First Date in Vegas

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I’m in a sex-less marriage. After twenty five years with my wife we had devolved into a partnership based on income and security. What little libido she had left was pretty much wiped out with the onset of menopause and I’ve become a lonely man. All my attempts at affection, let alone sex, are met with a cold shoulder and talking about it usually leads to defensiveness or total disregard.

I have never cheated on my wife nor have I really even considered it, until now. I was on my way to Las Vegas for my annual trade show to view the latest and greatest in my industry. And if the opportunity presented itself, I was going to sow some oats that had been fallow for some time.

The trade show presented as usual with lots of booths hawking their wares, guest speakers and cocktail parties. I knew a lot of the players in my field and pressed the flesh throughout the first day and night, meeting up with lots of associates. By the second day I’d grown weary of the small talk and walked the strip looking for something better to do. I strolled a few casinos, gambled a few hands and listened to a cover band before retiring to the bar at the Mandalay Bay.

I sat alone at the bar, feeling pathetic for an hour or so as I milked a couple beers, watching Monday Night Football. I wasn’t too interested in the game so when a young lady took up the stool next to me, asking if the seat was empty, I smiled, motioning with my hand for her to sit. “Who’s winning?” she asked.

“The Steelers are up a touchdown,” I replied. “At least the last I noticed.”

“Not your team then, I guess, huh?”

“Neither. I’m more of a Dolphins fan.”

“No kidding,” she said, her eyebrows raised. “Me too. Miami born and bred.” She stuck out her hand. “Carley.”

I took her hand, shaking it loosely. “Bill.” She was cute, probably half my 48 years, 30 tops. Her dirty blonde hair rested in loose curls at her shoulders, parted in the middle. She wore light makeup, mostly on her eyes and an earth-tone lipstick that made her full lips shine. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to reveal modest cleavage and the top of a black laced bra. She was sexy but understated compared to a lot of what I’d seen wandering the casinos.

“Nice to meet you Bill. So are you from Florida then?”

“No, Atlanta actually but I lived there for a while as a kid.”

“Hot-Lanta. Nice town.”

She spoke with a slightly hoarse, low voice, a Demi Moore-like pitch. I sipped my beer, glanced at the TV then asked, “So what brings you to Vegas?”

“Trade show,” she answered. “I’m sort of the advance of the advance team.”


“I’m with a marketing firm that helps clients set up their trade booths and that sort of thing. But I came out early for a little personal R&R before all that gets started.”

“Sounds nice.”

“And how about you, Bill. What’s your story.”

“Trade show, of course.”

The bartender walked over and asked for re-orders. I ordered up a margarita and asked, “How ’bout your Carley.”

“That sounds great, make that two,” she replied.

When the drinks arrived Carley raised her glass and offered, “To trade shows.”

“To trade shows.”

I bored Carley with my background in municipal pool filtration systems for all of two minutes before we transitioned to talk of her job, her travels and fitness. She was a triathlete and would be back in Vegas in a few months to do a half Ironman. We bonded over this as I too had experience competing in triathlons up and down the East coast. Her racing had taken her to Mexico, Brazil and Japan, which certainly bested my domestic races. Eventually, the elephant in the room raised it’s head and Carley asked, “So how long have you been married?” As she asked, her attention focused down to my hand and wedding band.

“Yeah that.” I spent the next margarita spilling more of my personal feelings than I ever had. She was easy to talk to and a good listener. Probably more than she wanted to hear but she was a good sport and it felt oddly refreshing.

Several margaritas later, a band started playing and people started to fill the dance floor. I wasn’t much of a dancer but when Carley asked if I was interested, I couldn’t say no. The booze loosened me up a bit and I followed along as she swayed sensuously with the music, her arms raised above her head. We stayed out on the floor for several songs until a slow song started up and Carley approached. She place her hands on my shoulders and drew me closer, looking into my eyes. As our bodies closed and I felt her breasts on my chest, her eyes closed and she rested her head on my shoulder. The scent of her hair filled my nose, a clean floral fragrance possibly mixed with a perfume as well. It was heavenly. I had a hard time believing this young woman was seemingly interested in me but she had me convinced when her face turned toward my neck and she whispered into my ear, “You feel nice.”

For the first time in several years, I felt wanted illegal bahis by a woman and I held her closer. “So do you,” I replied. I felt my cock begin to swell and wasn’t sure I should remain close to have her notice or take things slower. My hands caressed her back and I felt her draw me tighter as we swayed gently to the slow music. Her head remained on my shoulder and I felt her breathing against my neck and felt my cock strain against my pants. The song was thankfully long and enjoyable. I sensed Carley pull away slightly and then she was looking into my eyes, smiling faintly. And then she leaned in with her face and our lips met. It was a subtle, soft peck that lingered, broke away, then rejoined with parted lips. She was delicious and I drew her tighter as our tongues began initial explorations of each other. It went seemingly forever but realistically less than a minute and then the song was over.

The dance floor was fairly dark so when we parted I wasn’t too concerned about the pitched tent in my pants. She stood before me, separated by a a foot of space but holding onto my hand. She looked up at me with that same faint smile then said, “I’m upstairs and have a beautiful view of the city lights. Would you like to come up?”

I didn’t even answer but instead led her by the hand back to the bar. I downed the final sips of my margarita and, catching the eyes of the bartender, threw a few bills on the bar to more than cover the tab. And then we walked off toward the elevator, me still leading her by the hand.

Nobody joined us in the elevator and she pressed the button for her floor. I reached behind her head into her curls and drew her in to me as the doors drew closed. Our lips met and our tongues reintroduced themselves, this time with a sense of urgency. I pinned her against the wall and our bodies mashed together, her breasts tight against my chest. By the time the bell chimed for her floor I had a firm grasp of her breast and was squeezing its firmness and Carley let out a moan.

“You are so hot,” I half whispered and half groaned into her ear.

The doors parted, Carley grabbed my hand and we raced down the hall to her room. She fumbled with her little purse to find the key card, our hearts racing from the sprint and adrenaline. The key pad flashed green and we barged into her room.

The door latched behind us and Carley’s hands went for my shirt. She tugged to pull it out of my waistband as I did the same with her. My arms went up and the shirt came over my head. Hers came off next and I paused to admire her lacy push-up bra before diving toward her breasts with my mouth. We backed up together and pressed up against the door, my mouth devouring her exposed cleavage. I took notice of the front clasp and freed her breasts, grabbing one to massage as my mouth returned to hers. Her boobs were smaller than my wife’s but nicely round with perky little nipples and gravity defiance.

We remained there against the door, overheated with passion, exploring each other with our hands and mouths. Then Carley slipped around and we reversed positions, backing me against the door. Her hand caressed my chest and stomach and then she started to gently tweek my nipple. Soon her mouth and tongue replaced her fingers and she really went to work on me. I never realized how amazingly sensitive my nipples were but God did it feel good. By the time her mouth dropped away I was ready to blow.

And that’s exactly where this seemed to be headed as her hands went to work undoing my belt and zipper as she dropped to her knees. It took little time for Carley to have my pants and briefs around my ankles and her hand gently caressing my rock-hard cock. Again, our eyes met, her wry smile greeting me from below as she took the first long lick up my shaft. She paused, our eyes holding, before placing a soft kiss on the head. And then she took me slowly into her mouth.

“Ohhhh…Fuuuckk,” I goaned

My hands dropped to her head and I caressed her hair as she bobbed seductively up and down on me, taking time to lick the underside my knob every few passes. Her other hand gently caressed my balls, her middle finger reaching back for additional stimulation. I felt light-headed with pleasure and, given my complete lack of recent experience, prayed I could last more than a fleeting moment. I tried picturing my old Aunt Betty but that seemed weird. I started a silent backward count from one hundred but that only seemed like a countdown to lift-off. Her touch was magical. She was making love to my cock with her mouth and no amount of distraction short of someone breaking through the door was going to keep the dam from bursting.

She moaned quietly on my tool, her tempo increasing, and I felt the upwelling start from deep within. She knew it too and her pace quickened again. She went deep several times, taking me to the base before resuming the quick pace, now pumping with her hand as well. It was all I could bear. My orgasm came hard and illegal bahis siteleri fast with an intensity I’d never felt before. She barely flinched, taking load after load into her mouth, her suction slowly abating as the final spasms drained the last of my seed. I remained in her mouth as I relaxed back against the door, my breathing starting to regulate, my eyes closed in blissful exhaustion.

My eyes didn’t open again until my cock stood at half-mast, Carley’s hand still wrapped around it and her mouth giving the head one last soft kiss. “I think that was the greatest physical pleasure I’ve ever experienced,” I said, not exaggerating.

“The pleasure was all mine,” she replied, rising to her feet.

“I doubt that.”

Carley leaned in to me and planted a kiss on my lips. She wrapped an arm behind me and her lips parted. I tasted my cum as our tongues resumed a slow dance. I fondled her breasts, gently pinching at her nipple, eliciting a low moan. It was her turn and I wanted to please her as she’d pleasured me. I started to kiss down her chest, stopping at her lovely buds to give them proper attention. And then I angled lower, planting licks and kisses down her navel toward the waist of her skirt. I started to ease the material lower when suddenly, she pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, puzzled.

“Nothing…It’s just…we’ve got all night,” she said. “And you haven’t even seen the view yet.”

“I’m sure it’s nice and all…but nothing like the one I already have.”

She smiled and put out her hand. She walked me to the window and opened the blinds revealing the sparkling lights of Las Vegas 15 floors below. “Okay, it is a nice view,” I agreed.

“How about a drink,” she asked, strolling toward the minibar. “I’m thirsty.”

“I guess so.” She was obviously not in a hurry to continue our passions but had also expressed interest in carrying on all night. I could be patient.

We clinked beer bottles and walked back over to admire the view. I stood behind her, wrapping my arms around her naked torso and gently massaged a breast with my free hand. It was a great view but I was soon distracted by her scent and the feel of her body against me. I felt a twitch down below and started to grow. Her hand caressed my thigh as she stood staring out into the lights before shifting toward my crotch. She gently took hold of my soft cock and gave it a few tugs. “Looks like you might need some more attention.”

With that, she turned to face me and our tongues were once again meeting up, hands roaming our bodies, passions heating up rapidly. I came back to full hardness in no time and I thought for a second, trying to remember the last time I’d had sex more than once in a week, never mind twice in an hour. Years.

Carley again dropped to her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth. I stared blankly at the lights, reveling in the pure pleasure as she again worked her magic on my cock, feeling every bit as good as the first time. I felt I’d have more stamina this time around and, despite wanting to return the favor to her, I wasn’t one to argue with the current chain of events. But after a few minutes of heaven, I was really feeling the urge to fuck her and felt certain she wanted the same. I reached down and lightly grasped the sides of her head. After one of many euphoric moans, I announced, “Baby, I really want to be inside you.”

She slowed and gave me one last, loving kiss and lick to my cock before saying, “Careful what you wish for.”

With that I picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying her down before climbing on top of her. Our mouths quickly met and mashed together in a long and passionate kiss. We enjoyed this for quite some time before we switched positions and she mounted me, her skirt bunched up around her waist. She slowly began to grind on my cock, gyrating rhythmically back and forth as our tongues danced. I reached back and cradled her tiny ass as she moved. Again, I felt an orgasm begin to build inside me.

She paused for a moment before turning around and re-mounting me cowboy style and resuming her partially clothed grind atop me. While I was still anxious to get inside of her, she seemed in no hurry, grinding again on my shaft as I admired her backside and fondled her boobs. She did this for a minute before sensing that I was close, then jumped off and took me in her mouth again.

She bobbed furiously on my cock, pumping simultaneously with her hand until I came with a load groan. This time she pulled off my cock and pumped as jets of cum shot all over her face and chest. When my ejaculation slowed she took me back in her mouth and milked the last of it, the final throbs slowly massaged out with her soft lips and tongue. “Fuck,” I moaned. “That was amazing.”

She smiled with pride as she released me, climbing up my body to place a kiss on my chest. “Glad you enjoyed it,” she replied softly. “Now I think I need to clean myself up a touch.” With canlı bahis siteleri that, she disappeared into the bathroom and the door swung halfway closed behind her.

I took a few deep breaths as I splayed out on the bed, my mind replaying the intense pleasures I’d enjoyed over the past hour in her room. And she said we had all night! I couldn’t believe my fortune. I was about to turn on the TV and search for some music when I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. I keyed the remote and surfed the channels, finding some acceptable background music for what I assumed was going to be a long evening. That settled, I crawled out of the bed and made my way over to the bathroom.

It was a sizable shower in a glass enclosure, the panes steamed up already and the sound of water splashing off the tile floor. Carley’s distorted silhouette stood behind the opaque glass, resting under the stream. I quietly opened the door and slipped into the shower behind her. She didn’t turn to face me but instead, in a heavy sigh said, “I’m not sure you’re ready for this.”

I stepped closer, somewhat surprised at her tone and unsure of her meaning. I hesitated. What wasn’t I ready for? We’d been rather intimate up to this point and she had shown little apprehension. She had to be teasing. Surely she wanted to go on as much as I did. She had taken the lead from the get-go. But then she slowly turned around and i recognized the look of fear in her eyes. I was confused as hell but followed her gaze as it averted downward. And now I was shocked as hell as I saw for the first time, hanging between her legs, a cock and balls. I stood in stunned silence. My eyes had to be the size of silver dollars, my jaw dropping toward the floor. “What the fuck!” I yelled.

Carley backed up to the corner of the shower as I stood in sheer disbelief. She stood paralyzed, crossing her arms over her chest. “What the fuck!” I said again, shaking my head. “You’re a dude?”

“No,” she muttered.

“NO?” I pointed at her cock and shaved pubic region. “I’d say the evidence points to guilty!” Now I was backing up, coming to a stop at the opposite wall.

“I’m a woman. I think you know that by now.”

“All I know is that you have a cock hanging between your legs…Jesus…what the fuck!”

“I’m still transitioning.”

“Good to know…a little late but thanks…for fuck sake.”

“I…I’m sorry. I misjudged. I shouldn’t…”

I raised my hand, thrusting it out toward her to stop. “Don’t…this is weird enough already. I don’t want your explanation.”

“I guess you should go.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, retreating to the bedroom. I hurriedly dried off, my mind swimming in a whirlpool of confusion. How had I fallen into this. How could that be a dude? She was hot. She felt amazing in every way and I had enjoyed her company from the moment she sat down at the bar. I had been looking for companionship but I’m not sure this is what I had in mind!

I sat on the edge of the bed for a long time, listening to the water run in the shower. I felt a pang of guilt knowing that I had probably scared her a bit. I had to hand it to her; she was either crazy or had balls, both physically and metaphorically. Another guy could have reacted far worse. She must have had a level of comfort with me to go this far.

With a towel wrapped around my waist, I sat up in the bed, propped against the headboard. I considered escaping the room to disappear for good but something kept me in place. A Beyonce song played on the TV as I retraced the events of the evening. My mind darted back and forth between the ecstasy I’d experienced just a short time ago and the vision of an attractive woman in a steamy shower with a dangling cock attached to her. I was simultaneously enraged and stimulated but as the music played softly in the background, my anger started to ease and I kept reverting to the most amazing blowjob I’d ever had.

With my head reclined back and my eyes closed, I breathed deep and calmed myself. Only two people in the world knew what I’d just done and neither were going to have the chance to use this against me in any way. Carley, while deceptive, had been amazing company. The least I could do was be decent. I decided then that I’d wait for her to come out of the bathroom.

Minutes later, the shower finally stopped and I heard Carley toweling off. She must have heard the TV because a moment later she opened the door and stepped out with a towel around her waist. She glanced toward the TV first then to me, startled.

“I…I thought you’d gone,” she said quietly. She crossed her arms over her chest, just as she had in the shower.

“You don’t need to cover up, I’ve seen them already.” I replied. “And their beautiful.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“Oh…I’m all kinds of things. Mad, confused, a little queezy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well…we can’t undo things can we?”

“Guess not. You want to stay for a while and talk?”

“Is there still beer in the minibar?”

“Of course. I think we could really use a drink about now.”

“Why don’t we then. And let’s see where the night leads us…”


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