First Gay, Forever Gay

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I had just started my second semester at university and was almost 19. I hade always fantasized about man to man sex but never acted on it, always too scared to admit that I liked it. I had become quite friendly with one of my professors the first semester and even though I never had him for classes the second we remained good friends.

He was 45 or so, average build, thick dark hair, clean shaven and I felt, very attractive. I am about 5 ft 11in 165 so thinner but decent with muscle structure, the girls in high school thought I was cute at least. About February Jamie invited me over to his house for a party, he told me it was just a few guys getting together to have a few beers, a little pot and watch a few movies. “nothing too exciting” or so it seemed.

I arrived at the specified time to find Jamie and a couple other guys, Paul and Rob. Jamie introduced me as his prize pupil and gave me a beer. We chatted for a bit until the others came, in total there were now 7 of us. I looked around somewhat nervously as I noticed some were holding hands and such. My cock responded by getting hard, as I had to admit to myself I was right about Jamie. He seemed much like a gay boy I knew when I was younger, not quite femme but not quite “manly” you know?

Rob lit a joint and passed it around, then another and another. That was when Jamie put in the movie. poker oyna I noticed right away that it only had guys names and warned of sexual content. This excited me further as the pot was working on my inhibitions and fears.

I sat on the love seat with Jamie right next to me, his arm behind me. I watched the movie in awe feeling my own pre cum working out as the action on screen got hotter. Suddenly I was very aware of Jamie’s hand on my crotch resting on my straining cock. His lips were inches from my ear as he whispered to me.

“Ever been with a guy Tracie?”

“No,” I hoarsely replied. “But you want to don’t you boy?”

“Yessss, god.”

He squeezed my cock harder then turned my face to kiss me, that broke my fixation on the TV and saw the others in various embraces and states of dress. I thought t myself my god what’s happening? Then I felt his tongue in my mouth and my attention was firmly on him. The kiss was the most passionate I had ever had, I was no virgin as I had girls in high school but I had never experienced anything so hot. As we kissed deeper and deeper he undid my shirt and removed it, then my pants button and fly. I lifted my ass as he slid down my pants and boxers, I never felt so naked and accepted all at the same time. His lips came back to mine and he grabbed my oozing cock and I moaned deeply. He stopped, stood up and canlı poker oyna removed his clothes. I just stared at his nakedness, admiring his mature but firm body and hard uncut 6 inch cock. He sat back down his skin next to mine making it tingle and started stroking my 8 inch cut cock. “suck me Tracie” he asked, and I leaned over and took my first cock into my mouth. The spongy head felt so good to my tongue and mouth, filling it as I continued down the shaft until the head touched the back of my throat. Then back up, swirling my tongue around the head tasting the drops of cum at the tip. Up, down, up down I continued my lust for this man’s organ. He was moaning and stroking my hair, I was moaning enjoying the passion the taste the forbidden lust I had kept away for so long.

Entranced as I was on Jamie’s hard cock I never noticed the others had stopped and were watching. 5 others all over 40, some gay, some bi, some married, some single as I later found out. I felt one of them put something in my ass and it felt good, he used his fingers to put some lube and massage it. I felt loose and ready, I wasn’t tense at all. I had gotten on my knees to blow Jamie better by this time and at least 3 others were near us, my ass in the air 3 fingers form an unknown assailant in it working it. My cock was just dripping cum on the floor and Paul had gotten under internet casino me and started sucking it, god it felt soo good.

Jamie was really panting hard grabbing my head as I felt his cock pulse then erupt in my mouth. The sweet, sticky salty cum filled my mouth and ran over my tongue and I swallowed as fast as I could to get it all. About the same time Rob had put the head of his cock against my virgin asshole and started to push it in. I moaned as the head split my hole open forcing it inside. I had seen Rob’s cock and it looked huge but the pain was quickly fading as the cum still lingered in my mouth and Paul was sucking on my cock. Another man quickly filled my empty mouth with his cock as Rob continued to fill my tight asshole, I was moaning and pushing back while I sucked another cock.

I came hard in Paul’s mouth and he got up all covered in my cum, which Jamie quickly licked off. Watching something so slutty, then realizing I was in the middle of 6 naked horny men myself, got me hard again. Just then Rob exploded filling my virgin ass with its first taste of cum. As he pulled out his cum dripped onto my balls and Steve got down and rimmed my and cleaned me. Then he stuck his cock in my ass just as john had exploded in my mouth, mm more cum.

Before the night was through all the men had filled my ass and mouth. I stayed the night with Jamie, sleeping in his bed and feeling so wonderful. I loved the taste of cum, the feel of cock in my mouth and my ass. So you see my first time was hard to live up to, but I have not had trouble finding those to who want to try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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