Fire of Lust II – Ch. 11

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Sonali, Seema and Jina had been discussing the day on the way back from the shopping district, but the conversation had fallen into silence as they got closer to home. The three of them lost in their own thoughts about how the rest of the night was going to go.

Finally, the car pulled into the drive way of the house and the three of them stepped out. Seema grabbed her backpack from the trunk and the three of them entered the door, almost vibrating with sexual need.

Jina was the first one through, she heard the door close and turned around to see the two younger girls approaching her, once again she felt like a deer being stalked by two lionesses. Both Seema and Sonali’s eyes were shinning with lust and Jina felt her own body get warm and felt herself get wet.

Seema and Sonali moved close to Jina and the three lustful beauties started running their hands over each other’s body stooking the fire in each other until their arousal was a burning inferno. Without a word said, the three of them started taking off their clothes, soon the three of them were left standing in their underwear only.

Taking Jina hand, Sonali led her to the large sitting room couch. Sitting down she pulled Jina into her lap. Jina straddled Sonali as while Seema squatted behind Jina, her breasts pressed firmly against her back. Jina leaned forward and frenched Sonali, Sonali whispering between their tongue laps to kiss harder.

Seema pressed her hands against Jina’s tits and began fondling them roughly through her bra, slipping her hands beneath the material and pinched the fleshy mounds, Jina’s nipples grew harder and she moaned softly as she continued to kiss Sonali.

Seema undid Jina’s bra and her breasts spilled out from their prison, and dangling freely for Seema to caress. Seema leaned against Jina fully as she licked her shoulder blades and neck while continuing to fondle her sensitive nipples.

Jina broke off her kiss with Sonali and threw her head back, closing her eyes and moaning. She arched her back and jutted her breasts into Sonali’s face who started kissing and licking the flesh. Putting her hands on Jina’s ass, Sonali pulled her closer while Seema presented her breasts to Sonali’s lips, who proceed to start sucking her sensitive nipples.

Jina undulated her body as it was manipulated by the two vixens. Moaning she turned her head to look at Seema, who promptly captured her lips in a deep, searing kiss. Seema pushed her tongue into Jina’s willing mouth, where their tongues dueled, when she withdrew, Jina’s tongue followed into her own mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Jina leaned forward at rested her palms on the couch back, looking through slitted eyes she looked at Sonali, who caught her gaze and proceeded to lightly bite her senstive nipples, sending a bolt of arousal to her vagina, which was sopping wet.

“Uhnnn…more, more…” moaned Jina.

Seema stepped away from the pair. So engrossed in their mutual pleasure that Jina and Sonali, did not notice her absence, until they felt a something hard in their crotch. Halting the two of them glanced down, only then noticing a smiling Seema sitting on the couch next to Sonali, and in her hand, was a device that vibrated softly.

“What?” asked a confused Jina.

But before she could speak any more Seema thrust the vibrator against Jina’s over stimulated clit.

“Ohhh…Ohhhh…” moaned Jina.

As the vibrator started to do its magic, Jina arched her back, as the pleasure spread to her very core and from there to all parts of her body. In her aroused state it was all it took to push her over the edge and she orgasmed, her body going rigid. As her orgasm subsided Jina fell onto Sonali, breathing heavily.

“What…what was that?” asked Jina, breathlessly.

Gently moving the hair away from Jina’s sweaty face, Seema kissed her softy on the lips.

“Just a little something I brought to make tonight special.” said Seema.

“Did you know about it?” looking down at Sonali, Jina asked.

Sonali nodded.

“Yes, Seema told me about her ‘toys’ when we were out shopping, and I have one of my own.”

Jina arched her eyebrows in surprise on hearing about Sonalis’ toy.

“What are you two upto?” she asked.

Sonali gently eased Jina off her, settling her down between herself and Seema. Both of them cuddled upto Jina. Pushing her hair away from her the two kissed her deeply, they languidly ran their hands over her naked body.

Hooking their fingers into Jina’s panties they gently pushed them down, Jina raised her ass to help them. With a naked Jina between them, Seema and Sonali shared a wide grin.

“Oh, so much, tonight you are ours. We are going to see just how many times we can all cum, but especially you.” said Seema.

Before Jina could say something, Seema brought the softy humming vibrator to her nipples. The pleasure that shot through her leaving her unable to articulate her thoughts. Seema continued to lightly run the vibrator over her body, from one breast to the other and then down her stomach to her crotch, then back.

Meanwhile Sonali was kocaeli escort bayan busy kissing, nibbling and sucking all over her, any part that was not being simulated by Seema seemed to be under assault by Sonali’s lips or fingers. Despite just having an orgasm Jina felt her arousal rising again.

“Unnhh…Ohhhh…what…more…” she moaned incoherently.

“We are going to fuck our brains out tonight. But especially you, by the time Seema and I are done with you, you won’t be able to walk.” purred Sonali in Jina’s ear.

Hearing the wanton words and plans that the two vixens had for her, only aroused Jina more. The two of them treating her like their own personal plaything, doing whatever they wanted with her body, was a strangely arousing prospect.

As she writhed between the two girls, the vibrator pushed against her slit, she instinctively closed her legs. Seema and Sonali placed a hand each on the inside of her thighs and gently coaxed her legs apart until Jina was lewdly sitting with her legs spread and crotch exposed.

Draping one of Jina’s legs over their respective legs, Seema and Sonali proceeded with their teasing. Seema once again pushed the vibrator against Jina’s slit, who watched in wonder as it entered her. The feeling of the hard but cold piece of plastic was different from a man’s cock, but pleasurable.

Once the dildo was all the way inside her, Seema started to gently twist, pulling and pushing it inside Jina. The pleasure spread and Jina started to moan softly, her hips moving with the motions of the dildo. Sonali’s hand also joined Seema’s as she softly began to rub Jina’s clit.

Jina turned her head to first kiss Sonali and then Seema, her body starting to glow with perspiration, enjoying the soft seduction as both Seema and Sonali started kissing and nibbling her neck. Leaning over Jina the two girls shared a deep kiss.

Breaking apart Seema and Sonali looked into each other eyes with heat and lust. Motioning with her head Sonali indicated that it was time to take things up a notch. Smiling Seema turned on the vibrator, at this strongest setting.

Jina’s back arched as the full force of the vibrator inside her vagina hit her like a ton of bricks, her head thrown back in the couch back.

“Ugghhhh….!!!!” she screamed out loud.

Her body shook violently as the full impact of the vibrator hit her. Only Seema and Sonali’s bodies draped over hers kept her from writhing off the couch. The two girls in unison latched their lips onto Jina’s upthrust breasts and proceeded to suck on her engorged the sensitive nipples.

The triple assault on her breasts, cunt and clit was too much, Jina felt herself rising to a powerful orgasm and at her peak Sonali pinched her clit and she exploded.

“Ahhhh….Ughhhh…fuck me…fuck meeeeee…..” she screamed incoherently.

Finally, spent Jina collapsed back onto the couch, hear breathing heavy, eyes closed, completely oblivious to the world around her.

Seema and Sonali, were both surprised and worried about Jina’s strong, almost violent reaction. Watching her passed out on the couch they shared a worried look.

“Jina? Jina? Are you ok?” asked Sonali.

Sonali gently slapped Jina on the face to bring her around.

“Mmmm…” moaned Jina, but did not wake up.

“Don’t worry, I have seen this before. Sometime a strong enough orgasm can knock you out.” explained Seema, to the worried Sonali, continuing with a touch of awe in her voice. “But I haven’t seen anybody come that hard.”

Jina’s breathing had now returned to normal and the two horny girls started running their hands over her body. Leaning in they continued to kiss her softly on the lips. Leaving her alone the two of them started kissing each other.

Soon the two of them were on their knees on the couch in an intense lip lock, their tongues dueling with each other sharing saliva as one tongue followed the other into a mouth. Hands busy running over each other’s body. Sonali brought her hands to Seema breasts, kneading them as Seema pushed her hands inside her panties and started to finger her slit. Urging each other to do it harder and harder.

Jina’s eyes fluttered open to the sight of two nubile bodies writhing over her, moans filling her ears, smiling languidly she raised her hands and started to softly run them over the two girl’s bodies. Breaking their kiss, Seema and Sonali, looked down at the smiling Jina.

“How are you feeling?” asked Sonali.

“Hmmm…really good…I didn’t think I could cum like that.” replied Jina.

Settling back down the two girls kissed Jina, which turned into a three-way kiss. As the kiss continued Seema pinched Jina’s nipple.

“Hmmm…yeah…that is good…more.” whimpered Jina.

“Really…you want more?” asked Sonali in surprise.

“I don’t know what is happening to me, but I am still hot.” said Jina, sheepishly.

“You are one horny slut, aren’t you?” asked Seema, using Jina’s hair to pull back her head and giving her a deep kiss, while pinching her aroused nipple.

“Yessss….” moaned Jina.

“Well then, izmit escort bayan I guess you need to be properly fucked.” said Seema, “But this is not the best place, let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Seema grabbed her bag of toys and put the dildo vibrator in it as both girls stood up, taking one of Jina’s hands. Jina stood up between the two girls, a little unsteadily. The three of them headed to the bedroom, with Jina between the two girls. Unable to resist both Seema and Sonali grabbed one of Jina’s ass cheeks, squeezing to make her squirm and moan as she walked.

As they approached the bedroom door Sonali headed off to her room, saying she needed to grab something. When she returned with her double headed dildo, she found Jina and Seema kissing standing up. Smiling at the two of them she took off her panties and laid down in the center of the bed.

Sonali gently pushed one end of the dildo into her pussy, gasping in pleasure as the cool dildo thrust its way into her belly. Her nipples hardened and stood out, the horny girl slid her hands over her and fondled her tits in lust.

Seema and Jina watched with interest and in the case of Jina, shock, as they watched the young beauty moan and writhe as she slowly fucked herself with the dildo.

“Where did you get that?” asked Jina.

“A gift from someone special, that we both know.” replied Seema, “I wanted to show it to you this morning but never got the chance.”

Gently pushing Jina towards the bed, Seema whispered in her ear “Time for you to ride that.”

Jina watched for a moment as Sonali fondled her breasts and the dildo standing erect out of her pussy, her body gyrating in pleasure. Jina climbed on the bed and straddled Sonali, spreading her pussy lips she mounted herself on the dildo, pushing it into her belly while increasing the pressure on Sonali’s cunt.

One again she noticed the difference of having a dildo in her cunt, versus a man’s cock, but the pleasure she received was very real. Feeling the hard dildo travel through vagina was an incredible experience. Jina stopped pushing down halfway. Looking at Sonali’s face she saw the same pleasure she was feeling. Looking deeply into her eyes Jina murmured.

“God, you are beautiful, I love you.”

Leaning in Jina started kissing Sonali, even as she slowly pushed the dildo into her cunt. Seema also climbed onto the bed. Coming in behind Jina she reached around her and grabbed onto her bountiful breasts, fondling the flesh and tweaking the nipples. Which only made Jina more aroused her hips pushing down on the dildo until the whole thing was inside her.

When Jina bottomed down on the dildo her and Sonali’s cunts also came into contact, the pressure was incredible and both the women moaned into each other’s mouth, never breaking the kiss. Jina went down on all fours and began ramming herself into Sonali, fucking the horny girl while quenching her own carnal lust.

Seema watched this with admiration. Not wanting to be left out, she positioned her head between Sonali’s spread thighs and licked the hot lips of Sonali and Jina’s vulvas, tickling the already throbbing flesh. Sonali and Jina embraced each other by their torsos while their hips fought for tighter possession of the dildo they shared, each one drawing more of the thick plastic rod until it disappeared between them.

Juices began leaking out of each woman’s cunt, staining the sheets. Seema felt her vagina drool with her own juices run at just the sight and smell of this act, she closed her eyes and let the warm cum flow gently out her slit. In an frenzy of lust, Seema pulled herself away from the two women’s slit and positioned herself over Sonali, facing Jina.

Jina and Sonali moaned as each woman increased the intensity of their crotch slapping, each one grunting with each thrust, grabbing Jina’s head she forced her face into her crotch, where Jina immediately started licking her wet slit.

Thrusting her tongue inside Seema and licking her around clit, Jina started pleasuring the horny girl. Grabbing Seema by her ass to steady herself as she wildly humped Sonali with the dildo the three women fell into a rhythm of mutual pleasure pushing each other to higher levels of around.

Jina and Sonali both climaxed in unison, a never-ending torrent of juices spilling from the union of their vaginas. Seema forcefully pulled Jina off Sonali, the dildo popping out of Jina’s cunt leaving a sticky trail while remaining in Sonali’s cunt.

Seema took the dildo out of Sonali’s tight cunt and pressed it against Jina’s lips.

“Lick it you slut!” she said in lust fueled excitement.

Jina obliged and opened her mouth, drawing the dildo inside and cleaning it with her eager tongue. Seema sat on the bed and spread her legs apart.

“Suck my pussy,” she ordered.

Jina leaped into action and ravenously ate into Seema’s cunt, so intensely the girl was overwhelmed with lust and fell backwards, her torso leaning over the edge of the bed while Jina held her legs apart and ate her delicious cunt. Seema moaned loudly as gebze escort Jina sucked on her moist pussy lips, spreading them apart gently with her tongue before plunging into the hot realm of her vagina. Jina twirled her tongue in circles as it lodged itself in Seema’s cunt. Sonali watched Jina’s sweaty ass pointed at her as Jina continued tongue fucking Seema, the firm cheeks of her lover bobbing in unison to her tongue humping motions.

Sonali got up and dove at her buttocks, and plunged her tongue into her tender pussy lips, still wet from their previous orgasm. Jina moaned in approval to Sonali while her tongue continued sliding into Seema’s clit. Seema let her arms dangle limp at her sides while her head began growing hot from hanging upside down for so long. Seema’s tits hung downward, drops of sweat flowed down the curves of her shapely body and gave it a brilliant shine in the light of the room.

Sonali slid her tongue in and out of Jina’s wet cunt, her hot tongue still tasting the sweet cum from her recent orgasm. Jina moaned a sensuous cry as her clit was violated further by her lover. Sonali gripped Jina’s legs and pulled them to make her ass come closer to her horny tongue. Jina closed her eyes as hot tears of pleasure seeped out, her thick lips trembling upon Seema’s cunt. Seema felt her body tense and braced for the inevitable, her torso shook violently over the edge of the bed, causing the mattress to creak with the three women’s continuous fucking. Seema finally orgasmed with a loud scream, sending a stream of hot cum up her vagina which was lapped up eagerly by Jina, who kept her tongue lodged in the warm petals of Seema’s clit.

As Jina continued drinking from Seema’s slit, Sonali pushed her face farther into Jina’s ass and opened her mouth wide to unleash her tongue as far as it could venture. Jina gasped, which interrupted her cunt lapping and drained the strength from her arms, causing Seema to fall off the bed completely.

Seema fell with a gently thud, her legs still leaning against the bed and her pussy spread wide open just below Jina’s face, which was now dangling over the edge while her shapely ass was thrust slightly in the air to be devoured by Sonali. Jina closed her eyes and with the strong scent of Seema’s cunt and Sonali’s intense tongue fuck driving her insane, she climaxed and screamed loudly in pleasure, the orgasm rushing through her body like a raging wave.

Her juices flowed, down her trembling legs and into Sonali’s open mouth. Jina felt her weight shift as Sonali pushed her during her drinking, causing her to fall as well, on top of the sweaty body of Seema. Sonali, seeing the two sweaty bodies in a fleshy tangle on the floor, slid off the bed as well to land on top of them. Sonali licked her lips and craned her neck to kiss Seema on the lips, her tongue passing off some of Jina’s cream to Seema’s eager mouth. Jina opened her mouth and enveloped some of Seema’s sweaty tit, while Sonali gripped Jina’s ass.

The three women laid there sweating and moaning on top of each other, fondling and groping themselves. Their bodies were tired but still aching with need. A single thought went through each of their minds; the three of them knew that this night would be something amazing for all of them.


Jina, Sonali and Seema where back on the bed, after their first frenzied coupling, they were back on the bed, catching their breath, with Jina in the middle while Seema and Sonali on each side. The three of lusty women were still aroused as they ran their hands over each other’s bodies lightly.

“Where did you get this from Sonali?” asked Jina, fingering the double headed dildo.

“I told you, Ms. Makiya. You should definitely give her a call.” replied Sonali, even as she ran her finger tips over Jina’s still aroused nipples.

Reclining on her elbow, Seema ran her fingers from Jina’s breasts to her crotch, and back. Causing her to shiver at the simulation, bending forward she first kissed her on the lips and get planted a soft kiss on her nipple, before giving it a lick.

“I have something similar in my toys, toys which we will see how much use we can get out of this night.” she said, looking into Jina’s eyes she continued, “and since you are our little slut for the night, we will be trying them all out.”

Jina felt her arousal rising again, as she listened to the young woman next to her. Despite already experiencing two strong orgasms since they got home, she was surprised at her reaction to the words, and once again made her wonder about her sex drive.

“Unhhh…” moaned Jina.

While Seema had been talking, Sonlai had lowered her head into Jina’s bosom and was busy suckling on one of her abundant breasts, where she was joined by Seema who to took the other breasts into her mouth. Jina started writhing between the two girls, her fingers entangling in their hairs as she held their heads in place.

As she felt herself getting aroused, Jina came to a decision, she was no longer going to hold herself back or wonder about her sexuality, she was going to fully explore her sexual desires during these days with Sonali and Seema, and once she was back in the real world, she and Jai were going to have a talk, because she could not see herself going back to the sex life she had before, not after the things she had experienced with Sonali, and Seema.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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