First Night with Alison

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First Night with Alison

I’m a 60 year old man and still have more passion and desire in me then most people half my age. My neighbor Alison always comes to me when she has any kind of small home repair to do. She divorced her husband two years ago after she found out he was screwing other women.
This time she called me over just to change a light bulb in her ceiling fan in the master bed room. Nothing that she couldn’t do so I think that it was just an excuse to get me in her panties. I was wearing a t-shire and loose shorts, no underwear by the way. When I do outside yard work in the summer months I try to wear as little as possible because of the heat but at the same time trying to stay decent in front of the public.
So taking off my shoes and standing on her bed I took the old little bulb out of the fixture. I asked Alison to hand me the new light bulb and she did. After handing me the new light bulb she slowly slides her hand down the front of my thigh. Hesitating for a few seconds just below the leg of my shorts but on my thigh; as if trying to make a decision, she slowly started moving her hand up under my shorts and fondled my balls and cock. Ohhhh!!! Did that feel great.
She looked up into my eyes, smiled and said she could see my cock and balls up under the shorts leg seems I hadn’t any underwear on. She said that she hasn’t been with a man since her divorce and was horny as all get out. The light bulb is in and I pull her hand out from under my shorts so I can get off the bed. I really wanted her to keep caressing and fondling me.
Once I was standing on the floor she started pulling my t-shirt over my head, she dropped and squatted and began to blow up my shorts leg and onto my cock. As my shirt landed to the floor I unsnapping my shorts and pulled down the zipper. She took care of the rest antalya escort bayan by pulling my shorts down to my ankles. Now my cock was in full view for Alison’s’ eyes. Placing my hands on her head she blew her hot breath over my cock from head to nuts.

She now took my cock in her mouth and began giving me the best blow job that I had ever had. At one point she grabbed my hips and began bobbing her head up and down, fucking my cock with her mouth. I grabbed her head and held it there while I started moving my own hips back and forth, fucking my cock in and out of her mouth over and over and over again. I then wanted to feel the head of my cock deep in her throat and shoved it down till her mouth rested against the base of my cock. The longer I held my cock down her throat the harder it became for her to breathe so I would pull out every few seconds hearing her gasping for air. I didn’t want to suffocate her. She started to slobber all over my cock, the longer I held my cock down her throat, the worse it got. She almost made a string of spit from her mouth to my cock head when she pulled out to relax her jaw for a few seconds.

I pulled her up on her feet and then laid her on her back on her bed; making sure that her pussy was right on the edge. I got down on my knees so that my face was straight across from and looking right at her very wet pussy. I wasted no time and began licking and nibbling on her pussy lips. I love slurping pussy juice from a woman’s cunt and she was so wet and dripping that I was in cum heaven. I can honestly say that the more a woman’s pussy runs of her love juice the more I love sucking it. There can never be too much cunt juice for me to lick clean of her pussy.
I brought Alison to one of the most memorable orgasms she ever had. She started squirting and drenched my face; escort bayan it was more like a flood and I was wishing that it would never stop. As said, “All good things must come to an end.” She forced my head closer to her cunt lips with her hands and squeezed my head with her thighs. She told me that she has never squirted and this was the first time ever. By the time I was done eating her pussy I had given her four orgasms.

She said that she couldn’t take any more and had to have me inside her. She released her thighs and said, “FUCK ME” “FUCK ME NOW”. I stood up and she could see her juices all over his face. Because I am impotent, I pumped my cock up with my vacuum pump then slowly slid inside her. Once inside her I started the fucking motions of the in and out, again and again; slow at first then a little quicker. I made sure to pull almost out then slide back in. She screamed at me to fuck her “HARDER” and that I did. Coming almost out then forced back in hard. “HARDER” she said.

And again I did. “HARDER” “FUCK ME HARDER” she screamed again. I took hold of her hips and began really slamming into her sloshy fuck hole. The noise that was coming out of her mouth where animalistic. I had her OHHING and AHHING. It felt so good. She begin to pinch and twist on my nipples as I was fucking her pussy like an animal gone wild. I have unbelievable stay power and I must have made Alison cum at least another three times. That’s seven orgasms and I haven’t even had one yet. She said that she didn’t think that she could handle any more orgasms without a rest. “I know, I know, but let me finish. Let me get my first orgasm.”

I stood her up and bent her over so that her hands where on the bed and her legs where spread wide on the floor. My pussy is a little sore right now, “PUT IT IN MY ASS” she said. “WHAT”? antalya escort I said. “FUCK MY ASS SHE SAID.” I didn’t need to be told again. I love fucking a womans’ ass. I moved up behind her and pressed the head of my cock to her brown star and slowly it popped in, just past the head. She grabbed for the bed sheets as I continued to go inside her ass, more and more, till finally I hit bottom. I kindly let her adjust to my being buried as far as I could go. She finally relaxed and I began moving very slowly in and out.
She said that she had only let her ex fuck her ass a few times on special occasions, but never let him cum in her ass. But she knew I had not cum yet and this would take me over the edge. The more I moved, the better and better it felt. I found a nice rhythm, and took hold of her hips and began fucking her faster. Alison just couldn’t help it and began begging for me to cum in her ass. “CUM IN MY ASS, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MY ASS, COME ON BABY FUCK ME,” she said looking over her shoulder at me and gritting her teeth. And then bam, bam, I was cumming. I shoot inside of her ass with such force that she felt it. I came so much but I didn’t quit and continued fucking her more. She still braced her hands on the bed and again it started feeling good. A couple minutes fucking her ass and she couldn’t help but play with herself. With one hand she held on to the bed sheets and with the other hand she started rubbing her clit. I reach down under her and shoved two of my fingers into her pussy rubbing against her g-spot. Her and I both lost track of how many more times she cum that time but she did say that her ex had never made her cum so hard and so much in one fuck section. She said that she needed the rest of the day to relax but wanted to know if I would come back the next day and fuck her brainless again.
“Hell yes” I said, “It has been a little while since I had been fucked by a hot woman and if there is one thing that I love to do that is to make a woman orgasm over and over again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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