Fantasy Lovers

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As a young woman she was bewildered and uncertain about her sexuality. She had an extra strong sex drive but thought it was wrong to feel horny all the time or to have sexual thoughts or fantasies about people she saw or met, especially older men.

If she was in the company of a man whom she was really attracted to, her pussy would get so wet that she’d be afraid to sit for fear of staining her clothing with her juices.

It all made her feel ashamed and feel like she was a bad girl. Being brought up in the catholic religion didn’t help matters either. Masturbation was difficult for her to deal with as a teen, the more she did it the more she wanted to do it, and the guilt was almost as big a part of it as the gratification. Every time she’d make herself cum she’d promise herself that it was the last time, until she got horny again and traded the promise for the pleasure.

Now in her forties she thinks back on all the sexual come-ons from men and boys that she declined before she got married. If only she could summon up some of those men now, she’d let them fuck the hot cunt off of her. Especially for the select ones she still fantasizes about . If a clit could be worn out hers would have been gone years ago, she didn’t deny herself the pleasure it provided any longer. As a matter of fact it seemed as if she was making up for illegal bahis lost time, making herself cum as much as six or seven times in a row.

She had a lover but rarely saw him; he tried to get her to meet him a couple of times over the years. But since her weight gain she had lost her self confidence and preferred he remember her prior to gaining it. Their relationship had morphed into an internet erotic messaging, mutual masturbation affaire.

Nobody judged her in her fantasy world, the men all desired her and sex was plentiful. She could have Paul fucking her tonight and Warren eating her pussy tomorrow. She could have both of them do her at the same time, or have all her favorite fantasy men lined up hard and horny waiting for their turn to fuck her.

All this thinking about sex had her horny. She decided to check if her internet lover, Brad, had sent her any masturbation material. She was in luck there was a short story about her getting fucked by a computer repair man who had come to her house to repair her home office computer.

One of her fantasies was having sex with a total stranger and Brad’s version would have her fingers sticky real soon. She liked to read them over and over while caressing her nipples, then when she had the fantasy well entrenched in her mind she liked to get naked and tease herself illegal bahis siteleri while changing the face of the main character and see how many times she could make herself cum.

The computer man’s face became that of one of her clients whose name was Guy. She replayed Brad’s words in her mind, the words described Guy stripped down to his underwear. Her imagination changed the script from that point substituting her thoughts for his words.

“May I help you with those” she asked Guy, referring to his underwear.

He didn’t resist when she crouched in front of him and began tugging on the waistband. Suddenly a big, hard cock popped out just inches from her mouth. “Mmmmm” she moaned admiringly “may I suck on it”

With her fingers working her clit she fantasized letting the large purple head slide into her mouth. She recalled how it felt to have a stiff cock in her mouth. She loved sucking cock, letting it slide down her throat as far as she could always brought a big reaction from the men. She felt an orgasm coming on, oh yeah, she thought, this big hard cock I’m sucking will be fucking me soon, ohhh I’m cummin. Next she wanted to cum while being fantasy fucked. Whose face should she put on the computer man? Oh yeah that cute guy who was doing yard work for them earlier that summer while she was sunbathing by canlı bahis siteleri the pool. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and she liked the way he filled his shorts. She even draped a towel over herself, slipped a hand under it and played with her pussy through her bathing suit while watching him work.

In her fantasy he stood over her blocking the sun, when she lowered her sunglasses she saw the outline of his excited dick through his shorts. He asked if he could do anything else for her. Being a fantasy she was free to reply “I’d like you to fuck me in the pool.” Pretty soon they were naked and kissing in the pool. She grabbed his rod under the water and tried jerking it; it was weird feeling his rock hard cock in her hand but not being able to jerk him off because of the resistance of the water. He backed her up to the edge of the pool and got her to brace herself; he then floated her legs to the surface until she was on her back. He spread her legs and walked up between them, walking his swollen cock right into her steaming pussy. With her cunt full of hot cock he walked her back and forth across the shallow end of the pool. When he had her back against the edge of the pool he fucked her hard until she felt his big dick get bigger and harder inside of her. She touched her clit and went off like a roman candle while he shot his warm cream deep inside her pussy.

She got her wish; she made herself cum for the second time while being fantasy fucked in her backyard swimming pool.

She was just getting warmed up. She wanted to get herself off again but in which fantasy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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