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It had been a long hot summer, and the area was dry. Today was another hot day, hot enough to call for a total fire ban, and Alan was worried when he caught a faint whiff of smoke. Walking out to the veranda he did a quick check but couldn’t see any smoke, and a quick patrol around the house still failed to reveal any.

He was about to go back inside when a small puff of smoke floated up from up near the road. He could see some people near where the smoke originated and, while he couldn’t see what they were doing, the smoke disappeared again. Curious he went and fetched some binoculars.

Focusing on the small group, he saw his sister, Beryl, and two of her friends. While he watched, one of them bent down and did something, and he saw a flash and a little smoke. The girls waited for a few moments and then seemed to step forward and put out the small fire they’d lit.

Alan felt a cold fury. Those idiots were playing dangerous games. One slip and the whole area could go up in flames. He hurried into the house to grab a wet fire extinguisher. Hopping in his car, he drove quickly up the long drive and headed over to where the girls were.

When he pulled up the girls were just standing by the side of the road, innocently talking. Little angels who wouldn’t dream of doing anything wrong. He saw them flinch, however, when he jumped out of the car with the extinguisher.

“Beryl,” he snapped, “how fucking old are you supposed to be?”

His sister dithered, not sure what to say.

“Well,” Alan barked.

“Ah, eighteen?” asked Beryl in a nervous voice.

“And you’re the youngest of the three, aren’t you?”

A nod from Beryl and the others, and Alan continued.

“Then at eighteen, don’t you think that you’re all old enough to know the meaning of a total fire ban. What the fuck did the three of you think you were doing? I suggest that you take this extinguisher and go back to each of the fires that you lit and thoroughly douse them. I don’t want the faintest possible chance that there might be a spark left in one of them.”

Beryl’s friends gave her a sympathetic look, and started edging away. Beryl could deal with her brother. They’d just politely remove themselves from the equation. They stopped and froze in place when Alan spoke to them.

“If either of you take even one little step towards running away I will clout you,” he told them, his voice quiet, calm and very cold. “Now go with Beryl and make sure that each fire is totally dead.”

Throwing him nervous glances the three girls grabbed the extinguisher and started playing it on their latest effort. Moving quickly, they retraced their steps, hosing down each little char mark while Alan followed in their trail, checking each fire site.

The girl’s nervousness increased when they found a few wisps of smoke still coming from one of their little burns.

Satisfied that the fires were all properly treated and would present no further danger, Alan turned on the girls.

“Now, before I strangle the three of you, would one of you be so kind as to tell me what you were doing?”

“We were just having a bit of fun,” said Beryl quietly. “We were just lighting little fires and using them to burn our initials in the grass. We were watching the fires, honestly.”

Alan glanced pointedly at the burn mark that had still been smoking slightly, and Beryl blushed.

“You do know what a total fire ban is, don’t you?” he asked.

The girls nodded.

“Are you going to tell dad?” asked Beryl.

“Unfortunately for you, no. You see that fence?” he said, indicating a low railed fence that ran along the paddock next to them. “I’m going to have the three of you bend over it and I’m going to spank you so hard you’ll eat standing for a week.”

Vivian, the older of Beryl’s two friends spoke up.

“You wouldn’t dare. My father would kill you. And Susan isn’t your sister, either. You won’t dare touch us.”

“I see. I suppose I should report the incident to the police. Fines of up to five thousand dollars and possible jail terms are what firebugs are likely to get. However, wanting to protect my idiot sister, I suppose I’ll just have to tell your fathers instead.

Just as a matter of curiosity, Vivian, what do you reckon your old man will do after I tell him?”

From the way Vivian paled, she had a damned good idea of how her father would react. She glanced over at Susan. She also seemed appalled at the idea of having to face her father with a firebug rap.

“There’s no way I can tell my father,” Susan said. “He’d beşiktaş escort kill me.”

“Then if you’ve quite finished stalling, may I suggest you all wander over to the fence and bend over. I do have other things I’m supposed to be doing.”

The three young women looked at each other resignedly, and walked slowly over the fence, putting their hands on the top rail and bending over.

Walking up behind Beryl, Alan calmly took her shorts and pulled them briskly down, with her panties following in short order.

Vivian and Susan, after glancing over and seeing what was happening, promptly started to protest.

Alan cut them short. “Oh, shut up,” he snapped. “I’m only spanking you. I can assure you that I’m not going to rape you.”

“At least, not with my sister here, watching,” he added thoughtfully.

Susan and Vivian promptly turned their heads to look away from him, but both of them were blushing a bright red by the time he had dropped their shorts and panties.

Alan grinned as he observed the three pretty bottoms exposed to him. And the way they were standing, he could also see their pussies. He suspected that this was a subconscious attempt to make him go easy, but it still presented a magnificent view as far as he was concerned. Beryl was off limits, but he wouldn’t mind some private time with Susan and Vivian.

He started off in the way he intended to continue, with a couple of hard swats delivered to Beryl’s buttock cheeks, followed by a pair for Susan and a pair for Vivian. He then reversed the order, with a pair of spanks to Vivian, then Susan and finishing with Beryl.

After this happy start, Alan started spanking bottoms at random, trying to keep a score in his head so that the three all received that same punishment.

While he was delivering his little reminders, Alan also delivered his lecture, pointing out what a total fire ban was and why they had them. He also gave his considered opinion of young ladies who thought it was fun to play with matches. His comments were straight to the point, brutally so at times. Combining the tongue lashing with the pain of the actual spankings, the three girls were in tears by the time he’d finished.

“I’ll let it go at that,” he finally told the girls. “If I ever catch you playing the fool again, I’ll come do…OH! FUCK!”

The girls turned abruptly at the shout to see Alan running fast back to his car and the extinguisher. It appeared they hadn’t quite got one of the little fires, and it had reignited. Emptying the extinguisher on it and dousing it, Alan then turned back to the girls.

“I am going back to the house and I’ll bring back a couple of extinguishers. The three of you can stay up here for the rest of the afternoon and keep an eye out in case one of the other fires starts up again.”

The girls all gave him the evil eye, but none of them were inclined to argue. A bright red bottom was a wonderful deterrent to smart comments.

A short time later the girls were standing forlornly next to the fire extinguishers, watching Alan leave.

“One last thing, girls,” he called out before he left. “If you want anything, come down to the house, but one at a time. I want two of you up here until at least five.”

“Your brother is a gold plated son of a bitch,” Vivian observed to Beryl as he drove away.

“I’ll second that,” grumbled Susan. “I have a date later, and now I’ll be late.”

“I’ll third it,” sighed Beryl. “Geez, he was mad, wasn’t he.”

Vivian suddenly giggled. The others looked at her.

“I was just wondering what we all looked like, bent over that rail with our bums hanging out,” she giggled. “I didn’t think to look, but I bet he got a hard on.”

Beryl laughed. “Probably, but I bet he lost it just as fast when that fire broke out again.”

Susan smiled. “It did seem to upset him, didn’t it? Pity it didn’t break out earlier and stop the spankings.”

“God, yes,” said Vivian, delicately rubbing her bottom. “Has he ever spanked you before, Beryl?”

Beryl shook her head. “And if I have my way, he won’t ever do it again. That hurt.”

The girls giggled and chattered, the subject drifting away from Alan and their sore bottoms.

At five, the three drifted back down to the house and sought out Alan.

“It’s five, and there’s been no more fires,” grumbled Beryl. “Susan is now late for her date and that’s causing problems. Susan was going to drop me and Vivian off, but now she hasn’t got time. She can drop me at Mike’s because that’s on her beylikdüzü escort way, but Vivian lives in the opposite direction, so I said that you’d run her home seeing you’re the reason we’re late.”

“I’m the reason they’re late?” thought Alan. “Lighting fires had nothing to do with it?”

He gave Beryl a cool look. “OK, but she’ll have to wait for half an hour while I finish up some work in the office.”

“Thank you, that’ll do nicely,” said Vivian hastily. “I’ll just go watch TV for half an hour.”

A few moments later Alan heard the TV turn on and a few minutes after that, Susan’s car started up and faded away as the two girls left.

Ten minutes later, to his surprise, Alan found that he’d finished everything that needed to be done. Deciding not to bother keeping Vivian waiting needlessly, he headed up to the front room and a shock.

Beryl had lugged her cheval mirror into the front room the previous day, for some reason, and it was still there. When Alan walked in Vivian was standing in front of it, bottom out, apparently checking to see how red it still was. This meant her shorts and panties were down, giving Alan an easy view of a nicely shaven pussy.

“If you’re trying to see what colour it is,” drawled Alan, “I’d say somewhere between strawberry and cherry red.”

Vivian squawked and snatched at her panties, trying to cover herself.

“Maybe not,” said Alan. “If you look in the mirror, the blush on your face would be the same colour as the flush on your bottom. What do you think?”

“Stop looking at me,” squealed Vivian, hurriedly straightening her shorts.

“I like looking at you. I just can’t help thinking that Beryl is not here watching.”

Vivian looked at Alan, puzzled. Then his comment from earlier, about not raping them while Beryl was watching, came to mind.

Her blush turned to a pale nervousness, and a slight chill ran down her spine. And, although she wouldn’t admit it, a touch of excitement burned low down in her stomach.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she mumbled evasively, feeling further disgruntled when Alan laughed.

“I think you do,” he told her, “but don’t worry. I’ve never resorted to force to get anything and I’m not starting now.”

Vivian felt relieved and, to her annoyance, disappointed. Wasn’t she good enough for him?

“Are we going now?” she asked, deeming a change of subject desirable.

“In a few minutes,” said Alan, walking over to stand in front of her.

Reaching down, he slipped loose the button on her shorts and started tugging them down.

Vivian frantically grabbed at them, excitement and a touch of fear again racing through her.

“You said you wouldn’t force me,” she gasped.

“I won’t,” said Alan. “I’m not. I’m just taking these down to make sure your bottom’s OK. You came a cropper on it earlier.”

“I didn’t come a cropper on it. You spanked it. A different thing entirely. And if you just want to see my bottom why didn’t you ask me to turn around?”

“I don’t want to just see your bottom,” pointed out Alan. “I also want to see your pussy. Think of this as killing two birds with one stone.”

He twitched at her shorts again, and much to her own surprise, Vivian let them go. She received another shock when Alan didn’t just lower her shorts, but ran them right down, tapping an ankle to suggest she step out of them. She also developed a nasty sinking feeling in her tummy as Alan returned to her waist and hooked his fingers over her panties. She watched, horrified, as her panties when the same way as her shorts, and she found herself standing half naked in front of Alan.

“What am I doing?” she screamed to herself, followed by, “What is he doing?” as Alan casually ran his hand over her pussy, before turning her around and running his hand across her bottom.

“Your poor little bottom is bright red,” mourned Alan, his hands running smoothly over it.

“That’s not my bottom,” gulped Vivian, as Alan’s hands seemed to wander off track a little.

“Close enough,” said Alan, his hand rubbing her gently, where she’d prefer he didn’t. At least, she felt she should prefer that he didn’t, but it did cause nice tingly feelings.

Alan moved to stand in front of Vivian, his hands taking the hem of her t-shirt. He lifted it upwards, suggesting she raise her hands. As though hypnotised, Vivian obeyed, and watched her shirt disappear. Now Alan was tracing her breasts around the edge of her bra, and she could feel her nipples tingling.

“Why beyoğlu escort not take it off,” came the quiet suggestion, and Vivian’s hand automatically moved behind her to flick open the catch. Her bra dropped away and suddenly she was naked.

“You said you wouldn’t force me,” she muttered, looking at the floor, scarlet with embarrassment, not sure what was going to happen.

“I’m not,” came the quiet reply. “Do you want to get dressed again?”

The question would have been a lot easier to answer if Alan hadn’t had one hand stroking her breast while the other one was cupping her mound, seeming to trap heat within it. And that heat seemed to be expanding throughout her body.

“Um, no,” she muttered, “I don’t think so. Not just yet.”

Alan’s mouth closed over a nipple, lightly sucking on it and teasing it erect. Then hand and mouth changed places, with her breast being squeezed gently while her other nipple came quickly erect.

And all the time, the hand that had settled on her pussy was kneading, squeezing, stroking and trespassing. Vivian gasped as she felt fingers slip between her lips, teasing her sensitive flesh. She squeaked when an idle finger flicked across her clitoris, and her whole body shuddered slightly.

“Are you a virgin?” came the enquiry, and Vivian laughed.

“I’m nearly twenty,” she pointed out. “What do you think?”

“I would have no idea, so unless you say otherwise, I’ll have to assume that you are.”

“God,” said Vivian. ‘That’s insulting. Do you think I’m too ugly to have boyfriends?”

Alan laughed at that. “No. I’m just startled that you’re here with me instead of out on a date with someone. And you haven’t answered the question, I noticed.”

His exploring fingers reached deeper into her, and Vivian shuddered again.

“No, I’m not,” she gasped, squirming slightly under his touch, “but I haven’t had many partners. Only one, actually.”

“Well, if you don’t say no very soon, it will be two,” Alan advised.

Vivian wanted to say no, just to teach the arrogant swine a lesson. Her bottom was still burning. The trouble was that the rest of her was now burning as well, and she needed him.

She stayed mute as Alan took her hand and drew her over to the couch. He encouraged her to lean forward, his hand running over her bottom and down to cup and squeeze her mound.

“When you were bent over earlier,” he told her, “I could see this peeping at me through your legs, and instead of spanking I wanted to take you, then and there. Now, however, there’s nothing to stop me.”

Vivian felt his hand sliding away from her mound, only to be replaced by something else pressing against her. She gasped as she felt Alan probing at her lips, coaxing them to part, and she gasped again as she felt him pushing past and into her. Instinctively, she pushed back against the cock that was probing into her, encouraging it to sink deeper, faster.

Alan pressed firmly home, then paused for a moment to test Vivian’s reaction. He promptly got it when she pressed herself firmly against him, and then relaxed a little. Laughing, and hearing Vivian laugh in return, Alan thrust himself hard against her.

They came together happily, eagerly, enjoying the feeling of body rubbing against body, flesh against flesh. Alan slammed home against Vivian, long firm strokes that sank deep into her waiting body, each stroke fiercely welcomed by her upsurging thrust.

They didn’t rush, just kept moving at a pace that they both found enjoyable, giving and taking in a single togetherness. On they went, Alan driving fiercely into Vivian’s welcoming warmth, reaching around to cup and squeeze her breasts, while Vivian pressed firmly back against him, accepting his driving need.

They couldn’t say how long they were there, moving as one. They just knew that at the end they each served to uplift the other, helping each other to mutual climaxes which washed over them, leaving them content.

“Somehow,” said Vivian, when she could finally talk again, “I don’t think that doing that would have been considered an appropriate punishment for a firebug.”

“Not to mention the shock it might have caused couple of impressionable young minds,” mocked Alan.

Vivian laughed. “You don’t seriously think Beryl and Susan are virgins, do you?” she asked.

“Well, Beryl is my sister, so I know she must be, and I’ve never managed to get Susan’s panties off, so I’ll have to assume that she is as well,” replied Alan.

“What?” he asked indignantly, seeing the look Vivian gave him.

She shook her head and laughed. “It’s just that I can’t be sure when you’re being honest and when you’re talking tongue in cheek,” she said.

Alan grinned. “Part of my charm,” he told her. “Would you like a shower before you dress?”

At her nod, he grinned again. “So would I. This might be fun.”

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