Forced Prologue and Chapter 1

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The hotel room was blazing with thick sexual heat. Gerald Torrez gazed at the prone female form laying sprawled out naked before him. She was unconscious, but still so very sexy with the glistening sweat of three hours of lustful exertion. A small contented smile was spread across her face and the copious streams of pooled cum across her lithe honeyed skin. The quiet afterglow of her erotic high was showing as she slept above the worn blankets of the motel bed.

He was extremely proud of the erotic display she had put on for him. She had given herself entirely to this wanton act. His cock grew stiff from the still fresh memory. Throughout the night he had pushed her past her previous limits and she had excelled at it.

The amount of times he had used her to satisfy his unearthly urges had not been wholly fair to the others. He didn’t care about them because she was his and their being here was only as a means to an end, to prove to him how far she would submit to his will. Allowing every one of them to fuck her ass and pussy in tandem and she had enjoyed every delicious moment of it.

Everyone here knew he possessed her fully and the evidence was everywhere around him. The men now were celebrating the end to their wild night. They still were looking at her with the eyes of men who had taken a tiger by its tail only to be broken by the ferocity of its strength. Gerald loved how well his slut had performed. He could see exhaustion in their faces from the rigor of the night they had spent fucking her. The atmosphere in the room was one of self-congratulation.

Every once in awhile they would glance at him and he was sure they had gotten a taste of something that they wanted again. And she could handle it, her appetite for sex hadn’t been sated but he let her rest. All of them knew if they had a chance at her again it would only happen with his permission. And with that, each one in the group got dressed, and left without a word.

Gerald once again smiled, though this time it was at the memory at how this turn of events had started, and how he had completely corrupted and sexually defiled his own mother.

He lay down next to her, and without any grace or subtlety pushed his cock into the raw gaping hole of her ass and started pounding into her for what was the seventh time for him in the last few seemingly short hours. The need for him to cum was extraordinary, it was like he hadn’t for the longest time, and the taboo fact that he was fucking his own mother had him rabid with lust.

He didn’t need much stimulation, because her ravaged ass still felt incredibly tight. And with a final thrust he shot three huge streams of his seed into her. He then collapsed next to her body. She drew closer up to him and he took her in his arms. Moments later they together drifted into sleep.

Chapter One

Even before November of the previous year everything between him and his mother Angela hadn’t been what you call ordinary or average. After his father and Angela’s husband Javier left them many years before there was a major rift between them. It was caused by his deep anger towards her acting like a stranger in his life, missing many of the things he felt were important for her to be part of. Like his high school graduation three years before, she had shown up that evening well after sundown, appearing to be very drunk. Her excuse was she was working late at the florist shop at that time.
This seemed to awaken an anger inside him that nearly made him reach out and slap the lie out of her. And after this anytime the memory of it stirred, white hot emotion flashed within him.

Now it was habit to just to live together quietly. It was familiar and it made it easier to deal with the stresses of living with barely enough to get by. Over the course of the years Gerald had gotten absorbed into the world of full time college life while she spent her days tending to and providing for the house.

Her career had changed so often over the years and he lost track of what she was doing for money at the moment. Though to her credit the bills were always paid in the end and the little he was able to contribute to rent helped her pay for the upkeep of the dilapidated house that they had lived in for the last eleven years.

For him living at home was just a way to save money, nothing more. Often they went days without saying more than a dozen words to each other because the odds were high that if they did talk it would turn into an argument about money that left Angela in tears and morose for days afterward. So he would just say nothing to her. He almost felt they were a married couple, only together because they had endured so much together. That was going to change soon, he had vowed the next and final year of school for him he was moving out on his own, and no matter what loyalty he felt to his mother, he was getting out of here.

It was one small thing that set off the transformation their lives would take. It was on a Monday when he had made the mistake of sleeping in half an hour past his normal wake-up that it all changed.

Running on empty he still forced himself out of the house and on his way to school in his hoopty hatchback, barely making his way to campus on time having broken every antalya escort bayan local land speed record. Working pizza delivery has paid off.

It was several hours later, during his studying at the library that he discovered his missing economics book.
I must have left it at home. Damn it. No more late nights slacking off!

His next class was in an hour, and Professor Bradley was a workhorse when it came to class participation. Which meant he had to make the trip home to get the book and after a rather large growl from his stomach. I need a sandwich because I’m freaking hungry.

Mentally he did the calculation, he would be able to get home, grab the book, update his Facebook account, fix a quick snack, and make his way back to class with a few minutes to spare if he left right now. Pushing his books into his bag, he stood and walked out of the library to his car.

He jumped in and started up the old Volkswagen before deftly maneuvering out the parking lot with simple ease. He was hoping this was a good sign. Professor Bradley doesn’t tolerate people being late, or idiots who forget their homework.

After what felt like an eternity he pulled up to his house. Glancing at his watch, he saw that he’d made it home in twenty minutes, which meant he had a half hour to get back. Hope Mom is home, maybe she will be willing to make me a sandwich and I can get my work and just leave.

Her black Mercury was parked in front and he pulled in behind her. Seconds later he was at the door with his key, opening the door, and walking through the doorway, only to find familiar noises loudly blaring from the family room T.V.

That sounds like porn.

The room’s lights were lowered and the definitive moans of a woman wailing in ecstasy, and the pounding of flesh. Gerald, even though he knew the sounds intimately from hours upon hours of internet consumption was still in disbelief.
Is that my movie? What the hell is going on?

A few more steps into the living room, he could see the small screen playing a movie he knew quiet well. He had put beneath his mattress of his bed the night before. Evil Fuckers 3. The blonde on-screen was forcing a massive dildo with both of her hands into her pussy. He slowly drifted closer to the T.V. His mom had to have found the movie while doing the linen. And now she is waiting for me to come home so she can bitch me out for being a perv and for watching such twisted stuff in her house.

Except that it didn’t quite make sense. It was Wednesday, and he always worked until closing on Wednesdays and Fridays, a fact his mother was well aware of.

What is happening here?

And with a glance at the couch, the movie was forgotten. From the angle he was standing in the foyer landing he could see lying flat on the couch was his mother with her legs stretched open and completely naked. The glare of the T.V. helped illuminate her skin which was glowing in the television’s erratic light. Incredulously he stared at her, taking in the shocking scene. It looked like a heavy sweat covered her and that she was feeding a massive fake cock all the way into her wet cunt over and over. It was obvious she had been at it awhile. His immediate reaction was a powerful hard-on. It throbbed when he noticed that another dildo was in her other hand and she was using it. Oh my god, that’s fucking hot as hell. My mom is fucking herself like a porn star.

He couldn’t help but stare at her and wasn’t thinking about anything except how it was so much better than watching porn. His eyes were soaking in her every feature. I know it’s wrong and I’m going to hell for what I’m thinking, but it’s so damn worth it.

He could tell she was enjoying the masturbation session. Every third time she pushed the dildo inside herself she would stop and pinch hard on her nipples and bite her lip as she did so. If she doesn’t stop I think I might cum right here, right now.

On-screen a big burly old black guy walked in and then ripped the toy out of the blonde’s pussy, then in one motion picked her up and turned her around, tossing her like she was a ragdoll onto her knees and then roughly positioned her ass and pussy lips for his inspection. Her pinkness was slick with her juices and she was already loose from using the toy, and he wasted no time in sinking his massive monster into her in one unmerciful stroke. The screams of pain from the movie were loud and very arousing for Gerald. For some unknown reason the scene was one of his favorites from the movie. Though seeing his mother totally engrossed in the sadism happening on the DVD, was also a huge turn-on for him.

Up till then he hadn’t touched himself and the urge was getting harder to ignore every second he stood there. Her beautiful mane of long curly raven black shoulder length hair and those perfect breasts of hers. Those magnificent double H’s. They had large and very dark areolas capped with fat nipples that he could imagine keeping his hands and mouth busy with. They were the largest he had seen on a woman. And if perfection could get any better her delectable bronze skin was coupled with her busty and generous Latina curves. She was a wet dream come true for him. He resisted the immense urge to touch himself.

His conscious was not caring she was his mother escort bayan or that what he was starting to imagine doing to her was incest. Even so, he did not think it was good idea for her to see him, and his instinct told him that he might need to get out of there. Though the idea that he needed to preserve the moment passed through his head, and he pulled out his phone and walked back to where had been standing previously. And with the touch of a button he was recording her with HD clarity. Capturing her on video was the most exciting thing he had ever done, he was hyped with the thrill of looking at her as she was totally lost in her erotic moment.

The man onscreen was smacking the crap out of the woman with his cockhead before forcing it down her throat, prodding it all the way until her face started turning a purplish hue and her eyes were watering from the severe abuse.
His mother had increased her use of her toys. And then with a jolt she shifted around and was on her knees facing the T.V. Being on edge as much as he was he jumped back nearly two feet. The distance put him further in the foyer and out of immediate line of sight. Maybe I should get going.

He then heard her voice very faint over the clamor of the movie. “Fuck me hard, motherfucker. I need it. Fuck this horny bitch.” She was repeating it as she pleasured herself harshly with both thick black monstrous dildos.

Her attention was still transfixed and the film was inspiring her to depraved greatness. The man was choking the blonde as he pistoned in and out of her heart-shaped ass. She was moaning at the abuse she was taking at his hands. This triggered movement in his mother, and he realized she was having a powerful orgasm that had her body wildly convulsing as she rode the peak of her pleasure and screamed obscenity after obscenity.

Seeing her grind herself to a screeching climax was so nasty and perverted that he couldn’t hold back anymore and his hardness lurched cruelly in the confines of his pants and with a grunt he shot a messy wad into his boxer briefs. For a short time he was dazed by the incredible feeling of one of the strongest orgasms of his short life. He stood there while his thoughts gathered and his mind recovered. Once he regained his senses it dawned on him that he might have made enough noise to draw her attention.

He looked at her and then at the video still recording on the phone. He stopped it and took notice of the time. If I want to watch that again I better get out of here.

As he made his way upstairs to his room to cleanup and change clothes the intense images of her acting like a brazen slut wouldn’t stop replaying in his mind. I haven’t seen or felt anything like that before.

I wonder what she would do if she found my copy of FuckSluts And Bitches Extreme next time.

He grabbed a washcloth and fresh pair of boxers and stepped into the bathroom, staring into the large mirror as he absentmindedly he made an attempt to clean himself up but he kept recalling months ago.

He and his girlfriend Dana, had been up here. After an evening of passionate necking and heavy petting in his car, Gerald had persuaded Dana to his bed. Almost a half of a semester of no sex, he had planned to give her a night she wouldn’t forget. They had completely given into impulse and had started stripping each others clothes off as soon as they had walked through the front door. Neither one of them had needed foreplay and he was priming his dick for her ass when the door swung open and in walked his mother screaming.

“You bastard. How dare you bring a whore here! I pray for you and your wicked, debased soul, Gerald. Get her out of here or you will leave with her and not come back into my home”.

An unnatural bolt of rage tore through him, killing any thought of modesty, making him stand naked and upright from the bed where Dana was still and walk predatorily towards Angela where he then grabbed her by the shoulder with one hand and with the other lashed her with two forceful slaps across her face.

Growling, “You don’t get to choose now to be my parent. Shut the fuck up, and get out of my room you pompous bitch.”
The terror he had caused in her had been apparent. She nearly stumbled as she backpedaled from him. He hadn’t noticed if she had left or not when he had returned his attention to Dana who had witnessed the encounter but was still weak with desire and didn’t fend him off when he reached out for her. Unfazed by the possibility of his mother was watching, the idea of her still being there inflamed him. He punished Dana with six weeks of withheld carnal frustration and she submitted to him and his dark edged lust and she came throughout the late hours from his aggression fueled enjoyment of her body.

That night was a revelation to him. He knew from that point forward that the only way he could truly find release was when he was totally dominant over a woman. Every day since then he had tried to recapture it. The fact that it was his mother that inspired it was irrelevant.

He stared into the bathroom mirror. Looking into his own soul he knew something wasn’t right, there was a thrill instead of the vehement sickness that he knew he should feel after seeing the wickedly sinful sight of her moments before.

Rather than antalya escort giving it up, he needed more.

What was it in me that makes me want to fuck my own flesh and blood?

The cold hearted monster she had awakened in him relished the power, the heightened rush that he felt when he had put his hands on her. The pleasure he took in scaring her. It was the most alive feeling he had ever experienced.

He definitely wasn’t feeling like school anymore. In fact a long drive sounded good to him, would help him get into the right state of mind for thinking which meant plenty of miles on the highway and some loud music to help him de-stress.

He readied himself, transferred his wallet, phone and keys to his freshly donned pair of khakis and strode from his room with purpose to make his way outside to his car when he saw Angela now wearing a slinky metallic silver satin robe walking in high heels into the foyer. A wild feeling went through him. The look of sex was all over her. Her face was flushed, her eyes large and lidded, and a sheen of perspiration soaked all of her body that wasn’t hidden under the robe. With carefulness he walked down the stairs until he stood in front of her. A laugh almost emitted from him when he looked at the television and saw the movie was still playing but was now muted. He had his mouse caught in the trap with the cheese.

Her attention was on him. It was obvious she was surprised to see him, but there was admission of her shame in the way she was averting her eyes. “Gerald you’re usually at class. Is something wrong?”

“I had to come home because I had been thinking a lot about us. It bothers me how horrible I’ve treated you. How I would like to apologize for that and start over”. It amused him how natural and sincere his lies sounded. Looking at her he could see the change in her demeanor, her features softening and she now was looking directly at him, he saw belief in those eyes of hers. He edged in even closer, never losing eye contact as he took her hand in his, and put his arm around her shoulder and hugged her. She didn’t stop him as he pressed her close to his chest until he was crushing her breasts between them.

My God, how your tits are just made for cock-fucking. I could just rape you right now and you would have to forgive me when I make you come like no other.

He caught himself almost saying it out loud but his good sense had him instead say, “I’ve never appreciated how beautiful a person you are inside, taking care of me by yourself my whole life. How much of a sacrifice that’s been for you. I’m sorry for not realizing that until now. Please give me a chance to make things right between us.”
Every word he said was accompanied by the hard and almost painful sensation of his pulsating cock as he imagined ripping the robe off her and plunging his member into her.

“Oh Gerald, I’ve failed you.” It was almost a wailing with which she spoke. A swell of tears punctuated her words. They fell unrestrained, as if his words had opened the tides of a deep emotion inside her, unlike anything he had seen with her before. She had acted cold and reserved all his life so it was strange to see this. If he didn’t hate her already, they might have actually swayed him with their genuineness.

This was the moment that he needed to act on if he was to have what he wanted with her so he would have to play this to his advantage. He decided listening to her vent was the best course of action.
“You look just like him and sound like him from twenty years ago. I guess I have been punishing you for that and you had no idea. That and you are your own person now. It’s hard to tell you that when I’m supposed to be the strong one and you act as if… ” Her labored sobbing cut her off.
“You no longer need me, Gerald.”

To address this childish outburst he simply reacted like she was a baby who had hit her head on the playground. Gently he reached out to her, taking her head in his hands and leaned forward and kissed her forehead. As he was pushed close to her his dick was directly rubbing up against the valley of her stomach through the canvas fabric of his shorts. She had to feel his hardness though she showed no sign of noticing it.

He looked right at her and held her again as he spoke, this time with as much conviction as he could muster said.
“I need you, you will never know how much, mother”. I need your pussy, mouth, and ass on my dick twenty four-seven.

He mentally counted to ten and the words he knew she needed to hear came to mind, “I love you Mother, and we need some time together to get to know each other again. I have an idea. If you buy the drinks tonight, and instead of me going into work I can order some Chinese, and we can spend time bonding over a game of backgammon together”.

He pointed at the television and then motioned with his hands “No judgments made here but you need to turn off my porn, get properly dressed, and put up your toys so we can enjoy that”.

He knew she was mentally admonishing herself for being caught. The color of her embarrassment looked a sunburned shade on her. It was a scintillating feeling for him to put her through this humiliation after what she had made him suffer. Without really trying he had so effectively knocked her off her pedestal with her help. This was so much better than when he just slapped her.

This is the perfect start to the night.

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