First Day in the Caribbean 19

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While Asch and Octavia paid for their new bike rack, Charlie ambled into the back of the bike store, thinking about the advice he had gotten at lunch—Ask each girl about the other, and socialize with them both at the same time. He was idly cleaning the shop while he thought, when Jenny poked her head in. “Hey, that was some nice customer service there! Asch and Octavia were really pleased.”

Charlie brightened, both at the praise and at Jenny coming into view. “Yeah, I lucked out. Things sort of fell into place with their car, and they fed me lunch when I went over to tell them the car was ready.”

“Pretty nice. That means you have some lunch money left over so you can buy us ice cream,” she said, leaning forward, hands behind her back like a coquette.

Charlie grinned. “Actually I was going to suggest something like that, but wasn’t sure if I should ask both of you or not.”

She touched his hand. “Thank you. I’m okay with doing stuff with both of us—it’ll keep people from getting ideas.”

I’m good with that,” Charlie nodded. Without exactly planning to do so, he asked, “So what do you think about Sharon?”

Jenny took a quick look over her shoulder. “Well, she’s a pretty good worker. Dependable, honest, all that. But just between you and me and the fencepost, she’s a bit of a trollop. Be careful when you’re alone with her.” She looked at him sideways. “Unless you like that sort of thing.”

“Hmm,” he looked thoughtful, then smiled a little. “Try it sometime and I’ll find out.”

“Hah!” I’ll see you at closing. I’ll tell Sharon,” and she skipped out. With a little bounce to her hips.

“Hmm. Maybe she got the message,” he thought to himself.

They walked along the beach on the way to the ice cream store. It was close to full moon, so the western sky was dark and the stars were bright. Two in particular were noticeable. “Look,” Said Jenny, “The bright one is Venus, and I’ll bet the one right at the horizon is Mercury.”

“So, Venus. That’s where you two came from,” quipped Charlie. “I’m glad you guys came here to visit.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” said Sharon, and she kissed his cheek.

Jenny noticed, so she kissed his other cheek. “Yes. Very sweet.”

Charlie gave the girls simultaneous side hugs. “This planet must be heaven, then.”

Neither said anything, but both girls gave him another, slightly longer, kiss. Charlie ended up holding both their hands, and the three chatted their way toward the ice cream store. At one point, Charlie said, “Say. I have a request. I’m working on my underwater photography certification, and saving up for a decent underwater camera. I’m wondering if we could do a couple dives and you guys could be my subjects.” He almost said “models.”

The girls thought that would be fun to do, and made cracks about getting a cut if he sold any photos, and how much gear they would have to wear. Charlie got a laugh when he said that they could wear nothing, but then he wouldn’t be able to look at them.

They pooled their pocket money and got an extra-large banana split to share. Jenny asked for three cherries so they wouldn’t fight over them. The guy behind the counter looked sly and put four cherries on it. They had a fun pretend fight over the fourth cherry. Sharon got it, held it in her teeth and offered Charlie half, but he was too bashful to take her up on the offer. She ate the cherry saying, “You snooze you lose.”

On impulse, Charlie decided to live dangerously. “You’re right. Just a minute” he went and got two more cherries from the man. He put one in his teeth and offered it to Jenny, who took it, making it into a kiss. Then he offered the other to Sharon, who took it, making it into a lingering kiss.

“Woo hoo!” offered the man behind the counter. They all smiled bowed as if it had been a performance for his benefit.


Asch let Octavia win the race to the bathroom. When she got to the door, she turned around and blocked his path. “What’s the password?” she asked.


“That’ll do. What shall I give you?”

“Um, a kiss?

“Hmm. Okay, stand here in the doorway, hands and feet in the corners, close to the top as you can reach. You’re gonna get a kiss you’ll never forget. It’s a thank-you for buying the house.”

Asch arranged himself. “But I haven’t bought it yet…”

“Details, details, details. I’ll just have to thank you again later.” She unbuttoned his shirt and opened his shorts. “Hmm. Put your feet together for a minute so I can take these off.”

Asch did so, then returned his feet to the corners. “This is going to be some kiss,” he thought. His body was already responding.

Octavia grinned wickedly and swayed her hips as she unfastened, then removed, her top. Then she dropped her shorts and sidled up to him, slid her arms around him, and pressed her entire front against his. She made as if to kiss him, then backed off enough to straddle his member. “Now I’ve got you where I want you,” she murmured. She opened her mouth and brushed her lips with his, then settled against him and pushed her pendik escort tongue against his, squirming her body against him with special emphasis on her breasts and crotch, moaning the whole time. Finally she broke the kiss, but kept herself against his crotch, and her hands on his backside, his manhood trapped between her legs.

Asch smiled. “That was memorable! And you’re going to do it again when I actually buy the place, eh? I might want to buy it several times.”

She leaned against him and kissed him again. “I almost forgot that we’re dirty and came up here to get clean. Dirty or not, I like it here, though,” and she wiggled her hips to indicate what she meant by “here.”

Asch put his arms around her and began to step toward the bathroom. It was awkward and he stopped after about three steps. “Don’t want to have a head-to-head collision with the tub. Fun to dance this way, though, I’ll bet.”

“We’ll have to try sometime,” she said, heaving a sigh and stepping away. “Okay, let’s get clean.”

Octavia adjusted the water while Asch watched, enjoying the show. He followed her in, and she handed him a scrubbie while she stood under the stream, dripping appealingly from her head and breasts. “Do me.”

Asch squirted some body wash onto the scrubbie and started at her feet, which she lifted so he could get her soles and between her toes. He worked up her legs and into her crotch. She moved her feet as far apart as they would go to give him access, and he mostly used his bare soapy hand to be more gentle. “How do you manage to stay so smooth?” he asked, caressing her labia.

“I’ll never tell. That’s a woman’s secret.” She gave him a smug look.

Asch wondered if she shaved in private someplace, or just never grew pubic hair, but it was hardly the time or place for a lesson in that sort of hygiene, so he kept his mouth shut. He scrubbed her posterior and slid his body against hers as he worked up her back, lubricating the frontal contact occasionally by squeezing the soapy scrubbie over her breasts. He massaged her neck and shoulders while she leaned her forehead against his shoulder. Then he worked his way down her front, lingering on her nipples, and finally back down to her pussy. “All clean!”

“Now I get to do you,” she grinned, grabbing the scrubbie. “Turn your back to me.” She soaped herself, then pressed against him while she scrubbed his front, working quickly down to his crotch, where she lingered unnecessarily long before doing his legs, then his back in a fairly businesslike manner. “Okay, turn and face me.”

“O-kay…” She didn’t make room for him, so there was contact all the way around. He managed to keep his arm down so it would cross her front while he turned, then he settled his hands on her hips.

She leaned into him and gave his back another scrub, squatting down as she reached the top of his legs, then moved back just enough to re-scrub his privates, looking closely at her handiwork. “Too bad you’re all soapy or I might bite you in embarrassing places,” she quipped.

“Oh we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Asch fairly gasped because of what she was doing to him with her hands. “Your mouth might be dangerous, but your hands are certainly talented. Too talented. If you don’t let up, I might not last too much longer.”

Octavia responded by squeezing harder, twisting and pumping faster, her other hand cupping his balls and stroking his taint.

Asch began to tremble, and she picked up the pace even more. It was too much, and Asch came, ejaculating all over her chest. He heaved a big sigh. “Ahh. What about you, you wicked sex maniac?”

“You have perfectly nice fingers. I might be in the mood later. But look at this mess! I’ll have to scrub myself off!” and she stood up and watched him as she slowly and sensuously soaped and scrubbed her front, smiling her most lascivious smile.

Asch panted like a lecher and said, “Here let me help,” and he caressed her vulva with his hand, slipping his finger into her slit.

Octavia spread her legs and threw her head back, massaging her breasts with the scrubbie, while Asch continued his ministrations. He settled on her clit and began making the little circles he knew she liked. Octavia moaned, and Asch picked up the pace a little. When she began to rock her hips, he matched her movement, and before long, she began to tremble. He went faster and in a few moments she bucked in orgasm, crying out and digging her hands into his shoulders. She heaved an unsteady sigh. “I was going to wait until we got into bed for that, mister raving sex maniac.”

They kissed a lot while they rinsed off. When they stretched out on the bed, both conked out.

Asch awoke when he heard Lydia come into the kitchen downstairs. Octavia grabbed his crotch and murmured, “that was fun last night.” She gave him a little squeeze. “I feel so incredibly clean!” and she pulled on him, giving him a thrill that started his reflexes. “Hmm, alert so early in the morning. If Lydia weren’t here, I’d take advantage of that.” She rolled her chest sefaköy escort onto his and gave him a lingering kiss, then sighed. “I suppose you’re going to be responsible again and do stuff. She reluctantly rolled off and Asch reluctantly sat up.

“Yup. Got a house to buy.” He gave her a lingering kiss and stood up.

“Well, maybe I can help Lydia pack.” She pulled on some scrounging clothes, which included one of Asch’s old beat-up shirts.

“Hey, you look pretty good in that. Which isn’t to say you don’t always look pretty good.”

“Fast thinking, mister,” she said, twirling around once or twice. “At least it’ll be good for getting dirty in.

They headed down to a just-ready breakfast. “Haven’t you eaten?” Octavia asked.

“Nah. I wanted to get started up here, and John had some errands to run. He’ll be up to join the moving activity in a few minutes. She looked at asch. “Thanks again for helping me load up last night. —I might have your first renter lined up. Sharon” She dished out bacon and eggs onto everyone’s plates. “She insists she’s torn between having me around and living on her own. But I think she’s excited about the prospect of new-found freedom.” She reflected a second. “Little does she know how limited adult freedom is.”

Asch and Octavia dug into their food. “Yup. Gotta be responsible on your own without anybody to protect you from yourself,” offered Asch.

“And you’re mostly broke, too, which can put a crimp in things,” Octavia agreed.

John came in about when they had finished; Asch headed out and Octavia had some more coffee while they ate.


Asch stepped into the bank. Anita’s office was empty. He headed to a teller’s window to inquire about her when he felt a tap on his right shoulder. He turned and no one was there! Then a giggle on his left betrayed Anita, who had tapped his far shoulder to get him to turn the wrong way. “Hmm. A mischievous money maiden! Might you know where I could find a bodacious banker to facilitate far-flung fund frolicking? All strictly legal, of course.”

“Right this way, sir,” she smiled and led him into her office.

Asch explained he wanted to transfer one of his savings accounts to someone else as inexpensively as possible.

“Ah, Octavia?”

“Good guess, but no. Lydia. I’m buying her place.”

Anita’s eyebrows shot up. “Well, I guess I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.” She gave him a big smile. “And I’m happy that you seem to be willing to stick around for a while. You plan to live there, right? Lydia going to become your renter?”

Asch explained that John had convinced Lydia to move to Easthaven and she wanted to unload the place.

She reflected a moment. Okay, here’s probably the best way to do this. I imagine your account has something equivalent to a signature card. Add her signature to the account. Then remove your signature. Two simple steps. The account itself doesn’t care.

Asch said, “I figured it’d be something like that.” He pushed a folder toward her. “Here’s the info. Can I get you to do the leg work? Broker’s name is Pete; it’s all in the folder. Tell him I hope he comes down to visit sometime.”

Anita took the folder and smiled. “Come back in an hour or so and I’ll have an update for you.

Asch ambled down the street, for once wondering what to do with himself. He had forgotten to bring his laptop, and an hour wasn’t worth the trip back to the house to help out. So he idly explored a few streets he hadn’t particularly been on, looking in the storefronts, occasionally going in, but he didn’t see much that piqued his interest. He bought a couple peaches at a corner grocery, but most of the stores were souvenir stores, no two exactly alike, but all pretty much the same. He found himself at Bill’s bikes, so he poked his head in.

Jenny and Sharon were engaged in animated conversation, but interrupted themselves when the saw Asch. “Hi, Mr. Jones! How’s that bike carrier working? Need some more energy bars?”

“No thanks. I’m just killing time while the bank does some financial stuff for me, and I thought I’d see if I could find any hard-working people to interrupt.”

“Oh! That would be Charlie you want to interrupt then.” The girls took turns talking. “He’s putting some bikes together. We’re just gossiping. About Charlie, as a matter of fact. He took both of us out for ice cream last night and made us go dutch without seeming to, and he got us all excited about being underwater models for him.” They wiggled their hips and fluffed their hair. “Only he didn’t call us models, but subjects. We think we’d be better models.” They continued to posture, pretending to be fashion models, especially Sharon.

Jenny wrinkled her brow a little. “Tell us, Mr. Jones. What do you think of Charlie? Think he’s as good a kid as he seems to be? Think he’s cute?”

Asch looked thoughtful. “Well, my experience with him has been good, but then I’m not an attractive young lady, much less two of them. I’d say take it slow. Your going out as a threesome is probably silivri escort a good idea. Cute? Ask Octavia that one, but I’d say both he and Bill are pretty good looking.

Sharon got a blank look for a moment. It had never occurred to her to think of Bill as good looking. He had to be a good ten years older than she. She brightened. “Oh! Guess what? Lydia is coming to live with us. Dad proposed and she said maybe, which I think means yes. She’s gonna put her house on the market and everything.” She looked down, “It would be fun to move into her place, but with Dad being the mayor and all, we’re pretty married to Easthaven. But it would have made a shorter commute to school and here,” she waved her hand to indicate the bike shop.

Asch smiled gently. “How would you feel if I told you the house has already been sold, and I’m the one who bought it?”

Both girls made celebratory body motions, but just them a family came in and they had to end the conversation.

Asch chuckled to himself and headed back to the bank.


Somehow the place looked bare, even though the furniture was still in place and the trio of movers were relaxing around the table, John and Lydia holding hands, Octavia looking downright fetching in Asch’s old shirt.

“It’s the art on the walls is gone,” Lydia offered. “Same deal upstairs. Top floor is pretty much unchanged. Haven’t moved the telescope yet, though.”

“I think we finally got everything packed. The car and truck are both loaded,” ventured John. “We have some unpacking to do back home. We hung around figuring you’d be along with whatever news you had.”

Asch plopped himself into a chair. “You’re welcome to leave the telescope here. I’ll be careful with it,” he promised, “and you have a schedule of visits, as I recall.” He held out a small envelope. “Sign this and drop it off with Anita at the bank, and the deal is done.”

Lydia got up and went to a drawer. Fishing out some papers, she offered them to Asch. “The place is yours!” She tried to smile. “I think all you have to do is take it to the courthouse and give some money to the Registrar of Deeds.” She opened the envelope and signed the form Asch had given her, and handed it back. “Since you’re heading back to town, care to drop this off for me? I think Anita won’t have any trouble notarizing it. Then we can get to Easthaven.” She stood up.

Asch accepted the signature card, and looked at the papers she had pulled out of the drawer. One looked approximately like a car title, all the blanks filled in. The other was the deed. He looked up and took a deep breath. “Welcome to my new home! I’m honored to have you all as my first guests!” He got up and gave Lydia a hug, and she took a shaky breath and squeezed him back thoroughly. He and John shook hands.

Octavia threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. “So how much is my rent gonna be, sir? Can I pay some by doing dishes?” She pouted. “Or do I have to move back home?”

Asch pretended to look thoughtful. “Well, since I’m not paying rent any more, I think maybe I should charge you double,” he raised an eyebrow. “Maybe triple. Let’s see, how much is three times zero?”

Everybody chuckled.

Octavia brightened. “Before you guys all leave again, lemme fix some sandwiches. We can have our first meal together with me as the cook.”

Lydia and Octavia put together some lunch and they all dug in, especially John. “I haven’t worked so hard since, well, since I can remember.”

“I think I should be able to give you some work to do,” remarked Lydia. “I have some ideas for hanging some pictures and moving some furniture.”

“Ah, just what the old place needs, a woman’s touch!” said John. “Um speaking of a woman’s touch, would you be willing to touch this?” and he handed her a small box.

She tentatively opened it. “I suppose if I touch it, that would change my maybe to yes, right?”

John kept his mouth shut, but looked hopeful and expectant.

Lydia waited a couple more heartbeats, then took the ring and put it on her finger. “Gimme a kiss, big boy,” she smiled tearily at him.

“Get a room! Get a room!” Octavia chanted. “Lemme see the ring!”

They broke apart, but kept an arm around each other, and Lydia held out her hand.

“Why that’s beautiful,” Octavia exclaimed. She got a devilish look in her eye. “You didn’t get another gift from Slimy, did you?”

John pretended to get on his high horse. “I should say not! I saved up for that for years!” He got a twinkle in his eye. “Not to mention mortgaging the house and selling my car.”

Lydia punched his arm affectionately. “As long as he thinks I’m worth it.” She turned to Octavia. “Do you think you could drive the truck down to Easthaven? I want to ride with my fiance.”

“Sure, I can do that. Asch has to run those errands in town, and it’s still several hours before I have to go to Rita’s.” She gave Asch a kiss. “And I get to drive the TRUCK! I might have you come and get me later.”

They went their separate ways. Octavia helped John and Lydia unpack and admired the house. Lydia gave Octavia the keys and title to the truck on condition she could borrow it on occasion. Asch’s two errands went smoothly. He picked up a dozen roses to put on the kitchen table for Octavia, and so he sould stare at them and think. He didn’t get the chance, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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