Fancy Free

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This is also a prequel to “If The Shoe Fits”…and continues the story begun with “Footloose!”


Jerry’s almost unnoticed arrival at the Sloan’s, revealed Loren to be already there and engaged, all eyes (or most, it seemed to Jerry) on her. Drink in hand, she was speaking with the host of the soiree, Don Sloan, with a flirty, enticing expression. He was sitting catty corner to her, glancing at her crossed legs every few moments, totally fascinated. Loren pretended not to notice, but from the way her leg moved and from the way her flip-flop dangled, there could have been no question of her awareness. Jerry approached them as Loren looked up at him, with faux surprise, several moments after she had spotted him. She quickly returned her attentions to host Don, with a big engaging smile. As Don glanced at Jerry, Loren, not bothering to look up, said “you know my husband Jerry.” Don held his gaze, smiled, and extended his hand.

“Hiya doin’, Jerry?” Then he rose, dropped Jerry’s hand and said “Forgive me, I’ll leave you two alone.”

Jerry looked down at Loren’s legs, as the color rose to his cheeks. She was wearing the flip-flops but she was also wearing nylons whose tops were quite apparent beneath the hem of her mini skirt, somewhere between her knee and her waist! “I thought you weren’t going to wear stockings tonight?”

“Why? Do they bother you, Jerry?” Then Loren conspiratorially lowered her voice. “Would you like to take them off for me? Maybe later when you drink a little nerve.” Jerry could feel the chill in her voice. With that, she got up off the couch and headed for the Sloan’s bar without looking back. Her stockings which were seamed at the back somehow fit perfectly into the flip-flops and around her legs. Again, Jerry felt his stomach tumble as he also become uncomfortably aware of a growing erection. He backed into the couch and sat down, staring straight ahead at his frosty wife.

“Hi, Jerr.” It was Charlie Ziff, Jerry’s old friend. “She looks good, doesn’t she? Better all the time. Tough to keep ’em happy, though. Take my wife. I can’t figure out what she wants. But I think she likes your lady. Can you believe it? Wanna come up with an arrangement? Haha!”

Loren interrupted their quiet conversation and approached with a fresh drink. “Don’t let me interrupt fellas. How’s it hanging, Charlie? How’s the wife? I haven’t seen poker oyna her.”

“She’s right over there, Loren, in the slinky dress and heels.” Charlie turned his head in Lily’s direction. “Can’t miss that butt, can you? Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound crude, but it’s Lily’s pride, mine too. And I’ve had too many drinks tonight. Besides, she’s not talking to me. Loves to see Loren, though. Maybe that’ll melt some of the ice. No one could resist you, tonight, Loren.” Charlie looked down. “Not with those legs…and the shoes. Nice touch, Loren.”

Loren turned to walk in Lily’s direction but first bent to pat Charlie on his thigh, intentionally leaning on his boner. “Thank you, Charlie,” she purred, “I’ll tell Lily how you appreciated my leg wear. You like the flip-flops as well? Jerry gets off on them too. Don’t you, Jerry? See you later!”

Charlie took another sip of the drink he’d been holding. “Oh, oh,” he said, “I think I’m in for it now.” He stroked his chin as his eyes followed Loren, then muttered to Jerry, “actually, I do like the shoes. She doesn’t look half bad in them.”

“I can’t believe she wore flip-flops to a dinner,” said Jerry.

“Your wife have the rag on for you tonight, Jerry? Still,” said Charlie, continuing to stroke his chin, I wouldn’t complain.” Whoops! Here they come!”

“Shove over, guys,” said Lily as she lowered her ample frame onto the couch. She patted the section next to her, nodding to Loren, turning to Charlie. Loren says you like her flip-flops? And I thought you were fans of these!” Lily crossed her legs, extending them. Then she bent forward undoing the straps on her high-heeled sandals. “What say we trade?”

“Jerry’s developed a taste for flats, lately,” Loren offered. “But, you know, he’s a big talker. I wore a beautiful pair last night and he was going to give me a foot massage but he crapped out.”

“It was in a public place, Loren, for God’s sake!”

“So I’m into flip flops and stockings…maybe just flip-flops.” There was an uncomfortable silence again. “What do you think, Jerry? Should we take the stockings off? Would you like to help me? Or would you prefer your wife to pad around the party in her stocking feet? Let’s see how I look.” Loren bent over, removed her flip-flops and started across the room in her stocking feet.

“I think she’s had one or two too many, said Jerry.”

“Truthfully,” canlı poker oyna said Charlie, “she looks good.”

“Really?” said Lily, undoing the straps on her shoes.

“Oh, oh,” said Charlie. “I think somebody started something.”

Lily stood. Her legs were not as heavy and thick as Loren’s but from the large curve of her waist downward she cut a formidable figure.

Charlie said, “I don’t think you need to encourage Loren, Lily. If I were you I’d put the shoes back on.”

“I don’t think this is any of your business, Charlie.” Lily sat down and crossed her legs, which somehow now showed themselves to be far more ample than when standing. Loren did an about face and strolled back to the couch. Lily was smiling. “I think you look lovely, dear. Ravishing.”

“And…I see I’ve got company now,” said Loren and she looked admiringly at Lily’s legs. We might start a trend tonight!” In fact, a few passers-by at the party were beginning to take note of the goings on in the couch vicinity. If Jerry and Charles were uncomfortably aware of their growing erections they didn’t seem to show it, but then things got worse.

“You never know,” said Lily. Let’s give them a choice. How about wearing these bare-legged?” She pointed to the two pairs of shoes. “Help me with my stockings, dear?”

“I like the stockings; how about a foot massage…later!”

“You know, Charlie, you guys are full of crap. Two wusses. Let’s go powder our noses, Loren…in the bedroom. I’d like to show you something.”

“Always a mystery,” said Jerry. Keeps you interested, I guess.”

Someone put music on and as Charlie looked up he noticed several of the women had apparently followed the lead of Lily and Loren and had removed their shoes. Most of the women dancing were in their stocking feet. A few moments later the small group was joined by the two wives as they walked on the dance floor, holding hands.

“What the hell’s that,” said Charlie? “I never saw that before!”

“Maybe they like each other,” Jerry laughed, first time that evening. “Come on, I think people are sitting down to eat.”

Most of the women sitting around the table were still in their stocking feet, and two were bare legged. Jerry wondered whether they had actually taken their stockings off or whether they were without stockings when they arrived. Ah, sweet mysteries of internet casino life. But yet another question to ponder arose. Loren was seated between Charlie to her right, and Lily to her left. But as Jerry bent down to pick up his linen napkin which had slid off his lap he got a rather unwelcome surprise. His wife Loren’s hand was deep in Charlie’s lap, where her fingers were lightly curled around what appeared to be the rather tumescent bulge of his penis. They both were focused on the salad course in front of them, little else.

Just before coffee came, the room got chilly and Loren and Lily confessed to abandoning their intentions to divest themselves of their stockings. In fact, Loren asked to borrow Jerry’s jacket. During the coffee and pastry service, Jerry bent down for another surreptitious peek beneath the table and this time spied Lily with her hand under Loren’s skirt somewhere above Loren’s upper thigh. At ground level all four shoes were removed and feet were entwined.

“Well, thanks for much for a delightful dinner,” Jerry said to Dan and Eva Sloan.

“It was lovely,” added Loren “and that desert was delicious.”

“I’ll bet it was,” said Jerry.

“What is that supposed to mean,” said Loren?

“Nothing much,” said Jerry. “And Dan, thank you for letting some of the girls run around barelegged and in their stockings. It was quite a show.”

“We do our best, here,” said Dan…smiling at the ladies, not quite getting the full impact of the remark.

“And, incidentally, what do you think of my wife’s legs…in flip-flops?”

Dan managed “um,” but beyond a quick downward glance was left speechless.

“Forgive my husband, Dan. He’s had the proverbial one too many.”

“I don’t think so Loren,” said Dan, “I think you have fabulous legs.”

Jerry said, “see? Lily’s not the only one.”

“We’re going home now. ‘Night everyone,” said Loren, as she thrust Jerry’s jacket back at him.

As the two of them stood on the windy corner waiting for a cab, Jerry put his hands into his jacket pocket. Inside was a soft and silky crumpled ball. He didn’t pull it out, but after a moment said “By the way, Loren,” I think you forgot to return Lily’s panties!”

The cab pulled up and, not waiting for Jerry or even glancing his way, Loren flung the door open. Not sliding in to make any room for him, she slammed the door shut. The driver, somehow getting the message, drove away.

And as the car disappeared around the corner, Jerry stood there watching the night, with Lily’s panties balled up in his hands. Then he lifted them to his nose.

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