For Her Eternal Servitude

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Celebrity Fakes

I had lost everything to her the day I saw her, surrendering myself before her inexplicable beauty, abdicating before her authoritative domination. For she seemed to be everything in the universe for me; and to offer my servitude to her, the only thing that I was breathing for.

To put it short I had an uncontrollable emotion of fetishism and masochism since my boyhood. But I had never been able to carve my fantasies true to the extent I yearned. To quench my spiritual thirst however, I would often lick the foot rest of a bench privileged to be a seat of some divine beauty when I was alone, or put in my mouth a chewing gum that some Godly fairy had spitted on the floor, or sometimes even swallow the trash papers with foot prints embossed by an accidental crush by some heavenly shoe. But a gentle touch of dainty toes on my tongue remained an unaccomplished dream.

Until one incident that changed the way I lived my wrecked life. Not going into my useless and ruined personal history, I recollect, that I was traveling in a train from a chaotic interview back to my lonely place. I was twenty two. It was a summer night and the journey was to be a long one (or so I had thought). Dejectedly I took out my only companion; my ear-plugged phone that played some recently downloaded fetish videos. But they were all too frugal, too tasteless. I needed something real, something lively as a remedy for my desperation.

And so it came, a brown haired beauty in early twenties, with emerald blue eyes and rosy lips that I had never seen before even in my voyages to paradise in my dreams. Black clad she was down to the knees wearing black high heeled sandals that glimpsed her pedicured and red nailed snowy feet. Faint light in the small compartment otherwise empty enhanced the beauty to an extent that could lead a guy to ejaculate even without masturbating. I had barely followed the trail from her sexiest feet to her commanding eyes only to find them beaming in mine. I was ashamed of my idiocy and cursing myself, pretended to be poker oyna busy doing something on my phone. But ooh! This heart is so wavering! Encore! My eyes went for a treasure hunt once more and to my surprise found her smiling. Yes undoubtedly she was smiling. She glanced at me with a look of demeanor and finally said.

“Seem to be pretty interested in my feet. Ain’t you?”

Her voice was so authoritative and dominating that it filled me with humiliation and lust all at once. My heart throbbed in my mouth and I blurted-“No. I’m sorry if I seemed to be. But I was only…only contemplating.”

The stupid reply for which I could kill myself made her sigh a laugh. “Oh come on! Don’t be ashamed of your emotions. You don’t have to erect your cock while contemplating.” She sounded assertive and amiable simultaneously.

I looked at the bulging alarm of the male sensuality and readjusted my posture so as to conceal it. But I was revealed and there was no use of it then. I could hardly reply-“Well! Yes they.. kind of ..fascinate me. Your feet are so beautiful.”

She was gaining my control and she knew it. She was probably very experienced in taming the subdued and submissive chickens like me. “Oh! So do you have a foot fetish? Many of my boyfriends have.” She said half jokingly, standing up to bolt the compartments door and turn off the lights. I could hardly believe my eyes. “Am I dreaming?” I asked myself. The very sight of being alone in a small, dark and bolted compartment with and extremely beautiful lady hardened my cock like a stone.

“Yes” I said as if she had performed some spell over my senses. “I would love to kiss your feet, they are so damn gorgeous!”

The sly grin never left her lips as she heard me.”Its very hot, do you mind if I ease myself with my clothing?” Not caring for what I reply she unworn her dress and sat there in a bra and lingerie. Her white thighs, legs and waist perpetrated such an unexpected assault that I was on my knees literally begging. I continued my ode, “I know canlı poker oyna there is no point in telling a lie to you. Would you please enslave me and let your feet worship?”

“Oh! You see its not that much easy to be my foot slave. I have my own conditions. And besides, I ain’t a social worker doing it for free.”

“I will do anything you say. Just everything” and laid at her feet five hundred dollars, barely all I had saved.

Her sensuous eyes shined a hue of greed. She was declared the triumphant.

“Listen you little pervert! Carefully, for I’m going to say it only once. You will stop only when you are told to, speak only when you are asked and will not complaint, no matter how comfortable you feel. Clear?”


“Good. Now, you don’t need any clothes. Naked!” I followed her command in a wink and stood there with the ‘alarm’ turned purple, right on the verge of annihilation.

“Oh Geese! You will be so faithful to me!” Not being able to withstand the sight of her neat and well shaven pussy as she turned nude, I collapsed to her feet. For the first time I had seen such almighty feet so close to my face. I took them in my hand and could feel their softness. Probably she perfumed them or else it was her natural scent. The soles of the feet were remarkably pink. And as the sweat trickled down from her shin to her heels, it seemed like dew on the petals of roses. Probably I had been kissing them too voraciously that enraged her. For she stood up on my chest and stomped her right foot on my face thrice with all her might.

“Discipline yourself you clot!” I moaned in pain but it aroused me all the more. “Don’t move and simply be my foot rest for the night.” She continued. “And for that you don’t do any mischief, I will have to do something.”

She took out two pairs of used socks from her bag and stuffed one of them in my mouth with her hand and then with foot. Socks stenched terribly bad and made my head sway for a while but even then she did not stop and knotted the other internet casino pair end to end and tied them around my nose and mouth. She then firmly placed her feet on my face. “Enjoying yourself huh? You know the socks that grace your mouth now have often accompanied me to various toilets, sometimes without shoes when I get tired of them. They would be so delicious for you.”

It might sound ecstatic but the suffocation was intolerable. Yet the smell of her socks, touch of her soles, sight of her toe nails and her verbal humiliation kept me strong. And ultimately I won. She was impressed. When she removed the apparatus she found me nearly fainted, almost turning blue.

The pressure had risen to that like a volcano in my cock but I had no strength to stand and laid there gasping. She then ordered me to lick her feet and then her shoe soles. Perhaps she was enjoying more than me, watching and recording what she did with me. After an hour she told me to stop and take some rest. I knew she didn’t mean the same and before I could comprehend she was there sitting on my face and masturbating my cock. She knew she will not have to work very hard and so she put her lips and started sucking it. Every time she did, it increased the pressure of her hips on my mouth. I began licking her pussy myself. It also began to secrete the vaginal fluids. Their stench was a reward of my persistent services. I used my tongue to stimulate her all the more further and she became more and more furious. I ejaculated an unprecedented amount of prostate secretions all in her mouth. She swallowed it and spilled not even a drop.

She the rose up and told me to sit on the floor too. I took her feet in my lap and felt a sensation that I can’t describe in words. It was all so relaxing. So peaceful. She further asked me to alter my traveling schedule and live with her for a week or so. I had no one to care for and so thus agreed she took out her lipstick and wrote on my chest “ENSLAVED”.

Its been two years since then and she has given me all the joys of my life. I work part-time besides being her slave. There are indeed a lot of experiences to share, some jovial, some obscene, some painful but all of them certainly the chapters of an eternal servitude to her.

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