First Times Getting Sucked

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First time in an ABS:

It was 1980, I was a tall, thin, 18 yr old Marine stationed in San Diego. This was back when you could drink at 18 and there was no random drug testing. I spent one of my first nights there wandering around downtown in a pot and alcohol induced haze. I was eyeing the prostitutes but didn’t think I had enough money for them, since I’d already dropped most of my cash in the strip joints. I made my way into an adult bookstore with a flashing “peep shows” sign. This was back in the day when each booth had it’s own movie playing. it was so long ago that I don’t remember what movie I selected, other than it was for sure a hetero sexual one, as I had surely never thought of man on man sex at that time. While I don’t remember the movie playing, I surely have never forgotten what happened next!

I settled into a very comfortably sized booth, with a bench facing the video screen, and inserted my tokens. Thinking I had locked the door, I dropped my shorts to my ankles, sat on the bench and began stroking my 7″ now hard cock. I was so high and buzzed that I didn’t even notice the door opening, but a man immediately is on his knees between my legs and takes me into his mouth. In my buzzed state I must have somehow forgotten to lock the door!! At this stage of my life I’d only had sex with one girl, and never had gotten a blowjob. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to say “stop I’m not gay”. All I knew was that I’m feeling something casino siteleri more pleasurable than I’ve ever experienced, he was maybe in his 40s, physically fit, clean shaven and his mouth was like velvet. With my balls getting gently squeezed in one hand, he was easily able to take every inch of my cock in his mouth. He slowly worked his way to the base, and I could feel his tongue flicking on my balls. As he slowly bobbed his head up and down, my swollen cock glistened with his saliva. I’m sure that within minutes I was about to have the most incredible orgasm of my young life. He must have felt in cumming… because he grabbed my balls and buried his head on my lap and I pulsated stream after stream of hot cum while feeling my cock at the back of his throat. He drained every drop from my hard cock, looked up and smiled and said thank you and slipped out the door.

I locked the door, and sat there for several minutes. What just happened? I’m not gay, and I certainly didn’t ask him to do that. But it felt so good, that the pleasure outweighed the guilty feeling that was overwhelming me. I pulled my pants up and exited the booth. It seemed like every man in there was looking at me like they knew what had just happened… did they? I walked out of the store and jumped on the first city bus back to base.

This turned out to be the first of probably a hundred times that I’ve had bookstore and or glory hole sex. I’m a happily married man, with a slot oyna great sex life with my beautiful wife. But every now and then I still go back for an anonymous blowjob. I now live in the Tampa Bay area, which probably has more book stores and glory holes of any metropolitan area.

First time I was paid to get sucked:

I was in the Marines, 18 yrs old, and had just arrived in San Diego, CA to my new base a few months before. I was hitch hiking into town, to check out the strip joints and ABS’s. Didn’t have much money but was bored and horny… as I was most of the time! I nice looking older man picked me up, maybe in his 40-50s but very fit. he asked me some polite questions, where I’m from, what branch of the military I was in.

We chatted as we drove, then his hand made his was to my lap, just barely touching cock, which you could see the outline of thru my tight jean shorts, as I’ve never worn underwear. I just froze and didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t stop him, but I felt myself getting hard, and my face getting flushed. He gently rubbed in until my swollen head stuck out of the short cutoff shorts that were the style back then. He then asked me if he could pull over and suck it, but I nervously said no, I’m not gay. He said how about if I pay you $20, it won’t make you gay. Again nervously I said yes, and he pulled over by the airport runway where people often pull over to watch the planes land and take off.

I pulled my pants down canlı casino siteleri to my ankles, my cock was rock hard in anticipation. He grabbed my balls and started licking from my balls to the swollen head and back down again. I blankly stared at the planes, refusing to look down and face the fact that a man was sucking my cock. I’m not gay I kept telling myself, I’m not gay. He then took the head of my cock in his mouth, and I could feel his tongue swirling around like he was licking a lollipop. Next thing I know his head starts bobbing up and down, pausing at the bottom with his nose buried in my curly pubes, and the head of my cock touching the back of his throat. He kept up a slow pace bobbing up and down while gently tugging at my cum filled sack and softly squeezing my balls one at a time. This seemed to go on forever.

He must have felt that I was about to cum because he grabbed my balls and pulled them down, and squeezed the base of my cock not allow my load to shoot as I starting my orgasm. With my cock at the back of his throat he released both my balls and the base of my cock and I exploded in his throat feeling surge after surge. He continued sucking my softening cock until every last drop was out. I finally looked down, as my cock, glistening with saliva emerged from his soft lips. He thanked me and handed me a $20 bill.

We then silently finished our drive downtown, where I continued my evening like nothing had ever happened. That would turn out to be the first of many times someone paid me to suck me. Later in my life while in heterosexual relationships I’d only let guys suck me if they paid me. I think I rationalized it as I’m not gay, I just need the money!

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