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Lauren didn’t bother knocking on the door before pushing it open and walking into her best friend Sarah’s house. She slipped off her sandals then walked into the living room looking for her friend. They were supposed to go to the lake and she was eager to get there early and work on her tan. After determining that Sarah wasn’t downstairs she yelled up at her to hurry up then plopped down on the couch to wait.

“I’ll be right down!” called Sarah.

Lauren couldn’t help smiling to herself, she and Sarah had been best friends since they started elementary school and Sarah was always running behind schedule. A few minutes latter Sarah came bounding down the stairs, beach bag in hand.

“Ok, I’m ready. Sorry for making you wait.”

“No problem, I’m used to it.” Lauren laughed.

The two girls headed outside and piled themselves and all their stuff into Lauren’s car. Lauren had just reversed onto the street when Sarah turned to her and said “Hey guess who’s coming home today? Dan!”

Lauren felt a blush creep up her neck and take over her face. Dan was Sarah’s older brother and Lauren had had a crush on him for as long as she could remember. He was four years older than her and Sarah, and growing up she had idolized him.

Sarah looked over at her friend’s reaction and grinned. She knew Lauren was crazy about Dan and couldn’t resist teasing her over him.

Lauren finally composed herself enough to choke out “Oh wow. I didn’t think he was coming back for another couple weeks. Wasn’t he supposed to stay until the end of the month?”

“Yeah he was going to finish out the lease on his apartment but the new tenants agreed to sublet from him for the last little bit. He should be on his flight right now. My parents are on their way to pick him up.”

Lauren was shocked. She couldn’t believe Sarah had withheld this information from her until the very day Dan would be arriving back home. She needed to pull herself together, at 19 she shouldn’t fall apart just hearing his name.

“I left him a note saying we would be spending the whole day at the lake so he should join us when he gets in.”

“Ok great” Lauren managed to get out as her heart started beating even faster. She quickly changed the topic and the girls chatted and gossiped for the rest of the drive.

Dan stumbled off the plane and made his way through the airport. He was glad to be back home. After taking a year off after high school he had picked an east cost school and with the exception of holidays he hadn’t spent much time at home over the past four years.

He was just walking up to the baggage carousel where he noticed his mom and Dad standing there. He mom was waving and smiling. She waved him over and wrapped him in a big hug, obviously glad to have him home.

They waited for his bags to come and then headed out to the car. The ride to their house took just over an hour so the three of them were able to catch up on everything going on in their lives.

Dan let out a huge sigh when they pulled into the driveway. He grabbed his bags and headed in. It didn’t look like Sarah was home, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit upset that she wasn’t there to welcome him back. He took his bags upstairs and saw a note posted to his door.

“Hey Dan! Hope you had a nice flight. Lauren and I are spending the day at the lake you should come meet us if you’re feeling up for it. If not I’ll see you later tonight!”

Dan grinned as he read the note. A nice relaxing day at the lake was just what he needed.

After quickly unpacking he got changed into his suit and grabbed a beach towel from the hallway closet then bounded down the stairs.

“Hey dad to you mind if I take your truck? I’m going to go meet Sarah at the lake.”

“No problem. Have fun” came his dad’s reply.

This was Lauren’s favorite kind of day. The sun was beating down and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. They were sitting in their usual spot, Lauren reading a novel and Sarah flipping through some trashy magazines. The heat quickly got to her though so she decided to take a quick dip in the lake.

“I’m going to go for a swim, want to come with me?” she asked Sarah.

Sarah just shook her head and went back to her magazine “Sorry, I’m not quite warm enough to brave the water yet”

Lauren quickly waded in then dove under water. She began to swim out away from the shore. She had been a competitive swimming all through high school and loved the feeling of slicing through the water. She did a mini IM going through all the strokes. After about 10 minutes of swimming she headed back into shore.

Dan saw his sister lounging on her beach towel in their usual spot. She looked totally engrossed in her magazine and didn’t notice him approaching. “Gotcha!” he called at her, making Sarah scream. She quickly started laughing and playfully swatted at him.

“I’m so glad you came! How was the flight? Are you happy to be home?” She bombarded him with questions.

“Woah, slow down. The taksim elit escort flight was uneventful, I watched the in flight movie so the time went by fairly fast. And yes I’m happy to be home.” He noticed the empty towel beside her. “Where’s Lauren?” he asked.

“She just went in for a swim”

Dan looked out into the water just in time to see Lauren doing butterfly through the water. He had been on the swim team with her and he couldn’t help admiring her stroke, she had flawless technique.

Lauren was just about at the shore now and Dan busied himself by setting up his towel and taking off his t-shirt. He had just settled in when Lauren starting walking out of the water. His breath caught in his chest. Where had the dorky young girl with braces gone? The girl walking towards him was a goddess. She was wearing a fairly modest yellow bikini but it did nothing to hide her luscious curves. The colour set off her early summer tan beautifully.

As she walked to where they were sitting she pulled her long brown hair out of its ponytail and shook it out. Dan couldn’t stop staring at this gorgeous creature in front of him. His shorts were starting to feel uncomfortable and he hoped no one would notice his current condition.

Lauren finally reached her towel and smiled and waved at Dan. “Hi Dan. Long time no see. How’s it going?”

The blush that touched her cheeks when she talked to him did not go unnoticed. Dan knew she had had a crush on him when they were growing up but he thought it would have burnt out by now. He was thanking his lucky stars that she seemed to still be affected by him.

Lauren’s heart was beating so fast she thought she might faint. The moment she noticed Dan sitting by Sarah she could have sworn a million butterflies took up residence in her stomach. She knew she was just nervous but she was still a little bit worried she might get sick.

God he was gorgeous. He embodied the phrase tall, dark and handsome. Even though she was only 5 ft 2″ she had always liked taller guys and Dan certainly didn’t disappoint. He was 6 ft 3″, had just the right amount of bulk to him, and had green eyes that made her weak in the knees.

“I’m good, glad to be back.”

“The idiot snuck up on me, scared the shit out of me!” Complained Sarah.

Lauren laughed and settled in on her towel to dry off. The three of them were chatting and enjoying the sun when Sarah’s cell phone rang.

“Ugh it’s work. Of course the one day I really want to just spend hanging out they have to call me in.” She stood up and walked a short distance away to take the call. After a quick discussion with the person on the other end Sarah walked back and let out a big frustrated sigh. “Someone called in sick so they really need me to come into work. I’m sorry Lauren. I don’t want to ruin your day but can you give me a ride back home?”

“Yeah of course” Lauren replied, “it’s not your fault someone called in sick”

“Hey, I took dad’s truck to drive here, why don’t you just take the truck?” Dan suggested. “That is if you don’t mind hanging out with me and then giving me a ride home after Lauren”

“Perfect, thanks so much Dan” said Sarah, already halfway through packing up her stuff.

“You don’t mind do you Lauren?”

“Oh, umm, no that’s fine.”

“Ok great. Where are your keys Dan?”

Dan tossed his keys at Sarah and she immediately turned to leave calling hurried goodbyes over her shoulder.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Lauren kept repeating the phrase over and over in her head as the reality of the situation sunk in. She was spending the day with Dan at the beach, with no Sarah as a buffer. She wasn’t sure she could handle it. She knew she must be the colour of a tomato right now.

Dan couldn’t believe his luck. He scooted his stuff over closer to Lauren and flashed her a huge grin. “Looks like it’s just you and me for the day” He said with a wink. He knew if was a wrong for him to tease her like that but watching her blush and try to calm down was just so adorable he couldn’t help himself.

Their afternoon was blissful, once Lauren calmed down her and Dan fell into an easy conversation. She knew a lot about him from growing up together and through Sarah but it was different hearing all his stories first hand. He was really funny and had her laughing most of the day.

“So Lauren, any men in the picture?”

The comment came out of nowhere and Lauren could feel a blush take over her face again.

“Umm, no, not really” She mumbled.

“I don’t believe it. Don’t take this the wrong way but you’ve come along way since the last time I saw you. You must have a million guys falling at your feet”

“Yeah well I was what 15? Still going through my horrible awkward phase. It’s not hard to beat braces and frizzy hair.”

Dan chuckled. “Well you’re beautiful now.” He leaned over and tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

Lauren thought she might pass out. Deep breaths taksim escort she coached herself. She looked over at Dan and felt his gaze burning into her. She quickly looked away. Lauren hated being so shy. She knew other girls would be able to flirt but she just didn’t know how to react in situations like this.

Dan could tell he’d made her nervous and didn’t want to push her too far too fast. But he was quickly becoming infatuated with this girl. He changed to topic back to people they had both known from high school and swimming.

After another hour or two of talking they were both feeling like it was time to head home. Lauren was quite fair and didn’t want to push her luck and end up with a sunburn.

On the walk back to Lauren’s car Dan couldn’t help appreciating her cute ass as she walked in front of him. Man he wanted to get his hands on her so badly!

Lauren checked her phone for messages after climbing in her car. “Oh hey, Sarah invited me over to your house for a barbeque tonight. Do you mind if I swing by my place first to grab a change of clothes before heading to your place?”

“No of course not. Let’s go”

The car ride passed by quickly, Dan kept telling Lauren ridiculous storied from college and she wasn’t sure if she had ever laughed so much. When they pulled into her driveway she asked Dan if it would be ok if she had a quick shower before going. He said he didn’t mind so she invited him in.

Dan stood a bit awkwardly in Laurens living room as she rushed upstairs to take a shower. He spent some time looking at the pictures around the room. He had just sat down when she called to him “Umm Dan, I know this is really awkward… but there’s no towels up here. Do you think you could grab one from the laundry room downstairs and bring it up for me?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. Just give me a sec.”

Dan grabbed a towel and headed upstairs. He knocked on the bathroom door and Lauren poked her head around it. He could just make out a bit of her reflection in the steamed up mirror, but that was enough. He dick became rock hard. She thanked him and then gently closed the door.

Lauren leaned up against the door and took several deep breaths. She could have sworn she saw desire in Dan’s eyes when he has passed her the towel. Maybe his earlier comments meant he was interested in her. She decided that it was time to be brave. If she wanted him she was going to have to go for it. Just thinking about kissing him was making her wet.

She left the bathroom with only the towel wrapped around her. She did a quick scan for Dan but couldn’t see him anywhere. She went into her room and then on an impulse called his name.

“Yeah?” He called back from downstairs.

“Can you come help me pick out an outfit for tonight?” she asked.

Dan slowly walked up the stairs. When he went into Lauren’s room he couldn’t believe the sight. She was standing before him wrapped in her towel. It was crazy that this turned him on so much. She had been showing a lot more at the lake today but there was something about knowing that all it would take was a quick tug and she would be totally naked that had all the blood rushing to his dick.

She pulled out several dresses from her closet, knowing that each time she reached up her towel would ride up her thighs. Thinking about him standing behind her watching her made Lauren’s heart race. When she turned around she almost pumped into him he was standing so close.

“You’re driving me crazy” he whispered in her ear. When his teeth grazed her earlobe she melted against him.

His hands instantly went to her waist, they looked into each others eyes for a moment and then suddenly they were kissing. Lauren moaned against his mouth. This was everything she had ever imagined and then some. The man could kiss.

Dan’s hand came up and grabbed the towel. He slowly pulled it away from her body and then groaned as he took in her naked body. Her breasts were full and heavy and were perfect on her slight frame. He watched her nipples hardened into tight peaks under his gaze.

Lauren started to blush and feel self-conscious as Dan just stared at her. Then he was on her, kissing her and letting his hands roam over her body. He gently pushed her back towards the bed. She scooted backwards on the bed and then lay down on her back. Using her finger she beckoned for him to join her. He didn’t need telling twice! He quickly pulled his shirt over his head, then his hands attacked his swim shorts until they fell to his feet and he climbed into bed with her.

Dan wasn’t sure he’d ever seen anything so beautiful. He kissed her and began tweaking her nipples between his fingers. Laurens soft moans were all he needed for encouragement. He began kissing down her neck, over to the hollow at the base of her neck and then finally her took one of her pink nipples into his mouth.

Lauren’s hands fisted in her bed sheets, she couldn’t believe the sensations going through body. Every time taksim eve gelen escort his teeth grazed her nipple if felt like an electric current went straight down to her pussy.

Dan began to kiss lower, and she began to squirm a bit. “No Dan, I don’t want you to do that.” She tried to protest.

Dan knew Lauren was only 19 but figured she wasn’t a virgin. With a body like this he was sure guys had been all over her. But he could tell she was feeling apprehensive so he pulled up and looked up at her. She had her hands up by her head wrapped in her sheets and her eyes firmly shut.

“Lauren. Look at me” he commanded.

She reluctantly opened her eyes to find her looking at her intently.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked quietly.

Oh god she did not want to get into this.

“No, I’m not. But I’ve only ever been with one other person before. We only hooked up a few times. I don’t have very much experience and I never let the first guy go down on me.” She managed to get this confession out but just barely. Once again she closed her eye.

Dan watched her, he knew this must be hard for her because she had always been shy. He pressed his lips gently to hers until she began responding and deepening the kiss. Then he pulled away from her. She opened up her eyes again and looked into Dan’s which were burning with desire.

“Do you trust me?” he asked. All she could do was nod her head.

“Ok Lauren, I just want this to feel good for you. Having a guy eat you out can be the most amazing thing. I love doing it and I want to give you that pleasure. Let me show you how good it can be.”

Lauren hesitated then nodded her head again.

Dan began a slow path down her body. Licking the valley between her breaths. Kissing over her ribs. Lower and lower until she felt his tongue gently flick her belly button. She tensed but he kept going lower.

Lauren felt Dan’s fingers part her lips and the suddenly his tongue was on her. She moaned and arched her back. He slowly licked her entire slit. He would push his tongue into her then lick up and flick her clit. She was slowly going crazy.

“Just relax and enjoy” he coached her. He continued to devour her, finally concentrating on her clit. Lauren’s soft moans were driving Dan nuts, he was letting them guide him, he wanted to know exactly what she liked. When her hands came down and tangled in his hair he brought a finger to her entrance. As he slowly pushed it in he was rewarded by Lauren’s hips rising up to meet it. He worked it in and out a couple times before adding a second finger.

Laurens hands were holding his head in place and he could feel her pussy milking his fingers. A low growl erupted from her as she came.

Lauren’s orgasm washed over her. She’d never felt anything so amazing in her life. Soon the sensations became too much. She thought she might die if he didn’t stop, she tried pulling him off her but he continued flicking his tongue over her clit. Each brush of his tongue caused a tremor to go through her body.

Dan crawled up her body, a sly grin on his face. He was proud that he was able to make her lose control.

Lauren let her hands roam over his chest and back and Dan hovered over her. He kissed her again, knowing she was tasting herself, drove her crazy. She had never been so turned on. One of her hands wrapped around his cock. He groaned against her mouth and couldn’t stop his hips from giving an involuntary thrust.

“I need to be inside of you” he whispered in her ear. Lauren positioned him at her entrance and then kissed him with wild abandon.

So slowly he thought it might kill him, Dan eased himself into her hot, wet pussy. He’d never felt anything like this. She was so tight. Her soft high moans mixed with his low growl.

Even though he was on edge and it would be so easy to give in and pound into her, he forced himself to slowly thrust in and out. He wanted their first time together to be special. For her to feel worshipped, not that he was just using her body.

Lauren’s hips met each of his thrusts. They were frantically kissing and devouring each other. Each time Dan pulled out until just the tip was in her then push back into her she though she would die. It felt so good. She loved the sweet pace he was going at but soon it wasn’t enough for either of them.

Lauren clawed at Dan’s back. Her broken sobs of “Harder… please… Dan, faster and harder” broke the last of his control. Dan lifter her legs up over his shoulder and began pounding into her pussy. The sensation was incredible, and looking down at her breasts giggling with each thrust was about to push him over the edge.

“Fuck, Lauren I’m going to come” he shouted as he felt his balls begin to tighten.

“Oh god, yes. Come inside me Dan” Lauren cooed at him. That was all it took. One more thrust and he started spurting his load inside of Lauren’s tight pussy.

Dan could feel her pussy milking every last drop of his cum as she tumbled over the edge with him.

After a few more gentle thrusts Dan finally collapsed on top of Lauren. They lay there catching their breaths, still kissing and caressing.

The shrill ring on the phone interrupted their soft exploration of each other. Lauren wanted to just let it ring but forced herself to answer.

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