Gay Incest Cousins Pt. 04

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While Tommy had a small smile at what he just saw, his dad suddenly got nervous.

“Tommy! What are you doing?” He was almost annoyed at the fact that he was just caught in the act. His son walked in calmly.

“It’s okay dad. I’m not mad or anything. I am a little surprised since you seemed to be so against all of this,” Tommy admitted.

“I never wanted to tell anyone that I was into this. I think after a while with your mother and I being less and less intimate, it just grew in me and wanted it more. I never acted on it though,” he said still feeling guilty.

“It’s fine,” Tommy brushed off. “I’m glad we can actually talk about all this now and not hide it.” He walked over and sat next to James and gave him a kiss. He could taste his father’s cum on his lips.

“You two are…? For how long?”

“A while and it’s been amazing. Never thought I would find the best relationship and sex of my life with James but I did. I mean, look how hot he is.” Even with his makeup and clothes all deshoveled, he was hard as a rock looking at his cousin. He took a look at his dad who looked great for his first time being done up by James in the middle of the night. Even though he was involved with his cousin, he still felt a little weird getting that way towards his dad.

“I think maybe tomorrow, we should all get done up, and go out for the night,” James said. He could see Tommy’s dad was still in shock from being caught by his son. They all nodded and tried to get some sleep. The next day, Tommy was excited to see what would happen. He was also happy him and James didn’t have to hide anymore.

In the morning, they woke up to his dad gone not sure of where he went. They spent the morning relaxing like any couple would. Tommy was loving his relationship with his cousin more than he ever did with any girl. Finally, after a few hours, his dad came home.

“Hey, welcome home. Everything okay?” Tommy asked his dad.

“Yea, I just had a lot of thinking to do. Last night was something I never thought I would do. After years of telling myself no, I gave in. And even worse, with my own family.” He looked upset by the whole thing. They weren’t sure what to do. He went over to his dad and told him there was nothing he needed to explain or do if he didn’t want to.

“I never thought I would enjoy doing what I’m doing now especially with family. No one knows that the hottest girl Ive been seeing is James.” He turned as gave a deep kiss to his cousin. “And to be honest, you looked pretty last night as well.”

This made his dad perk up hearing that. “you think so?”

“For sure. I don’t know what you want, but you will have lots of guys after you,” he reassured.

“I think I would like that,” his dad said finally smiling. With that, they went upstairs to get ready for a night kaçak iddaa out. James made Tommy wait in his room while he took his time with his dad. Finally, James came out looking stunning. He was wearing a tight black dress with a very open front. His heels wrapped around his ankle and his hair was a wavy blonde. Tommy jumped up and needed to kiss him.

“You look incredible.” Tommy’s hand grabbed James’ bubble ass through the dress.

“Thank you baby, but I think you’ll want to see this first.” They turned as his dad walked in completely unrecognizable.

He was wearing a tight gray dress with an open midriff. Thigh high boots in black that added a few extra inches to his already tall dad. The black hair with some highlights popped with the makeup. His lips were blood red. He would never know it was his dad if he walked by in the street.

“Holy shit. You look amazing.” He laughed at the compliment from his son.

“You think so?” James grabbed Tommy’s cock.

“You can definitely tell. Here see for yourself.” He took Tommy’s dad’s hand and placed it on his cock. Even though his pants, he could tell it was huge. He was a bit taken back by feeling his son’s hard member, but he never felt like he wanted to stop.

James finally broke it up and reminded them of the plan. “Remember, we are going to see how you feel finally going out. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. If you need help with anything, you just tell us.” He nodded as he was very excited and nervous at the same time. On the way to the club, Tommy’s dad said, “It is okay if I have a different name while I am dressed?”

“Of course, have anything in mind?” James asked.

“Alexis. I really like that name.”

“You got it baby. We’ll call you Alexis when you look this good.” In the backseat, James gave him a kiss almost causing Tommy to crash. They laughed at how turned on he was.

Finally at the club, they were able to get in with ease. They went to a straight bar to see if they could fool guys. It was important for Alexis to know if she could pull this off and didn’t expect to do anything.

After a couple of hours, Alexis got split off and found a guy on the dance floor. Tommy and James couldn’t hear anything but could see them both smiling. He was a very muscular guy about the same height as her. They made their way to the bathrooms in the back. James and Tommy followed. Inside, they looked around the large bathroom and could hear some rustling from a stall. James and Tommy grabbed the one next it.

There were some dents in the sides of the stalls and they could see Alexis on her knees with the guys cock in her mouth.

“God damn baby, you know how to work a cock,” he moaned. They watched as she sucked on the massive cock getting it wet and sloppy. She came up for air with a huge kaçak bahis gasp as she took both hands and started stroking his cock.

“Fuck yes baby. You are a pro at this.” His head arched back as he took in the pleasure Alexis was dishing out. “I hope you are thirsty because I cum a lot.”

“Yes baby give me all of it,” Alexis moaned going back to sucking on his cock. She felt her own cock getting bigger at the excitement of blowing a complete stranger to completion. He didn’t think he would care if he was getting a blowjob from a guy but he was nervous about exposing himself. He started to go faster to finally get his seed to spill out.

“Here it comes baby,” he got a little louder as his cock began to pulsate. “Fuuuuuuuck. God yes,” he continued.

Tommy watched through the hole of the stall as his dad, Alexis, was swallowing the cum of a guy he just met. Both of them looked so hot. Tommy couldn’t believe how turned on he was. He stayed until Alexis had slurped up every drop of the strangers cum and smiled. He bent down to give her a kiss and then quietly zipped up his pants and made his way out of the bathroom.

“Wow that was great,” James said as the three of them all exited the stalls. “You were like a pro in there.”

“Really? I’m just happy he didn’t realize who I really was,” Alexis said still smiling. “I was nervous he was going to see this.” He motioned to his bulge in his dress.

“It’s not that noticeable. You’ll get better at hiding it,” James encouraged.

“I’m sure I will. I think now that it was a successful night, I’d like to get home and maybe just take her of this,” She laughed. The three agreed and began to set their sights for home. Alexis’ cock did not go down at all the whole way home. “I cant wait to let this thing breath. Its practically bursting out,” she laughed.

They all stumbled into the house and began to relax. Their shoes off, and each grabbing a drink, they talked about how great Alexis did on her first night.

“It’s just going to get easier baby don’t you worry,” James assured her.

“I know it will. I’m nervous about what if they don’t want to suck a cock. I mean, I cant not take care of this thing all the time.” Alexis stood up and hiked up her skirt. Her cock fell out of the side of her thong, dripping with cum. It desperately needed to be taken care of. James gave a big smile

“That’s what we’re here for baby,” James said moving over. Tommy watched as James took his crossdressing dad in his mouth. He couldn’t believe how sexy they both looked as women. Alexis’ thick cock thrust in and out of James’ mouth helping Tommy get fully hard.

While he had seen his dad all dressed up and watch him suck, he wanted to know what it was like to do it himself. “I think maybe I should get a stab at that,” Tommy said ripping illegal bahis off his shirt and stripping down to just his boxers. James gladly backed off as Tommy took his spot in front of the thick cock. Alexis looked a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure if he wanted his son sucking his cock. Before he could voice his uncertainty, Tommy began licking away at the dick that made him.

“Oh myyy,” Alexis whispered. Tommy had gotten quite good at sucking after being with James for so long. He no longer thought of James as his cousin, but as his incredible sexy girlfriend. Now that hard work was being put to use on his own dad.

“Mmmm dad this cock tastes amazing,” he moaned through slurps. Alexis couldn’t believe his son was giving him such an incredible blowjob.

“Your mother was never even this good,” he said staring down at Tommy. That made him go even harder hearing that. Knowing he can suck a cock better than his own mother almost made him cum.

“Fuck yea. Give me your cum dad. I want it. I want your sissy cum in my mouth,” he begged. It was more than Alexis could handle as he finally shot loads of cum into his son’s mouth. Tommy didn’t let a drop pass his lips. His dad trembled as he let out the last of his seed into his son.

“Tommy, that was….amazing,” he said out of breath and bending down to kiss him. They embraced for a moment as he stood up. “I’m glad you liked it but we’re not down here yet. It’s still our turn,” he motioned for James to help. Before he knew what was happening, Alexis was being bent over the side of the couch and James was lifting his skirt for Alexis to take it in her mouth. She gladly began sucking as she felt a tongue on her ass. Tommy was getting it nice and wet. He knew what was about to happen.

“Dad, I cant wait to fuck you in your ass.” He felt the tip of his giant cock on his hole. It began to pucker and take it in. Tommy slowly slid his cock into Alexis’ ass. She gave out an approving moan.

“Oh my god, this is amazing,” Alexis shouted being spit roasted. His nephew was face fucking him while his son pounded his ass from behind.

“Fuck dad you feel so good. I hope you stay Alexis forever,” he said. His thrusting began to pick up as he went deeper into her ass.

Alexis didn’t say anything but she felt her cock leaking again. Never had she came so quickly again but this was unlike anything from before.

“I want both of you to cum in me right now. I need it,” she begged.

After a few more seconds, James held her head as he squirted cum down her throat. Ate same time, Tommy was unloading his own cum into his dads ass. Getting loads from both ends was something she never thought she would have.

“Fuuuuuuck yea baby!” He pulled out of Alexis’ ass and watched the cum flow out. “Damn dad, that was some tight ass you have. Felt so good.” They kissed again before they all passed out on the couch.

Tommy was excited to have another family member join in on his amazing sex session. He wondered if he could get anymore involved…

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