Scouts honor, Kelly. No worries.” Spence starts smirking again. All full of himself. He reaches over and squeezes mom’s tits through her tank top, and smirks some more. She laughs, and shakes her head once more. That’s Spence. You just gotta laugh. He has a way of making you laugh at him instead of actually kicking him in the nuts. It’s a gift, I guess.

“Are you going to pick Carrie up at the doctor’s?” Mom makes sure her clothes are straight.

“Yeah, but I’ve got a date with Lyssa too. And, she’s been drinking this morning, so I know I’ll get lucky. I wonder if David will pick up Carrie for me.” Spence deviously smirks, thinking about how to get out of picking up his girlfriend Carrie at the doctor so he can take our fun-loving bursa escort cousin Lyssa to the movies… and fuck around with her.

Mom shakes her head, and laughs. Spence being Spence. Always on the look-out for pussy… a very traditional family trait. She pats Spence on his sweaty cheek, and winks at him, then she heads over to the mirror to fix her makeup.

Spence just grins and grins. He texts mom’s best friend Christy Canyon’s adopted son to see if he can con him into helping him. Spence’s super horny grin is outta control. He can see Lyssa riding his huge fucking dick in the movie theater, right now. He’s loving his life at the moment. His huge, jizz dribbling, hooded hog hanging between his short, chubby legs.

“Damn… you really do have a big cock, Spence. It’s so damn thick. Jesus! Good grief! My pussy’s still on fire. Haha.” Mom wickedly smirks at happy ol’ Spence, and winks at him again. Spence takes in the delicious view of mom’s sweet, sweet ass. Gawking hard at it as he rubs his hanging dick. His intense stare blazing with cocky, sleazy-perviness as he watches it wiggles while mom touches up her eyeshadow and liner.

Spence just keeps on being Spence. He nods in thanks, all cocky, to mom. Goofy-grinning from ear to ear. Sweating, and thinking nasty thoughts about mom… and Drita. She’s our step-mom.

Mom and dad are still technically married. He’s locked up right now because of a bad business deal with an old friend… at least he thought he was… but, mom hasn’t divorced him yet. She hasn’t gotten the right settlement offer from his lawyer yet, so it makes the most financial sense for her to stay married to him so that she can still have control of his above… and below… board finances while he’s in jail.

Dad still married Drita though even though he’s still married to mom. He’s got connections… and two wives now.

Drita’s super cool. She’s from Staten Island. A bad-ass beauty that can fuck you so good, you’ll get down on your knees and thank God that he gave you a dick to fuck her with.

“James is home.” Mom announces, looking out of the attic window, as she smooshes her hot pink lipstick into her extra luscious lips, with her lips, to smooth it out evenly. God, she’s got the sexiest lips. So full and decadent. Fucking awesome lips! “Get out of here, and remember, keep your mouth shut about this, you pervy freak.” Mom snickers. She points at Spence again as he pulls up his baggy shorts. He blows her a kiss… still smirking… and pervertedly shakes his eyebrows at her.

Mom shakes her head once again, and laughs, then heads downstairs to greet me.

“My babyyyyyy. I’m so happy you’re home, my love.” Mom hurries down the stairs to meet me, smiling so beautiful and happy. She excitedly jumps into my arms and kisses me. All over my face. I love that shit. Her arms draped around my neck. She makes sure to rub those incredible titties all over my chest too. A damn-cool greeting for sure.

“Hey, mama.” We kiss. Mom hugging me tight. Me, hugging my main love right back. Those huge and hefty, soft tits pressed tight into my chest. Rubbing so enticingly on my nipple piercings. Fuck yeah.

“Billie texted me. Brad came into the diner today, and was bugging her about Spence and Kaia. He asked a bunch of questions about them, and he said he was gonna beat Spence’s ass if he’s fooling around with Kaia. Billie told him that she didn’t know anything… and Max backed her up… but, she doesn’t know if he believed her or not.” I plop down in the recliner. It’s time to relax.

Mom quickly goes to the kitchen to get me and her a beer. She hands mine to me, and sits down in my lap. Snuggling close with me. Softly kissing… and licking… my cheek. Oh yeah. Things are most definitely heading in the very-right direction.

Mom’s naughty giggling, and now neck-nibbling, only adds to my extreme happiness at the moment.

“Don’t worry, baby. I had a little talk with Spence about it. It’s all taken care of.” Mom starts very heatedly nibbling on my ear, purring so damn sexy into it. I drink my beer and smile. Relaxed and feeling so fucking good.

I honesty don’t give a fuck about Brad. He bitched about me fucking Kaia when he found out about us. Just bitched about it. He didn’t try anything with me. But, he seems to have a big problem with her allegedly fooling around with Spence. Hey… I try and stay out of it. The problem is, I have a little side business going that involves selling some not too legal substances and his dad is on the city council, and he’s got family connections with the police department. So… you can see my conundrum.

I don’t sweat it too much though. I’ve got a pretty solid operation going. My girls Penny, Max, and Delotta help me out, selling it. They’re perfect sellers. All are hot as fuck. Two smokin’ hot white chicks and one smokin’ hot black honey. All of them are also experts at getting customers to buy. They have their ways. Ha. It’s a really bursa escort bayan smooth operation. My aunt Alia grows the special weed. It’s stronger than the legal stuff, so we sell a shit-ton of it.

I’ve got another chick that supplies me Molly. She’s out of the country at the moment, so Molly sales have been put on the back burner til she gets back. Peeps have been bugging the shit outta me for some though. I have some leftover from the last shipment, so I’ve been selling that, a little at a time, to keep everybody cool about it for the moment.

Anyway… back to mom…….

Mom works quick. While I’m drinking my beer, she’s already got my cock out and she’s on her knees now in front of the recliner, sucking me just about balls deep. About 11 and a half inches or so of half-hard dick meat down her throat. Jesus! If feels so fucking good!

Mom’s softly rubbing my thighs as she deepthroats my dick, slurping loud, and sucking tight and smooth on it. Spit rolling down my now, rock hard shaft all messy and beautiful. Her sweet spit lubing my very thick and veiny meat perfectly so it can slide right down that extremely talented throat of hers. The thick veins running up and down my giant shaft are throbbing hard. The blood rushing down to my dick, making it now, super-steel hard.

Oh yeah. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck yeah.

I chug down the last of my beer right as my cum starts shooting down mom’s totally overstuffed throat. She takes the last inch or so of my fourteen-inches of mom-mouth-fucking fame down her sperm-craving gullet and just lets my rich and extra-gooey cream shoot right down there. So gladly gulping it all down with the happiest/sluttiest moan ever escaping those hot-pink-lipstick smeared lips.

I deposit seven full blasts of jizz down mom’s very, very receptive throat. She chugs it all down too. Every fucking drop. She can’t stop cooing and giggling happily as she very blissfully dines on her all-time favorite dessert.

“Mmmmmmm… Mmmmmmmmmm… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, I love your cum, baby. I love it so much. It’s my favorite ever. Yum, yum! Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom smiles so sweet around my massive, very happy meat as she softly sucks me completely dry. Her tongue dancing happily all over those thick throbbing veins.

I just smile…and groan. It’s all I can do, dude. It feels so fucking good, I’m pretty much speechless. The most gorgeous woman on earth sucking me off. Loving on my cock. Fucking perfection. Period.

Mom and I make-out afterwards for awhile in the chair. Titty fondling and cock grinding along with spit swapping and tongue fucking. Fun times for damn sure. I can taste my cum all in mom’s mouth. I can also taste the vague remnants of what tastes like piss too. Mom tells me that she got so excited when she used the bathroom earlier, she just had to masturbate, and taste her own piss too. Naughty bitch. Ha. God, I love that gorgeous, horny bitch.


“Oh my God…”

“What’s wrong, Kelly?”

Christy asks her best friend. She and mom are out bra shopping… and getting tons of horny stares. With titties like they have, and they’re trying on all kinds of hot bras in the lingerie store, you can certainly understand why.

Mom shows Christy her phone. She giggles. Christy laughs, and shakes her head. Seems like Spence sent mom some pics from the movies. I guess he actually got David to pick Carrie up then.

A couple of pics are of Spence shoving his dick up through the tub of popcorn. It’s so damn big, the fat, hooded head of Spence’s uncut dick and a couple of very fat inches of pale pink shaft are visible even though it’s an extra-large tub of popcorn. He’s grinning very mischievously and wiggling his dick with the popcorn all around it.

Another pic is of Lyssa noticing Spence’s dick and feigning shock. Spence is cocky mugging for the camera too. Real proud of himself.

Another pic is of Lyssa leaning down and licking all over the butter and precum-covered head. Spence’s foreskin covers about half of his crown. It’s all shiny with butter… and the slimy sex fluid.

Another couple of pics are of Spence leaning back in his seat, grinning from ear to ear… eating popcorn… as Lyssa sucks his buttery dick. She stops and eats some popcorn, then spits all over that obese cock and starts back sucking Spence off again.

The last pics are of Spence, sweaty, and smirking, as Lyssa laps up his thick and creamy sperm from his dick, and the popcorn. It’s all over it. All gooey and thick. Much, much thicker than the butter. Lyssa picks up a couple of pieces of sperm, thick-glazed popcorn, and shows them off for the camera, then she winks all naughty, and eats them. Slowly picking all around her cum glazed lips. Then, she dives back down, and licks all over Spence’s uncircumcised, sperm covered, horse cock… and the popcorn… swirling her tongue around in all of that cum, letting it hang obscenely from it, eating escort bursa up pretty much every damn drop of thick and creamy sperm on either. Lyssa is most definitely a cum-freak. Spence is grinning from ear to ear, throwing up a thumbs up. Mom and Christy laugh and comment on the pics to each other.

“Looks like Spence and Lyssa are really having fun at the movies.” Christy laughs, as she checks herself out in the mirror. She’s trying on a white and black zebra striped bra. It’s cut low, so those big and soft, over 50 titties are pouring out of the top of it. Mom grabs them and plays with them for a minute. Grinning and licking her lips as she fondles her pornstar best friends still gorgeous and really big, bra-encased boobs.

The back area dressing rooms are visible to the customers in the front of the store… and to any horny passers-by that happen to be walking by outside at the right freaking time. And there are a few. They get some really cool bra and boobs pics too.

“Oh yeah. I know. Looks like so much fun. Hehe.” Mom grins wickedly and giggles at Christy. “And…. This bra is perfect for you, babe. It really shows off the goods. Hehe.” Mom definitely approves of the bra. She closely checks out Christy’s boobs… and the bra… in the mirror as she keeps on playing with them.

Later… back at home…

“I’m so tired, babe. God, what a day. Whew.” My chick takes a deep breath after a long day working at the diner. I’m chillin’ out on my bed, watching my girl Billie take off her tight, skimpy, and low cut, yellow and red waitress minidress. Damn. Those titties. Just damn.

Billie smiles at me when she notices me watching her titties jiggle. Her nipples are nice and hard and perky. She shakes her tits for me, then quickly throws on her favorite, bubblegum-pink hoodie… and nothing else… and climbs into bed with me. Slowly crawling up from the foot, wickedly smirking at me. Extra horny and naughty, loving bitch-like at the same awesome time.

Billie purrs at me, then leans down and heatedly licks at my lips, then kisses me as deep, dirty, and passionate as humanly possible. Fuckity fuck yeah.

My hands find their way onto her hanging, pink hoodie covered 34DDs. Fondling and playing with them as we feverishly swap spit. Our tongues hardcore fucking each other’s. Awesome kiss, dude.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Soooooo good, baby. I love your hands all over my boobs. God, I love it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Billie and I are both having a chill-ass blast. Relaxing at home. My big, comfy, green and gold… pimp colors… bed adding to the chill-awesomeness of it even more.

I pop open a bottle of Henny, and we both sip from the bottle. Billie looks so smokin’ hot sucking on that bottle, drinking and smiling. Knowing full well… and absolutely loving… just how much she’s turning me the fuck on.

A couple of drops leak out from the corner of Billie’s sex vixen mouth, so I lean in and lick them up. Slow and sexy. Sucking my girl’s chin and neck as she purrs and smiles happily, still sucking on the bottle, drinking some more as I start nibbling and sucking all over her neck. Yeah… it’s just about fuck o’ clock up in this bitch.

Over in Kaia’s room…

“Spence… mmmmmmmmm… I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.”

“No, I can’t. Brad’s having a fit about us. Mama told me… and you… to stop fooling around too. Please stop. Damn. I can’t……. God! I’M GONNA CUM! UHH!”

Spence smirks big. Extra cocky and full of himself.

He’s rubbing and fingering his half-sister Kaia’s coochie as they make-out. Those pudgy fingers are going to town rubbing/fast-fucking Kaia’s quivering honey-hole. Spence is actually very good at that, from what I hear. The dude gets a ton of pussy. He got that trait from our family, like the rest of us. Our dad’s side of the family. Mom is all time hall of fame level sex getting-wise too, but she’s my mom, not Spence’s. So, I get it from both sides. (Big thumbs up to that)… Ha.

“Cum for me, baby. You know you want to.” Spence’s cocky smirk is blazing outta control now. The faster his pudgy fingers fuck Kaia’s snatch, the bigger Spence’s cocky smirk gets. He’s sucking hard on her neck too.

Kaia’s pleasurably moaning and writhing excitedly against him. Blowing and popping bubbles with her gum, and grinning… against her better judgment… not thinking about her jealous boyfriend, or worried mom at the moment anymore.

She starts cumming. Her sweet pussy pumping her sex milk all over Spence’s chubby fingers as they keep on plunging in and out of her cumming twat. Getting showered by all of that milky white delight, much to Spence’s perverted-freak glee.

Spence kisses Kaia. Messy… plenty of spit racing between their mouths… and deep. He shoves his tongue down her throat as Kaia heatedly rubs her white satin bra encased 32Fs on his bare chest.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. Fuck it. Fuck me.” Kaia giggles. Then she pulls Spence down on top of her, on her bed. She wraps her smooth, beautiful legs tight around his chubby waist as he whips his monster dick out of his baggy shorts and shoves it right up her still dripping… and open wide snatch. Deep, quick, and very ready to fuck.

Back in my room…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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