Fetish Tuesday

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Tuesday. That must mean Mr. Thompson up first, 9:30. Mr. Brown at 11:00. New client at 1:30, Mr. Fisher. Hmm, problem there, Fisher lives across town and 4:00 client lives in the next town over. Mr. Sanders at 4:00. Tight scheduling. Mr. & Mrs. Watkins at 7:00.

Bigger day than usual.

9:30, Thompson. Maternity bra unclasped, starting with the left breast today. He suckles and soon I’m breastfeeding a 45 year-old man. He’s a good boy really, a healthy, happy baby. He’s fussy though, must have all the milk available. Such an appetite!

10:05, left breast depleted, switch to right.

“Something tastes different today,” says my baby. Ah, his first words. I’m so proud.

“My diet has been a little different over the past week. Does it still taste good?”

“Very yummy, mummy!” What a cute little boy, suckle away, you need all the strength you can get. Growing boys need mother’s milk, to grow up big and strong.

10:32. Right breast depleted, time for mother to get going.

“Same time next week?”

“No, I have to go out of town for couple of weeks, so it’ll be a while,” says he.

“Well, I’ll have plenty saved up for you then, so maybe you’ll need more time.” I love my little baby.

11:00, Brown, walking distance from Thompson’s, rather awkward, ass is really stuffed, and have to drink lots of water. Have about two litres from sports bottles. Brown is already sitting at his desk, head down in shame.

Really, getting detention again! How students learn anything these days when they spend all their time rough housing and getting into trouble. It makes me so angry, I need to enforce discipline. Time to break out the trusty old cane.

“Brown, front and centre! You’ve been very naughty haven’t poker oyna you, young man?

“Yes ma’am.”

“You need discipline don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Really, a fifty year old schoolboy, getting into fights. You should be setting an example for the younger students!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t start it, it was-,”

“No excuses Mr. Brown. You need to be punished.”

“No please, ma’am, please. I’ll do anything!”

“No, no. You need discipline. Pants down, bend over the desk!” Insolent little boy, trying to weasel out of punishment. I’ll give him the caning of his life.

WHACK! Whimpering, a little boy trying to act like a man. Well, a man needs to know pain and discipline to get through life. WHACK! Right across the buttocks. Red lines, signs that he’s learning something. WHACK, WHACK. WHACK!

He cries like the boy that he really is.

“If you want to be a man, you’ve got learn rules and discipline. If this is the only way to help you, I must punish you!” More whacks, and he begs me, please stop. But I can’t. It’s for his own good! Begging is the last refuge for hopeless little boys. He must be a man!

I whack him silly, his little bottom, once so pale, is now burning with crimson fire of shame and guilt. Yes, he shall learn from this, surely.

“Very well, Mr. Brown. Have you learned you lesson?”

“Yes ma’am,” between sobs.

“Detention is over.”

11:45, leaving Brown. In transit to Mr. Fisher. Drinking more water while riding bus across town. Another two litres, bladder really, really hurts. Need to pee, but must hold it in. Ass is uncomfortable because of bladder pressure.

1:30, Fisher residence. Balding little man in glasses and a turtleneck. Well, he just canlı poker oyna want’s acts not roles.

“Where’s your toilet?” I really need to go now.

“This way, let me get my camera.” That’s right, he wants footage. Most people don’t, it could be discovered by their relatives and expose their secret desires and stuff.

“Okay, face away, and squat over the toilet.” He leaves the seat up. Camera rolling, you’re a star girl! “Wait a minute, first fill this glass, then the rest for the flush.”

Whatever you say baldy. It’s a pretty small glass, and filling it only causes more suffering, since I have to hold back the rest. My bladder is killing me, and my ass is getting really uncomfortable. I fill the glass, then he turns the camera on himself, and drinks my pee.

“How is it?”

“Not quite as delicious as I’d been led to believe. Oh well, ready?” I nod. “Go!”

And boy do I go. It’s such a relief to be rid of all this liquid. It takes a couple of minutes to get it all out. He comes over and pats me dry with toilet paper.

“Wonderful, just exquisite.” Another satisfied customer! That’s always something to be proud of.

“So, same time next week?”

“Actually, I think just this once was good enough for me. Plus I have the tape. You’ve given me a treasured memory. Thank you so much.”

Well, I aim to please, as they say.

1:47, leaving Fisher. Catching bus to neighbouring town, have to make it to Mr. Sanders. Ass feels a little better now, but a long bus ride just leaves me itching and anxious.

4:00, Sanders.

“Hello again, well, let’s see what you’ve got for me this week!” He’s so excited, I hope I can live up to his expectations. It’s really hard to come up with a weekly surprise internet casino for Mr. Sanders, but his life is so dull, I just have to help out.

“Do you have some lubricant? I think I’ll need it.” He has some, you know it’s not the kind of stuff you can carry around with you all day. He grabs his camera. His surprises are the gift the keeps on giving, when he tapes them that is.

I apply a rather generous amount of lube to my anus, and do my best to get some up into my rectum. I’m kneeling on the couch for this, but it could get a little messy. Oh well, another surprise for him then.

I push mightily. Strain, strain, push, huff. It’s quite an ordeal getting something out of your ass that’s been up there all day long.

“Wow, you’re so amazing!” He loves these gifts. Shame his appointment isn’t later, then he could use today’s surprise with tonight’s dinner.

I push and strain. And eventually, a nice long and thick cucumber emerges from my anus. Let me tell you, it’s like getting over constipation. That first time you get something truly enormous out of your butt, you feel so much better for it.

“Oh my God! Thank you, thank you!” He shouts with glee at the rectal cucumber.

CuCUMber, get it? Nobody likes that joke.

“I’m gonna eat this right now. Time for a salad!” Well, that’s the best thanks I can get. My ass is good enough to eat out of.

4:45, that cucumber sure took a while to come out. But the bus ride home is much more relaxing for it’s absence. And the rest of my day is relaxing too.

7:00, Watkins residence. They just want someone to watch, and to operate a camera. They didn’t trust a guy, and didn’t want to ask a friend. So I get the job. And I can’t complain. It’s easy, pays well, and I like doing it.

I’m very helpful that way.

9:15, man can those guys last! Always fun to watch. Better than TV, better than a movie. I love my job. Anyway, my day is over. Time to go home and take a long bath.

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