Future’s Toy Ch. 05: Milk the Prof

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(This story is set 14 years in the future.) Plot: Sam’s students take turns, to tease him and play with him. Will the cruel girls let him cum?


WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, sex and domination.

If the arguments offend you, please leave.

If you are not 18+, please leave.

The arguments are PURE FICTION, and the people in the stories are NOT real.

LANGUAGE NOTE: English is not my native language, so there may be some errors.



“Show some gratitude! Don’t you see how much they love you…. your students?” Hellen said ironically. It was her last sweet words before I saw her leave, and the door slam, her feminine scent still enveloping the air.

I felt like the frog, ready to be dissected. Helpless, I cannot decide my fate. I was completely submitted.


Hours have passed, I don’t know how many. I stood there, completely immobilized, with the tape covering my mouth. I couldn’t help but look how perfect the ceiling was.

After a few hours, or maybe 10 minutes, I don’t know, I heard someone enter the door, and lock it.

A female face appeared in my field of vision.

It was Julie Campbell, another beautiful girl from class 4A. Long, wavy brown hair lined her gorgeous face, with juicy lips, pointed nose, a seductive smile and two bewitching black eyes. Without playing any sports, her body was slim and trained, with a pair of long legs and a firm, tall ass.

“Ooh, Mister Watson!” Julie sighed. “So it’s true! I thought Hellen was kidding! She said: ‘go to Mister Watson’s studio, he’s tied up there, and play with him for a while!’ Hahahah! Isn’t that funny?”

Julie reached out and stroked my forehead softly.

“It must be humiliating, right? Being a grown man, a professor, and not having the strength to resist your students?”

Julie looked so sensual, young and feminine. Her humiliating words hit me, and my member immediately twitched under her voice.

Before I could react, Julie jumped onto my immobilized body, and sat on my lap. Feeling my bulge with her little ass covered in skinny jeans, Julie started rolling her butt, and moving.

“No, mmmmmm!” I pleaded, my protests drowned out by the tape, my body overwhelmed by the stimuli of her movements.

I moaned in pleasure as Julie started rubbing her hard ass along my cock, through my work pants.

My member, was now fully erect, while her ass was teasing my penis, rubbing it, while I was held in place by the laces around my chest and legs, my mouth plugged.

“Wow, there is something….growing insistently against… my ass…” Julie cooed, feigning surprise.

“…do you know what it could be, Mister Watson?” she giggled, sliding off my body, undoing my pants and exposing my hard cock, which pointed up like a compass.

Julie grabbed my chair and sat down beside the table.

“Mmmm!” Julie licked her lips, taking my manhood in her hand, and starting to massage it. As her sweet left hand stroked my erect shaft, she purred with her vibrant, sensual voice.

“We must relieve all this stress, right?”

She stroked my hair with her right hand, enslaving my body with her caresses. The humiliating situation, mixed with the excitement, was creating a perverse sensation in my brain, amplified by her soft voice penetrating my weak mind.

“It must be really stressful to be a teacher in a class full of….whores like class 4A. Isn’t it?”

I closed my eyes and let out a groan of pleasure as Julie’s hand moved expertly. She was incredibly talented.

I felt the orgasm growing in my balls, enslaved by the expert hands of this wonderful girl, and my crotch began to involuntarily push against the movement of her hand.

Just as I felt the semen about to explode from my penis, Julie removed her sweet hand away, cruelly.

“Mhhhhh! Pleaseee!!” I moaned as loud as I could, but Julie smiled, and she giggled sadistically. My cock was begging her for the release.

“Shhhhh. Another time, maybe. You have to be a good guy, to deserve to cum…” Julie whispered, as she put my cock back in my underwear, and stood up.

“Cya in class…little Mister Watson…” Julie whispered, before leaving. I sighed loudly. I had become a fucking attraction for my students.


After about 15 minutes, another time I heard the door open, and this time Penny Cooper appeared in front of me.

The blonde girl was a completely crazy lass, freaked altındağ escort out and insane, but with a tortuous young body trained by constant swimming, chiseled torso, broad shoulders, long, curvy legs, and a gorgeous little ass, which she often accentuated with prohibitive photos in non-existent swimsuits and panties, blue eyes, straight blonde hair, small but sexy lips.

“But….good morning, Lil Watson!” she beamed, pinching my cheeks.

“Oh, I knew it! I knew Julie wasn’t lying! She told me how you wanted to cum in her hand, huh!! Bad boy. And there you are, Lil Watson! But let’s get to the point! Your cock!”

Penny squatted on my bulge. I felt my manhood move once more, and gasped as Penny stroked my package, releasing my cock.

She examined it, touching it with her soft hands. My member reacted to the sensation, and it swelled rapidly.

“Mmhhh, I would like to lick it, you know? Lil Watson, do you want me to lick it? Mhh…no, I don’t think I’ll lick it, I have another idea!”

I moaned in regret, my cock between her lips felt like a real dream. I was surprised when Penny took off her shoes and socks, and she threw the socks in my face. I was even more surprised when she grabbed my work chair and sat down, stretched out both her legs, and placed her bare feet on my genitals.

“Urggg! Mmmm!” I groaned at the contact. Her feminine feet were soft and warm, the fingers without polish, and they felt springy.

“Uuh. You already like it, Lil Watson.” Penny whispered, rubbing her feet on my semi erect cock, quickly bringing it to full erection.

“Do you like my feet?”

She settled down, placing her feet on either side of my stiff pecker, initiating an expert, meandering footjob.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” I groaned. I tried to struggle as her soft warm feet slowly rubbed my throbbing member, but I soon gave up, accepting the pleasure.

“Yo, Lil Watson. Nobody resists my footjob. Don’t fight it.” Penny cooed softly. Her soles slid up on my dick, her toes massaging the head of my cock.

“You know, my swim coach is a complete jerk. He wants to take another girl, to regional swimming tournaments.”

She stroked my penis for five minutes, her small feet rubbing the sensitive skin on my cock, perfectly.

“Not even he can resist to my footjob, like you.

And to the regional swimming tournament, Penny Cooper……is the candidate!!!”

The gorgeous blonde giggled.

“Oh my, your cock is throbbing, Lil Watson! You’re about to cum, aren’t you? I feel it!”

Her feet slid up and down my cock effortlessly, her athletic legs seemed made for this exercise.

When I felt the stream of cum rushing from my balls, Penny squeezed the base of my cock with her feet, effectively blocking my ejaculation.

“Mmmmm, fuck! Not againnnnnn!!” I growled.

Penny Cooper laughed loudly, then she removed her soft feet off my cock, depriving me of her sweet touch.

Once again, the sperm stayed in my balls, and I moaned loudly for the second non-release in a row.

“Did you really think I was going to…. make you cum on my feet? I just showed you that you can’t resist my footjob!” Penny giggled.

“Mmmmh! Untie me!!” I groaned, my mouth still closed by the scotch.

Penny laughed loudly.

“I don’t understand you!!! Hahahah, how do you say?? Wait….free me, please? God…. I’m gonna remind you…a few seconds ago, you would have….sold your soul to the devil! To cum on my feet, and now you want me to free you.

Tsk tsk, Lil Watson, You are such a man. You are just instinctively stupid. You don’t use your brain, you think with your little cock.”

Then Penny Cooper perched between my legs, and she put her bare feet in my face, rubbing me with her soles. If they were soft and smooth around my cock, her little feet on my face were warm and snug.

Completely wrapped in her feet, thanks to the continuous sexual arousal, and the little difficulty in breathing, I suddenly felt very tired. My body throbbed, and it was weak.

“Shhh… Hey Lil Watson… Are you tired, right?” Penny whispered to me, gently rubbing her feet on my face. Her soft voice was bewitched, like a magic potion, and combined with her little feet and their strong feminine scent, they were a devastating combo.

My eyes couldn’t stay open. Penny Cooper’s feet were magical, and infused into a concoction of exhaustion. I sighed, a student’s soft feet in my face, and in less than a minute I was asleep.


Gentle strokes on my hair woke me up, ankara anal yapan escort and slowly I brought into focus the female figure sitting next to me. Aisha King, another beautiful girl from class 4A, smiled sweetly at me. Aisha King was short, very tanned, with wavy black hair, often pulled back into a ponytail, brown eyes, thin lips, and a sweet pointed nose decorated with a Septum piercing.

“Mister Watson… Fufu, you must have slept really well…” Aisha whispered to me, crossing her long and thin legs, sitting on my chair, next to the desk on which I was tied.

Her skirt was pulled over her, and I caught a glimpse of her creamy young thighs.

“Penny really put you asleep well… she’s always up to her word, the girl.” Aisha said, standing up, climbing onto the desk and positioning herself between my legs.

“Mhhhhhh!” I groaned. But I already knew what was going to happen.

“How… how did Penny torture you? Mmhhhhh… she told me she would practice her footjob a bit, and then she would put you to sleep with her feet.”

Aisha laughed. Grinning wickedly, her small hand came up to my cock, which Penny had carelessly left out of my pants. Aisha began to caress my organ.

“Urgh! Mmmmmmmm!” I was exhausted from

continuous sexual tension, from the repressed excitement, from the humiliation, from the feeling of helplessness and weakness, from the lying position and from the torture I was undergoing… but once again my cock obeyed the pleasure, and stood up proudly, craving Aisha King’s wonderful touch. The young girl giggled, and she lay down on my crotch.

“Mmmmmmm! Noooommm!” I begged, when I saw and felt Aisha breathe on my erect rod, and gently kiss the head of my cock. At the contact of her lips, I was struck by an enormous spasm of pleasure.

“Oh my god, how swollen is… the head of your cock, Mister Watson? Fufu, I’ll take care of emptying it…” she giggled.

“Mmmmmm!!” I moaned as Aisha dove into my crotch, and she began to perform a wonderful blowjob.

My feeble protests were silenced by the wet warmth of this young girl’s lips and tongue.

Even if I was lying, Aisha maintained eye contact with me, melting me with her sensual eyes.

I let out moans of pleasure as she snaked her warm lips around my penis, totally enveloping my cock like a warm liner, moving up and down slowly, driving me mad with lust.

My student Aisha fully controlled me, with her throat muscles and tongue, quickly building a huge orgasm in my genitals.

“Oh mh, oh mh!” I moaned, as I began to move my pelvis forward, to facilitate the splendid fellatio. Aisha began to increase the speed of the pumping, sucking me, as if she wanted to suck my essence between her sweet lips and her tongue, faster and faster, until I felt the sperm run up my balls.

Finally, my cock would have his ejaculation, and I would cum.

But no.

Aisha, smiling, stopped and deprived me of her wonderful mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned in frustration, and angry, just a few steps away from ejaculation. My body was shaking, enraged.

I tried desperately to self finish my ejaculation, moving in an uncoordinated manner. Aisha laughed out loud, and she slapped me.

“Mmmm guess what, fufu? I won’t make you cum!”


“What do you say, Mister Watson? You must know that we girls, we have you in our hands. Even if we don’t make you cum, your cock is always at attention, begging for us girl, ready to respond to our will. And you too. Or am I wrong, fufu?” Aisha whispered close to my ear, so sensually that her voice penetrated directly into my brain. Aisha got off the table and, without a word, left the room.

Aisha returned after a few seconds, followed by Hellen Shaw and Rachel Clarke.

Their three female faces looked down on me, dominant.

“How did you spend your day off, Mister Watson? Bricolage?” Hellen giggled. My aching, fully exposed cock went limp, causing the humiliation and utter shame I was feeling.

After a few seconds, Penny Cooper and Julie Campbell also entered the room. Their 5 faces looked me down from above.

I, a great man, was sobbing, close to crying, submitted and dominated, and at the mercy of 5 of my students.

“Watta do with him?” Rachel asked. Hellen shrugged.

“Easy, we finish him. We untie him, and when he wakes up, he goes home. If he can walk.”

Penny Cooper looked at my flabby cock and made a face.

“C’mon, girls. Lil Watson deserved to cum.” The gorgeous blonde ankara escort objected.

“For sure. He resisted like a soldier in my mouth. Few can. You’ve been a hero, haven’t you, baby?” Julie cooed.

“Same thing for my little feet. It’s very rare that…. they aren’t covered with cum.” Penny continued.

“Ok, ok, Okay, Mister Watson. We’ll finish you, but first, you can cum. You deserve it!!!” Rachel ruled.

Then Rachel untied the lace around my chest. I snorted, now able to breathe normally. It did not last long. Rachel tucked her right leg under my torso, and intertwined it with the other leg, squeezing me between her thighs.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned, and the terror faded into my eyes as I felt Hellen sit behind me and wrap her powerful legs around my head.

I gasped as I felt her thick, muscular thighs on either side of my head, her calves crossing in front of my eyes, my skull being walled up by thick walls of sweet female muscle.

Hellen reached out and tore the tape from my mouth, taking some of my mustache away as well.

“Arghh!” I groaned. Now I had a voice, but I couldn’t physically speak. Quickly, Penny sat down on my belly, and a pair of silky, bare feet landed on my face, and the pungent, feminine smell immediately enveloped my brain.

With my head wrapped in female flesh on all sides, I was like in a warm cocoon, and every noise reached me muffled.

“Fufu,” Aisha sighed. “Since you have been a good boy, we will give you the chance to cum. Aren’t you happy, fufu?…”

I groaned as I felt Aisha’s breath on my groin, and her mouth began to lick the head of my cock, still half limp.

“I’m joining too. Do you mind?” Julie cooed, diving into my groin and starting to lick my cock, her tongue snaking alongside Julie’s one.

My cock swelled into full erection in seconds, under their feminine manipulations.

Soon their lips joined, sliding up and down my shaft, like one big mouth.

“Mmmm!” I moaned, wriggling with pleasure, but Hellen’s thick legs left me no space to move.

Julie and Aisha’s tongues enveloped my cock like warm tentacles, their moist mouths making my whole body tremble.

“How cute,” Penny commented, still with her feet on my face.

“Hey Lil Watson, How about becoming our pet? We could play with your cock all day.”

“Oh yes please!” I yelled, blinded with pleasure, wishing I was the submissive toy of these young teen goddesses. A quick squeeze from Rachel around my stomach quickly silenced me.

I finally felt orgasm growing in my balls, again, and I knew I would soon be cumming the coveted load of sperm.

Oh God, let me cum this time! I would die if I had to keep the seed in my balls again.

The two young girls, Julie and Aisha, in complete control of my orgasm, noticed that my balls were contracting, and, as if it were a form of encouragement, they moved their mouths more vigorously along my cock.

“Shhhhhhhhh…let us dominate you.” Hellen said, behind me. Her huge thighs were eating my head.

Aisha reached out and squeezed my balls lightly, putting me on the edge.

The feeling of the two sweet girls, who had deprived me of orgasm several times, milking me with their mouths was too much for me. The soft feet on my face, the feminine legs dominating me. Rachel’s legs squeezing my body.

With a bestial scream, I felt my orgasm exploding from my cock, and with perfect precision Julie and Aisha shared the immense amount of cum, that came out of my cock. My body was tense as my penis sprayed 10 or 12 shots of cum. Julie and Aisha’s tongues continued to caress my organ, even as I ejaculated. Even after I finished cumming my repressed ejaculation, the two schoolgirls gave my cock some extra soft licks.

After unleashing the biggest ejaculation of my life, my body fatally weakened.

“It’s time. Let’s put him to sleep now. Cya, Mr. Watson,” Hellen cooed.

While an 18-year-old cheerleader squeezed my head between her immense thighs, another girl crushed my waist.

As my cock was being stroked by gentle teen hands, my nose and mouth were filled with silky feminine feet.

No human being would have resisted all the sensorial stimuli that blinded me at that moment. I had become a TT, a toy teacher. I was owned by my students, who dominated me and milked me when they wanted.

The humiliation was total. I hoped they would knock out me as quickly as possible.

When the girls tightened their grips, in sync, within seconds my eyes rolled, my body gave up, and finally and mercifully my sexy students put me to sleep.


I woke up I don’t know how many hours later, and I immediately realized that I was free, still lying on the desk in my study. Without knowing how to justify my presence there, I got up and ran away from that school.

My unkempt hair indicated that I had a sort of….mishap.

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