Fancy Shoe

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It was only my third day at work and I really began to wonder if I could ever make enough money at this job to make ends meet. Originally I jumped at the opportunity to work in a shoe store, especially when they mentioned commission. I couldn’t help but figure I would be rolling in the dollars making minimum wage plus commission. Over the last several days it appears that meant making exactly minimum wage since I was able to sell no shoes.

The main problem was there simply weren’t many customers coming in and I must admit those that did didn’t necessarily see me at my best. I mean I think I overreacted on the first few what with my flitting back and forth with the foot measure, and then the shoes they wanted and finally with the mirror. Yeah, in the normal sale of shoes these are all used, but I guess I got a little too excited using them.

By the second day I had settled down some but then I started having trouble concentrating. At one point while slipping a shoe on I woman I simply looked off into space as I gently rubbed her foot. When she finally asked, “Are you planning to put that shoe on me or what?” I glanced up at her, grabbed the wrong shoe and pushed it on, hurting her foot.

That wasn’t too odd, but I discovered I had an erection after rubbing her feet for so long. For my next customer I had no sooner slipped on the shoe and my cock was hard. It wouldn’t have been so bad but she asked me to bring her another size. I tried to keep it concealed bingöl escort when I stood up, but ended up nearly poking her eye out with the bulge in my pants.

The next customer was a lady who must have been a hundred years old so I figured with all the wrinkly, blotched skin, sagging breasts and skinny legs there would be no way I’d get aroused, but sure enough I pulled off her shoe and as I touched her foot to slide a shoe on, my cock quickly grew. Luckily the old lady didn’t make me get a different size shoe and I was able to crawl behind the counter and then stand up. With the counter completely hiding the bulge in my pants I was able to complete my first sale.

I didn’t get a commission for the sale because it turns out the old lady’s credit card was stolen. Apparently her worthless son in law gave her the credit card to use, a credit card he stole off of some murder victim. I ended up spending the rest of the day talking to policemen about that old lady. Of course I left out the part about my erection.

Well things finally started looking up the next day. Some guy actually slid through and I was able to sell him a pair of running shoes with getting an erection and he actually paid in cash. Now all I have to worry about is if the money is counterfeit or something.

But that wasn’t the best thing, the best thing came along about an hour later when this big limo pulled up in front and out stepped a very attractive older lady. She bitlis escort walked into the store as the limo pulled away. Her hair was tied up in a kind of bun, reminding me of Audrey Hepburn and as she took off her sunglasses I saw the largest brown eyes I think I have ever seen, but the thing that really drew my attention was her tiny high heel shoes.

Although she was almost as tall a me, her shoes couldn’t have been more than a five, five and a half tops. As I stared at her shoes, she walked around the shop and picked up six different pairs of shoes and then came over to me. “May I try these in a size five?”

I knew it. I nodded and headed into the back room, carefully selecting the different shoes she wanted to try. Returning I could see she her sitting in a chair with her legs crossed daintily at her knees. I pulled up the little stool we use and slowly slid the shoe off her foot while trying to calculate the square root of two to fifteen decimal points. Unfortunately my calculations didn’t work and by the time I pulled one shoe out of the box my cock was hard.

I gently grabbed her foot hoping the shoe would fit, but damn, it was too tight for her. After several attempts to get it on her foot she asked, “Would you terribly mind if we tried a five and a half?”

Damn. I nodded to her and throwing caution to the wind I stood up and simply walked to the back, my cock sticking out like a tent pole. As I settled down and started to put bolu escort the shoe on her she started talking to me about the shoe.

“You know the reason I like this shoe is how it seems to caress my foot, much like your hand did taking off my shoe, and oh yes, just like you are doing now.”

“Oh this,” I asked gently squeezing it some, feeling an odd tingling in my stomach.

“Yes, yes just like that,” she said. I moved my hand to get the shoe to try and then suddenly felt something sliding up my thigh. Looking back at the lady I could see she was leaning back in her chair as she ran her foot up along my thigh. In just a moment I felt her foot sliding over my cock.

Using her foot, she pushed my cock against my thigh and then putting some pressure on it she slid her foot up and down, up and down, up and down the length of my cock. Needless to say I’ve never had this done to me and it had been some time since I had jacked off so I was getting closer and closer to coming.

“I think I need…”

“No, just relax, stay where you are,” she said, continuing to massage my cock with her foot. I finally just gave in and began pushing forward some as her foot slid over me. After a few moments pleasure washed though me and I could see a wet spot appearing in my pants. She moved her foot to the wet spot and rubbed, soaking her foot in my cum.

She then grabbed her old shoe, slipped it back onto her foot and said, “I’ll take all six pairs in a five and a half. Ignoring the wet spot in my pants I hopped up got the shoes she wanted and ran her credit card. Carefully bagging up her purchase I watched her step through the doors just as her limo pulled up. She climbed into the car and it sped away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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