Friday Night at the ABS

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I’m Kirsten. I’m unattached, 27 years old, 5’2″, 125 lbs. Reddish hair, with fair skin, and a splash of freckles across my face. My body is pretty well toned from working out, and I have begun once again to explore my sexual boundaries.

A couple of months had passed since I had first checked out the local adult book store. Although I had made up my mind to return on a weekend night when it was more crowded, I honestly could never work up the nerve.

My bookstore excursions had been among the sluttiest of my adventures, but they were also the most nerve-racking experiences. Those were the times where I really had given myself over to my darkest, most perverted inclinations. Where I had stepped through the door, knowing that things could spin badly out of control. I count those experiences as my most intense sexual experiences I have ever had physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But it takes a different mindset to do something like that, and for a couple months, my desire had not overcome my fear and nervousness, so I had not returned. Gradually, as I began to have others adventures, and as I got back into the swing of pushing my sexual boundaries again, the familiar feelings of wanting to get REALLY slutty returned.

It was a Thursday night when the thoughts began to take over my thoughts. The ads on Craigslist were the same old same old, so I pulled up some XXX videos of various kinds, gradually gravitating to the DP and gang bang vids. My body responded, and soon my pussy was dripping wet, my nipples rock hard, and my mind desperately trying to figure out how to satisfy my cravings.

All day at work on Friday, my mind kept drifting to thoughts of the bookstore. I couldn’t focus, and by the time the day ended, and I had managed to get home without wrecking my car due to the distraction, I had talked my self into stepping once again into the darkness.

After working out to burn off some steam, I had a light dinner, and a nice hot shower to get ready. I dug out a black jersey dress that was almost like an oversized tee shirt than anything else. I went commando underneath, blushing as I pulled the dress over my head. My nipples were already stiff, and my pussy was wet.

I pulled into the parking lot at about twenty minutes to 10. Noticing the number of cars already there, I shivered and thought again about whether or not I was ready to do this.

My legs were weak as I walked across the parking lot and through the outside door. The bell rang, and I almost bolted when the inner door clicked as it unlocked. I exhaled deeply, pulled open the door, and stepped in the store.

I recognized the clerk from my first visit, and I blushed deeply as I walked over to get a ticket to the Arcade area.

“You made it back.” He grinned as he took my money and stamped my hand.

I bite at my lower lip as I nodded. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a number of other men in the store. They were either looking at me or trying not to look.

“Have fun.” The clerk called after me as I turned away and walked toward the entrance to the arcade.

I stepped through the door into the arcade area. On the big screen to my left, an interracial scene was in full swing. A young woman was riding on an impressive black cock, and her moans echoes in the viewing room.

A couple guys siting on the couch along the left wall turned to look when I walked in. In the shadows to the right, someone was sitting in a chair next to a love seat. As my eyes adjusted to the dim interior, I could see that the man in the chair had his hands in his pants, obviously stroking himself. The love seat was empty.

Past the half wall on the other side of the room, I could see people moving through the hall as they prowled in and out of private booths, moving through the other hallways and viewing areas.

I bit my lower lip nervously and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. My heart was pounding. My first visit to the store was during the day which was obviously much less busy. But tonight? Tonight was a pretty good crowd. I assumed that some of these guys were looking for male companionship, but I knew that most would not turn their nose up at a young woman who was putting out.

As I stood there, I had to ask myself that question. Are you in or are you out?

I walked over to sit on the love seat on the right of the room. It was buried in shadow, not fully illuminated by the large screen which was all the way on the other side of the room. The love seat was pushed back against one wall and over against the other wall on the left. I sat down on the left side against the wall, leaving only space to my right for someone else. I let my self sink back into the cushions, trying to ignore the guys that were staring at me, as I kept my eyes fixed on the white woman riding the huge black cock on the TV screen.

I didn’t have to wait long before someone tentatively took a seat next to me. He pretended to watch the video, but I could nişantaşı escort tell he was sneaking glances in my direction. My heart was racing as I waited to see if he would make a move. We sat like that for a few minutes. Tense. Nervous. So turned on I could hardly stand myself as I watched the woman getting pummeled on the screen.

About the time the movie scene changed to the young woman on her hands and knees getting fucked at each end, I felt a hand on my thigh. I shivered, and I spread my legs apart slightly, putting my hand on his leg to signal I was interested.

He slid his hand down my leg to the bottom of my dress, then underneath the hem. I gasped as his hand began to climb higher under my dress, and I slid my hand over to his crotch. I rubbed his swollen cock through the material of his pants as he tickled the inside of my thigh.

I pressed myself back into the cushions and splayed my legs further apart.

“Hold on.” He whispered, as he stopped and pulled his hand away to unbutton his pants.

I took the opportunity to raise my ass up and pulled my dress out from under me so that I was sitting bare ass on the faux leather of the love seat. I was barely covered, but more exposed, which really made me wet.

His hand was quickly back on my bare thigh, and I shivered involuntarily as he caressed my skin.

About the time my hand had wormed its way into his drawers to grab his thick, swollen cock, his fingers were sliding between the moist, silky smooth outer folds of my pussy. I moaned as he pressed a finger just inside my pussy.

The guys on the sofa in front of us across the room were staring at us intently. Although we were partly cloaked in shadow, it was hard to miss what was happening. Past my friend to the right, the man in the chair was no longer trying to secretly stroke his cock. It was out, and he was leering openly at me as he masturbated. With my left hand, I pulled my dress up over my hips, thrusting my pelvis up to meet the fingers that were starting to pump slowly in and out of my pussy.

Goosebumps erupted all over my body as the man fingering my pussy twisted his body to face me and ran his other hand up under my dress to grope my tits. My moans were drowned up by the audio from the DVD that was playing, but I knew it was clear from the way my body was moving that I was enjoying the attention.

Along the half wall to the right, a number of guys had gathered, watching the show on the love seat instead of the one on the big screen. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

My eyes glazed over, and my rational mind was overwhelmed by the intensity of the situation. I was all in now. Turned on beyond belief. My fears and anxieties swept away by pure animal lust.

The door opened, suddenly throwing light into the room, before another guy walked in and the door shut again.

I groaned as fingers rubbed along side my sensitive clit, then moaned in frustration, as he stopped suddenly and jerked his hand away. I felt him tense and fall back as his exploded. I kept stroking him as streams of cum ran down over my fingers. He twitched and groaned and then began to go soft.

He pulled my hand out of his pants, whispered a Thank You, and quickly exited the room. I just sat there speechless, frustrated, my lower body exposed, so turned on it hurt, the other guys still staring at me.

It was like a damn that was just about to break. For a few seconds, nobody made a move. Then the guy sitting in the chair got up and stood in front of me. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me forward. His dick stood straight up, and I opened my mouth as he pressed his cock to my lips.

I heard the others guys muttering, and a few moved closed to watch me suck cock. As his thick shaft started to slide in and out of my mouth, I began to put on a show. I licked the swollen head, lapped at his balls, let him sink it back deep into my mouth, then, when I knew he was getting close, I starting jerking his cock rapidly with my hand as I stared up into his eyes. His cock started to spasm, and he grabbed my head and pulled me tight to his crotch. His cock was buried deep in my mouth as I sucked harder. His cum spattered against the roof of my mouth, then pooled on my tongue. I tried frantically to swallow his load in order to keep from gagging as he finished getting off.

He finally let me pull away, and I wiped my mouth on the sleeve of my dress as I stood up.

I really really needed to get off. My whole body was on fire. I needed to get fucked. I was way beyond any rational thought, but I focused enough to realize that it might be best to take any further activity deeper into the maze of rooms. I smiled shyly at the guys who had been watching as I dropped my head down, bit at my lower lip, and brushed my hair back to tuck behind an ear. I could tell my face was beet red as I brushed against several guys and walked into the darker hallways.

I didn’t dare to look back. My heart şişli escort was beating so fast and hard I thought it was going to explode. I could tell at least some of the guys were following me, and my anxiety level began to shot through the roof. Before I tipped over into a full blown panic attack, I ducked into a private booth to pull myself together.

The booth was small and actually pretty nasty. No bench or chair and really only enough room for one person. The lock barely caught, but it held. I heard rustling in the rooms to either side. I watched as a red, stiff cock pushed through the hole to my right. Seconds later, another cock emerged through the hole to my left.

The floor was disgusting, and I was not really into kneeling in the filth. So I bent over and licked the head of the first cock. It twitched and jerked, as I steadied it with a firm grip as I took it between my soft lips into my mouth. The movie on the small screen droned on as the moans from the actress covered the slurping sounds I was making sucking on the stranger’s cock.

The room was small enough that I could turn and press my ass up against the second wall. I stopped sucking long enough to get into position, spread my legs, and angle the throbbing dick at the entrance to my dripping pussy. I groaned as he entered me, shuddering in delight as he began to fuck my wet hole. Bending back over, I starting sucking the cock in front of me again.

The door rattled, then opened, the lock bolt slipping out of its tenuous hold. Several guys stood at the entrance, staring at me through the open door. My dress was pulled up over my hips, and I was getting reamed front and back. I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. I was so turned on, so completely overtaken with animal lust that I just sucked harder on the cock in my mouth until it pulsed a couple times and unleashed it’s stream of cum. I pulled back as a second shot hit my chin. I stepped away from the other wall, grabbing the quivering, slippery cock in my hand and stroked it until cum spurted out the top, dripping over my hand to the floor.

Wiping my hand on my dress, I pushed through the guys crowding the door way. I had calmed down, and the short fuck session had left my pussy begging for more.

“Come on.” I hissed my voice low and husky, full of lust.

I wound my way through a couple of connecting hallways, through the viewing room where I had allowed myself to be used the first time, and into a room even further back in the maze.

Way past any pretense of shyness, and shifting into full on slut mode, I sat down on the sofa and pulled my dress over my hips. Two guys sat down on either side of me, and hands immediately began groping my tits through the fabric of my dress while fingers began to explore my pussy. I could not tell how many guys were touching me, but I looked up and could see at least five or six guys were coming through the entrance to the movie room.

I grunted when someone roughly shoved several fingers deep into my pussy, and I twisted and moaned as my nipples were pinched and stretched.

I was out of my mind, and I knew that I was no longer in any kind of control. Fear still rattled through me, but instead of sending me into panic mode, my level of arousal skyrocketed. I was on the verge of cumming as my whole body starting to shake violently.

I tensed, then shuddered several times as my orgasm slammed into me like a freight train. Crying out, I arched my back and pressed my shoulders back into the cushions. Before the intense feelings had completely receded, I was pulled to my feet, and my dress was pulled over my head. It was tossed to the side, and I was now totally naked. Fingers swept back and forth over my clit, and I groaned as the feelings started to build again.

I reached out to grab someone to keep from falling as another orgasmic wave hit, and my knees started to buckle. Before I fell, I was jerked around and bent over the soft arm of the sofa.

My legs were rudely spread wide, and I felt the head of a rather large cock wedging itself between my pussy lips. I groaned as the the cock I so desperately needed and wanted stretched my pussy. The guy kept himself lodged just inside the entrance as I got used to his girth. Then, without any further preliminaries, he thrust forward violently and buried himself balls deep in my cunt. My cries could barely be heard over the noise from the movie, but I did cry out.

I braced my upper body on my arms, my pelvis across the arm of the sofa. My head hung down, and I grunted with every rough thrust. Someone grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back. An angry looking cock was thrust against my lips. I just opened my mouth and started sucking.

Hands slapped and mauled my tits, the cock slammed in and out of my pussy, my lips wrapped around the cock in my mouth. I felt wetness on my asshole, followed by a thick finger pressing into my tight hole. I was overwhelmed with conflicting sensations, and mecidiyeköy escort I felt another orgasm slowly building. I was surrounded now. The room was almost packed from what I could tell, everyone watching me being used.

I managed to pull back from the cock in my mouth, gasping for air. Then, without warning, I came. It was so intense that I threw back my head and screamed. THAT scream could be heard over the noise from the screen.

Another cock was thrust in my mouth cutting off my cries. The guy fucking me pulled out, spewing his cum across my back, and someone else took his place. I was struggling to hold myself up, and I finally gave up and let my upper body collapse on the cushions of the sofa.

I heard someone say “turn her over”, and I was manhandled onto my back. My legs were pressed back toward my chest, and a stiff cock was crammed back into my cunt. I was panting, my skin slippy with beads of sweat as I tried to thrust my pelvis up to meet the cock slamming into my pussy.

Cum sprayed across my tits, and someone else shot his load on my face.

My head was roughly tilted back as another guy shoved his cock in my mouth. My body tensed as I felt the cock in my pussy slide out and press against my asshole. I almost panicked as he began to force his way past my tight sphincter. My toes curled, and the cock in my mouth muffled my scream when the cock plunged into my ass in one sharp thrust.

Fingers furiously rubbed my throbbing clit, and I came again with a violent mix of incredible pleasure intermingled with sharp sparks of pain. I was a quivering mass of flesh, spinning completely out of control. Wanting and needing to be fucked, to be used, to descend into the depths of pure fucking sexual depravity.

My head spun as I was pulled to my feet. I was picked up by guys on either side of me, and lowered onto the huge cock of a large man sitting in the chair. I groaned as his cock stretched my pussy further than it had been already. As soon as his throbbing shaft was seated partly inside me, I started to grind my hips down onto his lap, trying to take in his whole dick in my dripping cunt. When I was almost there, I felt another cock pressing against my ass. Before I could say or do anything, the rigid meat was buried in my ass.

The guys in the room were transfixed as they watched me getting double fucked. I could only hold on and grunt as the two cocks slammed into me like pile drivers. Someone stepped up, and I took a third cock into my mouth, sucking greedily on the bulging head. Hands groped my tits and caressed and slapped at my nude body. It seemed like every inch of my body was being stroked, mauled, fucked, pinched, or groped.

The cock in my ass pulsed then pulled out, spraying my butt cheeks with cum. Wasting no time, another cock imbedded itself in my tight hole as I squealed like a stuck pig with the rough penetration. Hands gripped my hair, pulling my face firmly toward the cock buried in my mouth. I braced myself as it exploded in my mouth, coating the inside of my cheeks with thick, stringy cum.

I gasped when he pulled out, barely catching my breath before another dick was pressed between my lips. The guy underneath me slammed his cock roughly into my pussy a couple more times before managing to pull out. Warm cum shot up between us, smearing across my belly. He continued to maul my tits as the guy fucking me in the ass shot another load into my bowels.

As the cock slid out of my ass, the guy fucking my mouth came hard. Cum dripped down my chin as I struggled to swallow another large load.

Barely able to stand, I managed roll myself off of the guy I had been riding. When I looked up, a number of guy were still watching and stroking their cocks. The ones that had already had their fun had left.

I was unsteady on my feet, and my head was swimming. Thinking it might be time to slow things down, I reached down to grab my dress. I stumbled, but someone reached out to catch me before I fell over. However, pressure on my shoulders pushed me to the hard floor. Hands on my upper back, insistently pressed my chest to the cold concrete, then pulled my ass into the air.

I cried out when a another cock slammed into my sore pussy. The guy last no more than a dozen strokes before he pulled out and shot his load up my back. As soon as he left, another guy took his place. He fucked me harder than the last guy, and like the one before him, he didn’t last long. He barely managed to pull out before cumming, dumping his load between my ass cheeks.

I tried to get up, but guys on either side of me kept me pressed to the floor as another guy pressed his cock into my sopping wet cunt. A few strokes later and another load was added on the small of my back.

The next guy rammed his cock balls deep into my ass in one violent thrust. I howled as other guys held me tighter. Hot cum shot into my ass in just seconds. He quickly left, and another cock plunged into my ass.

I raised my head enough to see that the crowd had faded away, leaving only a few more guys. I whimpered as my asshole was roughly used again. Like the others, he didn’t last long, and he pulled out to shoot his load all over my back.

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