Forever Yours Ch. 10

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I am really hoping you will enjoy this chapter as I did while writing. I would really love to hear from you about the twist in this story because I wanna hear whether it’s a hit or complete no. Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts as you read, just joking. Enjoy…


Ramon’s car arrived at Martinez hotel and he was feeling both nervous and scared. It’s been five years since he came here and he had a painful history with the hotel. The car parked and the guard opened the door for him. He got out gracefully and he was already drawing the attention of some of the people. It has been 3 weeks since the introduction at Castillo shoe group of companies. He has been busy since then shooting photos, videos, concerts and recording songs. The most stressful thing has been his fans, they are everywhere he goes. He has been the talk of the country ever since he came out and has received a number of offers from various companies but now he is here at Martinez hotel.

Ramon saw a group of girls gasping as he walked by with a smile. His guards were with him as he entered the hotel gracefully. He received grand welcomes by the people inside just by their expression. He knew better than to put up a smile that would fix everything.

“We love you Ramillio.” He heard a man shout in the hotel followed by whistles.

Ramon had seen how Marcos drew attention but the spotlight was currently on him. Everyone was nice and saying beautiful things to him. He just had to put up a smile while he went to the elevator but he was looking around to see if he could spot anyone he knew from when he was working at the hotel, particularly Mr. Williams.

“Good morning sir,” He heard a voice.

He looked and it was the assistant his father had employed for him. He was a smart guy and was able to convince Marcos to partner with Rams hotel. Ramon owed everything to this guy.

“Hey, Manuel morning,” Ramon gushed.

“It’s nice to finally meet you in person.” Manuel said with a radiant smile.

“Nice to meet you too,” Ramon responded with the same happy gesture Manuel gave him. “Has the meeting started?”

“Yes,” Manuel said fixing his lenses on his face. “About an hour ago but I will be able to update you.”

“Thank you, I will take it from here.”

Ramon told his guards to wait for him in the lobby and he quickly entered the elevator. It has been five years but he still remembered every part of the hotel including where the conference room was unless they had changed it, which by the way is impossible.

He pressed floor 14 and he found himself rushing to the conference room. He didn’t even knock but found himself entering the room.

“That gentle men are how we will be able to improve our…” Marcos stopped before he could finish. His eyes were fixed on Ramon who was coming inside the conference room looking sexy in his black designer’s suit. It was stuck on his body perfectly and the way he had made his long hair into blades Marcos couldn’t help but gulp. He was so handsome, so sexy and so elegant.

“I am really sorry that I am late.” Ramon apologized, feeling embarrassed that he was late for such a meeting.

“Ramillio,” One of the board members exclaimed. “Are you…”

“Yes, Mr. Ramillio is also one of the people that we run this hotel with.” Marcos answered feeling his whole body jump with joy when he saw how breathtaking Ramon looked. It has been 3 weeks since he saw him. All the meetings at the shoe company had been held by Ryan.

“That is good,” Mr. George spoke. “We can you use him to our advantage.” He jested.

They all laughed and the meeting continued. It only went on for just an hour and then it was time to close it. Ramon was late but at least he got something about guest service. The meeting was dismissed and Ramon was putting together all the documents that he had. All other board members were already gone. Ramon noticed that Marcos had his eyes on him as he arranged the documents.

That made Ramon wonder if at all Marcos was still in love with him. That would work in his favor because it would make his job easier. Whether Marcos loved him or not, he was going to get close to him so that he could destroy that relationship. He was ready to act like a whore to Marcos to achieve that.

Marcos watched as Ramon arranged his documents. It was not like the Ramon he used to know and love but he was still the same person whose physique had changed into something that was completely sexy, appealing and gorgeous. He watched as Ramon picked up the documents and got up ready to leave when some of the documents fell to the floor. Marcos wanted to pick that document but he just sat there and watched.

A paper had just slipped from Ramon’s hand, now he had to bend to pick it up. Marcos was just sitting there staring at the table, what a jerk. Ramon took the other documents and put them on the table. He quickly bent to pick about 6 of the papers.

As soon as Ramon had bent to pick up the papers, Marcos felt a wave of emotions strike him. Ramon poker oyna had his ass to him and it was bigger than he remembered it to be. Ramon was wearing a jacket but somehow it had gone up leaving Marcos to see that big bubble butt pressed against the trouser. Oh my fuck Marcos felt him getting horny and faster as Ramon picked up the papers. He swallowed his saliva quietly suppressing a groan which would have alerted Ramon.

Ramon was slowly picking up the papers, his ass pointing towards Marcos. Marcos was really surprised at how his cock had gotten so hard after five years. He wondered if he had lost his sex drive or Dan didn’t just turn him on. What if Ramon was the only one that he had the hots for and now that he was back, so was his sex drive?

Ramon quickly picked up the papers and Marcos watched him leave. Marcos was painfully hard but he didn’t know how he managed to get off the chair and followed Ramon. He was lucky he had a jacket to hide his erection or else it would have been a disaster.

Ramon pressed the elevator button and waited for a minute before it opened. He entered and the shaft was about to close when Marcos’ hand stopped it. This guy was really something else.

The elevator began moving but both of them were silent. Marcos wanted to say something but he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to make Ramon feel happy.

“I am sorry for the other day.” Marcos muttered.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Ramon said confidently as he arranged the documents in his hands.

“Dan told you that we are getting married but he lied to you.” Marcos said softly realizing that it was a stupid move later. “The truth is…”

“Mr. Martinez,” Ramon chuckled confidently as if he did not care. “That is your personal life. You don’t have to tell me about it.”

“Yeah, I am sorry.” Marcos apologized, feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet. “I shouldn’t have told you that.”

Marcos was horny, disturbed and he was acting like an idiot. Why the hell did he tell Ramon that, he thought? Stupid, stupid, stupid, he cursed himself. Of all things that he had to say to Ramon, why did he have to tell him that Dan lied? Congratulations Marcos Martinez, you are the greatest horny idiot on earth.

The elevator went the rest of the way without anyone uttering a single word. Marcos was still horny but he kept his mouth shut after acting like an idiot in front of Ramon. Seeing Ramon again had brought something different in his life. He thought if he ever saw Ramon again, he would be deeply hurt but the pain was no longer there. Instead what he felt was the need for Ramon. He did not get hurt. He might have been flabbergasted 3 weeks ago but now he is fine and acting normal around Ramon.

Ramon was really surprised that Marcos was not mad at him. Could his anger have melted away? He had thought that Marcos would have a bad reaction if he saw him but now Marcos was acting differently. Or could he have been pretending?

The elevator shaft opened and Ramon quickly got out and met Manuel with his guards in the lobby. They all went outside together but the admirers were there always. Ramon really looked forward to seeing Mr. Williams but he later found out that he was on vacation. Ramon quickly left the hotel as he had to pass by Castillo shoe Company so that he could see the works there.

It was not long and he found himself in the Company building with many faces on him. He walked gracefully and told his assistant to explore the building while he checked something out. His guards remained outside.

Ramon entered the elevator and pressed 13, he needed to check the shoes that were ready for display in the catalogues. The door opened and he raised his face to find the person that he didn’t want to see, Dan. He quickly got out without uttering a word; his plan was to completely ignore him.

Ramon walked about a distance before he heard Dan speak.

“What is the whore doing here?”

Ramon continued going until Dan blocked him. He was now furious and wanted to rip Dan’s fucking hair out.

“How may I help you?” Ramon smiled cheekily.

“You think I don’t know why you are back?” Dan snapped. “I know whores like you always have plans to take advantage of people.”

“You know what,” Ramon said as he moved his hand in the air. “I don’t have times for the likes of you.” Ramon began going but Dan blocked him again.

“I am older than you,” Dan chided. “That also means that I am wiser.”

“You,” Ramon laughed looking at Dan in an irritating way. “If people like you are wise then I guess every dog on the street is wiser.”

“I know you are trying to get close to Marcos,” Dan grimaced. “But it will not…”

“What with the who now,” Ramon said making an expression that was completely new. “Why would I be interested in him?”

“Because he dumped you,” Dan laughed. “He is with me now.”

“Has Marcos turned into a whore that he can’t handle his…” Ramon flashed in finger in the air. “…cock and keep it in his pants? Looks like canlı poker oyna I was the only who really controlled him.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Dan said with complete disgust on his face. “He is my man and he loves me a lot. Besides…”

“Save it for someone who cares.” Ramon snapped. “Now get out of my way before I call security to throw you out of this building forever.”

“You can’t do that.” Dan laughed.

“Wanna bet on it?” Ramon laughed back. “I can do anything now.”

“My boyfriend…”

“I don’t care about your fucking boyfriend.” Ramon snapped. He might have been younger than Dan but he had no respect for him, whatsoever. “Get out of my way before I do something.”

Ramon began walking when Dan blocked him again. He was now furious and wanted to slap Dan but instead pushed him hard and he fell to the floor. Ramon was about to go when he heard Marcos’ voice from behind.

“What’s going on here?” Marcos rushed to his boyfriend who was on the floor. He had come to the Company to bring some sketches but as soon as the elevator door opened, he found Ramon pushing his boyfriend and he fell to the floor.

“I was just trying to make him understand that I came here to check of the new products.” Dan said sadly. “He started insulting me and you and it got to me. While trying to tell him that we love each other he insulted you and pushed me.”

Marcos couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Had Ramon turned into such a stupid person that he was shameless. And to think that he was horny for him made him feel bad and he regretted it.

“Is it true?” Marcos asked feeling angry as he helped his boyfriend get up.

Ramon couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Marcos was asking him a stupid question but he was not going to fall into that trap.

“He’s your fiancé so obviously everything he tells you is the truth, right?”

“With all due respect Mr. Castillo, my boyfriend does not tell lies.” Marcos snapped. “You may own this company but we still have shares here. He has every right to be here because his boyfriend still has shares here.”

“Really, tell me then…”

“I am really sorry Mr. Castillo but I don’t like people messing with my boyfriend.” Marcos added. He was just so angry. “He is a very decent man and I love him a lot unlike some whore I…”

Marcos trailed off. That might have been the limit. He didn’t want Dan to get hurt and needed to protect him but out of anger, he might have said something painful to Ramon.

Ramon suddenly felt the wound reopening. Marcos called him a whore again and it really hurt like hell. He was strong but he lost his smile and had a serious face.

“I might be the owner of this company but I respect every worker here.” Ramon said with a serious face. “I am really sorry that I hurt the man you love and as for that whore…” Ramon chuckled in pain. “…he might not be decent but he is a person just like you.” Ramon went away after saying that. He could feel tears building in his eyes and luckily there was a men’s room where he rushed to and locked the door. As soon as he locked the door, the tears came out.

Marcos was supposed to be happy that he had put Ramon in his place but he got hurt too. Why did he have to tell Ramon that? Dan was holding on to him tightly but he was so hurt. He wanted to apologize to Ramon but not with Dan around.

“Go downstairs,” Ramon said with a gloomy sigh. “I will be down in just a sec.”

Dan gave him a quick kiss and he left in the elevator. Marcos was feeling really bad and he knew he had to go find Ramon in the shoes section.

Ramon cried out while looking in the large mirror. It was the first day and Marcos had hurt him. He needed to hurt him just like he had hurt him a few minutes ago but he didn’t know how. To think that he still loved Marcos and got hurt was driving him fucking insane. He looked in the mirror and saw this helpless, weak person and he knew that he was not that type of guy.

He quickly washed his face, used his handkerchief to wipe his face and he was looking perfect. He fixed himself and went out of the men’s room. He went to check the shoes that had been completed when he saw Marcos holding his waist looking puzzled.

Marcos has looked for Ramon for almost 10 minutes and he has lost hope of seeing him again so he decided to go home. He turned to leave but saw Ramon coming towards him with a serious face. He ran to him and blocked him.

“What is it?” Ramon gave him a smile.

“I am sorry.” Marcos gulped. He felt the need to apologize to Ramon. He would have just insulted him and left, it would have made him happy…but now he was feeling so guilty after telling him that. What if Ramon was no longer a whore?

“Why are you apologizing?” Ramon said with a smile. “There is nothing wrong with telling a person what his character is all about.” Behind that smile, Marcos knew that there was a person who was hurting.

“Even if you are, I had no right to…”

“I am the owner of this company,” Ramon muttered. “But I have internet casino no right to hurt anyone like I did. He’s your boyfriend and you love him so much…like you never loved anyone before. It was my fault, I shouldn’t have pushed him.”

“Please, I am really sorry.” Marcos begged. “I was just angry and that’s all.”

Ramon laughed softly. He had no idea why Marcos was apologizing, shouldn’t he have been happy? “My mother told me that one speaks what one feels in the heart while angry. I am sorry I had hurt him but it was not intentional.

But listen to me very clearly.” Ramon’s voice was getting loud. “Warn your boyfriend to stay away from me because so help me God I will hurt him more than I did today if he tries to act smart with me.” Ramon yelled. “I might be a whore like you said but this whore…” He pointed at himself. “…doesn’t take any bull shit from anybody. He is your boyfriend and you chose to believe him, I don’t care about your thoughts Mr. Martinez. One thing still stands clear, I am the owner of this company and a very famous celebrity, and I will not allow anybody to mess with me.” Ramon was angry and he wanted to slap Marcos in the face.

“Do not provoke me because you may just get on my bad side and honey,” He folded his arms on his chest. “You won’t like what Liam’s reaction will be.”

Marcos was surprised at how the mood of Ramon had changed. Maybe Dan had provoked him to a point where he pushed him. He should have tried to find out about what had happened before getting angry like that.

“Ramon, I…”

Ramon began laughing loudly which made Marcos to stop and stare at him.

“Don’t worry about it, Marcos. I was only joking with you, I am sorry I pushed you boyfriend.” Ramon said softly. “I am not mad or anything. We are cool.”

Ramon left feeling really hurt but he was strong and managed to forget about everything. He was not going to allow some stupid stunt Dan played to bring him down.

Marcos was left speechless and lost. He had no idea if Ramon was mad or not but if Ramon himself said he was okay then he had nothing to worry about. He left the building with Dan and went home but Dan was not looking cheerful. Marcos didn’t know what to say because he was not himself.


Ramon arrived home and he was so tired. He had a meeting with Mr. Robbins and reached home really late. Thanks to his assistant, he had been able to handle all the clients at his music Company. As if that was not enough, he had to write autographs for his fans. Being famous is really so tiresome. He had a quick dinner with his family and he told them about his meeting with Marcos. They were surprised that Marcos was acting normally.

Ramon went to bed early since he had to go to Martinez hotel for another meeting. He was still angry at Marcos for insulting him but his plan was going to start the next day and he would do anything to cause an argument between Marcos and Dan. The way Marcos was reacting to him made him confident about his plans.

He woke up the next morning, dressed in his best attire and went to Martinez hotel. His car arrived and the guard opened the door for him. He got out and was already attracting admirers who surrounded him. Most of them had papers and he knew exactly what he wanted. His guards asked if they could get the people away but Ramon wanted to interact with his fans.

He took out his pen and signed every paper he could find until it was clothes and bodies. It took long but he enjoyed every moment of it. He was receiving the kind of love which he had been yearning for in the past.

“We love you Ramillio.” They all shouted at the top of their voices.

“I love you too.” Ramon shouted at the top of his voice as he waved his hand. They were many people outside but he breathed as soon as he entered the hotel. That was an experience which was both exciting and stressful. He liked spending time with his fans but it was also tiresome.

“Mr. Castillo.” Manuel shouted, running towards Ramon.

“Has the meeting started?” Ramon asked as he rushed to the elevator.

“I am not sure because I just arrived through the back door.”

“Okay, I will handle it.” Ramon said as he dismissed his guards.

He quickly entered the elevator and was later rushing in the conference room. He found no one except for Marcos who was passing through some documents which he was lost into. Ramon didn’t know whether he was late or there had been no meeting.

“Has the meeting ended?” Ramon asked as Marcos quickly moved his face to him.

Marcos heard the voice of Ramon and he suddenly turned to see him standing at the end of the table. He was looking really handsome, sexy, adorable…elegant as usual and Marcos couldn’t help but admire him. What was wrong with him, Marcos thought? Ever since Ramon had come back, he had totally forgotten about the pain and the fact that Ramon had hurt, he simply went crazy every time Ramon was around.

“Err…actually it was canceled.” Ramon said as he suppressed a gulp.

“What?” Ramon exclaimed. “I thought…”

“I am sorry but I thought someone informed you.” Marcos said, putting the documents on the table. “I don’t have your number, you know. Unless, you give it to me,”

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