Fantasy Control

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I have you. All to myself. You’re hanging from a bar by your cuffed hands. I’ve got you blindfolded and gagged. You’re wearing sexy black lace lingerie that forms to your gorgeous curves so nicely.

I walk into the room. You look around frantically unable to see you try to speak but it’s only mumbles. I put my hand on your chin.

“Shh.. Relax baby. I’ve got you..” I let out a sinister chuckle.

I begin to slide the tip of a riding crop up your thighs. Your body tightens and you shiver. I tickle your midsection with it and each time I hit a spot that makes you giggle I pop your perky ass or you tight thighs. Each time I hit your skin you yelp and whine which gives me a devious little grin on my face.

After many tickles and swats I leave you hanging for a few minutes. Your body is quivering with anticipation when I come back. You hear a sudden click and a buzzing sound. You breath catches and your entire body tenses up. You try to speak but all I hear is frantic gibberish due to your gag.

I lift you down from the bar and bind your hands behind your back. I bring you down to straddle a bench. I sit down behind you, you hear another click and the buzzing sound stops. Your body relaxes against me. I just laugh my sinister laugh.

I look down over your shoulder at your breasts and thighs.

“Mmm.. Oh yes. All mine”

I wrap my strong arms around your midsection poker oyna and pull you closer. You yelp with the sudden movement. I savor the soft skin of your back against my rugged chest. I glide my hands down your thighs to your knees making your body quake and your breath shudder. Running my lips over your shoulder, kissing up your neck to ear I stop and whisper softly.

“Hmm… enjoyin yourself baby?”

You moan your answer and I just chuckle.

I slide my hands to your hips and squeeze. I slowly glide them up your stomach and round your soft breasts. I begin to massage your chest with one hand and pull back the gag on your mouth. You quickly gasp and I move my head over your shoulder and press my lips to yours… Kissing you hard. You moan into my mouth and your hands manage to find my thigh and you nails dig into me.

I let you go and pull my lips from yours. You try to stay with me but I hold you down. You mutter, “Please don’t st…” and I replace the gag. You squeal loud. As I reach down and swat your ass with my hand you jump and yelp.

“Shh.. It’s okay baby. You’ll get more”

I rub your red cheek and swat it again.

I move around in front of you. I reach under your arms and stand you up. Staring down at you I rest my hands on your hips. Your body twitches and your breathing gets faster. I laugh and ask if you’re alright. all you manage to mumble is “mmhmm.”

I canlı poker oyna kiss your chin and glide my tongue down your neck. Down the center of your chest and down your stomach. You shiver as I go down and stop just above your panties. You start to breath harder.

I stand up again. I reach both hands behind you and grab your ass to lift you up and set you back down on the bench. You yell behind the gag, “Mmmmnn!” as you go up and down. I sit down between your legs and lean forward. My face hovers over yours and I remove the blindfold.

The look in your sexy eyes tells me you’re enjoying everything I’m doing.

Sitting up I slide my hands under your knees and lift your legs straight up. Letting your legs rest on my shoulder I shove my hands under your panties and slide them up. Lightly rubbing your legs. All… the way… up. You moan and the panties come off.

Grabbing your ankles I spread your legs to expose your wet, waiting pussy. I set you legs down and slide my hands up you sides. You giggle as I caress you ribs. I move one hand back down to grab your hip and pull you closer. The look of pleasure and uncertainty in your pretty eyes makes me grin.

I lean down to kiss and trace my tongue along your collarbone while I reach my other hand under your shoulders. I sit you up and we stare each other in the eye. You’re so lost in my eyes you don’t notice my hands moving. internet casino My left hand comes to rest on your lower back. You break from my trance, twitch and look behind you, and I slide a finger from my right hand inside you.

Your head snaps back around. You almost instantly arch your back and moan. Your eyes kind or roll back in your head.

“Haha, you’ve been waiting for this.”

I lay you back slowly. You’re starting to breath harder and I can see beads of sweat on your chest and abs. I move back to hive myself room ans start using two fingers, slowly sliding the in and out of you. I can hear you clawing at the cushion underneath you. You’re starting to whimper and moan behind the gag.

I bring my left hand to your pelvis and begin rubbing your pulsing clit with my thumb. Your moans are growing into sexy grunts. You try to speak behind the gag but all I can hear is passionate gibberish.

I start moving my fingers in and out faster and faster. Your breathing gets faster and your pussy is getting wetter. You buck and manage to swing yourself up and rest your chin on my shoulder. My left hand leaves your clit. I reach my arm around and hold you against me. My fingers are still working in and out of you. You start panting and yelping in my ear. Your sounds of pleasure just make my hand pump faster.

Your body starts heaving. You lean your head back and let out one long, loud moan that fades to fast panting. Your head then comes to rest on my chest. I run my fingers through your hair. You start to laugh uncontrollably and attempt to speak even with the gag still in your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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