Getting My Truck Serviced Pt. 01

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Getting My Truck Serviced

I arrived mid-morning to drop my truck off. My service guy, Noah, met me at the bay and signed me in, completing all the paperwork. He told me to have a seat in the showroom and the work would be done shortly. He told me there was a recall that needed to be done and if I wanted they could do it today also. We agreed so he passed that along to the technician.

After about an hour Noah came back again saying, “It looks like it’s going to be a little longer, I am going home for lunch, if you want to go with me, it will be my treat.”

I replied, “Absolutely, I’m starving!”

He told me he’d be back in a minute. We walked out to his truck and I climbed in the passenger side. As we got ready to roll out he turned and said, “I have leftovers at the house or we can go out. What’s your pleasure? You are the customer so you pick.”

“I don’t want you to change your plans for me, I’m with you. Let’s hit casa Noah!”

As we rode we got acquainted, learning more about each other as I noticed him checking out my crotch. Noah appeared to be dancing around something so I asked point-blank, “Noah, I think you are wanting to ask me something more, come clean now.”

Noah pulled over and faced me saying, “I have been checking you out since you have been visiting the dealership and I think we could be more than friends but I am nervous. I’ve been watching you and I wonder if I can take of you.”

I took Noah’s chin in my hand saying, “Being friends with benefits or maybe more sounds good to me. I promise you you’ll love it and be coming back for more.”

I pulled Noah’s mouth to mine and kissed him gently. I pulled away and told him to drive on. I took one hand off the stirring wheel and laid it in my lap as Noah slid it over my crotch. I took his hand from my crotch raising it to my mouth sucking his fingers. I leaned over a little and placed my hand on his basket in his dress pants.

He drove on and I continued to tease Noah until he pulled in his drive and into his garage closing the door behind us. I got out and went around to the driver’s side as Noah turned to slide out. I stepped in stopping him from exiting. I took his head in my hands, pulled his mouth to mine kissing him deep and sucking on his güvenilir bahis tongue as he groaned.

I stepped back saying to Noah, “We need to eat for energy, you are going to need it. Also, you should call work and tell them you’re not coming back.”

Noah said, “I already told them not to expect me back today, I was going to take you home and then I was going home and I was going to take the rest of the day off.”

I smiled and pulled Noah to me as he slid forward and out of the truck and started in the house. Noah told me there was Turkey and Vegetable Soup in the frig and bread in the pantry. He was going to get more comfortable. I found the stuff he mentioned and got the soup warming. He reentered the room wearing lounge shorts and a tank top.

He stepped up asking Whole Wheat or White. He made mine and his Turkey on Whole Wheat. He started ladling the soup into bowls as I placed the sandwiches on the table. He sat the soup at our spots and sat down across from me. We ate quickly as Noah took the saucers and bowls placing them in the sink.

He turned back to me taking my hands in his and pulling me up. He tilted his head back and kissed me as he turned and led me down the hall. We walked into his bedroom and he turned my back to the bed. As Noah removed my shirt he latched onto a nipple sucking hard, going from one to the other. As he sucked them he opened my jeans pushing them down and he pushed me back on the bed. He gasped as he saw my hard cock in my boxer briefs as he pulled off my shoes and jeans.

Noah bent over and followed the outline of my cock with his tongue as he groaned. He moved up to my navel, swirling his tongue in it, cleaning it out. He continued to move up hitting each nipple and continuing up to my ears. He said he had lube in the bedside table drawer. I told him to open the bedside table and get me the lube. I held my hand out as he squirted some in my hand. I pulled his mouth to mine as I dropped my hand to his sweet puckered hole.

As we kissed I teased at the entrance to his ass. I pushed gently telling him to push like he was taking a dump. As I increased my pressure my finger started to penetrate. I stopped at the first knuckle. I looked at him asking, “Have you ever had a real man’s cock in türkçe bahis your ass?”

Noah answered, “I have not, you will be my first!”

I replied, “Noah, the loss of your virginity to me is and will be a memorable experience that you will never forget.”

I slid my finger in further as Noah groaned. I had my finger in up to the third knuckle and stopped. I slowly pulled it out and added another beside the first. I worked them in slowly, spreading them as Noah got even louder, working them in and out. I told Noah to turn around and get in a 69 position. It was time for him to meet my cock. I kicked my shorts off as he assumed the position. He started by licking up and down my big black cock, tracing the veins.

He leaned down and took my cockhead in his mouth. Noah pulled up saying he knew what he liked so he would do that. He bobbed up and down on my cock eventually getting it in till my fat cockhead was at his throat. I lubed three fingers and started working them in his ass telling him, “When I push my fingers in you go down, swallow and go down taking as much as you can until I pull them out, ignore any gag reflex. You will eventually take all of my cock. pull up and get a deep breath.”

He did as told and took just my cockhead in his mouth. I pulled my three fingers together and started pushing them in his ass slowly as Noah started to take my cock, when it hit his throat he swallowed not quite getting it any further. I stopped and started pulling my fingers out, Noah mimicking every movement. When I hit his throat I felt him swallow and I hunched my hips up forcing my cock into his throat and he continued down.

I held my fingers in his ass, patting his head saying, “Good job Noah, stay down, I love how tight your throat is on my cock! Good boy, you’re doing great.”

I started pulling my fingers out of his ass and stopped with my fingers when my cock head exited his throat, he stopped also. I stroked his cheek telling him to breathe, telling him the whole time how great he was doing. Noah just groaned with my cock filling his mouth. I started pushing my fingers in again as he took my cock to the root at the same time.

I took my free hand and placed it on Noah’s throat telling him how good my cock felt in his throat. güvenilir bahis siteleri I kept one hand on his throat as I removed my fingers from his ass. He stayed down deepthroating my long, thick black cock. I pulled his head up as I said, “You are a quick learner Noah. I think you are ready for the next step, lube my cock.”

As Noah lubed my cock I pulled him to me kissing him deeply I said to him, “Coat my cock completely, I have to tell you it is going hurt some but it will pass pretty quick.”

I rolled us over with him on his back knelt between his knees taking an ankle in each hand spreading his legs wide. Looking down at him I said, “Reach down and place my big black cock against your sweet puckered hole and hold it there. As I enter guide my cock.”

As I pushed slowly Noah gasped as I penetrated the first ring. I stopped kissing him and telling him to relax and push like he was taking a dump. I continued pushing getting past the second ring and Noah gasped again as I stopped. Noah reached up to me pacing both hands around my neck pulling me down telling me how good his ass felt being filled with my fat black cock.

I pulled back up to my knees, placed Noah’s ankles on my shoulders, and started pushing slowly as Noah started to moan louder and louder. I had half my fat 9.5″ cock in his ass as he begged me to fuck him. Noah said, “I love what your big black cock is doing to my ass, fuck me long hard, and deep.”

I pulled out until just my cockhead was in his puckered hole. I started stroking in and out going about halfway as Noah started muttering incoherently and shot his load. I scooped it up with my fingers and placed them in his mouth and he sucked them clean. I continued moving my cock in and out as he begged me to fuck him hard. I asked him if he was sure. I plunged in deep and rolled my hips around touching all his untouched places as he thanked me

He begged more and more as I shallow fucked him. I started faster and faster finally slamming my whole cock into his tight ass as he screamed. I covered his mouth with my hand as I long stroked his ass finally filling his ass with my cum. I lay down on him and kissed his neck as he stroked the cheeks of my ass telling me how great his first time was and he wanted another round.

I rolled over on my back and Noah rolled over on his side facing me. He snuggled in close, laying his head on my arm, and was whispering in my ear. We both eventually nodded off.

-To be continued-

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