Friendly BBQ Surprise

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You were sitting out the back wearing a loose dress drinking while I was cooking the bbq when Steve walks in through the gate putting his six pack on the table he sits across from you saying Bianca didn’t feel like coming over. You two start talking while I finish cooking, you go inside as I serve the food as me and Steve eat. You walk out and wrap your hands around my neck and kiss me near the ear, as you walk around the table you drop a fork and bend over slowly to pick it up, this is when I notice your dress is a little short. Steve glances at you, trying not to be noticed, just as your butt cheeks peek out the bottom.

We finish eating and are talking then we decide to move to the lounge room and watch a movie, you are sitting in between us as we are watching and drink the movie gets to a scary part and you act startled and I notice your hand grabs his thigh and you start slowly rubbing it as Steve skulls his beer and adjusts the way he is sitting, I say it’s getting a little cold and throw a blanket over all of us as I sit back down and slip my hand up the back off your dress. As I see v sigh I run my finger down around your tight butt hole down to your soaking wet pussy I push the tip of my finger into the moist opening before pulling it out as I get up saying think we need more drinks walking to the kitchen.

As I watch In a mirror I see your lean over Steve pulling his hard veiny cock out of his pants you grasp it in your hand and start slowly stroking it, a bead of precum leaks out and you flick your pink tongue out and run it up the purple head of his cock licking the precum off as I announce from the kitchen as a warning to you, “want a cider babe?” You lean back up saying “yes please” as you quickly cover Steve’s nakedness before I stroll back in to the lounge pretending nothing happened.

I sit back down next to you, as you quickly undo my jeans under the blanket my hard cock spring free as you wrap your fingers around my thick shaft you start gently stroking both our cocks trying not to move the blanket. I stick my hand up your now pulled up dress rubbing over your swollen and wet pussy lips, when you squeeze my thigh I poker oyna know his hand is now boldly on your inner thigh so I withdraw my hand from your wet pussy discreetly licking your warm juices from my fingers.

You are stroking us both firmly your sliding your hands up and down the shafts of our cocks feeling there veiny girths throbbing in your hand as you increase your pace. When you let out a low moan letting me know at least one finger has entered your tight pink opening, your cheeks begin to turn pink as you feel the pressure building from his finger thrusting in and out of you as it just brushes against you g-spot. You hold your breath as you feel your first small orgasm hit you, squeezing both our cocks in a tight grasp as you try not to make a sound your pussy clenching and pulling on Steve’s fingers trying to pull them deeper inside you as your orgasm pulses through you.

After a minute or so your orgasm stopped you quickly before either one of us can react slip off the couch to the floor pulling the blanket off both of us exposing both our hard cocks to the cool air, Steve tries to cover his cock but you lean over and take the head of it in your mouth as your fingers wrap around my shaft again and you gently pull the foreskin up and down, you lick around the head of Steve’s cock he moans “oh Fuck” as you suck on just the bell end firmly till it pops out your mouth before forcing half its length down in to your throat then gently running your teeth back along it, then start bobbing up and down on it.

At the same time your stroking my hard shaft up and down you wrap your other hand around the base of Steve’s shaft as you pop your mouth off his cock and place mine in your mouth flicking your hot tongue over my purple helmet, you use your spit on Steve’s hard cock as lube stroking it up and do at a furious pace. When you feel Steve’s cock start pulsing as he tells you he is about to cum you quickly take the head of his cock in your mouth and feel it spray the roof of your mouth with hot sticky salty tasting cum which you swallow down as soon as it sprays out. You take your mouth of his already shrinking cock and grab his head and canlı poker oyna kiss him hard on the lips pushing your cum coated tongue in to his mouth as you two kiss you stroke my cock harder squeezing the head of my cock desperate to make me cum. When you feel my balls start to clench up you break the kiss and push my big cock head in your mouth sucking hard as you thrust my big hard cock in and out of your mouth as I groan I unload in your mouth filling it with my cum, making a cum cocktail on your pallet, you swallow all the cum then kiss me on the lips pushing your tongue in to my mouth pashing me deeply.

You stand up and pull your dress off over your head for the first time Steve is seeing your completely naked body he is sitting there stunned by your beauty his eye roaming over your body from your beautiful face down to your sexy perfect tits down to your bald wet tight pink pussy you say to him “see something you like?” he locks eyes on your eyes unable to speak nodding his head like a special case.

You slowly walk to the bedroom as we both stare at your sexy ass, we slowly get up and remove our own clothes as we follow you to the bedroom I grab you kissing you hard as I push you down on the bed Steve climbs on the bed from the other side grabbing your tits running his fingers over your pink nipples pinching them. I break the kiss with you and sit back and watch as you lean up and kiss Steve with passion as his hand runs slowly down your body, your tongues intertwine as his hand runs down your pussy slit.

He breaks the kiss and kisses his way down your body starting with your neck, chest and bellybutton before finally running his tongue down between your pussy lips flicking the tip over your clit you moan as his oral assault intensifies on your little pink clitty. Sucking it in to his mouth and licking around your pussy opening then down to your anus, probing the tight opening.

I kiss you as my hands play with your nipples pulling and twisting them gently before I take the left on into my mouth sucking it and pulling it between my teeth. Your hands go to the back of both of our heads and pull us in to your body hard internet casino your moaning to both of us “don’t stop please don’t stop”.

Steve kisses back up your body as I take his place lapping up your juices leaking from your pussy as he kisses you hard forcing his hot tongue into your mouth you can taste your own pussy on it as you pull moan into his moan with pleasure. I’m running my tongue all over your pussy sucking and biting your clit and licking all the way down to your asshole tasting every sweet flavor of your body.

I stop licking you and Steve moves on top of you still kissing you as he rubs the head of his hard cock up and down your dripping slit till it slips deep into your pussy you let out a deep moan as his ball slap against you as he is as deep as he can go inside you he starts thrusting hard into you, as you grab his ass pulling him deep into you. I am stroking my cock as I watch you two I move to your face and you take my cock into your mouth sucking it hard licking my precum off my cock slit whilst moaning with it deep in your throat.

You let my cock fall out of your moan groaning as you take control you roll on top of Steve mounting him forcing yourself down on his big hard cock he leans up and takes your nipple in his mouth flicking it with his tongue and biting it.

I move behind you opening your butt cheeks seeing your pink pussy clenching around Steve’s veiny cock going in and out of it I lean down and start lick and probing your tight pink asshole making you moan even more.

Before I move behind you you’re leaning over merit getting fucked hard in your pussy and I press the fat head of my cock against your anus feeling it stretch open around it. You can feel the pressure of both your holes being stretched open at the same time and are moaning. “oh my god oh my god. “We can feel our cocks rubbing against the ski between the two holes as we start fucking both as deep as we can at the same time.

It becomes too much for Steve and he starts flooding your pussy with hot cum pulsing and spray his hot seed deep inside you and you keep pumping up and down on his shrinking cock keeping it in you as I pump in and out of your tight clenching ass till I fill you I’m cumming and push as deep as I start pump load after load of cum deep inside your ass. I pull out with a pop and all three of us collapse on the bed exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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