Further Adventures with a Married Woman

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Back to the story…

The first night was absolutely incredible. Peta tasted wonderful and she had the most perfect body. Her breasts stood straight out and her nipples were perfect and dark. She had several orgasms that evening. It was the first time that I had ever made love to a woman who could have multiple orgasms and she had them almost continuously while I licked and sucked her pussy. I can remember every detail of her as she leaned back on the sofa with her legs parted and with me in between them. Her belly would tighten each time and she moaned softly the whole time. Her beautiful mouth and lips were slightly parted and her eyes would open and close slightly as I looked up at her. Everything about her was slightly bigger than life, but in perfect proportion.

It’s hard to remember how long I licked and sucked her but finally, it was time to push her back onto the sofa and make love to her. I stood up long enough to take off my shorts and let my extremely hard dick free. It knew exactly where it should go. I kneeled back over her and pushed down into her. She was wet, both from me and from her own juices. I slid in easily and for a moment, just laid there, enjoying the feel of her body, her arms wrapped around me and the feeling of being inside her. She squeezed slightly and tightened around me, both inside and out. I could have laid like that for hours.

Finally, we began to move slowly together. Making love to such a tall and strong lady was a most wonderful thing. Not only was it exciting because her brother was sleeping down the hall and we were in constant danger of being caught, but we were also both feeling the excitement of having sex for the first time with each other. Every stroke was slow and gentle and I could feel every nerve in my body and every muscle tighten. She rubbed my back and then would scrape her nails across it. Her long arms would drop to my ass and then slowly run the length of my back as we moved together.

She came several more times. Each time she would climax, we stopped so that I could feel her pussy tighten around me and pulsate. The experience was absolutely wild.

On the other hand, I didn’t cum at all. Not only did I not want to because I couldn’t stand the thought of stopping this, but she was not on birth control and neither of us wanted to have the added worry of a pregnancy by me, since her 6-month old marriage would have been a total disaster.

Finally, she started to cramp from so many orgasms. I pulled out and watched her stand and pull her t-shirt back on. I rolled over, not completely satisfied, but exhausted from all of this. It was late, and we both decided to go to bed. Separately, of course. Once I finally got to bed, I sleep in small amounts but kept waking up with a huge smile on my face. I could smell her all night and hoped that there would be other opportunities to enjoy her.

The following day, I got up fairly early. I had no idea how she would react to me. Around 8am, we ran into each other in the kitchen. Her brother was there, getting a quick bite before heading out to meet with clients. I looked at Peta, who stood at the sink behind her brother and she had the biggest grin on her face. She winked at me. It was all I could do not to giggle at our shared secret.

We waited impatiently for her brother to leave. Naturally, he stayed around until we absolutely had to selling the hamptons izle leave for the office. Obviously, there would be no morning continuation.

On the way to work, Peta tried hard to stay composed, but each time she took a breath, she started laughing. That started me laughing and we both wound up getting to the office with tears rolling down our faces. The whole experience was hysterical. We knew that we’d have to be careful without even discussing it through the laughter, we both knew that this experience would create some wonderful memories for both of us.

At the office, we both got odd looks. Most likely, it was the tears and occasional giggles that drew them. Each time I walked by her or had to sit at her computer to make entries, I would find some way to brush against her. Once in awhile, she would moan slightly. Needless to say, I spent the entire day hard as a rock. I could hardly pee all day and certainly could think of nothing but getting a second chance at her beautiful pussy and body.

Naturally, the first day after was exciting. We were both a little bit afraid that everyone would find out. Peta was concerned about her husband and especially her brother, who was a big gossip and would probably let everyone know what we had been doing if he were to find out.

My trip was to last one more day. You can imagine that by the time the evening rolled around again, I was going a little bit crazy with desire to play with her again and perhaps to finally get to cum. It had been a whole 24 hours that I had been building both desires and ideas and I was beginning to ache, well, hurt from being hard for so long. I still wanted to taste more of her, though and was thrilled by the excitement, the danger and by the thought of how incredibly sexy she was.

We made plans to spend the evening together. It was Friday and my reservations to return to the Dominican Republic were for Sunday. Peta’s brother was to leave early on Saturday morning and we both looked forward to being alone for the entire day. Naked, alone and in and out of bed. At noon, we went to buy wine and groceries for the following day and chose lots of energy foods. Fruits, especially juicy ones, were the order of the day. I knew that they would be great fun to eat. We bought some bath salts and figured that we could spend the entire afternoon and evening jumping from the bed to the tub and back again. The planning kept me so hard that I am amazed that I didn’t just explode.

We arrived at Peta’s apartment after work and found her brother and a friend/client who had arrived just before we did. They had plans to go out to dinner and invited us along. We could hardly say no. We all went out to TGI Friday’s for drinks and a light supper. Peta and I sat next to each other and alternated rubbing legs and feet under the table. Her brother must have thought that he was enormously entertaining, because we both laughed constantly. The anticipation was almost too much to bear.

Halfway through dinner, Peta’s brother announced that he would be staying over until late Saturday evening. A crushing blow for which I silently cursed him to the devil. He had decided that he needed to finish a few things up before returning to the islands and that Saturday would be the perfect one for doing so. One of his final needs was to buy some sense8 izle things for his wife and children and he asked that we help him to pick out a few items. Ah, fate. I instantly decided that I would never get relief and Peta’s grip on my knee, which had been strong to begin with, nearly crushed it at that point. Somehow, he must have found out, or at the very least, had an idea that we were up to no good.

Needless to say, Friday night was a long one from that point on and sleep was very difficult. I said goodnight to everyone when we finally arrived and went to sleep. I wasn’t very sober, so getting to sleep was easy, but my dreams were of all of the things that I wanted to do and would not be able to. Sex was at the top of the list.

Saturday was an uneventful and long day. We shopped. We made purchases. We helped to pick out sexy lingerie and toys. We wrapped gifts. We ate. We drank too much. We barely touched. It was a terrible day. Finally, late that evening, we dropped her brother and his friend off at the airport and breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn’t mentioned a single thing about our night or about the way we had been acting during the previous couple of days.

I remember that night, though. Suddenly, we were alone at the airport in her car. We realized that we had finally gotten alone. Uncontrollable laughter hit us at first, along with a quick return of desire. As I mentioned, Peta is 5-10 and I am about the same height. Her car was a Toyota Supra with very little leg room and a stick in the middle. We nearly knocked the seats onto the parking lot as we clawed at each other, trying to kiss and touch each other. My hands found her breasts and then her pussy. I felt and smelled her and nearly bent in half trying to lick her with an urgency that I had never felt before. She tore at my clothes and had me nearly naked right there in the lot.

We stopped as suddenly as we started, realizing that an empty apartment would afford a lot more room for the kind of passion that we had built up. The drive home was fast. Very fast. It’s fortunate that she didn’t live a long way from the airport. We would have had to rent a hotel room right there if the drive were more than 30 minutes.

We arrived at the apartment complex and quickly ran up the stairs, too excited to wait for the elevator. As soon as Peta shakily opened the door, we were back at each other. I kissed her full lips and tore at her clothes. She went back at mine at the same time. We left pieces and bits of clothing from the front door, which we did at least remember to close, all the way back to the bedroom and then onto the bed.

Now completely naked, I got to look at her lovely body. Olive skin that was soft and cared for. Beautiful hands and feet. Legs that were silky and inviting. I turned her over and just started at her strong and lovely back, my eyes working slowly down from her curly brown hair to her wide shoulders. I remember the curve of her shoulder blades and how her skin sloped to her beautiful spine. It was perfectly rounded and shaped and her hourglass figure was lovely. The skin shone naturally and the small of her back tipped perfectly onto a rounded ass. I started at the backs of her legs and reached to them, rubbing my hands first on one, from the back of her knee up to the crack in her ass and then back down the other leg. She moaned softly sewer divers izle as I pushed my hand between her legs and rubbed her soft thigh.

On the return back up her leg, I pushed a bit deeper and her legs gently parted. I leaned over and kissed first one cheek and then the other and then licked slowly down the center and between her legs. The smell of her very wet pussy drew me further down between her legs. My tongue found the back of her pussy and I pushed inside it as her legs parted further. She absolutely shook with anticipation. This was not the time for teasing. Both of us had been waiting for too long. I turned her over and kissed her first, then worked my way down her body. Both of her breasts received licks and tugs on her nipples. Her breasts stood up and her nipples were full and hard. They felt so good between my teeth that I did not want to leave them, but at the same time, her stomach arched toward me and she kept pushing my shoulders down further.

Her belly button was small and puckered. I couldn’t help but kiss it and stick my tongue into the slight indentation. Her stomach shook slightly and she continued pushing me down further. It seemed that every part of her body was super sensitive. She was electric in her appreciation of every kiss and touch.

Finally, I made my way to her pussy. It was beautiful. It was covered in soft, curly brown hair and was large. Her legs were parted enough so that I could look at her, smell her and taste her. I wanted to memorize every bit of her, starting with that fabulous pussy. She lifted herself up to me and pushed hard at my open mouth. My tongue pushed hard into her and I actually felt her tighten and squeeze me. She came almost instantly. Her aroma filled me. I could almost smell the sea and her Caribbean roots. I was in heaven.

I pushed hard on her clit and licked and sucked for what seemed to be hours. She came several times and each one was strong. Finally, she pulled me away and I crawled on top of her. My dick found her entrance, which was absolutely slick by this time. I moved into her with the same slow rhythm of the first night. It seemed as though we had know each other forever. We held each other and stared into each other’s eyes as we moved. I knew that the time wouldn’t last forever, but I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

Finally, I felt the sensations in my stomach and I could tell that it was time. My first climax would be the very best. I moved slowly, letting the sensation spread and it was as though I could feel the cum spread from my balls and into my dick. I held it for as long as possible, pulled out of Peta and rocked back onto my knees. She brought her hands up to my dick and touched it softly. That was enough. I came as though I’d been waiting my whole life for that instant. I shot the length of her stomach and onto her breasts for several seconds. Shock set in and I rolled over next to her, completely exhausted. We laid that way for awhile, half asleep and then finally got up to wash. I almost collapsed as I rolled onto the floor. Total and complete bliss.

We held each other up and washed each other in the bathroom. The giggling turned to raucous laughter that probably woke the neighbors. I never wanted to be out of her sight for an instant after that. Unfortunately, I had to leave the following morning and knew that some sleep was in order.

We made our way back to bed that first night and held each other. I probably didn’t sleep more than five minutes as I lay there, smelling her hair and gently holding her close to me. It was the most peaceful I had ever felt.

Obviously, there must be more, but that is for another time.

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