Friends , Family Ch. 04

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Big Tits


This is the ongoing chapters of me growing up in the Midwest in the late spring and early summer of 1971 before moving to AZ to live with my grandmother and attend college.

All persons in this and any of my stories are of at least 18 years of age and the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

These chapters cover the times that I was just 20 thru 22 and being one HORNY, WELL HUNG guy that could and did keep many older ladies happy.

The ladies I will cover in these chapters were friends of my parents and all are rather large in the BOOB’s and love to enjoy the freedom of being nude.

This chapter covers the mother and her friends during a Thursday afternoon get together and one very special guest.

As a side note, none of these ladies like to shave any of their PRIVATES AREA hair, so they are all natural, just as I love them to be.


My Mother and her friends,

Thursday school went by very fast as I was the tenth person to give his / her talks in speech class final.

I was just waiting for the rest of the class to do their speeches and caught myself daydreaming about what was going to happen this afternoon when I got home.

“There was going to be at least five HORNY ladies there this afternoon, mother had mentioned, and that they all wanted to “enjoy” me.”

The gal next to me was looking over at me and my crotch went I notice her. She smiled and licked her lips and whispered; “Now I know why Linda like you.”

I smiled and turned a little so she could see the outline of my cock going down my leg.

She slowly turned to face me and raised her skirt and spread her le ever so little to show me her lovely pink panties covering her very hairy pussy and smiled.

As we were leaving the class room she handed me a note with her phone number and say just “LETS.”

The class was over by 10:30 AM and I was pulling in the drive about twenty minutes later.

I saw only one car parked in the front of the house when I get there.

I put the car in the garage and came in the back door quietly as mother had asked me to do.

As I walked in the door I heard three ladies giggling and talking about something that I could not hear from the kitchen.

It was Jean J., and Elna O. and mother

As I walked over to the door between the kitchen and family room and that is when I heard Jean ask my mother if it was true that my penis, when hard, was 12″ long as Doris had told her.

Mother answered that that was incorrect, as she had just measured it last night the proper way she had been instructed in nurses training to measure a penis and it was 13.9″ long.

Jean let out a whop and said, NO FUCKING WAY it could be that long.

Mother then told her yes it truly was and it was a little over 8″ long soft and hanging down my left leg.

With that being said, I walked into the family room and mother stood up and walked over to me and put her arm around my waist, pulled me to her and gave me a big sloppy kiss and told me to go sit next to Jean on the sofa.

As I sat down Jean reached over and placed her hand on my thigh and ran it up to my cock.

She said, OH! it is that large when he is soft.

As her hand rubbed my cock it started to get hard and she just kept rubbing it till it was straining at my jeans and mother came over and released my belt and unzipped me to allow my cock to spring free.

Jean looked at it and cried out; NO FUCK WAY is that going to fit in my cunt.

Mother just chuckled and said, YES it will, as it fits into mine just fine after a little stoking un and out and the proper lube.

Elna at that moment walked back in the room from the bathroom and seeing my cock out and hard opened her mouth to say something and all I could hear was OH MY GOD THAT IS HUGE AND I NEED THAT MONSTER NOW”, it is bigger than my largest dildo.

Jean told her she had first try at getting it to fit in her pussy before Elna could try.

Mother and I (at the same time) just told them not to fight as there is enough for all to have a go at it.

Just as I was standing to remove my jeans the doorbell rang and mother went to let in Doris and Vi.

They both walked in and saw me and started to remove their clothes to join in the orgy that was starting.

Elna and Jean were removing their clothes also and I asked all the ladies to leave their bras on as I wished to remove them and fondle each set one at a time to see and feel the softness of all those monster breasts that were there I front of me at one time.

They all just laughed and removed their bras and threw them at me all at the same time.

As they threw them their breast swung and bounced around to my hearts delight.

There I was standing in front of five naked ladies whose smallest bra size was 40 D (All sexy and pendulous), as Hazel with her 36 C’s was not here today.

Elna walked over to me and took hold of my penis and said that this might just change her into liking men again if I was gentle güvenilir bahis to her and did not try to force anything onto her as had happened to her as a young girl.

I promised her, and mother spoke up and told her how kind and gentle I was, I would not do anything she did not wish to have happen to her.

With that Doris also spoke up, with mother turning her head and smiling, to say she had never had a more kind and gentle lover then me.

Doris also said that if she had her way, I would be the one to teach and train her daughter I the proper ways of love making as someone had trained me correctly.

Mother just smiled at that statement and came over to kiss me again.

All the ladies clapped and shouted out their approval at me and mother.

I was then taken by the hand of my mother and lead to the bedroom and told me to lay on the edge of the bed with my legs over the edge and my 14″ straight in the air.

That is when each of the ladies, who had followed us to the bedroom, lined up and took turns taking my cock between their monster breast and titty (I know my mother does not like that word) fucking me.

It was on the last lady on the third go around, who happened to be Vi with her 38 “G”s,” that I exploded and covered her face and breasts with a load I had been building up to all day.

All the other gals came over to us and rubbed their hand s all over me and Vi to get some of my cum to rub on their breasts.

As I lay there, Elna turned around and spread her legs on each side of mine, backed up to me and lowered her super wet cunt onto the head of my cock and pushed downward very slowly three or four strokes till she had all of me in her cunt.

The gals looked at her and all had a look of “I cannot believe she took all that in her so easily.”

Elna just started to rock back and forth with her cunt sliding back and forth on my cock which made it look like a steam engines piston stroking in and out.

Her breasts were hanging down and that is when I noticed that Jean was playing with the left one and Vi the right one.

They were massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples as it looked like they were trying to milk her.

All of a sudden Elna rose up so the swollen purple head of my cock was ready to pop out of her overly wet pussy and pushed downward on me so I went deeper into her and she let out a cry of pleasure as she climaxed over and over till she fell forward and out popped my cock and Jean and Vi held her up from hitting the floor.

She asked to be assisted to the other bed in the room so she could saver the feeling of pleasure she had just encountered and as she lay down Doris laid down with her and held her tightly and fingered her pussy.

As this was happening Vi came over to the bed and lifted my legs up and swung me around so I was laying properly in bed. She got on top of me with her massive breasts swinging in my face and pussy on my stomach.

She swung her boobs back and forth across my mouth as I tried to catch a nipple.

She paused as her right nipple was in front of me and I just latched on and suck on what must have been over a one inch long nipple.

I sucked and sucked till she switched nipples and after I had sucked so much it was turning purple she slid down my stomach and with her left hand guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

It was so much tighter than Elnas, I could not go very far in till she screamed and lifted off.

Mother came over with a tube of lube (KY jelly), applied a lot to my shaft and Vi tried again.

This time she got half way down my shaft before having to stop and that is when she started to piston it in and out of herself till she had ¾ of it and that was all she could take.

She paused at that and left it stay buried that deep in her.

I was playing with her boobs and nipples all the time she was riding me and as she was starting to lift off she pushed down and exploded with a gush of juice that soaked the bed.

I rolled to the right with her still riding my cock and as she rolled out it came with a loud popping sound and her cum ran all over the bed.

Mother was the next to hang her boobs in my face and as I was sucking she told me that she wanted me to be sure to NOT to cum in her tonight as she was at the time of month that she might be able to get PG.

I looked at her and said that we should wait till after the other had left before we continued as with all these naked bodies around I was not promising I could control when I was to explode.

She smiled and said OK! I will just play hostess to these horny bitches then.

The next thigh I knew Jean was stroking and pumping my cock and she lowered her mouth onto it and suck and licked it like an all-day sucked.

I did notice Doris standing behind Jean and she had her hand between Jeans legs fingering her lips and inserting two or more fingering into it.

Jean just cooed and sighed at that pleasure.

Doris reached up and cupped (if you can cup a 36 türkçe bahis “F” breast) one of Jeans breast and sort of wiggled her fingers causing it to pulsate like a balloon being squeezed.

What Jean did next was unbelievable, she turned to Doris, stop playing with me and started to play with Doris’s pussy and sucking Doris’s nipples.

I looked like what the hell and Vi came over to me and placed her hand around most of my cock, as her fingers would not go all the way around it, and massaged it and told me to just watch the two gals enjoy each other as she stroked me off.

As I was watching these to grown ladies sexually playing with each other I said I had to be the luckiest guy in the world.

She took my hand and placed it between her legs and told me to play with her as she needed to have her lips flicked and tickled.

Just about then Elna said it was time that I was to “pleasure” the surprise guest who had just arrived from a hard day’s “work” and needed some relief. (Work meaning home from semester finals at college)

She took me and led me to the shower first and with a blindfold in place I was placed in the shower with the surprise guest.

I was told to place my hand on the wall and keep them there till I was totally soaped up and then I could soap up the guest.

The guest took a wash rag and lathered me from head to toe getting all the previous love juices off of me and then I got to wash off her hard day’s work, concentrating on her breasts that seemed to be rather small.

As I was washing her I all of a sudden realized who the guest was and said, “HELLO SIS.” (Sheryl is older than me by eighteen months, and is 22 at this time in the story)

With that I took the blindfold off and looked around see all the ladies watching us playing with each other.

Mother asked how I knew and all I could say, before sis did, was “we have done this before and I know her sexy young petite bodies from a mature sexy body like all you ladies have.

They all asked which I liked better, young or older, and all I could say was, “I love them all.”

My sister kept stroked my stiffing cock with her soapy hand and I rinsed my hand of its soap and inserted my finger into her waiting cunt.

She slowly spread her legs and let me finger her intensely till I said we need to get dried off as we have an audience.

The ladies said I unison, “We all want to see her ride that monster of yours.

Sis just responded, “I have been waiting all week for this as “WE” have not done it for over a month and I need it so bad.”

Mother gasped and said, “You two have been having sex and I did not know about it.”

We told mother we can talk about this later.

With that I picked up my sister, like a brides groom does when her carries her over the threshold, and took her to my clean bed and laid her down.

I stood next to the bed with my cock at full attention as I bent over and sucked on her “puffy” little nipples and ran my finger over her lower lips.

She reached out and took hold of my cock and stroked it as mother applied lube to her hand and my rock hard cock.

It slide back and forth in mothers hand so smoothly I stated to grow larger and fuller till sis told me to get on top of her and insert that monster in her waiting pussy.

Mother and the other stood and watched as I slide my cock deep into my sister and she humped her hips up and down with my motion.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me tight to her and as I tried to back out of her I raised her off the bed and she hung to me with her legs tightly around me.

All of a sudden I noticed her PUFFY LITTLE nipples getting harder and fuller as she climaxed, which caused me to unload at the same time deep inside her.

All the ladies gasped and sighed as I looked at them and noticed they were all playing with themselves our each other as I was fucking my oversexed horny older sister.

About this time one of the ladies suggested that they call it an afternoon, as it was getting to be the time that they need to get home to do their “WIFEY” things that they all needed to do before the husbands showed up wanting dinner.

They all agreed with the question, “can we do this again sometime soon?”

Mother looked at me and I just answered, “SURE as look as we can maybe film it next time.”

They all laughed and one of the showed me the VHS camcorder they had been using this afternoon.

We all laughed and said we all wanted copies.

After all had left, Mother, sis and I went back up stairs and stripped the wet sheets off the beds and I took them down to the laundry room to wash.

When I got back upstairs, sis and mom were sitting in the kitchen in their lounging robes that were so sexy on their lovely bodies, talking about how long the two of us had been “doing it.”

I looked at sis and she said that she had started telling the story of when it all started was at the point she first saw my massive penis as I stood in the laundry room two güvenilir bahis siteleri years earlier jacking off to a copy of dad’s BUF magazine. (BUF is Big Up front as in massive boobs)

She said that I was just starting to cum into one of her pair of panties that I had taken out of the wash; I told her that they were mothers not hers and mother cried out, “now I know why I have found “sticky one in the wash.”

Sheryl said, “That she could not believe that my penis was that large and she had walked in and taken hold of it and that is when it all started.”

Mother looked at the two of us and said, “I hope you have been being careful and using protection.

Sis reminded her that she was on the pill since she was eighteen.

We both then continued telling mom of many more times that we had watched each other masturbate, while her and dad were gone on trips or just out about town, and after a while we played / fondled with each other till Sheryl could not stand it any longer and had to have me inside her lovely sexy pussy.

We told mother stories of how we had played with each other and how Sheryl had given me blow jobs and I had licked her cunt and sucked on those puffy nipples till she had climaxed all over my hand that was between her legs foundling her and inserting fingers in to her “Love Tunnel.”

I also told the story of how we would sneak into one or the others bedroom when we were all at home and screw our heads off within ear shot of you and dad. We had to be very careful, but some time (that once a month time you and dad would do it) we could be a little less noise as you would not hear us because of your noises.

Sheryl even told of the time we were fucking in the laundry room one day and you almost came down the stairs and caught us in the act.

Sis also remembered the time we were going to the lake and you and dad were in the front seat talking and she was jacking me off in the back seat as you and dad were singing along with the BEACH BOY”s song on the tape player.

With that I told her that on the same trip we did it on the island, across the lake from the cabin in broad daylight, as dad and us two had gone to the island to do something and he went back out in the boat fishing, as we were to be getting a lunch fire going and set up that camp the Sheryl and I stayed at overnight if you remember.

That was the time we fucked all night long and were so sore the next day when you and dad brought the boat back to pick us.

This is when I notice that mother had her hand between her spread legs and was playing with herself.

I looked at Sheryl and we both walked over to mom, one on each side of her, and kissed her and began to play with her pendulous breasts as they swayed with her body moving with her arousal.

Mother stood up and suggested that we go to the bedroom to enjoy each other fully.

Sheryl agreed and I put my arms around each of their waists and we left the kitchen without even eating the dinner that was on the table.

Mother went into the bedroom first followed by me and sis bringing up the rear with her hand on my ass check.

At this point we all had shed our clothing and were standing naked.

My penis was at half-mast by this moment and sis took hold of moms hand and placed it on it and said that she should be the first to enjoy me this evening as she had done so in the afternoon.

Mother just took a firmer hold of me and led me to the bed.

She sat down with me standing in front of her as she reached out and took my cock’s head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it.

Sheryl sat down next to mother and reached around her and took hold of her left breast, cupping it and lifting it so she could lower her mouth to it and suck on its dark red, Harding nipple.

Mother took more of my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue along the bottom of it while cupping my ball sack with her hands.

I just stood there and as I looked down at my sister on moms breast, I notice a hand going between mom legs to rub her swollen, wet pussy lips.

Mother released my cock from her mouth and fell backwards onto the bed. Her legs went up into the air and were spread wide open so I it was right there for me to insert my throbbing cock into her “TUNNEL OF LOVE.”

Sis just slid over a little and as I stepped forward, she took hold of my penis and guided it to mother waiting cunt.

I gently slid in to her as she moaned out with an “OH YES” please fill me up.

Sis had let go of my cock and was now holding and massaging my balls as I was pushing deeper into mom.

I got about two thirds of my cock into her when she asked for me to stop and stand still as she needed a moment to adjust to my size.

She said that she would be able to take it all in a minute, as she had last night, but needed to grow accustom a little before letting me go all the way with my manhood of love.

Sis looked at me and asked, “How long you have two be fucking?”

At that moment I could not even think of answering, as the pleasure of mother pussy around my cock was too much.

With my sister’s hands on my balls and mother warm cunt, I exploded a load and a half into her.

It ran out of mother and got all over sis’s hands.

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