Flashback Reality Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

I was meeting Sanoo after a long time. Despite her transformation, I recognised her from the photographs that she had messaged me yesterday. My God! She has grown into such a beautiful, attractive woman! She had got in touch after so many years and had suggested meeting up for dinner. I didn’t know what to expect. When we met seven years ago, our last day together had turned out to be quite interesting.

I flash-backed to when we met at grandma’s house for my 18th birthday.

I was quite the village boy, rather innocent for my age as (I realised later on). Sanoo and I had left her parents with my grandma in the dining room, chatting away as usual, whilst we moved to the sitting room. She was a proper smart city girl, with a nice short bob cut, her dark hair framing a pretty face. She seemed to enjoy teasing me all the time. Half the time I couldn’t understand what she was saying till she laughingly explained. We played cards together in the hallway for some time but it was probably getting a bit boring for her I suspected. Suddenly Sanoo whispered to me.

“Lets go to the attic. Remember? We used to play a lot in there when we were kids.” There was a twinkle in her eyes. I was curious but not very enthusiastic. She pulled on my hand and dragged me to the attic.

I was little apprehensive as I remembered being totally embarrassed by her the last time we were there, around the age of ten or so. She had pulled my shorts down in front of the other two girls, her friends, exposing my penis, all of them giggling like crazy. I was miserable with shame for days together!

Seeing my reluctance whilst getting up the ladder, she laughed. “Oh, don’t worry,” Sanoo said. “I won’t pull the same stunt again! Not unless you want me to!” Looking at my red face she raised her hands and grinned, “I am only kidding!”

I still felt a shiver run through me. The thought of her pulling down my trousers caused a little familiar stirring – I’d been troubled by these happenings.

“Uhh, ok.” I was a little anxious now.

As I followed her on the narrow stairs to the attic, I happened to glance up and saw up her skirt! My heart started thudding loudly as I saw black panties, the roundness of her buttocks spilling out on the sides of the edges. I quickly averted my gaze but my penis was now fully hard and there was strange flutter rippling through me.

As we came up into the attic I was thankful for the low light, hoping she wouldn’t seen the bulge in my trousers. I didn’t want to be embarrassed again!

Sanoo found a candle and matches and she lit one up. We explored the attic in the dim flickering light.

Suddenly she screamed, dropped the candle, which promptly blew out. I could feel her whirl around, step towards me and grabbed me hard in a tight embrace, her body trembling.

“What’s wrong Sanoo?”

“There is a big spider!”

I laughed! If there were somethings we village folks never worried about were the bugs and animals around us. These city people…!

And then I realised what was happening – Sanoo was pressing her body hard against me, her soft breasts against my chest, her front against me! My hardened penis…I was sure she could feel that! Damn! This was turning out to be very embarrassing again. I tried to break the embrace, but she resisted. I could feel her heart thudding against mine, so she must be genuinely frightened.

Or not…! Because suddenly I felt her hand come down and cup my bulging erection! I involuntarily moaned with the sudden pleasurable contact. I’d never been touched like that by anybody. Sure I rubbed myself now and then, not knowing what to do with the hardness, often at night!

Again I tried to push her away, this time more forcefully.

“You are big!” She giggled.

“Come on Sanoo, what are you doing!”

She lit the fallen candle again and stared at my crotch. I tried to turn away.

“Hey…hey…hey…let me have a look!” She whispered.

“No way!” My face felt really hot now. No way I was going to be embarrassed again. I turned to go down the stairs, when she said, “Come on Manu. It’ll just be between us.”

“No!” I was firm.

“I’ll tell grandma that you were looking up my skirt!”

That stopped me in my tracks and I turned towards her. Grandma had been looking after me for years and would be really disappointed with me.

“This is blackmail!” I protested.

“Trust me, it will make you happy as well.” Her tone was mischievous and her eyes twinkled in the candlelight.

I was still reluctant and unconvinced.

“Okay. You hold the candle, I will quickly pull your trousers down, have a look and the pull them up, all right?”

This sounded better to me as then then it would not my doing, I thought.

As I held the candle, she kneeled before me. She slowly unbuttoned my trousers. “Be quick, okay?” I tried to rush her.

“Shhhhh…” She whispered back.

With a sudden, sharp movement she pulled my trousers and briefs down. almanbahis I gasped as my hardened penis swung free and stood upright, throbbing away. I had never felt it so hard before as I watched her gazing at it amazed, mouth parted slightly.

There was a loud thumping in the room like a drumbeat, and I realised it was my heart thudding in my chest! My face was really hot now.

“Wow, you are so big!” Before I could do or say anything she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my penis and squeezed, “And so hard…!”

I gasped with surprise and felt a wave of pleasure shoot through me. This was a novel, weird feeling. I didn’t want her to release me, yet it felt not right to me.


“Shhhhhhhh…” She whispered.

She moved her fist up and down my erect penis and I felt a pleasurable feeling course through me. My eyes closed and I swayed a little, feeling light headed!

Suddenly I felt something wet engulf my penis, and as I opened my eyes in surprise and looked down, I saw my penis in her mouth!

I was stunned! The most exquisite pleasure sensation was shooting through my penis, and then travelling through the rest of my body. I started shaking uncontrollably.

Sanoo was now sucking on my penis gently, using her tongue to roll it around the sensitive tip. I seemed to be riding on a wave now, going up and up. I didn’t want her to stop, but then…

“Come on down kids, dinner is ready!” Grandma shouted from downstairs!

I felt my erection fading away promptly.

“Awww…” Sanoo exclaimed, “just when I was enjoying this!”

Looking at our flushed faces, the obvious query of ‘what’s wrong’ was batted away by the explanation of a big spider!

“I’ve never seen such a big spider!” Sanoo winked at me discretely!

“Hello? Where were you lost?” Sanoo said, bringing me back to the present. I smiled at her, embarrassed at the memory from our young days. I was thankful that I was sitting on the couch. I crossed my legs to hide the iron-hard erection that had come on with the memory.

“Sorry! It’s been such a long time – 7 years now?”

“Yes.” Sanoo chuckled. “I am in finance for 5 years now. What are you doing?”

“I just finished my doctor’s training, and am going in for specialist training.”

“So how’s the innocent naive village boy? Transformed into an experienced city dweller?”

My face flushed slightly. “Oh, I am all right.”

“I hope you don’t have any unpleasant memories from the past of any unfinished business!” Her eyes were twinkling in merriment.

My face went red and I went more rigid trying to hide the tenting of my jeans that now felt very painful.

“Oh! I don’t remember anything.” I tried to deny.

“Well, try to say that standing up! I am sure a part of you is still remembering it well!” She laughed at my discomfort. “Any way let’s have dinner.”

She got up led the way. I quickly adjusted my erection to minimise the obvious bulge, holding my folded jacket to hide it as well. I couldn’t resist watching the sway of her hips, her rounded buttocks sliding sensually beneth her silk dress. I could just about make out the outline of the small triangle of a thong, high up in the cleft of her buttocks. The mesmerising roll of her hips didn’t help my arousal. I dragged my eyes away and tried to catch up with her strides.

Dinner was very pleasant and my ardour gradually settled down, although the plunge of her neckline didn’t help. I kept getting an erection intermittently and had to shift a little to make myself comfortable.

“You seem restless,” Sanoo raised her eyebrows. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am just thinking of tomorrow’s journey. I have a long train journey ahead and it’s an early morning start.” I mumbled.

“Really? You always loved the trains, is that why you are not flying?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you sure you are okay to drop me off to my apartment? I can always take a taxi.” Sanoo looked concerned.

“Don’t be ridiculous! We are meeting after such a long time! It is unfortunate that my travel date was booked a long time ago, otherwise I would have loved to show you around the city. I didn’t know you just moved here till last night.”

“Well…I wasn’t sure you would remember me after such a long time” Sanoo said. “I certainly wouldn’t have recognised you if I hadn’t seen your video, which your mum sent to me. You have grown up to be such a…handsome personality. I bet you are popular with the girls.” Her eyes seem to glint mischievously.

“Oh…I would never forget you!” I blurted out. “And you look beautiful and smart!” I added.

“Oh you charmer, you know what to say to woman, don’t you? And yes…I knew you would remember me. After all I was a really good doctor to you, wasn’t I?” She laughed as I blushed hard. “And the girls…?” Her curiosity persisted.

“I actually have been pretty busy with my studies and training has been quite hard. I don’t have a girlfriend, almanbahis giriş if that’s what you are trying to get out of me,” I replied.

“Ok…now that’s a surprise! But I am sure you must have had some interesting experiences, other than in grandma’s house!” She laughed again.

I flash-backed to my first year training job on the hospital ward.

Today I saw her again on my night duty. Di was a very hyper, constantly bustling, hard working health care assistant. She was so empathatetic that all the patients loved her. She was in her late forties but had a superb buxom figure. She only did nights, but I saw her almost every time I was on nights. I got along well with her and we chatted frequently despite our busy duties.

Today though was Saturday night and it was fairly quiet. I was at the nurses’ desk writing up some reports. All nurses were in their coffee room as there were not many patients. The bay in front of me had only one advanced cancer patient, waiting to be discharged for the last three days. He called out to me “Doctor – could you plese send Di in?”

I knew he got along well with Di. I walked down to the nurses’ coffee room and told Di, who promptly got up and walked to the bay.

As I walked behind her I noticed that beneath her tight cotton dress her buttocks swung freely and there was that hint that she was wearing a thong. I felt myself hardening and by the time I reached my desk, I was fully aroused. I quickly sat down and went back to my paperwork trying to suppress my thoughts.

I could hear muffled conversation between Di & the patient, and then the sound of the screen being pulled around. After about 5 minutes I heard a muffled moan. Thinking Di might need a hand, I got up and stepped in the bay. Patient’s low moaning was now quite evident with a regular odd sound. Suddenly cautious, I stepped noiselessly and peeped through the slit of the curtain join. I was shocked!

I saw Di bent near the bed with her back to me, her dress taut against her buttocks with her thongs now very obvious. More so, I could see her right hand moving rhythmically in the patient’s lower abdominal area. His eyes were closed and he was moaning softly. My heart started thudding rapidly and my erection was back in an instant, straining against my theatre scrubs. I started to rub myself from the outside. Then I saw the patient’s left hand come up and grab Di’s right buttock. He started caressing and kneading it. Slowly the tempo of Di’s hand-movements increased. The patient’s hand left her buttock and travelled up to her front. I could almost visualise him squeeze her ample breast. My erection was now getting painful! In a moment the patient lifted his hips, gave a sigh and collapsed. Di turned to the right to grab a towel and saw me through the slit. Ashamed, I quickly turned away and rushed out of the bay.

With the shame almost burning me, I quickly walked to the doctor’s room. I stood near the window looking out, but only seeing Di’s hand pumping rhythmically and her taut rounded behind split by thongs. My heart was going like a trip hammer and it didnt seem that it would quieten any time soon.

I heard the doctors’ room door close behind me softly. I didn’t want to turn around as I guessed that Di was there. Sure enough she said softly “Doctor – can I explain?”

I didn’t trust myself to say anything or even turn around for the fear of her noticing the massive tenting of the theatre scrub caused by my almost painful erection. I simply nodded with my back to her.

“You see Doctor, our patient in bay 3 is going to die in a few weeks. He also lost his wife to stroke three months ago. He was feeling very lonely and was craving for some sexual release. I really felt for him and gave him a release.”

I didn’t say anything. I heard her coming close and then felt her hand on my shoulder. My throbbing erection got even harder! She gently turned me around and then noticed my hand trying to cover my self.

“Oh…so we have a problem here as well,” she laughed softly. “Looks like you too need a relief.” She said playfully.

I was still not trusting myself to speak. Di took my hand away and her eyes grew round. “Oooh…you are a big boy!” She exclaimed. “Just hold on…” She turned quickly and locked the door. Turning back, she quickly stepped close to me and kneeled down.

“You know, I always liked you. So I am going to do this because of that, not because of any guilt about my actions. By the way, do you have a girlfriend?”

Again I simply shook my head, rather than trust my voice.

“Oh you poor boy, you must be starving!”

Di undid the tie of my scrubs and pulled them down. Now I was in my briefs through which my erection was straining and pulsing madly. Making a cooing sound, Di hooked her fingers in my briefs and pulled them down. My erection sprung free and I could see a drop of moisture at the tip. Slowly Di used her right fist to encircle my shaft and her left hand cupped my testicles. almanbahis yeni giriş A sharp stab of pain shot through me and I involuntarily moaned and closed my eyes.

“You are so thick!” Di exclaimed, “I can barely get my fingers around you.” She went whispering other things softly, although my only focus of attention were the waves of pleasure coming from below. She moved her hand up and down my erection, baring the red bulbous end. After some strokes, I looked down to see that her temple was glistening with sweat beads and her mouth was half open with the tip of her tongue peeking out. I suddenly remembered Sanoo! My hips involuntarily thrust forward, bringing my penis head close to Di’s parted lips.

“Now this I do want to do!” She whispered glancing upwards. She opened her mouth and slowly engulfed my erection. I could feel her tongue rolling around the head and I started to thrust gently and involuntarily. Her left hand came up behind and started squeezing my naked buttocks alternately, caressing and dipping between the cleft. It felt like heaven! She pulled me out of her mouth and started licking the shaft and the head lovingly. My hip pumping started increasing. Di stopped and said “Get on the bed and lie down, I don’t want you messing my uniform!”

She led me to the bed holding my erection with a gentle pumping action continued to keep my sexual intensity going. I lay down with her now bending over me.

“This is a bit uncomfortable.” Di said. I felt cheated when she released my throbbing hard-on. But then the throbbing got more intense as I watched her pull up her dress to reveal her panties and then she straddled me across my thighs. Her soft buttocks were now on my thighs. She then resumed her pumping. My hips started lifting again as I could feel the tension building up.

Di looked at my face and stopped – “Easy tiger, not that quick”! She whispered. As the wave pased away, she slid down my legs and restarted using her tongue around the base of my erection. She licked all around and then sucked on my testicles one by one. The slight ache actually made the pleasure even more. She returned to the shaft and then gradually moved to the head. As she licked the ridge, flicking her tongue at the tip, I found the tension mounting. My hips started lifting again. Again she stopped. This time she unbuttoned the top of her dress, pulling out her breasts one by one. I was now getting desperate for a release as I gazed at those lovely melon shaped, rose-tipped globes. She took both my hands and then placed on her breasts. I didn’t need any further encouragement. My hands started gently kneading her breasts, lightly pinching her already erect nipples. I could see Di’s eyes glaze as she moaned softly. She put her head down again and put my erection in her mouth. She gently sucked, rolling her toungue around the ridge of my penis head. She started moving her right fist up and down the shaft and cupped my testicles with the left. Slowly the tension built up again. As my hips started thrusting slowly, then wildly – Di quickly pulled my erection out of her mouth and started pumping her fist to inlude the penis head. Her timing was perfect, within two or three strokes I ejaculated with the stream almost reaching my lower chest! My buttocks squeezed hard and stayed in air for a long time, almost trembling with the release.

Di’s face was really flushed red and I realised I was squeezing her breasts hard. I quickly released her and she sighed. I realised she was gently rubbing herself on my shins as I could feel the wetness through her panty-front. Her eyes were partly closed, she was licking her lips and moaning softly. I stretched my arms and grabbed her waist to pull her up slightly. As she slid up I grabbed her rounded, soft buttocks and started moving her wet front against the taut muscles of my right thigh. Her moaning increased and quickly escalated. She ground her hips firmly against my thigh. Within a few strokes she arched her back, put her right fist in her mouth, suppressing any loud sound and shuddered, her two thighs squeezing my thigh almost painfully tight.

After a few seconds, seemimg like a lot more time than seconds, Di opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. “I bet that was good for you young man, it certainly was for me!” She then wiped her wet hands on my theatre scrub top laughing naughtily. She replaced her lovely breasts in her dress as I looked at them longingly and buttoned herself up. Looking at my face she smiled and exclaimed, “No more you naughty boy! Enough for today!” Her voice held a promise for the future and as she climbed off me and straightened her dress and as the wet patch of her panties slowly disappeared I started to harden again.

“You young people,” she laughed. “Always ready to go another round. No more tonight. I have patients to attend to with real nursing duties.”

As Di gently closed the door, my hand was already moving up and down my renewed erection in the memory of what had just happened!

“Hey…you are lost again.” Sanoo brought me back to the present with a jerk. “Must be some special things you remembered, your face is like a beetroot!” She laughed.

The only thing I was aware of was my rock hard erection!

“Right, let’s go then.”

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