Fun at the Lake Pt. 01

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I had rented a cottage for a couple of weeks because life had just given me just one too many slaps upside the head. It was one of just two cottages on the lake, side by side. With any luck whoever had the one next to me would be quiet and keep to themselves. I loaded everything into my temporary home and then sat on the deck overlooking the lake deciding what NOT to do next.

It was a perfect day, warm enough to sit in a pair of shorts but with a strong breeze which meant no bugs. After a while I decided that I would check out the lake. There was a nice lawn leading down to a sandy beach so there was no need for any footwear. I threw my towel onto the picnic table near a short dock and waded in.

I surveyed the beach and it was just as I like it, sandy bottom and a gentle drop off towards the middle of the lake. I thought to myself that I could probably swim to the other side of the lake. The beach in front of the cottage next door wasn’t as nice. There were some weeds and no dock. On my side there was a floating platform about 20 yards out into the lake. It would give me a place to swim to and from. Swimming had always been my preferred way of exercise and it kept me in good shape over the years.

I was a little anxious when a car pulled up to the other cottage. From behind it I could hear voices as people brought their supplies in. I would probably introduce myself soon enough so I kept swimming.

After about 20 minutes and a dozen laps to the platform and back I looked up to see three young women walking down to the beach below the other cottage. I was pleased that they were good looking, one blond and two brunettes. They were about mid thirties and had the look well educated career women despite the fact that they were all in bikinis. As I looked at them, they waved, I waved back and went for another lap.

When I returned, they had approached my side of the beach.

“Hi,” said the blonde, “I’m Mila, this is Audrey and Stella. Charley rented the cottage to us and suggested we ask to be able to swim on your side of the beach because it is nicer.”

“Be my guest.” I said.

They threw down their towels and headed for the water, and me, with glee. They chatted with me and splashed each other, it was easy to see that they were as glad to be out of the city as I was. Mila was the most outgoing, she was about 5’6″ and slender with perfect proportions in all areas. The other two were a bit shorter but also looked like they could be swimsuit models. Stella was the most outgoing and Audrey was a bit more shy. We exchanged other details about the jobs and lives we were escaping. It was a lot of fun but I was feeling hungry and excused myself to go make supper.

Later that evening I sat on the deck with a beer and watched the sunset. It was beautiful and I could hear the sound bursa escort of laughter from next door. As it got darker, I went inside and settled in to read. I had a lot of time ahead where I could do what I wanted and I was definitely winding down. I had just put my book aside when I heard a knock and a ‘Hello’. It was Mila, she was wearing a white robe and carried a towel.

“We are going for a late swim, do you want to come?”

“Sure,” I said “Although, I don’t relish the idea of getting into a wet bathing suit.”

“Oh,” she replied, “we are not using bathing suits.” She let her robe fall open to her waist and I could see she did not have anything on to hide her chest and the full breasts that were half exposed.

“Well, when you put it that way…”

She extended her hand and I took it and let her lead me out the door. We walked down the lawn to the beach, it was a clear night with a three-quarter moon so I could see the other two in the water already. They were already all in so I could not see if they were wearing anything. However, Mila stopped at the picnic table, put her towel down beside the others then turned to me and smiled. She dropped her robe and I had to catch my breath. Her perfectly pert breasts were standing out and her nipples were erect. They were long enough that they cast shadows in the moonlight on her toned stomach. She was shaved and looked like a painting in the moonlight.

“Now you,” she said with just a hint of mischief. I hoped that it did not look anything but smooth but in one movement I pulled my shorts down and, on the way up, pulled off my shirt. She looked like she appreciated the view, grabbed my hand and led me into the lake.

Audrey and Stella swam towards us. When they got to us Audrey remained below the water line, but Stella stood up in the waist deep water. Her breasts were amazing and I was not shy about giving her the once over as she was doing the same to me. We all went into deeper water and splashed and generally laughed as the girls dunked each other.

Then Stella had an idea. She disappeared below the water. We wondered what she was up to when Audrey shrieked and was lifted up out of the water on Stella’s shoulders. It was the first time I had really seen her breasts and, while smallish, they fit her proportions perfectly. She didn’t know whether to shield her breasts or hang on to Stella.

But Stella shouted, “Lets have a chicken fight!” Mila laughed as I turned to her and asked if I could put her on my shoulders.

“What the hell, why not?” she said. I went behind her and down into the water. I followed her body with my hands, down her body, past her hips until I got to her knees. Then I crouched and put my head through her legs. A quick thrust with my legs brought me to the surface with her on top of me. She was laughing bursa escort bayan loudly as we moved to Stella and Audrey.

I was conscious of her pussy on my neck and felt it was warm despite the cool water. I held onto her legs and appreciated the smooth skin and muscle tone which told me she obviously kept in shape. Out first ‘battle’ was not long as Mila and I quickly toppled the other two. But not before I felt Stella’s body against mine. If not for the cool water I am sure I would have had a raging hard on. As it was, I was getting a bit large.

We horsed around for a while, switching partners until I had each one of them on my shoulders at least twice. Stella was also shaved smooth and Audrey was neatly trimmed but I could hardly feel it in the water. Once the laughter and horseplay settled down, we swam out to the platform and sat there in the warm summer night air. Mila and Stella stretched out in the moonlight while Audrey was sitting with her knees up still a little shy to be nude in front of a me despite the fact that she had been on my shoulders.

Mila said “Okay, truth or dare, Stella?”

“Truth,” she said.

“How many guys have you had sex with?” The other two girls squealed.

“Come on,” Mila said.

“Okay, seven. But that included blow jobs.” Stella said to me, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said.

“What is your favorite sexual position?”

I smiled and thought that this would either shut the game down or take it up a notch. “I love to be going down on a woman, have my hands on her breasts feeling her nipples get hard and see the look in her eyes as she cums.” There was a gasp and giggles from the girls but I had the sense that my answer was a good one.

We kept up like this for a while exploring our sexual desires and histories. Stella and Audrey admitted to having sex with girls and I admitted to a threesome but back in college when I was drunk so I didn’t remember much about it.

Stella finally took it up a notch and said “Dare.”

Mila challenged her: “Kiss Audrey.” Audrey didn’t protest so Stella leaned in and gave her a long and lingering kiss which seemed to make her relax. When they broke they both giggled a bit. We went back in the water but continued to play. Now the stakes were raised we all were challenged to kiss each other.

Then, in response to a dare, Stella looked at me and said “go down on me.” Audrey and Mila’s jaws dropped but they smiled.

We were about shoulder deep in the lake so I said, “Okay, put your arm around your friends’ shoulders. She complied and let her body float to the surface. I moved between her legs and put her calves on my shoulders while I slowly kissed my way up her legs. She shivered, partly because of the night air and partially because I was approaching her pussy. escort bursa When I got there, I reached around her hips and slowly parted her lips with my fingers. I could see her goosebumps in the moonlight. Slowly I let my tongue trace down one side of her lips and back up the other until I got to her clit. She groaned. Mila and Audrey looked transfixed. I was now circling her clit with my tongue. She started to arch her back.

My hands moved up and lightly passed over her breasts causing her nipples to get even more hard. I had her clit full in my mouth and I was sucking it hard. She was obviously approaching a climax so I switched and thrust my tongue deep into her pussy. She bucked but I stayed inside her, licking her deeply. I kept squeezing her breasts and fucking her with my tongue until she let a cry and came. My face, which had been alternating between the cool water and her warmth had a sudden flood of juices as her orgasm continued and then subsided.

She lay there panting, being held by her friends and I slowly moved away and covered her pussy with my hand. She slipped her legs off my shoulders and moved towards me and gave me a long and lingering kiss.

“Now that is the way to start a vacation!” she exclaimed.

Mila was quick to speak up. “My turn!” The girls switched positions and soon Mila was coming into my face while I enjoyed her warm orgasm.

After she came down off my shoulders she reached down and felt between my legs. Despite the water, I was rock hard.

“Somebody is aroused,” she said in a scolding manner.

“Yes,” I said, “I don’t understand it. All I am doing is swimming nude with three gorgeous women, eating them out, and I get a hard on. Who could have predicted it?”

The women laughed and then Mila said, “I guess we better return the favor, unless Audrey wants to get the royal treatment first? Believe me, it is worth it.”

“I’m fine…for now,” Audrey said. So I put my arms around Audrey and Stella and let my cock break the surface like a submarine. Mila moved in and I have to say that her oral skills are second to none. While she was working on my cock my head went back and Stella began to kiss me deeply. Even Audrey ran her hand across my chest to stimulate my nipples. It didn’t take long and I stiffened. Rather than let me shoot out Mila buried my cock in her throat and took my entire load. I slipped off of the girls and under the water.

When I emerged they were laughing. They said it was the perfect end to a long day and we all got out of the water and dried off. Stella and Mila started walking to their cottage but Audrey surprised me when she called after them.

“I be there in a little while.”

They exchanged glanced and kept going into the night. Audrey moved towards me and said “I couldn’t bring myself to let you go down on me in front of the others,” she said, “I guess I was just a little shy.”

“Do you want to come up to my cottage?” I asked.


She took my hand and I lead her up across the lawn.

Continued in Part 2

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