Getting Her Shaped Up

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Beatrice got divorced at the age of 28 because her husband left one day and sent a van round to collect his possessions a week later, and then disappeared. Now, 10 years later, she lived alone and worked as a hospital administrator. She’d always been somewhat overweight. Unkind members of her family called her fat and her older brother called her stout, a word she hated. She thought of herself as cuddly, well-covered, and shapely.

“She should shape herself up,” they agreed among themselves.

What was true was that she had a lovely face; the face of a teenage girl still, with her mass of falling golden hair. Other women in the family laughed at her behind her back because of her size 20 figure, but they all secretly envied her face and hair.

She’d had affairs with a number of men since the divorce, including some that scandalised the family and they’d taught her a great deal about her own pleasures and desires. For some years, she’d harboured very special sexual yearnings based on these short friendships, and she longed to be able to indulge herself at leisure instead of hurriedly in a hotel room or when some man’s wife wasn’t watching.

None of her friendships had come to anything and she was beginning to think of herself as a solitary female. However, she’d also started to see herself as an experienced and predatory female, which would have been a shock to every other single member of the family, she imagined.

Over the same 10 years, she’d been watching her nephew Nicholas [known as Nicky in the family, to distinguish him from his father Nicholas, known as Nick], the son of her eldest brother and 21 years of age. Her observation of Nicky had developed into a serious lust in recent years. Every time he returned from his college and then university in Scotland, she sought an opportunity to meet him, hold him and kiss him. At his last visit to her little house, she noticed that he wrapped his arms around her ample figure and kissed her properly on her lips. He’d smiled into her eyes and given her a wink with the other eye, so that no one else there could see.

“Hmm,” she’d thought to herself, “I wonder what he’d do if I made a wicked suggestion?” She began to make a plan to see him again during his visit in a week’s time.

As her plans took shape, she looked at her own shape and was disappointed, to be honest. Completely naked, she paraded herself in front of the long mirror and saw things she didn’t want to see. Her breasts were pendulous and hung down almost to her waist when not supported in the vast machinery that was her bra. Her stomach was also hanging loosely over the top of her groin, as if it were a separate big flat breast lower down on her torso. Around her waist there were folds of excess flesh, which practically hid the existence of her waist altogether. Her dismay was growing.

“Nicky won’t be interested in this,” she said to herself, “he’ll know plenty slim young girls who can hold their bellies flat and whose tits point up to the sky. What am I to do?”

Her plans took another turn and she devoted the week to solving some of her problems, she hoped.


At the agreed time, Nicky visited his Auntie Bea and it was obvious from the first moment that this could be a different kind of visit. He drove up to her door dressed casually in pale blue jeans, a lumberjack shirt and open sandals as befitted the warm July weather. She was waiting for him with the door open by the time he closed the car and carried a small canvas bag out with him. She wondered how the first contact would be. She also wondered if her personal preparations were sufficient and right for this visit. She’d planned how she’d meet him and was looking forward to reaching up the extra foot of his height. The dark blue dress she was wearing fitted her figure with not a millimetre of space, and she knew that she couldn’t sit in it; but that was all part of her plan. Standing around fully dressed or sitting down wasn’t what she had in mind.

Nicky put the bag down and placed both his hands on her waist; she raised both arms to his head and hugged him to her. Nicky pushed both his hands around her and squeezed, then he bent his head to her face and kissed her on the lips. Only briefly but with definite pressure and with his lips slightly open. He didn’t move for a few seconds, but remained holding her and squeezing her waist with his arms.

“Auntie Bea, he said very softly moving his lips near her ear, “are you wearing something specially for me?”

“Yes, Nicky, I hope you like it,” she replied.

“You’d better show me,” he was still speaking very softly, “and then I’ll tell you.”

“Come in here,” she whispered to him as if there were a crowd listening.

She led him towards her bedroom, walking backwards as she steered him, still with his arms around her.

In the bedroom he pulled her to him and kissed her again, and she took the full force of a real open mouth kiss. Their tongues met and hovered briefly towards the end, just touching at poker oyna their tips. She was aware of a protrusion into her groin from his trousers and knew that he was aroused. Instantly, that knowledge had the effect of arousing her also and she could feel the wetness between her labia.

Still whispering, he said, “I’ve been waiting to meet you like this, Auntie Bea; for years I’ve been waiting.”

“Well, you’ve a very naughty boy,” she smiled, and pretended to smack his face.

He caught her hand and said, “You’re still here with me, Auntie Bea. You haven’t run away from the naughty boy.” He smiled back.

“Naughty boys need punishment and that may come,” she whispered mysteriously, “but I’ve wanted this meeting as well, for years, Nicky.”

They smiled widely at each other as if each had a plan and was looking forward to enjoying it.

She reached up to his shirt, to undo the buttons, and he let her until she lifted it off his shoulders and it fell to the floor. She placed her hands on his bare chest and felt at the hairs, taking little handfuls and tugging them gently. She looked up into his eyes. He kicked off his sandals by himself and reached down to her dress, but there were no buttons. He brushed his hand against her breasts and she slowly turned round so that he could see the long zipper at the back. It ran from her neck to below her bottom.

Before he took hold of the zipper, Nicky placed both his hands on her waist again, reached round to her breasts and cupped them both, whilst he kissed her hair. She made a soft purring noise, rather like a contented cat. Meanwhile his erection was prodding into her rump and they could both feel it. He felt down over her abdomen and knew there and then that she’d made special preparation for his visit that day.

He took hold of the zipper and started to move it down. As he did so, he realised how tightly the dress was holding Beatrice. At each movement of the zipper, the dress opened and he kept pushing until it finished and he was bending down near her bottom. She lifted her hands and pushed the shoulders off, so that the dress could be taken down her figure. Now her nervousness became acute.

As he revealed her figure under the dress, Nicky saw that she was wearing a ferocious firm corselette with its own metal zip at the left side, up to her armpit. As the dress dropped to the floor, he placed his hands on Beatrice’s figure and ran them over the taut corsetry as it contained her flesh. She had a waist and her abdomen was flat, absolutely flat. The corselette rose at the back to her neck and contained her shoulder blades and, at the bottom, it tucked under her buttocks before ending in a collection of suspenders and stockings. She was wearing no knickers. If Beatrice had sturdy thighs, the fact was hidden by this corsetry and the stockings. He ran his hands everywhere he could reach from behind, before slowly turning her round to face him. She kept her eyes averted because she still didn’t know what his response was going to be. She thought he was excited and his hands had been firm and deliberate as they moved over her, but still she was apprehensive.

He spoke in a whisper again, “Auntie Bea, you’re amazing. Is this all for me?”

She put her head on his chest and the tension of her worries all came out as she sobbed on her hands. “I’ve so much wanted you to be happy with me, Nicky, and this is so wonderful, now. Thank you.”

“No Auntie Bea, don’t thank me. It’s for me to thank you. You feel wonderful and now I wonder how you knew that I wanted to be with you all these years.”

“Oh Nicky, I didn’t; I just wanted you to like me and then we could be together for a time.”

“Auntie Bea, I don’t just like you. Now I want you very much. Can’t you tell?” and he pressed his groin towards her, so that they could both feel his erection against her corseted thigh. He giggled and so did she.

“Well, then, let’s see what we know about each other,” she said softly and moved towards the bed, but before she got there she stopped and took his right hand and lifted it to her tightly enclosed breast.

“Feel how hard this is, Nicky,” and she pressed his hand under her breast so that he could feel the weight as well as the tightness. He lifted his other hand and did the same with her other breast, cupping and pressing them both. Her breasts were bigger than he’d seen on any of his girl friends. These were mature breast but so contained, so confined, so controlled that they seemed to be muscular and active, not simply appendages on the front of her torso. Their feel and sight excited him.

Beatrice then took his right hand again and pressed it slowly down the length of her corseletted front. He could feel the bones either side of the centre, the unforgiving taut front panel, and then the triangular elastic insert at the bottom edge.

“Can you feel how hard I am for you, Nicky? I’m flat and hard for you to enjoy any way you want,” she was still whispering. He nodded slowly whilst looking into her eyes and letting his hand canlı poker oyna be moved downwards.

At the bottom edge of the corselette, she pressed his hand into the edging, where he could feel the two front suspenders, and then let go slowly as if to say, “Go by yourself from here.”

He moved his hand slowly down over the edge and curled two fingers underneath so that he cold feel her bush. She mewed softly with her lips parted, as they continued looking into each other’s eyes all the while. He extended his middle finger into her mound and her fleshy lips parted before him because of her wetness. She was on the point of dripping and he felt the slickness and thought of the pleasure of his entry that was to come.

She took his hand again, turned round to face away from him and placed his hand on her hip, pushing it slowly but deliberately backward and down, and then let go. He placed his hand flat on her hip and ran it down over her thigh with its four equally-spaced suspenders, wondering all the time how she could be so taut and hard inside the corselette. He’d no experience of such a sensation but the effect on his was instant and gigantic; his erection how had to be released. With his left hand he undid the buckle on his chinos, letting them fall to the carpet, stepping out with one foot and whisking them away to one side with the other. Now only his briefs contained his erect penis. His hand continued its downward movement and he could feel the long bones down the back of her corselette. He wondered again how a woman could be so closely confined, so shaped, so hardened. He reached the centre bottom edge and lingered over the edging as it clung under her bottom with two more suspenders just a hand-breadth apart, tugging at the stocking tops. With his middle finger, he pressed underneath the corselette as it contained her bottom and was surprised to feel that she was slick here also, with a different kind of lubrication. He realised that Beatrice had lubricated her anus for him, and became even more excited at the thought of what was to come. He reached down now with his left hand and pushed the waist band of his briefs downwards until it rested behind his testicles, and lifted his erection forward even further than it would have been.

Placing both hands on the bottom edge of the corselette, he took hold of the central suspenders and leaned forward until his erection was pressing into her rump. “You’re amazing, Auntie Bea,” he repeated in the same whisper, “you did all this for me?”

“Yes, Nicky,” she replied softly and leaned back against his chest and his erection. She also knew what was coming.

Beatrice took the one step to reach her bed, leaned forward with both hands and lifted her knees on to the edge of the bed, so that she was kneeling away from him. She lowered her head until she was resting on her elbows and her bottom was higher than her shoulders. Nicky pulled himself forward by his grip on the bottom edge of the corselette and, by good fortune or a happy accident of their anatomies, his erection lined up perfectly with the waiting lips of her vagina, so that they parted as he pushed gently into them. He couldn’t see under the corselette, as it held her bottom, but he pushed slowly and she opened in front of him until he was fully inside her.

“Aaah, Nicky,” she sighed, “that’s lovely.”

He thought so, too, but said nothing. He thrust back and forth with a steady rhythm; not too fast but fast enough so that she knew when he would make the return into her each time. He gripped her big tight hips and made sure that each thrust went as far into her as he could reach, and stopped for a second or two on each thrust. He wanted to feel her depths and imagine being at the door of her uterus; pressing against her cervix.

He became aware of another rhythm and realised that she had put a hand down to play on herself, and that she was breathing more quickly. He maintained his movements with a slight increase in pace as her breathing became more rapid until, with another great sigh she came to her orgasm.

“Aaah, yes; oh yes; yes, AAAH,” as she lost control of her stance, falling forward onto the bed. Nicky couldn’t hold her and she slipped off his penis. She lay there breathing deeply with her eyes closed and her hand still moving down on her labia and in her creases. He looked down at her without any disappointment; he knew there would be more to come. Much more.

“I’m sorry Nicky,” she started to recover, speaking into the duvet with her eyes still closed, “that was perfect. Thank you.”

“Auntie Bea, don’t thank me. You’re wonderful. What can I do for you?”

She turned her head and started to roll over to face him.

“Dear Nicky, you can do anything you want with me. You’re giving me such pleasure.”

She reached out to him and he put down his hand as if to take hers, but instead she gripped the edge of his briefs, located as they were behind his testicles. She tugged at them, which had two effects: he moved towards her and the briefs came loose from internet casino behind his bottom. He reached down, pushed them to his ankles and stepped out. Beatrice rolled over on the bed, looking up at him with her breasts pointing firmly to the ceiling inside their shaped and constrained corselette prisons. She placed her hand on her flat and taut tummy and pressed to give herself the extra pleasure of knowing that she no longer had the gross pendulous body of yesterday. In that second she recalled the time she’d spent earlier in the day, forcing her body into the corselette, connecting the hooks and eyes, and making the zipper run all the way to her armpit. Connecting up her stockings. Three hours her dressing had taken and, at the finish, she was tired but also excited beyond her imagining. She’d deliberately not touched herself so as to remain ready for Nicky when, or if, he would make love to her. Maybe he would and maybe he wouldn’t; she’d prepared her body as well by emptying herself with her enema kit and lubricating her rectum as high as she could force the grease, in case that was his liking.

Nicky leaned across her and kissed her full on her lips again and this time their tongues entwined. He moved across her and rested his body on hers, taking some of his weight on one hand and caressing her taut compressed breast with the other. With a simple movement, his legs were both between hers and she parted them, raising her knees slightly. Whilst still kissing, he urged his groin forward and the happy accident of their bodies happened again: he slipped into her. Lifting his lips from hers, he looked down into her face and moved further up her body until she accepted him fully and deeply. His erection hadn’t subsided at all and now he gave himself up to the pleasure of ploughing into this amorous and willing woman. She raised her hands above her head on the pillows and let him move as he wished, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations of him sliding into her and over the corsetry that contained her.

Nicky was aware of the corsetry also, and especially the bottom edge that dug into his groin as he plunged deeply into her. At each inward stroke, he felt the tension in that triangle of elastic below her mound, and he enjoyed the knowledge that he was able to fill her and to move that part of her corsetry out of the way fifty times a minute as his orgasm began to build. He looked down at her and saw her face relaxed but also concentrating on her sensations. He saw the constrained hard and pointed breasts pointing up at him, and the bones and the panels of the corselette which brushed against his torso as he thrust into her. Every touch and every sight excited him more, the hardness of the bones and the seams added to his mounting orgasm, as did the feeling of her multiple suspenders against his thighs. Finally, as he came deep inside her, he let himself rest down part of his weight onto her corseted form and felt the corselette’s structure in detail against his stomach and his chest.

“Aaah yes,” it was his turn to sigh, “oh, yes. AAAH.”

He collapsed slightly to one side so as not to place his whole weight on her, but she wouldn’t have that. She put out her hand, took hold of his arm and pulled him across to her. He complied and lay full on her, with his legs still between hers and his hands on her breasts, his elbows at the side of her chest.

They both relaxed for a moment. She could feel his erection draining away and the flood of his fluids leaving her vagina, wetting the bottom edge of her corselette and the bed sheets. She didn’t care. She was replete. They started to recover their senses together and it was at that point that she made a discovery that was to change them even further. Nicky was no ordinary young man.

“Auntie Bea, I should thank you. You re lovely and I love your underwear,” he said gently, close to her ear.

“Nicky you’ve been a very naughty boy,” she joked, “you should be spanked.”

“Will you spank me, Auntie Bea?” he asked, and he moved to one side, presenting his bottom to her.

She noticed that his erection was entirely drained now, as she raised her hand and gave his bottom a very hard slap. The noise startled her and she wondered if she’d overdone it. He wriggled his bottom closer and made a sound, “Mmmm” which she thought meant “More.”

She gave him one heavier slap so that it hurt her fingers and he said, “Mmmm” again. Her third slap caused her more pain than him, she thought. He responded in two ways: he said “Mmmm” a third time but also reached down his hand and she could see that his erection had returned with more insistence than before.

Beatrice knew about this fetish from one of her short-lived friendships and she knew also that it suited her pleasure as well. She quickly stroked his head and said, “Wait; let me get something for you.”

From a drawer next to the bed she took out a tawse; a flat leather strip almost two feet long, with a twine-covered handle. She’d had it for some years since that particular friendship and it had cost her a lot of money. It was made by the Dick Company, in Scotland. The name of the company always made her smile but she’d been able to reduce her former friend to tears with it as she’s been enjoying his punishment.

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