Flirting with Kayla Ch. 01

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It started as an innocent dream. Well, I guess it wasn’t that innocent. It was the first erotic dream I had about my best friend’s wife, Kayla. It was a very basic dream. I walked in on her taking a bath in a very large tub. Larger than anything her or myself would ever be able to have in our own homes. She wasn’t startled by my intrusion; rather, she invited me into the bath with her, and proceeded to give me a blowjob. That was it. Nothing fancy, just a regular blowjob dream, but I woke up hard as a rock, and could not go back to sleep until I relieved myself of the pressure.

I debated for a few days if I should tell her about the dream. It wasn’t difficult to recall, in fact, I could remember every detail of the dream. I knew that whenever anyone tries to tell someone else about how weird or scary a dream was, it never comes off as weird or scary to the listener. I was nervous that if I told her face to face, it would come off as hokey, so I decided an e-mail was the way to go. Nothing too forward, just a, “Hey wanna hear something funny? I had a dirty dream about you where you ended up going down on me!”, type of note. I wasn’t worried that she would be offended, she had the same kind of perverse sense of humor I did. I totally expected a good laugh and perhaps some fun at my expense.

Instead she replied asking for details! I gave her a decent description of the dream, and not only did she reply that she thought it was hot, but apparently I put some thoughts into her mind and she had a dream about me the next night! Hers involved me pressing her against the kitchen counter and having my way with her. It was rather explicit. Over the course of the next few months we would occasionally share a dream we had about each other. To be honest, some of mine weren’t actually dreams, more fantasies that I had come up with. I’m pretty sure most of hers were the same.

The online flirting continued for a few months, and it even progressed illegal bahis into some sexting over our cell phones. I can think of one night in particular where it got real interesting. I work odd hours. Sometimes I am on call and have to stay awake at night in case work needs me to come in. On one of these nights, around midnight, I was watching TV at home when I got a text from Kayla saying that she was awake and couldn’t get to sleep. We chatting for a bit, and it didn’t take long to get around to the flirting.

We were both geeks, and the topic was what comic/cartoon characters costumes we could pull off for an upcoming event. She had a few suggestions on my short and stocky stature, and I had mentioned that she could totally do a wonder woman costume with her generous bust. She debated this argument saying her boobs weren’t good enough for that. We went back and forth on the issue, until I finally thought that we could never settle the issue until I saw them for myself.

So I sent her text asking where her husband, was. “Passed out in bed” was my answer.

I replied “go into the bathroom, take off your shirt, and send me a picture of your tits.” I was nervous about her reply. Did I cross the line?

I didn’t have to wait long. I got a text saying “I totally will!” I was shocked and excited that she was so willing. It took a few minutes, but I finally got the picture message I had been waiting for. It was a picture from the neck to waist. She was wearing a black halter top, and her breasts had been pulled out of the top. They were beautiful. Large, and firm, with gorgeous pink nipples. I could only imagine what they would feel like in my hands. Her nipples were hard, making me hope she was as excited I was.

I guess I didn’t realize how long I had spent staring at the pic; I got a message saying “well?”

I expressed my excitement and gave her my praise. All thoughts of costumes had vacated my mind. I told her she illegal bahis siteleri had gotten me very turned on.

Her reply threw me for a loop. “I showed you something of mine, now let’s see yours”

I played naïve and texted, “You’ve seen my chest plenty of times before”. They had a hot tub at their house and she had seen me in it several times.

She replied, “I don’t mean your chest silly. I want to see your cock.”

I was stunned. She really wanted to see my cock? No woman had ever been that forward with me. I was very turned on at the proposition. My cock had already gotten rock hard. I could already feel it throbbing in my pants. I was thrilled at the opportunity to share, but I wasn’t going to let an opportunity get away from me either.

I replied back to her “sure, I’ll show it to you, but I want to see your pussy as well.”

The reply was quick, “no way! I don’t think that part of me is attractive.”

“Of course you don’t,” I replied. “You’re a girl, but believe me, guys love to see it. I’m not going to show you mine if you don’t show me yours”.

“Fine”, she replied, “but you go first”.

Taking a decent picture of me took longer than I thought it would. I ended up with about a dozen pictures of my cock on my phone, and chose the one that seemed the most flattering to size and shape. Nervously I pressed send. It seemed to take forever as I waited for the reply.

“You have a beautiful cock!” was the reply I got.

My head and my cock swelled with pride. I hadn’t had a woman see that part of me in a very long time, and it felt good to get a compliment.

“Thank you”, I said. “You’ve kept me that hard all night!” I figured a little flattery her way never hurt either. “Now it’s your turn”, I said.

She sent me a few more texts, and I had to persuade her to believe that men found the curves and contours of a woman’s vagina sexy. She went quiet for a few minutes, and I canlı bahis siteleri guessed she was having the same issue I did concerning getting a good picture.

My heart was racing. Here I was sharing nude pictures with someone for the first time. A woman that I knew well, that I saw on a regular basis, was sharing parts of her that I had only fantasized about before. After what seemed like an eternity the phone finally buzzed with a new message, and I couldn’t open it fast enough.

There is was. Kayla had sent me a picture of her pussy. It was a beautiful close up shot. One hand was holding the camera, while the other was gently pulling apart her labia to show her inner folds. It was a bright pink, and even looked a little wet. Perhaps she was as excited as I was about what we were doing? Was she thinking the same thoughts about me, as I was about her? Looking at the picture again, I couldn’t help but notice how tight and soft it looked. I could just imagine what it would feel like as I slid my cock inside of her, feeling her wrap around and squeeze my shaft as it slid into her A new message broke me out of my fantasy.

It simply said, “What do you think?”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Should I just say “I would really like to fuck your brains out the next time I see you?” I didn’t get much time to think about it because work called, and I had to call it a night with Kayla. Super bad timing. I sent her a text, telling her how aroused I was, but I had to go to work and end our little erotic chat. She seemed a little bummed, and said she was going to bed.

The entire night, all I could think about was the fact that I now had naked pictures of her, and she had a picture of me. I couldn’t wait to do it again! When I got back home in the morning I quickly got undressed and proceeded to masturbate to Kayla’s pictures. I kept going back and forth between the two pics until I finally came while looking at the picture of her tits. As I came, I thought about how her hands would feel on my cock, and how wonderful it would be cum on her beautiful tits.

Since that night I have uploaded the pictures onto my computer, and they have become regular masturbating material ever since.

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