Garden Escape

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The last dewdrop fell from the petal of one of the many flowers in the garden just before the sun peeked over the mountains… Her nipples pushed out in defiance of the cold air. The silk that wrapped her body didn’t do much for warmth but she loved the feeling on her skin, across her thighs and yes.. on her breast… She sat there waiting, wanting, needing him to come to her… It was her time for his attention. She so looked forward to his touch, the way he made her feel, like no other she had ever known… She knew it wouldn’t be long now. His touch, his smell and even his caress. The caress of lovers. A caress all its own. Not like that of a parent to a child or a friend to a friend but the kind that touches your soul.. The kind that reaches in to the deepest part of your being and never looks back. The kind of touch that makes you want to hide in him leaving the world behind and never come out… Warmth, safety, endless time… “HOME”…

She could hear steps behind her growing louder.. She didn’t turn, waiting for the right moment.. The steps stopped and so did her breathing… Then with one swift inhale she took in the smell of his presence. He was finally there to relieve the pain that had built beşiktaş escort up inside her.. The pain of needing something so bad and having to wait… The pain of unfulfilled desires, but soon that would all wash away in the ecstasy of oneness.

She turned to face him not being able to wait any longer… There he stood, not saying a word. The zipper of his jeans only inches from her face. He grabbed her arms pulling her to her feet. Still silent he looked in to her eyes for what seemed minutes.. Then cradling her face in his hands, he kissed her. Ever so softly at first, then with urgency. She melted beneath his passion, as she knew she would. Resistance was not an option even if she desperately need to. She gave in once again to his desire.. Letting him taste, touch, feel and do as he wished. The fire burned between her legs and was relieved when his attention turned to her neck… Slowly he kissed his way down to the silk that covered her body. Her nipples hard as ever but no longer from the cold. Now they to begged for his attention. Needing to be touched. Needing to be taken by his caress.

The left side then the right. The straps that held the beylikdüzü escort silk in place no longer existed on her body. She drew in a deep breath as it fell to the ground leaving her naked in the dim light… Naked for anyone who happened to pass by. Before she could protest he sat down on the bench and pulled her right nipple in his mouth. Sucking, pulling, licking and tasting the sweetness of her flesh… As her legs weekend she could feel the wetness between her legs escape her body and start a journey down the inside of her thigh..

He moved his kissing down the front of her body.. First between her breast then across her belly. He could smell her readiness. Waiting for him, wanting him.. Kissing her all the way down to her pubic hair was more than she could stand. Her legs grew weak and she lost all track of time.. He sat her beside him as he sat on the walkway positioning himself between her legs.. All she could do was close her eyes and enjoy the sensation of oral ecstasy.

Oh… Oh… the orgasm she so desperately needed was on its way. Just when she thought it was time he stopped. WHY… WHY would you do this to me she thought as beyoğlu escort he stood up… He dropped his jeans. His cock stood in front of her ready for action. Ready to meet her needs. Once again he pulled her to her feet but this time turned her around. Now she stands in front of him waiting for his desire… With kisses to back of her neck he pushes her, making her bend at the waist. Knowing, waiting for him to enter her. Needing him inside her..

Stepping forward he shadows her body…. Him at her opening… Slowly he enters her… With one arm around her waist and one hand on her breast he pumps her from behind. Slowly at first then faster and faster…

Foot steps.. They freeze. Hoping not to get caught.. Who is it.. Is anyone there?? Did they hear us??

“Please don’t stop came a voice in the distance.. The misses and I have come here for years to enjoy sex in the morning.. If you don’t mind we’d like to watch.”

They came closer to get a better view. The whole time still bent over with his cock inside her.. He started pumping her again, slowly… The other couple started touching, kissing and feeling each other.. Soon they to were naked. She took him in her mouth as he watched their passion…

Both men came about the same time… A few friendly words.. “See you tomorrow”, and they were off.

She walked back to her room. Still dripping from her encounter in the park. Nipples still hard but the need between her legs was gone, at least for the moment… At least till morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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