Gay College Wrestling Team

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Back when I was in college, my girlfriend at the time suggested I improve my overall fitness and strength. I already had an athletic build, 6 foot 2 inches tall, 150lbs but I lacked muscular definition. I’m not a gym guy nor did I want to be then. I’d always admired wrestlers bodies, toned but not OTT like a body builder. So I decided to join the colleges “Over 18s” wrestling team. The only wrestling I’d done before was backyard WWE stuff with one of my friends growing up. We used to fantasize about the lady wrestlers and try and recreate moves we’d seen on his trampoline. I spoke to the coach and he said there was a place available on the team and I could come to try outs the next afternoon.

The day went by and after classes I went along to the sports centre. I was very nervous. My girlfriend wanted to come watch and cheer me on, but I didn’t want her there for the first time in case I got my ass kicked! I walked through the doors to see 4 big crash mats on the floor and the coach talking to the other 7 members of the team. All were guys in their final year like me. Unlike me their bodies were toned and shaved or waxed smooth. They were all wearing tight fitting lycra singlets, in the colleges blue and white colour scheme. The coach introduced me to the guys and showed me to the locker room.

“Here try this on for size”, he threw me a singlet and left me alone to get changed. The singlet was very tight, especially around my crotch.

I walked back out into the large open sports hall, nervous as my bulge was prominent in the tight singlet. I headed for the bleachers and watched for a while. I wanted to try and get an idea of how competitive it was and what kind of moves I was going to have to learn. The other guy who didn’t have a partner came and sat next to me. A blonde haired, Tanned, smooth bodied average height guy called Connor.

“Don’t be nervous Jay, it’s not like MMA” Said Connor laughing to himself, breaking the tension. I laughed too.

“I dunno Connor, you all look pretty tough and like you know what you’re doing. I mean look at that guy”. I pointed to a smaller weaker looking member of the team being bent in half in a camel clutch6 submission hold.

“Come on you’re not going to learn just by watching, I’ll show you a couple of simple moves”. Before I could say no Connor grabbed my arm and dragged me from my seat and down to one of the large crash mats.

He started by stroking my biceps.

“Not bad, but you need to start working on your upper body strength dude” poker oyna he said constructively. He walked round me looking me up and down. I could see him starring at my bulge and I felt myself blushing.

“Word of advise Jay, get a body wax. Getting hairs pulled out gets irritating after a while”. Seeing as how everyone else was smooth I considered the idea, but thought I should ask my girlfriend Jennifer her opinion first. We started training with a couple of basic submission holds, some of which I vaguely remember watching on WWE. Boston crab, Camel clutch, Head and body scissors and leg locks. He was a great teacher, explained everything well and showed me what to do and not do. I did however notice that he was very feely… He stroked my biceps, my thighs and slapped my ass. But I just put it down to friendliness and carried on.

“Right enough training for now, lets see what you’ve got” Connor said winking at me. We began to circle eachother, our arms locked together for the first time and the grappling began. For a skinny guy Connor was very strong! He squeezed my biceps and managed to push my arms down. Before I knew it I was on the mat, face down on my hands and knees. He grabbed my ankles and with a quick sharp pull had me face down flat on the mat. Not letting go of my ankles, he quickly moved round on top of me and slid his hands down my legs to my knees. As he sat down he began to pull my legs up under his arms. Not a boston crab I thought to myself!

“Don’t think I’m going to take it easy on you just because it’s your first time bitch!” I felt so emasculated. Being the taller heavier guy and having my ass kicked.

“Just you wait Connor, I’ll get you back for this!” Just as I said that he increased his pressure in the hold, my back arching more and my pelvis being raised off the floor.

“Argh” I moaned in pain. I tried my hardest to push down and break the hold, but I just couldn’t. I reached out and was about to tap when I felt Connor let go of one of my legs. I thought for a moment he was going to take sympathy on me. But instead his hand grasped the bulge in my singlet…

“Mmm I think this singlet is a bit tight for you Jay, looks like you’re struggling to contain everything in there.”

My heart raced in shock. It took me a few seconds to compute what was happening. He slowly started to rub my compressed cock. The feeling of that through the tight spandex material was amazing. Luckily he hasn’t let up on the boston crab so the pain prevented me from getting an instant canlı poker oyna hard on. In the moment of mixed emotions, I tapped out and submitted. Connor stopped, let me go and stood over me in complete victory. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his singlet was noticeably bigger too. He must be gay I guess?

The coach blew his whistle to indicate it was time to pack up. We put the mats away and the coach went home.

“Come on Jay, shower time.” Connor called me into the locker room. I was still going over what had happened in my mind. I was hot and sweaty from the struggle, and I was even more nervous having to now get undressed infront of 7 other guys with a semi hard cock…

I finally plucked up the courage to go in. I was surprised to see Connor standing there in front of me completely naked with another one of the guys collecting up the singlets!

“Hey new guy, I need your singlet, they all have to be washed after ever session”. My heart was racing, I desperately tried not to look at anyone else below the waist. Especially Connor who stood there smiling at me, still with a semi on. I turned to the wall and shyly took off my singlet, attempting to cover myself with my hands. I followed Connor into the showers. To my horror it was one big shower room, not individual stalls. The whole team was in there. 7 fit 18 year old guys naked and showering together. I’d never been in this situation before. I was curious to compare my body to the other guys, but at the same time I didn’t want them to think I was gay.

As I casually glanced around I noticed one of the guys on his knees in front of his opponent. I looked closer through the steam to find he was sucking his dick! At that moment I realised why it was the “Over 18s” wrestling team, and why there was no girls. They were all gay or bisexual! I turned around and headed for the exit, but Connor was in the way. We bumped into eachother, or cocks brushing and our hot, sweating naked bodies pressed together.

“Where do you think you’re going Mr?” Connor asked.

“Look man I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m not into guys.”

Connor raised his eyebrow.

“Judging by your growing cock I’d say you kind of are bro”. He said folding his arms. I covered my cock with my hands and tried to think unsexy thoughts.

“So one of the rules I didn’t explain to you infront of the coach Jay was our losers policy.”

“What’s that?” I asked hesitantly.

“So the losers of the matches have to serve the winners” Connor internet casino explained.

I had never done anything with a guy before. I’d always wanted to jerk off to the lady wrestlers with my friend but I didn’t have the courage to ask him or instigate anything. The image of Connor pinning me down naked and slapping his cock round my face in triumph came into my mind. I felt my cock growing hard, as did Connors, until we were both rock hard pressing into each other. What was going on, why was I so aroused? I felt Connors cock twitch and my hand instinctively reached out to grab it. Connor leaned back against the shower wall, the water cascading down his hot, toned tanned body. I started to jerk his throbbing cock. The water and precum acted like lube on his smooth shaft. I could even get both hands on it! I dropped to my knees almost in a position to worship him. I looked around the shower block to see the guy still on his knees taking a huge facial while his victor flexed his biceps in domination. Next to them were two larger more muscular gym looking guys frotting, squeezed up against eachother. I carried on giving Connor a handjob, wondering if I was any good, and how long it would take for him to cum. He moaned as his cock pulsated in my hands.

“Oh fuck Jay there’s no way you’re 100% straight” Connor said.

“I’m gonna cum”.

As he said that his cock erupted, shooting a huge warm load all over my chest!

I felt strangely successful that I’d made him cum so quickly and that he’d shot such a big load. He rinsed himself off, got dry, changed and left, simply saying “See you next week Jay” and winking as he left.

I washed his cum off my chest and move to the locker room, away from the orgy in the showers and waited for my own cock to go down and stop throbbing. I got changed and left shortly after him. As I walked out the sports centre I saw my girlfriends car parked on the road. All of a sudden the guilt hit me, did I technically cheat on her? Does this mean I’m bisexual? Should I tell her? I took a deep breath and got in the car.

“Hey handsome, You look warn out, did you have a good time?” She asked inquisitively.

“It was… Different, But I think I did alright, and I actually had a lot of fun” I said smiling to myself.

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Did you win?”

“No I got put in a submission hold and had to tap out… Connor didn’t take it easy on me” I explained, trying to make it sound like I wasn’t humiliated.

“It’s ok, you can pin me when we get to my place” she said seductively, while stroking my inner thigh and looking at me in that sexy way only she could.

“Oh you bet I’m gonna pin you down and make you submit to my big cock baby”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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