Getting Caught

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You are sitting in your apartment alone, your girlfriend having gone out to have lunch with her friends, and I knock at your door. I’m wearing a black trench coat and high heels…and nothing else. When you open the door, I smile and drop the trench coat. You pull me in quickly; scan the hall to make sure no one saw me.

“Jesus…what are you doing here?” you ask nervously. “I thought we were meeting for a friendly dinner later tonight?”

“I couldn’t wait,” I say and rub my hand along the growing bulge in your pants; you are already very hard. You shudder at my touch.

“This is probably not a good idea,” you mumble.

“I’m full of bad ideas,” I say, and I kiss you, gently at first and then harder. I love how your jeans rub against my skin. You grunt a little as I pull you into me. You grind against me, pushing me back into the wall, squeeze my tits with your hands, moan and lick my neck. But then you pull back.

“Wait! Wait!” you say, breathlessly “…this…I….we….we can’t do this now…I didn’t plan this…she is not gone for very long.”

“I don’t care.” I say. I slide down, my body rubbing against you as I fall. I kneel down and undo your pants, free your cock and lick it, rub your precum on my lips. You rock your head back in arousal and groan. I slide your cock past my soft lips and türbanlı escort into my mouth, all the way down my throat and back. You fall back slightly leaning on the wall, mumbling “no” but your body is already hardening at my touches. I pull you down to the floor with me; you try to struggle against me a little bit but finding it hard to resist my luscious body.

I pull your pants off, and your shirt, I crawl up your body, pausing occasionally to rub my cunt against your thigh, then stomach, your chest. I kneel above your face, my bent legs on either side of your head, my hot steaming pussy just inches from your mouth. You look up in awe of me. You can smell me and the smell is intoxicating. You reach up your hands and grab handfuls of my ass, trying to pull my sex down to your mouth but I resist and pull away, teasing you. I control you and what you are allowed to do.

“Stick out your tongue baby,” I say.

You stick it out as long as you can and I gently lower myself and rub myself on your tongue. You moan and try to lick me.

“Nah ah!” I say and pull away. “Bad boy!” You can still taste me on your tongue. You lick your lips trying to taste more.

“What do I taste like baby?” I ask.

“Sooo good. Like strawberries and cream.” you whisper hoarsely.

“You ümraniye escort want more, baby?” I ask and you nod furiously.

I lower myself onto your mouth again, rub my whole cunt against the length of your tongue and chin. You feel my weight a little and lick up manically. I am getting so wet, your face is glistening. I lower and rub myself over your face. You gasp a bit for air, and lick my lips and mound hungrily, you lick my ass, your tongue all over and teeth biting gently into the flesh, trying to get your tongue everywhere you can.

“Mmmm,” I moan, “you make me feel so dirty, baby.” I press my ass harder against your tongue. “Do you like licking my ass baby?” I ask, and you lick faster and deeper, mumbling and moaning. I lean forward, press my open pussy to your mouth, lean down and take your cock into my mouth again. You reach up and slide a finger into my cunt, and the other in my ass while you lick my clit furiously. You let out a groan that I can feel vibrate against my pussy. I have the overwhelming urge to fuck you. I crawl down you body, leaving a wet trail from your mouth down to your stomach, the smell of me all over your face and chest. I straddle you and take your cock and slide you into me with my hands. I start to buck on you slowly at first but then harder and faster. acıbadem escort You are staring up at my backside, completely entranced. You bend a bit forward reach and grasp me by the hips and slam me down on you harder. I gasp at the hard shock of your cock hitting my wall. You slam me down on you repeatedly, with animalistic grunting. You are so big and thick you are staring to hurt me, but I can’t stop, I want you filling me up. You thrust up, lifting me off the ground; I try to balance myself on your knees. My back tenses and I mewl like a cat, moaning and breathing harder. “Fuck me, hurt me!” I scream. You are like a maniac, wild, grunting. You feel so good slamming into me, my body is slapping into yours at full force. I’m getting so wet my juices are sliding down your cock and inner thighs, a small pool of our wetness grows on the floor beneath us. You grunt and whisper in a hoarse voice that you can’t last much longer.

“Ahh yes, give it to me baby, cum!” I reach down with one hand and start to rub my clit, my fingers touching your cock as you thrust into me and slide. You feel yourself beginning to explode and you grunt loudly. “Oh god yes,” I scream, “cum for me, fill me up with your hot cum baby!” You fuck me faster, thrusting deeper, and explode against the walls of my cunt. You and I spasm, I arch my back, shaking; my pussy is throbbing. I shake and throw my head back, trying to breathe.

And when we are finally quieter, you hear a familiar voice talking on a mobile phone coming down the hallway towards your apartment. You freeze. I look back at you and smile wickedly. A key turns in the lock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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