From Oral to Anal

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All people in this story are over 18 years of age. If you dont like gay male sex this story is not for you.

Sometimes I crave sucking cock. If I get it on my mind I can not turn it off. I am bisexual although I tend to be more straight.

When the urge hits I go to the internet to meet the guys. It wasn’t long until I found an ad for a glory hole. I sent a message that I was interested and needed the necessary information time, location, etc. I waited for a response.

After a few hours a response came. I am always filled with anxiety of not knowing the person, when pics are sent I settle down the visual really turns me on. Ralph in late 40s was a person of 5’10 200 lbs blonde hair blue eyes 6 inch cut cock.

I explained I had sucked cocks but had not crossed into anal. I was assured that it was ok.

I entered through the garage door. When I go to this house the garage door was open. There was another door ajar halfway in the basement I heard a voice tell me to come in. I heard the automatic garage door closing. There as a wall with the glory hole and to poker oyna the right side was a curtain that matched the color of the wall. I could see an eye ogling me.

There was a TV with a DVD player and a sofa against the wall and an end table with lamp. The voice said get comfortable, as I was stripping naked the dvd started playing. His cock appeared through the hole. I got on my knees to welcome his cock on my mouth. I placed my tongue on the rim of his cock. I loved the smell of musk and there was a tiny bit a pre-cum that had appeared. I really started working on his cock. He let me know I could really suck cock and it felt great. I would get him to orgasm and back off. I told him I liked to make it last. In and out wet sucking sounds. I sucked his balls. Then I went in for deep throat which i do have a gag reflex, it seemed to excite him that I would gag going deep. He started fucking my face and he exploded in my mouth. Salty sticky cum squirting in my mouth and I swallowed.

He appeared from the curtain. Late 40s blonde hair, penetrating blues eyes and a semi canlı poker oyna erect cock.

Im 5’5″ tall 5 inches cut and in my late 50s. He pulled me to him and kissed me. He had poppers. I let him know I was familiar with use of poppers. I thought i liked poppers I was beginning and now I love poppers and how they make you feel. Close one nostril, inhale then hold your breathe. My heart was racing, I felt hot, then a high came over me. It felt so good. He moved me to couch we kept kissing, feeling, touching. He had lube in end table. I reminded him I had not done anal before. I had mentioned I had I thought about it. The DVD still playing and it was showing a gay gang bang. The mixture of poppers kissing feeling and sucking my nipples was driving crazy.

I felt his middle finger with lube on it at the opening of my butt. He knew the right minute to give me the popper. I did not resist his finger when it slide into me. it felt so good. He took his time, one, two, three fingers. He was taking his time.

Then he positioned me on all fours. He lubed up his cock internet casino and gently started probing it in my hole. It felt different from his fingers. His big mushroom head was going in and out of me it was uncomfortable at the beginning and then as time went on it felt good. I grabbed the popper and inhaled It really started feeling good, he said take a deep breathe I did and he went deep all the way till his balls hit my butt. I pushed back. He wanted me to squeeze my sphincter muscle. That was awesome. Pumping in and out while jerking on my cock. This went on for a while. I was really getting into arching my back and pushing into hom. Then I told him I was going to cum. When I started to cum I could feel the sphincter muscle contract each time I squirted. It made him start to cum. Both of us cumming at same time was awesome. His warm cum filling me up was euphoric.

We tried to meet twice a week and now I am more into anal than oral. I would suck him until he came the first time and the rest would fill my my butt.

We still meet up from time to time. He introduced me to anal now he wanted me to be the receiver at a gang bang. I had come a long way just going from oral to anal.

Now that I’m into anal I dream of being taken by multiple guys and becoming a slut.

But thats another story altogether.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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