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Flames was a strip club on the east side of the Baltimore. It wasn’t one of those fancy clubs you’ll see in Miami or Atlanta but it was good for what it was. I’ve been there a few times in recent months and always had a good time drinking and tipping the ladies.

I put three dollars in quarters in the parking meter and walked a half a block towards Flames. Two strippers were outside smoking Newports and chattering about how slow it was in the club. Both of the ladies were slim with long weaves and nice sized titties. Their asses were smaller than what I prefer but it was cool with me. They still looked beautiful.

“That’ll be $10.” The woman at the door said to me as the bouncer patted me down. I gave her the money and walked into the club. The lights from the DJ booth bounced throughout the room as men tip the dancers. The two ladies outside were right; it was slow. No more than thirty people not counting the dancers. Even though the crowd was light, the atmosphere was still energizing.

I went to the bar, ordered me some brown liquor and sat down in front of the stage watching the girls do their thing. Some worked the pole and others walked around giving out lap dances. Every 5 minutes or so I stood up from my seat and threw a few dollars on the stage. I wasn’t making it rain like the hustler’s but my few dollars were appreciated as each dancer gave everyone that tipped them a hug and thank them after their performance.

This one dancer poker oyna named Bubbles was always on duty when I came to Flames. She was beautiful, had a nice shape and could perform well with or without the pole. Not unless I was really drunk, I don’t remember ever getting a lap dance from her. This other dancer named Strawberry was my favorite lap dancer but I didn’t see her in the building.

“Thank you boo!” Bubbles said giving me a hug after she stepped off the stage. She was the fourth dancer of the night that showed me some love. One thing about Flames, is that they had regular chicks with real asses. No fake booties. Most of the dancers were from the suburbs or the other side of the city.

“You’re welcome…I want a private dance.” I responded whispering in her ear.

“Ok, you know it’s $50 right?”

“Yes indeed.” I said shaking my head in agreement.

Bubbles lead me into this private room that was reserved for private dances. The room was about 10 x 10 in size, so it wasn’t roomy. It had one large leather chair that was in the middle and three mirrors on the wall except for the door. I sat down in the chair as she closed the door behind us. I only get two songs for the $50.

“Where’s the money?” she said rubbing her fingers together.

“Right here.” I shot back giving her two $20’s and a $10.

Bubbles sported a banana yellow g-string with a matching top. She had big brown lips that were super glossy and made for canlı poker oyna giving blow jobs. I didn’t have to worry about getting my dick sucked at Flames because they had a “No Sexual Act” policy. The only thing that the dancers could do was take off their tops. Bubbles took off her top revealing her titties with large areolas and nipples.

My dick slowly began to rise under my sweat pants as she started twerking.

“Get it!” I said.

Before the first song was complete, she did many tricks with her basketball booty. Making her cheeks clap, moving them one at a time and massaging them with her hands showing me how soft her booty was. The DJ switched songs, which happen to be a Two Live Crew song.

“You got another $50?, she asked.

“Why?” I shot back looking confused. I thought it was only $50, I said to myself.

“Place closes in 15 minutes. Do you want to do something extra? Ain’t no more money for me to make out there.” Bubbles said looking at her watch.

“Let’s do it!”

Bubbles, who had long braids, head went up and down as her lips glistened my dick. I could feel her tongue slither on the bottom part of my meat making it feel extra good. Since the time was getting short, she started deepthroating me back to back trying to make me cum fast. With about two minutes to go on the song, she asked me a question that shocked me.

“Wanna fuck?” she asked pulling a condom out of her purse where she put the money.

“Hell internet casino yeah, I wanna fuck!”

“Calm down, calm down.” she chuckled.

Since the floor was hardwood and she didn’t want to hurt her knees, Bubbles just bent over the leather chair and parted her legs. I put on the condom and smashed her chocolate booty. Her pussy was real tight and wet. Not loose like this other this chick named Peaches I knew in the hood.

“Make it quick?” she asked moaning.


After pounding her cheeks for another minute, I told her, “Come swallow this nut!”

“Oh you freaky!” she said to me turning around opening her mouth. I took off the rubber and jerked my dick until I dumped massive load in her mouth. Bubbles instantly started draining the rest of the cum out of my dick.

“Tasty.” she said grabbing her big loose titties in her hands, licking her lips. With my dick semi hard, she took her titties and jiggled them up and down my dick. In the hood we call it titty fucking. I was thinking to myself, I wish I could take her to the motel tonight.

“Shit!” I grunted, feeling my soul leave my body for a second time as her titties felt like pillows on my dick. A third song was now playing but since she broke the rules for some extra change, she didn’t care. After she fondled my dick for around another 30 seconds, she stopped and put her top back on.

“I’m here every Friday and Saturday.” she said giving me a hug.

“That’s what’s up.”

Bubbles lead me out of the private area into the actual club. It felt like my soul was coming back to my body as I gracefully walked towards the exit. This was a night I would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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