Friday Fun Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Wednesday Morning!

If you read the first part of this continuing story, you know that I met a really hot guy a week ago and we had some smoking hot oral sex. If you haven’t read “Friday Fun!” then I suggest you go and read it now, we’ll wait. All done? Do you remember the last line, where I wrote “I wonder if he wants to fuck me?” Well, the answer to that is an emphatic YES!

He came over again later last week for another round of hot oral sex, and it was really great. He fucked my mouth in several different positions, and then he asked me if I had ever been fucked. I told him that I had only been fucked a couple of times, and that I was very tight, but would be willing to try when we had enough time to take it slowly. He had me kneel on the couch and he teased my ass with his cock, slapping my cheeks with his big rod, and spanking me a couple of times. He asked if I had condoms and lube, and I told him yes, but that I really wanted to wait. He reluctantly agreed, then put me down on the floor and jacked his cock all over my chest as I licked his hanging balls. I finished coming with his sticky sperm all over my chest, licking it up as I jacked, then hit the shower.

We agreed to meet again this morning, and I was looking forward to it. I wasn’t certain what we would be doing, but I figured we’d still be doing something hot. I answered the door naked, and ushered him into the living room.

After some small talk while he removed Ankara bayan escort his shoes and shorts, I went to work on his hard cock. Nearly eight inches of uncut stiff beauty was waiting for me, and I knelt down and began to lick and suck. He moaned at the contact, and reached down to play with my nipples. I moaned around his dick, and continued to suck. For the next fifteen minutes, I let my tongue and lips roam all around his cock, kissing and licking his balls, licking the shaft, and swallowing the head deeply into my mouth, savoring his precum. He changed position to give me better access, and held my head in his hands as I sucked, telling me how much he loved my mouth on his cock. He asked me to lick his ass, and I eagerly went lower, slowly rimming his tight ass as he moaned.

As I continued, he asked me if I had a dildo. I told him yes, and he asked me to get it so he could play with my ass while I sucked him. I told him to stay hard for me, and went to get my dildo and lube it for my ass. After a few minutes I returned, the dildo nicely washed and lubed, eager to get into my hole.

He asked me to come and suck, and I tried to get the dildo inside me before kneeling back down in front of him. My ass was too tight to take the dildo, so I set it on the table and went back to sucking him. He moaned and fucked my mouth, but I sensed he’d rather be fucking something else. Turned out I was right, and I was very glad I had lubed my ass for what came next!

He stood Escort bayan Ankara up, and I continued to suck. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he moved back and asked me to get on my knees on the couch. I did, and exposed my tight bottom to my lover. He caressed my ass for a few minutes, spanked it, and then began to slowly finger fuck my hole. I groaned at the contact, and he gently pumped into me for several minutes. I tried to relax as much as possible, both worried that he would fuck me, and afraid that he wouldn’t be able to because of my tight bottom.

I didn’t have to wait long, as he withdrew his finger and I felt his hands spreading my cheeks. I felt his cock, hard hot and heavy, running between my cheeks and teasing my hole. I was going to offer to get a condom and some more lube, when suddenly I felt the head of his cock penetrating me.

No words were spoken, but I grunted as he slowly entered my ass. I couldn’t believe it! His cock was now inside of me, and I was being fucked! I certainly hadn’t expected him to actually do it, but I gritted my teeth and accepted the invading penis into my ass.

Part of me groaned with the pain of penetration, but part of me was very excited to have him taking my ass. No permission was asked, and none given, but I suppose I could have stopped him if I really wanted to do so. I’m a big guy, and pissing me off is not good, but I just spread my ass and let him take me.

Damn, it was HOT! He kept pumping it into Bayan escort Ankara me, and I asked him to not go so deeply, but he continued. I’m not sure how much of it I took, certainly not all, but more than enough for both of us. He pumped as I groaned with his thrusts, and he told me how good it was and how hot my ass was around his dick. I asked him to take it slowly, and he just moaned and said “Take it!” as he continued to pump me. Precum was running out of my cock, and soaking the pillow I was leaning on, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was for him to finish fucking me!

It began to come to an end, and I felt him thrusting harder into me, telling me that he was going to come in my ass. I’d always wanted that, and I told him to hurry and come for me. He did, and I felt two hot spurts of sperm inside me, then he pulled out and finished coming all over my ass. I begged him to take some pics for me, as I could only imagine what my ass looked like, all covered in his semen.

He finally finished, and I felt his hot sperm in my hole and all over my cheeks. I lay there panting as he went to clean up, hoping he would return and take a few pics before leaving. He came back and took a few shots, having me bend and spread for the camera, and I can’t wait to see the pics. I had to write this while it was all still fresh, and I know that I’ll jack off once I see the pics.

He’s coming back tomorrow morning, wonder what he wants to do now? Maybe I’ll take him into the bedroom and let him try me on my back, with my legs wrapped around his ass. Should be fun!

I love feedback, so if this got you hot, please tell me! If you’re in or traveling through west central Texas, perhaps you could experience this with me in person.

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