Friends and Toys

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Sitting at the bar and people watching…you can tell the “just friends” and the couples sitting around. Worker groups standing in groups chatting away.

The bartender asks if I want another, so I nod my head and give her my glass.

She walks in the door. I saw her as she walked up the sidewalk. She was looking in trying to see who was here. So she sits, across the bar from where I am, still looking around. The bartender goes over and inquires about her drink choice. I see her lean forward and I know she asked where the restroom was. So she gets up and instead of walking the short way she walks all the way around the bar. She came past me, and as she slowly walked by, she slipped something in my hand…

I smiled. It was the remote. Not to a television but to her vibrator… She just kept walking and headed downstairs to the restroom. I slipped the remote into my shirt pocket, awaiting her return. Setting it for a slow pulse. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her returning. This time she walked the shorter way to the other side, but before she turned the corner I reached up and pushed the button.

She stopped suddenly and gasped. The man she was walking behind just looked at her. denizli escort She smiled, her face the slight rosy color of a blush just starting…

I could see her eyes looking to the side towards me, a slight smile upon her lips as she moved her chair to sit, I pushed it again…Another gasp, this time she looked directly at me.

The Bartender had already set her drink down so after sitting she picked it up to take a sip. Looking at me with alarm in her eyes…I smiled, but no, I did not push the button. Her eyes locked on mine the entire time. After her sip she sat the glass down and answered a question the lady next to her asked. They were carrying on a conversation about whatever and she was just getting ready to grab her drink when I tapped it again. She jumped…I could see the look on the face of the Lady next to her. Concern, and a little questioning…She smiled and sort of shrugged her shoulders and waved it off.

I hit it again, this time holding it for a second. She shuddered, and gasped again. This time the lady reached over and touched her arm, I pressed it again. Her eyes got big and she leaned towards the Lady…I could read her lips.

“I am ok, just dikimevi escort a slight tingling in my leg.” The Lady patted her arm, I pushed it and held it. She shuddered again, and another gasp escaped. The Lady had a real concerned look on her face this time. Carrie just leaned closer to her and as she whispered in her ear, I bumped up the setting and hit it again! She leaned against her and her head rested on the Lady’s shoulder. Carrie has always had a fantasy of being with another woman. The Lady put her arm around her and said something to her…They got up and headed to the bathroom. But before they started down the stairs I hit it again…The Lady wrapped her arm around her waist, so I hit it again…

She must have been able to feel the vibration. I could see her eyes get wide and look at Carrie. You could see the embarrassment in Carrie’s face as she shuddered and tried to explain herself to her new friend. So I let them go down the stairs…I did not want to cause her to fall.

They were gone for a while. I heard them coming back up the stairs. Laughing and talking like old friends. Carrie walked around the bar slowly…I think waiting for it to happen dikmen escort again. I started to push the button again, but decided to wait. Suddenly warm air hit my ear at the same time as the words…

“You are a very bad man.” She whispered. I turned and was looking right at her friend. She had an evil smile on her lips.

“She told me all about it.” “I am a nurse and I was threatening to call 911.”

“We have discussed this for quite awhile.” I told her. “She wants this.”

“I know.” She said. And with that she turned and walked over and sat next to Carrie. I could see Carrie mouthing, “I am sorry.” She sat next to her and ordered another drink for both of them. I told the bartender to put it on my tab. She took the drinks over and just before she put them on the bar, I hit the button again…Carrie spilled the remainder of her drink on the bar, all the while apologizing to the bartender. Her friend was just looking at me, smiling.

I lowered the level of the vibrator and pressed and held the button. Carrie’s eyes got big. I could see her shudder, her face was getting redder and redder. Her shudders became a little more obvious. Her friend just glared at me. I let go of the button. Carrie relaxed.

Her friend just looked at me and patted her hand. I paid my tab and got up to leave. Smiling to both ladies. I waved to Carrie and her new friend. And walked out. Pushing the control to full and holding the button as I walked by the windows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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