Gay for a Day Ch. 02

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Big Tits

After his whole day makeover it was mid-evening by the time he arrived. The hotel looked nice enough so he climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. It was on a busy street so he was forced to walk down the sidewalk in his new outfit. He could feel the eyes of everyone on him as he walked by. It was an incredible adrenaline rush to look like this in public. The lobby was filled with people going about their business. Many of them noticed him as he walked through the doors. He walked over to the front desk and bent over so he could lean on it while he waited. He knew people in the lobby would be able to easily see the thong he was wearing and he loved it. Soon he had a key to the room that his girl had left for him. With the key in hand he set off for the elevator. When he arrived on the 12th floor he headed straight for the room and let himself in.

His girl was waiting in the room. She was at a loss for words at the sight of him. She had had an image in her mind of what he would look like but she was still taken by surprise by the real thing. The blue spiky hair was one thing; so was the outfit. His eyes were something entirely different. They sealed the entire look. The makeup combined with the sculpted eyebrows looked as gay, if not more so, than what she found online.

“How did I do? This is what you wanted, right? To be gay?”

“I can’t believe you did this to me!”

“But, you like it, don’t you?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you look like a man who no longer likes pussy. I think all you want is cock. Don’t you?”

“Yes, I do!”

“I knew you would, so I found a couple of guys with nice cocks for you. Meet Ryan and Jeff.”

The two men walked in from from the bedroom. Both of them were about the same height and looked to be in great shape. Each was wearing some basic cargo shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt. They were clean shaven and decently attractive.

“Guys, this is Jason. He wanted to try being gay for a day so I made sure he looked REALLY gay. That also means he needs to get fucked in his ass. Do you think you can help him with that?”

They nodded as they looked Jason up and down, taking in all aspects of his gay makeover. Jason stood there, his knee shaking slightly with anticipation while the two strangers looked him over. He felt so gay standing there, dressed and done up the way he was. It really turned him on to feel their eyes on his body. The growing bulge in his pants made it abundantly clear that the tiny little g-string he had on was doing a poor job containing his growing hard-on. Jason couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“Why don’t you two go stand next to him so I can get some pictures. I’m going to post them online while you fuck him.”

Jason had no say in the matter. His girl was going to post pictures online during his gay fuck session and that’s all there was to it. The thought of these pictures getting loose on the Internet really made his mind race. He wasn’t sure he could go through with this. He didn’t have much time to think as Ryan and Jeff moved in close while his girl grabbed her camera. The flash went off several times. As she took the pictures Ryan’s hand went down to Jason’s ass. He traced his fingers around the contours of it in the skin tight pants before giving it a good squeeze. She watched through the camera lens as the three of them started making out. She took close up pictures of them while they kissed. Jason had his eyes closed and the camera caught a great shot of his plucked eyebrows and matching eyeshadow.

The kissing didn’t last long before it morphing into a full on grope session. Ryan and Jeff had their hands all over Jason’s body. It wasn’t long until his tight shirt and pants were removed. He stood there between the two of them, in only his shiny blue thong, while hands explored his body. It didn’t take long for someone to pull his shiny blue thong to the side, exposing his hard shaved cock. Someone’s hand wrapped around his stiff shaft and started stroking. Jason melted back into whomever was behind him. He felt like a complete slut with these two guys all over him and all he could think about was getting their cocks in his mouth. Was this what his girl had in mind when she set of this up? There was no way to know for sure, but knowing that she had to standby and watch as these two guys used him really drove him wild.

“How about you suck their cocks? I’m sure they’d like that, wouldn’t you guys?”

Jason dropped to his knees before either could answer. He hastily undid their shorts and pulled out their semi-hard cocks. He wasted no time pulling Jeff into his mouth while he stroked Ryan’s prick. The moment his mouth closed around that cock the overwhelming sensation of being gay hit him. The feeling of that cock in his mouth, with its smooth head and long shaft, felt like nothing he had every experienced before. He wanted more, as much as he could get. He sucked hungrily, bobbing his head up and down its length. With each stroke he tried to get more and more cock into his mouth. It made him feel like a complete slut. He thought of all that porn he poker oyna looked at, often with a girl on her knees, cocks all around, and how the girl looked like a complete whore. Now that was him and he couldn’t get enough. Soon he had Jeff’s cock standing at full attention so he switched over to Ryan’s. His girl took pictures continuously, capturing Jason looking up at Ryan with a mouthful of hard cock. She reviewed it and immediately decided it was too good not to post it online right then and there. She hooked up her computer, downloaded the pictures and then posted them, full sized and unblurred, on a gay amateurs website.

“I just posted some these pictures online. The whole world can see how gay you look right now.”

She could see how horny he was getting. She knew knowing that pictures of him like this were on the Internet would really turn his crank.

“Keep posting them! I love thinking of people are seeing me like this!”

More pictures were taken as he climbed onto the bed. The other two followed him after pausing to remove their clothes. The only thing left on was Jason’s shiny blue thong. He laid on his back and Ryan climbed on top of him. Ryan moved in, straddled Jason’s head, and lowered his ass onto Jason’s face. Jason wrapped his arms around Ryan’s legs and eagerly licked the smooth hole presented to him. He alternated back and forth between licking Ryan’s ass and sucking on his big beautiful balls. They were shaved, tight, and very big. While he rimmed Ryan, Jeff went down between Jason’s legs and started sucking his cock. Watching this gay threesome cock sucking fest through the viewfinder of her camera was quickly soaking the pussy of his girl. Almost every picture she took she immediately downloaded and posted online for viewing. Jason wanted nothing more than to have people online see him in this compromising situation.

“I want them to see me with a cock in my ass!”

Jason got onto all fours and put his ass up in the air. The shiny blue thong his girl had purchased really looked good wrapping around his ass. She had searched online for quite a while to find the gayest looking thong she could. She was thrilled when she found this one. It certainly did the job. Ryan seemed to like it too; he came up behind Jason and could see the big blue plug buried in Jason’s hole. He pulled it out slowly while Jeff climbed into position in front and fed his cock into Jason’s waiting mouth. The plug came out with a pop and left Jason’s ass loose and pre-lubricated. With Jeff’s cock down his throat Jason moaned loudly as the first cock of his life slide just inside his ass. The camera flashed over and over, capturing Jason spit roasted between two cocks.

His girl was really getting into taking the pictures and she tried to take shots from multiple angles. She took a shot just over Ryan’s shoulder showing his smooth cock deep in her man’s ass with another down his throat. Another wide angle shot captured Jason looking over his shoulder with Ryan’s cock inside him with his hand wrapped around Jeff’s saliva covered cock. In this one you could clearly see Jason’s face, with his spiky blue hair, plucked blue eyebrows, and matching makeup. You could also see the shiny blue straps of the thong covering his ass. His girl was shocked by how completely gay he looked. She was starting to worry that maybe she did too good a job setting this up. Maybe now that she had orchestrated such an over the top gay makeover he might just keep going right along with it. Did she just willingly turn him into flamboyantly gay man? It sure looked that way as Ryan started pounding Jason’s ass. Just then Jason looked at his girl,

“How gay do I look with his cock in my ass? How does it feel knowing you set all this up?”

She answered only with a small smile as she took more pictures from the same angle, just closer up. She watched as Ryan and Jeff fucked her man from both ends. Jason’s muffled moans of absolutely ecstasy told her that he was really enjoying himself. With his hands on Jason’s hips Ryan raised up and straddled Jason’s ass from above. His girl moved to the end of the bed to watch and take more photos with Ryan’s cock planted deep inside Jason’s hole. The shiny blue of the thong fabric was bunched up next to Jason’s limp cock and tight smooth balls. Seeing the cock buried in his ass was intensely arousing. Jason’s soft member swung back and forth with Ryan’s slow and deliberate strokes. Ryan slowly pulled in and out of her man’s hole; each time going deep so that their big beautiful balls were pressed up against one another. She watched as a long drop of precum dripped from Jason’s cock onto the bed. All the while, Jason hungrily sucked on the cock in his mouth. The more she watched the more nervous she got. Even still, she couldn’t help but be turned on by what was unfolding in front of her.

This was better than Jason ever could have imagined. It was so erotic to get used like this by two men. He wondered what his girl must be thinking during all this. She must be so jealous watching him get fucked. At the moment he had no use for her; he was getting everything he needed canlı poker oyna and then some. He loved the thought of her pussy getting wet while she watched and having no one interested in taking advantage of it. These cocks were for him and he was determined to make both of them shoot cum on or in him. In reality, he had no control over the situation, he was there only to service these two cocks so that’s what he did. All he knew at this moment was that it felt amazing to have a cock buried up his ass and he was happy to do whatever it took to keep it that way. He moaned constantly, inline with Ryan’s pace, hoping to send a clear message that he loved the pounding he was receiving. The more he moaned the faster Ryan went. Ryan kept the pace up for only a short time before he pulled out to take a breather. Jason’s ass felt empty without a warm, hard, cock buried inside. What he didn’t know was that his once tight hole was starting to gap. His girl didn’t miss it though as she captured him on all fours, with a cock in his mouth and a loose, gaping, hole covered with lube. Now seemed as good a chance as any to change positions.

“I want to watch” Jason said. “I want to see what I look like with a cock in my ass.”

“Oh yah?” Jeff replied. “Why don’t you come over here in front of the mirror and ride my cock?”

Jeff moved quicklyy over in front of the two huge glass doors the enclosed the closet of the hotel room. He laid down, his saliva slicked cock waiting to slide into Jason’s ass. It seemed surreal to Jason as he came around the bed into view of the mirrors. This person, who looked like him, but didn’t, came around and straddled this hard cock. With his neon blue hair and perfectly sculpted eyebrows, Jason watched in the mirror as he lowered himself down onto Jeff’s cock. He reached down between his legs, grabbed that gorgeous member, and guided it into his ass. It slide in easily and soon Jason was sitting on Jeff’s hips. Jason finally got a glimpse of how he looked. He was out of his mind by what he saw. The image reflecting back to him was the gayest thing he had ever seen. Except, he wasn’t looking at porn on the Internet, he was looking at himself. He wanted other people to see him like this; hundreds, thousands of people. He wanted them to see him with his blue hair and matching eye makeup. He wanted them to see his shiny blue thong, shaved cock, and plucked eyebrows. He especially wanted them to see him with a huge cock buried up his ass. He needed his girl to take some more pictures,

“Hey, come take some pictures while I ride this cock.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been taking some the entire time!”

He really didn’t need to tell her. She had had her camera in hand for the entire experience so far. She had taken dozens of pictures and posted most of them online already. It was clear to her now that their relationship had been undoubtably changed by what she had orchestrated. Why would he want to fuck her when he could get fucked instead? He was the center of attention. The cocks in the room wanted him, his body, his ass. When they were done, he would get cum in his ass, in his mouth, on his face, wherever the guys wanted to deposit it. It was his reward for a job well done; a reward that used to be exclusively hers. Why would he give that up? She knew he wouldn’t as she watched him start riding up and down on Jeff’s cock. She watched him reach forward and grab Jeff’s knees for leverage so he could bounce his ass up and down the full length of his prick. Each time he came down and buried it to the hilt he would grind his ass around in a circle trying to coax a load of cum from Jeff’s heavy balls. From the moment he saw both of these men he had decided that he wanted one to pump his ass full of sticky jizz and another to coat his face; he worked feverishly toward that goal.

Jeff and Jason fucked like this for a few minutes while Jason watched every moment in the mirror. At times he would lay back on Jeff’s chest and spread his legs while Jeff rocked back and forth under him; his cock curving in and out. During this Jeff would reach around and play with Jason’s nipples, flicking and twisting them. It felt so good; Jason never wanted it to end. Finally Ryan joined back into the fun.

“Hey, come over here, I want another shot at that man-pussy of yours. Get over here and spread your legs.”

Jason wasted no time. He was up off Jeff’s cock in a flash and laying on his back on the bed. In one swift motion Ryan grabbed Jason’s legs and positioned them over his shoulders as he pushed himself inside. Ryan fucked him hard and fast. His cock went deeper than anything Jason had ever felt. The sensation of fullness was incredible. Finally Jason lost all self control and cried out,

“Ohhhhh, yes, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!”

In between ragged breaths as Ryan fucked him, he continued:

“That’s it, fuck my ass! Fuck iiiiittttt! Oh god, look how gay you’ve made me!”

Ryan smiled at Jason’s pleading. He looked over to Jeff,

“Hey Jeff, how about you come over here and make him air tight?”

Jeff didn’t need to be told twice. Jason’s pleading internet casino continued, getting increasingly more dirty and explicit, right up until the moment Jeff straddled his face and pushed his dick into Jason’s waiting mouth. Now the only thing that his girl could hear was his grunts and hungry sucking on Jeff’s cock. She could tell what he was doing, he wanted Jeff’s cum and he was going crazy trying to get it. He had both of his arms up on Jeff’s chest, rubbing and pulling on his nipples. At the same time he had his mouth wide open as Jeff pumped his cock in and out. Jeff wasn’t so much getting his cock sucked as he was fucking Jason’s face. She knew that was the point of going for his nipples; without his hands nearby Jeff was free to fuck Jason’s face as fast or as slow or as deep as he wanted. She took more pictures as Jason struggled to take in all the cock Jeff was giving him. She was positive he was going to gag on it. Jeff wasn’t concerned about that in the least. Instead he grabbed Jason’s blue head behind the neck and forced even more of his cock in. Finally Jason pushed Jeff back with a gasp to catch his breath. It lasted only a split second and then he pulled Jeff’s glistening cock back into his mouth. Over the next few minutes Jeff pushed farther and farther until finally Jason had taken his entire length down his throat. He deep throated that cock for what seemed like forever while Ryan continued his assault on his ass.

“Hey Jeff, give me a minute alone with him, and then you can have a chance at his ass again.”

Jeff obliged by climbing off to the side. Ryan took Jason’s legs a pushed them back until Jason was staring right at his own cock with his ass straight up in the air. Ryan looked Jason right in the eye and told him what he wanted to see next.

“I’m going to slip my cock into your sloppy loose ass and I want you to start stroking that tiny little cock of yours. I want you to watch as my cock disappears inside you. I want you to think how gay you must look to your girl over there. I want you to think about how she must feel watching you turn completely gay right before her eyes because let’s face it, you’re as gay as they come. You can’t come back from this. There’s going to be no more pussy for you, I can see it in your eyes. You want only cock and you know it.”

It was true. At that exact moment in time he wanted nothing to do with pussy; his girl’s or anyone else’s. What use did he have for it? All he wanted was these cocks and he wanted nothing more than to make them both cum.

“…and when you’re about to cum from watching me plow your ass, I want you to cum all over your face.”

Jason didn’t think twice about the command. He liked the thought of his own cock shooting jet after jet of hot jizz all over his face. He liked even more the thought of his girl taking pictures of it and posting them online while it happened. Ryan knew this too so he wasn’t surprised when Jason’s grabbed his own cock and started stroking. With his own cock staring down at his face Jason watched Ryan bend his cock and slip it easily inside his hole. There was practically no resistance when it happened which meant he must really be gapping. His ass was getting broken in; it would never be the same after this. With his girl right up close with her camera Jason stroked his cock as fast as he could. He knew he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t care. He couldn’t wait to give himself a huge facial. That’s when his girl got in on the dirty talk.

“That’s it, stroke your cock. I bet you can’t wait to cover yourself with your own cum, can you?”

“I can’t wait, I want it so bad! I want you to watch me cum all over my face!”

“Well then, show me! Show me how gay you are! Cum on your face!”

That pushed Jason right over the edge. His shaved balls tightened and then moments later the first huge blast of cum shot out. Blast after blast of hot, sticky, jizz exploded from his cock. There was a ton, more than his girl had ever seen from him. When he was finished he was covered with his own load. It was everywhere. Big long jets of spunk had coated his face from his chin to the top of his head. His spiky blue hair was covered with cum as well. He licked his lips as he swallowed the cum that had landed in his open mouth. He looked at both Ryan and his girl and said to neither one in particular:

“How was that? How gay do I look with my cum covered face?”

His girl answered first,

“You are so fucking gay I can’t believe it. This is it, isn’t it? You’re gay now, you don’t want my pussy any more, do you?”

Ryan chimed in before Jason answered,

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s gay now, he doesn’t want your pussy ever again.”

Jason didn’t dispute Ryan’s claim. Why would he want pussy when he could have all the cock he wanted? His girl looked him in the eye, waiting for a denial that never came. Now she knew, he was gay now and she made it happen. Her makeover had ignited this flame inside her man that she could never put out. She decided then at that moment that if that’s how it was going to be then she was going to be in control of it. If he wanted nothing but cock it was going to be her that controlled how much he got. She liked the thought of that. She could control who fucked him, where, and how often. She looked at him again, his face dripping with his own cum

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