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I sat there at the gate steaming about why they hadn’t started boarding the damn plane yet. It was already fifteen minutes late for takeoff and they hadn’t let on a single passenger. Of course, being a seasoned traveler I should be used to this, but it seemed more frustrating that for some reason. I’d finished a long weekend of overtime getting a presentation ready for the next week and was anxious to get into town and relax a bit before I had to set up for the conference.

Irritated, I sat thumbing through a sports magazine I had picked up in a shop in the main concourse.

Finally they boarded and actually the crew was very efficient and pleasant, they got us seated and the flight attendant went through pre-flight instructions. When she finished she walked down the aisle smiling as she made visual checks of fastened seat belts. I noticed this young woman the minute I had taken my seat. We exchanged ‘hellos’ but my stare lingered on well after. As she walked on by I couldn’t help but marvel at her lovely legs as they disappeared beneath that gray uniform skirt of hers.

I was sitting in business class, three rows back from the very front so I had a perfect view of my favorite flight attendant taking her seat in one of those that fold down from the wall of the plane. She buckled up like the rest of us but of course facing the opposite direction, facing me. She was only a few feet in front of me, well within prime viewing distance. I had my sports magazine open, but shifted it aside just enough to give me a clear view of those long lovely legs.

I tried to be as discreet as possible as we taxied down the runway and until the plane was finally airborne.

I finally forced myself to behave and took to reading an article on college football. As I read though, the sight of the pretty flight attendant sitting so close wouldn’t leave my thoughts. I couldn’t help myself and let my gaze wander up over the top of the magazine to grab another peek. I did just in time to see her shift in her seat. Her legs and knees separated for only a second but it was enough to start my heart racing at the very lecherous thought of getting a peek up under her uniform skirt.

My head down toward my magazine, my eyes averted upward a little as I eagerly awaited the next shift of her legs. To my disappointment she sat there very much lady-like for the next couple of minutes as the plane continued its ascent. But no sooner had I focused back on the page about my alma mater’s star running back than something caught my eye. Still keeping my head down, but raising my glance I noticed my favorite flight attendant’s legs were crossed and the top leg was rocking up and back. Her shoe was loose now and dangling from her toes.

Oh my gosh!

I’d never thought I had a foot fetish, but the sight of her foot, in sheer stockings flexing up and back like that…the initial fascination turned to arousal all at once. I swallowed hard and shifted in my own seat, needing to get comfortable what with the rise in my pants taking place. Glancing around the rest of business class I noticed this sight was not attracting the same attention of the other passengers. When I looked back at the pretty young lady her feet swayed gently before me, filling my vision, her calf muscles tensing above those gorgeous feet. Damn, those legs went on forever. She crossed and uncrossed her legs several times over the next couple of minutes more, with me as a devoted audience of one. I pretended not to notice and went back to pretending I was interested in my magazine.

When we had made level altitude the flight attendant in a seemingly single move, unbuckled, stood and came walking back down the aisle. It was so abrupt my breath caught in my throat and I nearly dropped my magazine. We made eye contact and she smiled slightly before passing on by me. Once she had gone out of my immediate sight, I exhaled and then breathed in deeply. It was to both to settle myself into my seat to try and reduce the discomfort from the awkward angle of the erection in my pants and also to inhale her scent, whatever that beautiful perfume was.

I closed my eyes for a moment and burned her sight and scent into my brain.

“May I bring you a beverage, sir?”

I did fumble my magazine this time as I heard a female voice beside me. I opened my eyes and noticed a pair of high heels in the aisle next to me. The sexy flight attendant was standing right there beside me!

“Uh, yes, please. I’ll have a ginger ale.” I said much more breathy than I should have for having been sitting for so long. But whether it was that or the look on my face I in turn noticed the flight attendant’s eyes wandering. It was hard to tell exactly what she was looking at but it was very obviously in the direction of my lap. It could have been her naturally conditioned look to check if my seat belt was fastened or it could also have been a glance at the tell-tale bulge I could feel was there. I closed my eyes then reopened them only to find myself glancing a new view presented poker oyna me down the front of her V-necked uniform blouse, down between the scarf that gaped enough to show a little cleavage.

I realized she had leaned down to place a cocktail napkin for the woman in the window seat next to me.

“And you ma’am?”

“Oh yes, I’ll have a glass of white wine please.”

“Sure, I’ll be back with both your drinks in a sec.” She said and turned to walk away.

My gaze shifted immediately to her backside encased so well in that smooth, tight skirt. My cock swelled uncomfortably anew. I immediately pulled the tray table out and once in place I subtly eased my hand under it to try and adjust my growing condition. Only as I did at that very moment the woman next to me chose to get up to go to the lavatory. Thank goodness for the extra leg room in first class. I didn’t have to get up to let her by. That would have been more than embarrassing.

I was still trying to arrange myself though when the flight attendant came back with our drinks.

“Here we go, wine for the lady, who I see has left us for the moment,” she bent over in front of me again this time to set my seat mate’s glass down. The opening between the halves of her scarf this time gave me a glimpse of not only the smooth skin of her delicious cleavage but the overhead reading light glinted off a gold pendant just above that generous valley. It was in the shape of …

“And for the gentleman…”

She was about to place my drink down when at the same moment we hit some turbulence. A little of the ginger ale sloshed over the rim of the glass and into my lap.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir.”

“No, its okay, I’m okay.”

She picked up a handful of napkins off her serving tray, but half of them fell from her hand and into my lap, too.

“Sorry, again, really sir, I’m…” she reached down to retrieve the stray napkins and dab the soft drink from the upper thigh of my pants. Her fingers found more than spilled drink though as she brushed over my hard-on that had extended down that far. Only she didn’t let on she had.

“Luckily you have on dark slacks, sir.” She nodded. “But truly I’m sorry.”

Her stimulation to my cock through my pants, unintended or not brought me from semi-hard to nearly fully erect or as erect as I could be in boxers in a sitting position. The way she had wiped and dabbed, I knew she had to have clearly felt my reaction under her touch; looking in her eyes though she seem unfazed.

Finally, she stood back up, putting the damp napkins on her tray. “Again, I’m sorry, sir. Let me get you a fresh drink.”

“No, no this if fine…I’m good.” I replied, squirming a little more in my seat.

“Are you sure?” The attendant lingered a moment.

I kept looking for that subtle glance down at my lap, but the whole time she looked me straight in the eye.

“No, I mean yes, I’m fine.”

“Well, please ring me if you need anything.” Then she turned and walked back toward the front of the plane.

I ogled that tight backside once more as I tried to adjust in my seat and in my pants. I rubbed the fabric of my slacks with another napkin, dabbing up what else I could of the drink, realizing I was dabbing down the length of my cock. I stopped quickly though as the woman from the window seat made her way back. She didn’t say a word as she sat back down. I don’t think she noticed my hand on my crotch, but if she had looked closely enough she probably would have seen the blush on my face.

Several minutes passed and I calmed down.

Then it was time for our meal to be served. A male flight attendant brought our trays. I was a little disappointed it wasn’t my sexy flight attendant again, but it was probably just as well, so I didn’t have to do consecutive battle with the bone in my steak and the boner under the tray. A bit later, I did see my sexy attendant up front, but she must have been working in the galley as she never came out during the meal service.

After everything was cleared, the long hours of the weekend seemed to hit me with along with a full stomach, so I reclined my seat back and stretched out my legs. I must have really been tired as I fell asleep almost right away. The next thing I knew I was hearing the ‘ding ding’ from the air crew indicating our descent. Almost immediately my favorite flight attendant was at my side again.

She looked down at me with a smile.

“I hope you enjoyed your flight, sir. It appeared you had a very restful nap. Again, I’m sorry about the mishap early in the flight.” Then I saw her look down at my crotch. “But it looks as if everything dried out well.” She then winked, turned and briskly walked back toward the front of the plane.

It was amazing, but that was all it took to arouse me once again. It was like my cock had a mind of its own and it was going to follow her back up the aisle. I quickly grabbed my sports magazine and opened it over my lap. Looking to my left I found my seat mate staring at canlı poker oyna me with a raised eyebrow. I don’t know if she saw anything before the magazine covered it, but presumably she caught the look from the flight attendant.

* * * * *

I made it to the hotel, unpacked, showered and put on khaki slacks and a shirt. My first stop was the lounge to grab a light bite at happy hour. I had just come off the elevator and turned toward the bar when loud laughter directed my attention toward the registration desk. I saw a group of women and men in uniforms.

I stopped abruptly. It was the crew from my flight and there was my sexy flight attendant in the middle of them. I was shocked she could actually be there. But never will I question fate again…of all the hotels I could have chosen for this business trip, of all the times to have come down for a drink. What were the odds we would meet again?

It was surely destiny at work.

That familiar face caught my eye and my heart nearly stopped. Clutching a rail on the way into the hotel lounge, I blinked and looked her way again. At that moment I saw a smile spread across her gorgeous face. Her smile grew and our eyes never lost contact, even as she stopped to say something to her companion.

Next thing I know she walked over to me.

“So what are you doing here?” She asked still a few steps away.

“Uh, I’m on a business trip.” I couldn’t believe how nervous I was.

“I figured that much.” She started with a smirk. Then she not so subtly looked me up and down. “I can’t believe I ran into again, funny huh?” Her eyes filled with a strange sparkle.

“I know, yeah, uh it’s an unbelievable coincidence.” I said shrugging my shoulders, as the nerves really began to take over.

“Amazing,” she said, “it’s like we were just destined to meet again.”

“Exactly,” I grinned as I watched those luscious red lips moving as she spoke. The sight sent warm shivers down my spine and a sudden desire for more than just another look at her lovely face or sexy legs flooded through me. The same desire I had on the plane slowly swelled my boxers again.

“Let me ask you. I take it you’re a leg man, huh?” She asked so abruptly I swear my head literally must have spun around.

“Uh, I’m sorry. What do you mean?’

“Well, I noticed you kept peeking at my legs on the flight. So I can only assume you’re a leg man.”

“You could say that.” I was getting a bit unnerved at the direction our conversation was taking, but I couldn’t help myself and glanced down at her stocking covered legs under the gray uniform skirt.

“Okay so if not my legs, how about my boobs?”

I immediately raised my gaze to the front of her blouse. But before I could say a word…

“Yes, that could be it. Or could it be my ass? I mean you probably stared at it every time I walked down the aisle of the plane. Didn’t you?”

“No, I mean…” I felt suddenly dizzy.

“What? Is there something wrong with my ass?” She asked sternly. “Never mind. I love knowing there are a lot of men watching me on my flights with very hard cocks. I also love that I know they’ll play with themselves, thinking about me later either alone in a hotel room or maybe even back home while the wife unknowingly sleeps upstairs. Are you that kind of naughty boy? Huh?”

“Uh, what?” I glanced around to see if anyone else was in earshot of this embarrassing dialogue. No one was paying attention to us though. Even the rest of her crew had disappeared.

“Every now and then, I know they are looking straight up my skirt and trying to get a really good look at my panties or if they are lucky on those days I don’t wear any, my pussy.”

My eyebrows and my cock rose at that last comment.

She looked intently at me, her eyes boring deeply into mine. My fumbling continued, thinking back to how I had indeed tried to look up her skirt just as she said. I felt warmed and woozy standing there.

“Ahh, I’m right, and you blush too, how sweet.”

“I suppose I would with what you’re talking about.” I said in a whisper as I tried to look into a shiny brass mounting on the wall behind her. I could see my face and crimson of my skin.

“That simple act on the plane instantaneously confirmed my suspicions about you. Although you still had your supposed attention on your magazine, I noticed your facial expression change just briefly when I uncrossed and crossed my legs for you.”

I lowered my gaze as if I’d been caught doing more than just ogling her. But then she reached out and touched my bare forearm. I nearly jumped two feet off the carpeted lobby floor.

She whispered this time herself, “My dominating bitch radar detected a look, one of pure lust, but that was enough for me. I could sense your internal struggle. You look all prim and proper, but deep down inside there is a pervert waiting to be released.”

At that last, I was sure it was time to make my exit. But then her fingers traipsed up my arm further and I felt internet casino the warm shivers radiate through my entire body. I was cemented to that spot.

“Does all this talk about my sexy body turn you on?”

“What?” I finally looked back in to her eyes. “Well, yea, it does actually.” Something of a boldness of my own tried to come out. But then she did something that completely took me by total surprised. She stepped close and grabbed my crotch through my khakis.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?”

I groaned and rose up on my toes.

“The way you looked at my tits and my ass, and yes, I could see your cock bulging in your pants under that little tray table. I was driving you crazy wasn’t I?” She gave my stiff cock a good squeeze. “You were pretending to be a good man, but you were denying how I turn you on…you’re really a very bad boy, aren’t you?”

Through nearly clenched teeth I spoke. “You do have, uh, about the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”

“I could tell by your eyes how much you wanted to fuck me and it was turning me on actually. It was getting me so hot!” She then turned around and her ass rubbed against my crotch. I swear she paused long enough to wiggling her uniform skirt against my erection. “You like how that feels don’t you, you horny boy? You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, even though we were off the far side of the hotel lobby, I felt as if we were standing right out in the open. I closed my eyes while she rubbed against me. At first I wanted to push her away as she was being more aggressive than I thought I could possibly handle. But I was already too aroused, too horny to think straight. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me harder and rubbed my cock harder against the crack of her very taut ass.

She looked back at me and smiled, “I like that, you little fucking bastard.”

Her dirty, aggressive talk was driving me crazy.

“Oh you poor boy,” she said, “I shouldn’t tease you like that. I’m so sorry.” She leaned in close and whispered. “Is there anything I can do for this?” She reached back and squeezed even harder this time.

I stood there with a deer in the headlights look for the longest moment while her fingers rolled my balls around.

“Um, no, I mean, maybe.” I tried to redirect the conversation without putting her off. “Uh, let’s go have a drink in the lounge and discuss it some more.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t we just go to my room? I think you’re much too eager to do something with him,” she squeezed my balls again, but this time almost to the point of hurting, “to sit here and drink.”

The good conscience in my brain was telling me to get the hell out of there, but my cock, extended fully down the leg of my boxers was telling me to go for it.

“Come on stud, let’s go to my room.” She gave me one last squeeze then released and began to walk away.

Standing there open mouthed, I watched feeling almost helpless as she walked across the carpet to the stone lobby floor as her heels clicked across it. That gorgeous ass was framed in her tight gray uniform skirt as she sashayed toward the elevators.

I don’t know what I must have looked like as I trotted off in her direction, but the pitiful sight of an obedient drooling puppy comes to mind. I stepped into the elevator as she held it open. Not another word was said as we ascended to the sixth floor.

* * * * *

She used her keycard and opened her hotel room door. The moment she was inside she waved me in. I walked by her seeing the king-sized bed. Something funny struck me thinking I had two queen-sized beds in my room.

The flight attendant closed the door behind me, took off her heels and carried them to the bed.

“You can’t admit to yourself that you are so drawn in by my sexuality you’d do anything just to be close to me.” She said as she walked with her back to me. “I’m thirty-two years old and have always exuded a sex appeal that’s irresistible I know, I can’t deny it. I’m a sexy bitch. Yes I admit that, too. I use my looks to get what I want. What the fuck. If you have it, use it, right?”

Finally she turned, brushed back her long bangs and very deliberately looked at me through near squinted eyes.

“What makes you think a middle aged man like you deserves to be even breathing in the same air as me?”

“Umm…umm…you uh…I, well,” I stuttered. What was happening here? What kind of situation did I just walk into? That good conscience was trying to knock back on my brain.

She suddenly burst out laughing but at the same time maintained that annoyed look and tone, “Well what? Just go sit in that chair on the other side of the bed and be a good little boy while I get comfortable.”

As much as I wanted to puff up and get back in control I could feel my normally broad and poised shoulders slump down and my head drop as I was still horny as hell.

My boner led the way over to the chair.

As I sat, she seated herself on the end of the bed. I could see her posture relax a bit and she looked off across the room. “I’ve just finished another long shift. My back hurts, my legs are tired, and my damn feet are killing me. But none of that is your fault.”

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