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Brother Sister

Ok, I’ve finally managed to finish another English story. Hooray. It seems I hardly ever manage to get to the end of one of the beginnings I got on my harddrive. Then again, I got way more unfinished German stories, so maybe the percentage of finished stories is about the same. I’m pretty sure it’s better than my last. Then again, going by the comments that’t wasn’t too hard. :-))

Anyways. This is just a quicky with a light fetish theme, not much of a story line behind it. Obivously, there’s gonna be sex. Sort of. So, if you don’t like sex, dominant women, submissive men, and the like, go and read somewhere else.

Everybody else, enjoy if you will.

Feedback would be nice (especially praise, of course).

With no further ado:


It had been a long day, busy enough to barely have time for a cuppa, not to mention lunch. It had also been a weird day.

Not only had I woken up with an almost painful boner, both the boner and feeling horny like Larry had persisted through almost all morning, the boner receding somewhat, but not completely, during breakfast.

My wife had to leave before me that day and I used the private time to play with myself and to put a light bondage on. Just a cock ring around the base and string around the waist, through the groin, bottom crack and over the ass cheeks up to the waist. By the time I was in the car commuting, my cock was rock hard again.

I couldn’t even listen to my audiobook, the combination of traffic and cock took most of my concentration.

The arousal did hardly abate over the day, short times when I forgot about it due to being too busy alternated with furious hard-ons. Especially when dealing with a female client. It hardly mattered whether I found them attractive or not, every pair of breasts I saw this day seemed to scream “suckle on me”, every pair of female legs seemed to ask “spread and fondle me”.

It sure made it easier to savour the day, as stressy as it had been.

And finally, we were finished. We, that meant Linda and me, the rest had already left because we were running over time, as we frequently do. One of the girls always has the late shift, officially working half an hour longer than opening hours, though 45 minutes plus is the rule rather than the exception. Always depending on how late I run. Or one of the colleagues, as the case may be.

It was half six by now, I should have been off for half an hour and Linda should be leaving right now. Instead, we flopped in the office to catch our breaths and have a cuppa.

“I need a tea before I mop the floors. What about you? White coffee or are you gonna shoot off?”

“Coffee sounds smashing. Nobody home anyways tonight, not much point in hurrying now.”

I finished a few notes, had a look at tomorrows schedule while waiting for the kettle to boil. I kept sneaking glances at Linda and if at all possible I was even hornier then earlier today. I liked Linda. She was around my age, I guessed, maybe a couple of years older, but I wasn’t sure. She was attractive though I wouldn’t have called her stunningly beautiful. The lines life had painted on her face suited her, her slim figure was well proportioned though the uniform didn’t do her any justice at all. Her breasts were smallish, with pale skin, as I had had the joy of noticing a couple of weeks earlier at a work dinner, where her blouse had shown a generous amount of cleavage.

And now I simply couldn’t stop my imagination from running deeper. How would her pussy look, I wondered? A racing stripe of muff, I fantasized, stopping just above her tender folds. Darker inner lips protruding slightly from the generous, milk-white outer ones.

I snapped out of my reverie when she placed the steaming cup next to me.

“There you go,” she said, flopping into the chair next to me.

“What a day. And my feet are killing me.”

She drew her legs up and took her sneakers off. Moaning lightly she began to rub her feet.

“I’d really be looking forward to a good foot massage tonight. Pity that hubby got absolutely no talent for it.”

Another sigh.

I looked up at her. My thoughts started whirling. I’d love to say, my mind was gearing up, but it was another head that was rising to the occasion.

“Want me to give you one?”

She looked at me surprised and stopped rubbing her foot.

“You serious?”

“Yeah, why not? I’m not in a hurry, nobody’s home anyway. But you gotta take the socks off.”

She laughed happily.

“Deal,” she said and kept giggling while taking the socks off.

“Here you go then, do your duty.”

She stretched her right leg out and wiggled her toes at me.

I grinned back at her and moved closer, kneeling in front of her chair. I took the offered foot in my hands. I started to rub the skin gently.

‘Obediently’ I thought, imagining the whole affair not as having been my idea, but her command leaving me no choice but to obey.

Her feet were small with dainty bornova escort little toes. The skin was soft and even after a full day spent mostly standing she smelled nice.

Once I felt her skin warmed up nicely I started to press on the tense flesh. Gently I rubbed and kneaded, gradually increasing my pressure in accordance with the loosening of the muscles.

She cooed and made little noises of pleasure. I couldn’t fathom whether she did it on purpose or if it was done without thought and notice. She had placed her left foot on my thigh.

My cock pulsed with every pressure I applied, with every push of her foot on my thigh.

I was not sure if I was hoping she would move her foot further to the left or rather not.

Her right foot was virtually glowing and the muscles felt soft underneath my fingers.

Changing the foot I was paying attention to seemed the ideal action to defuse my split longings.

“Oh yes, that’s very lovely. You really have a talent for this, if not training. I thank you already, even one foot is a blessing.”

“Don’t think any of it. It’s just a foot massage. I enjoy myself at least as much as you do.”

Compared to how her right foot had felt just before I had released it the right one felt tight like a brick. I started as softly with the left as I had with the right. At first, I just rubbed the skin until it felt warm. Then my fingers started digging into the muscle. Softly at first, gradually increasing pressure as her muscles softened.

I had placed her other foot on the floor, but she had moved it to my thigh again. Whether it was on purpose or just had happened caused by searching a more comfortable position, I still could not fathom.

My thoughts and desires threatened to run away with me. Fantasies of pleasures morally forbidden to married men and women. Fantasies of her foot on my cock. Fantasies of my mouth on her nether lips. Of my tongue slipping between them in the most intimate kind of kiss. Fantasies of drinking her nectar. Of making her cry out in pleasure.

I forced my thoughts and concentration back onto the foot underneath my fingers.

“Mhm, you have so much more talent at this then hubby. The only perk he has doing this is kissing my toes and …”

Her voice drifted off dreamily.

I tried very hard not to imagine what kind of ‘and …’ would follow after kissing her toes.

I stole a glance at her face.

Eyes half closed, cheeks slightly flushed, lips parted and shimmering. There was no doubt she was enjoying my ministrations. Was this arousal I was witnessing? I couldn’t be sure. But as long as I kept the idea inside my brain, who’d care if it was real or imagined?

“I can do that if you want.”

It took all my courage to muster these words. I hoped fervently she would say yes. And if she said yes I was definitely hoping for more. Indeed, I actually had myself convinced that if she said yes more would follow. And …

“Do what?” she asked.

Her eyes had fully opened, staring at me confused. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks.

I had to clear my throat before I could answer.

“Kiss your toes. And feet.”

“You’d do that?”

There was genuine surprise in her voice and her facial expression changed from confusion to curiosity.

“Sure. I’d love to, in fact. I … I just wouldn’t have dared to mention it if you hadn’t done so first.”

I wasn’t sure if I was going too far. I hated how my voice almost cracked there, making me cringe.

‘Pushing your luck’, I thought.

“Really? Hubby always needs some … convincing. Especially if not straight after bathing.”

The disbelief was quite audible.

I decided not to answer. Not in words, anyway. Rather I gave her a demonstration.

I planted a lingering kiss on the tip of her big toe followed by a quick succession of short kisses on the other four toes.

She hadn’t recovered from her surprise when I decided to take one last push at my luck. I took her big toe between my lips, let my tongue swirl around it and began to gently suck on it.

“Oooh, damn” she moaned as a couple of light spasms ran through her body. Her right foot pressed firm on my thigh and slipped slightly up, closing in dangerously on my erection.

“I can hardly believe this. Go on then, this feels really great. I think I’m gonna love every moment of this. Ahh.”

She let herself sink back into the chair, eyes closed now.

I did not need any further invitation. I kept massaging her foot even after I was sure I had removed even the last bit of tension. Judging by occasional spasm I was causing tension in some other body parts, though.

And so I explored her whole dainty foot not only with hands and fingers but with mouth, lips, and tongue as well.

I’m sure I was imagining it, but to me, her foot tasted like vanilla and roses as I licked her toe tips from big to small, then along their lengths and in between them. I slowly licked bostancı escort every inch from the span to the balls to the heel, carefully gauging her reactions. The last thing I wanted to do right now was to tickle her.

All the while she kept cooing and making little sounds of pleasure.

When I finally drew her big toe in my mouth and started sucking again she twitched and moaned in obvious arousal. Or was that just my imagination running ever more wild?

I released and swapped her foot after having joyfully sucked on each and every toe. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I would have loved to fondle it or rub it on something. Anything. Even more, I would have loved her to fondle it. I barely dared to imagine putting it into her slick wetness. And yet the fantasy was there.

Her foot on my thigh didn’t help to distract my imagination, so I placed the left foot on the floor before picking up the right.

“Uh, that’s cold and dirty” she complained with mock irritation and put it on my other thigh. Or was it mock?

Anyway, if I was honest with myself I preferred it that way. The pressure of her foot certainly felt good. Arousing.

I started to repeat what I had done on her other foot. This time, besides her small noises, she also kept wiggling the left foot on my thigh. And it seemed to creep ever closer to my crotch. I couldn’t be sure though, as it was a three steps forward, two steps back kind of creeping. It still could have just been coincidence, though I didn’t believe it anymore. Maybe she was just as worried as me of making a wrong move and destroying the atmosphere.

Hell, I almost imagined smelling her arousal. How I suddenly wished she were wearing a skirt.

“Mhm, you really are into this, aren’t you? I’m almost thinking you’re having more fun than me, right?”

I was just sucking her big toe in my mouth when she uttered those words. Directly followed by her moving her foot into my crotch and rubbing firmly over my boner.

I groaned around the toe, not stopping my tongues ministrations and feeling the heat rising to my cheeks.

“Oh, and how you’re enjoying it. Naughty little man. Think you can get off just by sucking on my toes?”

I risked a look up. She was watching me through heavy-lidded eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, whether from arousal or embarrassment like me, I could not tell.

I shook my head gently as I turned my attention to her second toe.

“Then … maybe you’re gonna need some help there.”

She kept rubbing my cock.

“I think you should have a moment’s break and free that fellow from its constriction. If it’s not a prosthetic I really wanna see it. I bet it’s gonna feel nicer flesh on flesh.”

Imagining a wooden rod inside my pants instead of boner of flesh and blood I couldn’t suppress a laugh. I’ve always liked women that could show humour during sex.

And this was definitely developing into sex. The doubts had vanished, the embarrassment not.

I released her foot and she pulled both of them up to the chair, knees to the chest, squashing her boobs.

Only when I opened the buttons I realized I was still wearing my little bondage. Too late now. How should I explain a hasty retreat after the foreplay so far and having my arousal so obviously revealed underneath her foot?

Besides, did I really want to retreat? After all, this was a situation I had dreamt about a myriad of times before. Never expecting something to happen in real life. And yet here I was, having the chance to experience one of these dreams.

I started lowering my trousers and pants as one.

“Don’t have to take it fully off, just get it down far enough for me to see the interesting bits.”

“Haha, what’s that. Stand up so I can see it better” she called out laughing when my cock and with it the bondage became visible.

How could something one had been fantasizing about for a long time feel so embarrassing? And why did this kind of embarrassment feel so arousing?

“That looks great. I love it. Even though it almost looks like you’ve planned all that. But I love it all the same.”

Still laughing she had stretched her leg out while she was talking and now traced the length of my cock with her big toe.

I opened my mouth to reply. Maybe I had hoped, at some level, that something like that might happen someday. It sure had been a strong masturbation fantasy for a long time. But planned? How?

But before I could find my voice she had put her finger over her lips.

“Shh. Don’t speak. In fact, the only sounds I want to hear from you is smacking and slurping while your lips are around one of my toes and maybe some pleasured moaning.

Now, down. And back to business.”

With the last words she pointed her right index finger to the floor and the toes of her right foot at my face, following it down as I lowered myself to a kneeling position again.

And a moment later we were back at where buca escort we had started. Me, kneeling in front of her massaging a little foot and kissing and sucking the toes. She in the chair, humming and cooing happily. Her other foot rubbing over my erection.

Only that now, thanks to me being bared, it felt even more like sex.

I never checked the time, but from this moment on it seemed to last forever. I was in sexual bliss. Yearning to cum but not wanting it to end anytime soon. It just felt too good.

Soon I had my eyes closed and moaned around the toe I was sucking on, thoroughly immersed in sexual pleasure.

And she was very good at observing me. Her sexual bliss couldn’t have been as immersive as mine. She noticed every time I was getting close and stopped rubbing my cock or pressed the ball of a foot into my balls until they ached.

Her sounds had so much turned into a constant background noise I was hardly aware of them in my current state.

Finally, I got to a point where all modesty or self-esteem evaporated. Prolonging the sweet agony was no longer an aim. Release was.

I hung on to her foot like it was buoyancy ring and sucked on one of the toes for dear life. At the same time, I started humping her foot and didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore.

“Yeah, that’s it. Rub your little willy on my foot. Come on, you can do that. Cum for me. Cum all over my foot, my little toy. Show me how much you like my feet.

Cum now.”

And shit, that’s exactly what I did. In hindsight, I wouldn’t say it was the best orgasm I ever had, but it sure was one of the better ones.

I would never have thought that humping somebodies feet, basically masturbating, could feel so good.

Anyway, at the time I shot my load over her foot it was the best orgasm ever. Like a good orgasm always is.

My arousal quickly receded and I realized, I was still sucking on her toe like a man possessed. Which, I guessed, I was. This would be one unusual hickey, I mused.

The other thing I realized was that she was severely trembling all over, almost spasming. And one of her hands had vanished inside her trousers waistband while the other was squeezing one of her boobs through the top.

She had come watching me masturbate on her foot. Shit, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it.

Now that the arousal was subsiding, the embarrassment returned with force. I felt my face flush again as her gaze slowly returned to reality and settled on me. What now?

“That was … amazing” she said in a low voice.

I silently nodded.

“But you’ve made a real mess here.”

Again I could just nod, feeling stunned this time.

“Well, cat’s got your tongue? Nothing you gotta say?”

“I … I … Yes … That was amazing.”


“And … and … yeah, I made a mess. A dirty mess. But sex is only dirty when it’s done right, isn’t it?”

She laughed.

“Yes, indeed. But still, somebody has to clear up the mess afterward. And it sure ain’t me.”

With these words, she pulled her foot out of my grip and shoved the other in my face. The messy one. And with obvious glee started rubbing it all over my face.

“Come on, toy boy. What are you waiting for? The sooner you lick this mess up, the sooner we both can go home.”

Was I hearing right?

“Oh, come on. I want to go home, and besides, I think you’re gonna like it. So, just get on with it, will you, please.”

And so, with mixed feelings, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. It wasn’t that I minded the taste of my cum — I had tried it before, wanting to know if it really was as bad as my wife pretended. To me, the answer had been no. But, I guess, it’s all a matter of taste.

But licking my spent cum of a woman’s feet? Really?


I did it. I licked the whole bloody foot clean. And I had made a mess alright. Basically, I ended up where I had started. More or less. Licking my cum out of between her toes. I watched her watching me wide-eyed. The one hand did lie forgotten on her boob, the other was working frantically inside her pants.

When I reached the space between her last two toes, she started trembling again, making little high pitched noises, mouth forming an “O”.

A few moments later her trembles subsided. She pulled her foot away with a sigh brushing it over my crotch on the way.

“Ah, that was nice. And you liked it as well, as I promised. If I had known you were so kinky, we might have had some fun before. But never mind. Just clean my fingers, then you can go and I finish here. After all, it is time to get out of here.”

She was right, of course. And no denying it, considering her foot was rubbing over a renewed erection.

Then she offered me her left hand, fingers glistening with her juices. Her musk seemed rather subtle, on her fingers at least, and tasted almost bland. Moments later I was finished. Even with the renewed erection, the spell had been broken by now. I was tired, hungry and embarrassed. I just wanted to get out of here, to find some time to think. I desperately needed to think.

And probably a drink. Or two.

“Well, thank you for the lovely massage. I really enjoyed myself. Maybe we can do that again some time.”

Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. Better not.

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